Viking gifts

The Vikings have a rich and unique history. They originated from modern-day Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The Vikings used to raid, pirate, trade, and settled in the European countries. Most of the Vikings are blonde, tall, burly, and have long beards. The Vikings like braided hair with beads, eyes covered with warrior’s kohl, and their faces have battle scars.

Vikings are famous for being legend warriors, and some are still fascinated by the Viking culture and practicing their culture to date. Most Norwegians are trying to rediscover the forgotten and valuable parts of the Viking culture and heritage. Today many people are fascinated by the Vikings and love to get Viking gifts. On this page, you will find the most popular Viking gifts on the market.

Viking wall art

A Viking ship
A Viking helmet

As the Vikings try to rediscover their heritage, they normally meet in hundreds of numbers at the Viking markets in Avaldsnes, the historic home of their famed King Harald Fairhair. One of the main reasons they meet at the market is to rebuild their lives as Vikings learn about crafting and trading. As a result, most of the Viking’s gifts are handcrafted. Like this Viking gift knife!

Viking Wine Goblet
Viking knife
Viking coffee mug

That’s a bit of history about Vikings that can help you know what kind of Viking gift you can buy for a Viking or someone who enjoys the Viking culture. Apart from some history, maybe checking on the festivals they have could also help.

Vikings have various feasts like the Midwinter Nights celebrated every December, where they have games, banquets, songs, banquets, and sacrifices for gods and ancestors. Other feasts are harvest festivals like Mabon, religious rituals, weddings, or celebrating a victorious raiding voyage.

We will look at different gifts you can buy as a Viking gift for yourself, your spouse, children, parents, and others.

Drinking Horn Mug

The drinking horn mug was and still is considered a luxurious item Viking gifts for him. Some of the drinking horn mugs are made from ivory, gold, and enamel decorations. These horns are made popular on TV series “Vikings,” novels, and popular video games. Most people follow this trend, especially like the recent show on “Game of Thrones,” which contributed to drinking like a popular Viking.

Some drinking horn mug is also made from wood and horn, imitating how Thracians made theirs. Others are made of horn and metal liked designed by Scythians meant for the best warriors of the king. There is also ceramics and glass-made horn. Drinking from these horns reminds them of the past, and it is a great gift for someone who thinks they are Vikings.

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Ivar Viking Wooden Watch

It is a trendy accessory making it a fantastic gift for a lovely Viking. Any Viking culture and Norse mythology lover will love the gift. It is handmade and has different engraved phrases. You can have it customized to your taste to make it special.

The Viking watch is designed for both genders Vikings, the men, and Shieldmaidens-the women. It comes in a round, wooden, and beautiful gift box.

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Bandana 3-Pack

The Viking Bandana 3 pack is handcrafted and only sold on order. It is a unisex gift mostly for those who love Norse mythology. It will look more beautiful if the person receiving the gift loves wearing Viking clothing or enjoys the Viking culture.

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Viking Coffee Mug

The Viking Coffee Mug is a cultural horn mug and comes with a spoon, a plate, and a bag. The handle is horned with a rustic natural finish. You can safely hold it with hot and cold drinks like tea, coffee, cocoa, wine, or beer.

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Goat Horns Viking Mug

It is a unique gift for those who love the Viking heritage. It is made of high-quality stainless steel by highly skilled artisans. You can use it for drinking or for home decor. If the recipient of the gifts loves festivals, he or she can appreciate them.

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Hoodies And Shirts with Odin logo

Odin is the King of Asgard, one of the most popular Norse gods. These Bandanas are breathable, stretchable, dry quickly, and durable. You can wear it as a face mask, neck gaiter, wristband, or headband.

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Socks are a great Viking gift

Anyone in love with Norse mythology will love this gift. Viking clothing is made in different sizes and styles. You can get hoodies, socks, men’s shirts, women’s shirts, and others. You can have the gift customized according to what you desire. Any Viking will love this gift.

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Fenrir Twisted Bangle Bracelet Arm Ring

This Bangle Bracelet is pretty, stunning, and beautiful. It is unisex, handcrafted from the best stainless steel. It can be worn on any occasion and is a good addition to your outfit.

The size can be adjusted from 18 cm to 26 cm depending on one’s size, and it is waterproof.

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Necklace with Huge Thor’s Hammer

This necklace symbolized one’s status and was mostly worn by the Viking kings. It will bring unforgettable memories to a loved one if given this gift.

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Wolf Head Necklace with Huge Thor’s Hammer

It is unique and not sold just anywhere. The necklace has a Huge Thor’s Hammer pendant, and it is unisex and comes in different lengths. It is 100% handmade from high-quality stainless steel. The pendant is a Zinc Ally product.

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Paracord Bracelet with Silver Plated

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Mjolnir and Elder Futhark Rune

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Stainless Steel Rune Bead Set

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Odin Hooded Blanket

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In conclusion, it is always wise to know what the people in your cycle like, dreams and desires. When you have an idea about their desires, they will appreciate the Viking Gifts you choose for them. Finding a gift is not an easy task, but we have made it workable for you.

Whether you are buying a Viking gift for a birthday, Easter, Father’s Day, Christmas, or any other feast, you will get a gift here as the options are many.

Always keep an eye online for upcoming Viking gifts so that you can move with the current trend or fashion. The Viking culture is rich and cannot be erased easily, which is true for other cultures. There is always a perfect Viking gift to match your need, and you can also get a Viking gift especially for yourself.