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30+ Best Flash Gifts

Deciding on a gift for a loved one can be a daunting task. If the loved one happens to be a fan of The Flash, it seems the task is cut by half. But not so fast! There are tons of gift items for lovers of the show. Then comes the conundrum on which to choose.

If you’re in this exciting dilemma, here are 30+ best flash gifts you should consider:

The Flash Women’s Pajama Set

These Pajama sets are made of extra-soft, breathable 100% cotton material. They are cozy, with a unique design and incredible size. You can customize the crewneck top to reflect the personality of the recipient. In addition to the string-waist bottoms, these pajamas are very comfortable to wear for evening relaxation, a night’s sleep, and a morning beverage.

DC Comics Justice League Symbols 7-Pair Pack of Crew Socks

What better way to honor your superheroes every day of the week than wearing these classic Justice League Socks. The pairs of crew socks are licensed by DC Comics, so they’re no ordinary socks. Besides, these polyester-made socks are extremely comfortable, with an attractive design that anyone would want to show off. They come in different brands, including Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, Green Lantern, and DC Teams.

It’s a Flash Thing Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mugs have always been an excellent gift idea for various occasions. These custom ceramic mugs are even more special for the numerous lovers of The Flash. They are durable, scratch-resistant, and microwave-safe. You can choose from the three available sizes – standard (11 oz), large (15 oz), and mega (20 oz).

Blue Lantern Flash Symbol 39Thirty Hat

This colorful hat is a blend of the symbols of Scarlet Speedster and Green Lanterns. The curved bill hat not only combines symbols but fabrics – 95% polyester and 5% spandex. If the recipient loves comfortable headgear, this is it.

Flash Logo Light Women’s Deluxe T-Shirt

You know that special woman in your life who loves the Flash, this is the perfect gift for her. This will be the softest shirt ever on her body. It’s made of soft cotton that brings that unparalleled comfort and smooth feel to the skin. The Flash Logo design on it is professionally printed, so you can expect them to survive years of use and wash. 

Flash Distressed Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This clothing is an excellent way for anyone to display how big of a fan they are. This Flash Distressed Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt features the classic Flash symbol right on the chest. But that’s not all to it. It’s a 100% cotton sleeve, with a gorgeous design you can rock anywhere. It’s even better when you get chilly – and your loved one surely does.

Flash Retro Playing Cards

There’s so much you can do with a deck of playing cards – even more with Flash Retro Playing Cards. Any Flash fan who loves card games will definitely appreciate these retro-playing cards. The cards are not so different from the typical ones, save for their orange color and the retro Flash logo on them. Just having them alone is enough thrill. 

The Flash Statue (Justice League)

A simple statue of the Flash in a running posture surrounded by blue lightning – yet an awesome collectible. Justice League might not be everyone’s favorite DC movie, but it’s hard to deny how good the Flash was. If you have a Flash who doesn’t mind having the Justice League version of his statue, then this is a beautiful gift.

Star Labs Logo Face Mask

This Star Labs Logo Face Mask is a perfect gift idea for this pandemic. It only helps your loved ones protect themselves, but also accentuates their personality. The facemask has an outer layer made of 100% polyester and an inner layer made of 100% cotton. They fit practically all face sizes and come with two carbon filters for added protection.

The Flash Oversized Beach Towel

Do you think a regular beach towel is a great gift idea? Try this The Flash Oversized Beach Towel and see if the recipient doesn’t thank you a thousand times. It has the Flash lightning bolt design that sparks thrill and adoration. With its quick-dry technology, this oversized beach towel is a must-have. You’d do well to gift someone this thoroughly soft goodness of a towel!

The Flash: A Celebration of 75 Years

The Flash has been around for over eight decades now. In 2015, DC published The Flash: A Celebration of 75 Years to mark his 75th year in existence. The book covers Flash’s entire history, right from his creation. It’s a great book for the Flash fans to learn all they need to know about their favorite DC character and relish his most sizzling moments.

Flash Apron

We all are superheroes – we only fight our battle differently. For some people, their superpowers find expression in the kitchen. For such people, having a Flash apron on them will channel that energy. 

Blue Lantern Flash Hoodie

We all love to wear hoodies, especially when it gets cold. This Blue Lantern Flash Hoodie is a great choice of gift for your family and friends. The design combines the elements of the Flash and the Blackest Night to give this loveable sweatshirt. This hoodie doesn’t hide its head when it comes to comfort. So you can be assured you’re giving a perfect piece. 

Central City Running Club T-Shirt

There seem to be a lot of shirt gift options, but nothing’s like the Central City Running Club T-shirt. Every Flash fan knows of Central City – a place he protected with his life. It’s one of the most significant locations in the entire show and every lover of the show would want to show it off. It has a simple design, with a “Central City Running Club” write-up running around a Flash logo.

Flash Classic Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs

Noting comes close to being powered from within and these sparkling-red boxer briefs provide that inner fire. They feature the classic Flash logo on the waistband and shorts. It’s a comfortable pair of underwear your man can always depend on.

Rinhoo Stainless Steel Superhero Flash Lightning Pendant Necklace

For like forever, a necklace has been a wonderful gift idea for many occasions. You can continue that tradition with this shiny, beautiful Stainless Steel necklace. It features the Flash symbol as the pendant, with an attractive shine that won’t give in to fading. What a way for the special Flash fan in your life to wear courage, strength, and justice around his or her neck.

DC Comics Baby Boy’s Flash 3-Piece Costume

Thinking of what to get a new baby a friend or family who just had a baby? Let your wheels stop at this 3-piece costume from DC Comics. The set has an infant bodysuit, a hat with lightning bolts, and a pair of booties – all in the Flash red. The DC Comics Baby Boy’s Flash 3-Piece Costume is super-comfortable babywear. The hat and bodysuit are 100% soft cotton and the booties are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. 

The Flash Superhero Ring

This handmade ring is a fantastic piece of jewelry you can gift any Flash fan. There’s a sense of pride that comes with adorning your finger with one of these Flash lightning logo rings. Yet, you can simply display it on your table and still swell with pride. It’s a good gift idea for men and women, with a gorgeous design that enhances any look. The ring comes in various sizes – from size 6 to 13. So, there’s the right ring size for everyone. 

Pop Heroes!: Chrome Flash 3-Pack

Hardly would you find a Flash fan with a collection void of Funko Pop! figures. These 3-pack figures are based on the Justice League movie and are very distinct in appearance. The figures each represent Flash’s appearance and with each having a different color from the other. They make for a fantastic gift for any Flash fan. 

Flash TV Series Suit-Up Backpack

This high-quality Flash backpack is always an excellent gift idea. Modeled after the one Barry Allen wore in the show, this backpack is beautiful to the core. It’s perfect for many outdoor activities, including excursions, travel, and more. There are lots of pockets all over the backpack to hold your items. The straps are padded and adjustable, with a resplendent finish. The handle is also padded, making it easy to carry around. This is surely a go-to gift option for any Flash fan. 

Flash TV Series Symbol Button

Featuring the classic red and yellow lightning bolt design, this Flash TV Series Symbol button belongs to the true fans of the show. This accessory is just a perfect show-off any time, any day and it can fits just into any attire. The button is very affordable but doesn’t make for any less special gift. 

Jay Garrick Funko Pop!

If you’ve seen Scarlet Speedster, then Jay Garrick is no alien. The Jay Garrick Funko Pop! Figure is a depiction of the character, with his winged hat standing out as usual. Many fans of the show enjoy having Funko Pop! figures in their collection. That explains why this is such a special gift.

Flash Symbol Red Watch with Metal Band

The Flash is a superhuman who doesn’t need a watch to keep track of time, but we all do. THIS Flash Symbol Red Watch has a uniquely attractive design that stands out in the crowd. Featuring the Flash symbol on the face and the dazzling red on the bands, any Flash fan would love this watch. The band is made of durable metal that’ll stand the test of time.

The Flash Slide-in Sandals

A pair of soft, padded sandals will be an amazing addition to the gift back. There are several brands you can choose from. What’s important is getting that top-quality footwear that ensures the wearer gets comfortable pace in everyday use.

Arrowverse’s the Flash Statue

The Flash was incredible in Arrowverse and many fans will agree. Giving out the Arrowverse version of the Flash statue is always a hit. It shows him completely suited and yellow lightning surrounding him. On a closer look, you’ll see a face that looks just like Grant Gustin’s. 

Flash CC Jitters Mug

This is the second mug on this list, but this has a unique CC Jitters Logo. Anyone with this mug would almost pass as one of the casts of The Flash. The logo design features Central City, which is one of the most iconic locations in the show. The mug comes in various colors, including white, white/navy inside, white/black inside, white/pink inside, white/blue inside, and white/red inside. 

Barry Allen is my Spirit Animal Round Ornament

This is a perfect gift for the holidays. It’s a beautiful ceramic round ornament that can add a special glow to a Christmas tree. The ornaments are made of top-quality porcelain and weigh almost nothing. Both sides of this ornament have printed designs that read “Barry Allen the Flash is my Spirit Animal”. Every true fan of the show is going to love this.

Flash Symbol Men’s Tank Top

This is a simple, 100% cotton tank top with the classic Flash symbol printed right in the center. It makes for a perfect gift for almost anyone, with a wide selection of sizes to choose from. 

Flash Symbol Speedforce Weave Unisex Knit Beanie

This bright red beanie is popular headwear that helps keep the head warm. It’s a great choice of gift, with the Flash symbol of yellow lightning on a yellow ring adorning it. This knit head warmer sure has lots of lovers and you can add one to the ever-growing list. 

The Flash Symbol Queen Blanket

The Flash Symbol Queen Blanket is a soft blanket with a variety of use cases. The design is very simple and doesn’t forget to incorporate the classic Flash logo. Anyone – the Flash fan or not – would love to have this queen blanket in their home. 

Flash Character Magnet

Not one of those pricey gifts that sweep people of their feet, but it does have its ‘wow factor. These small stickers can find a place on the fridge or other items in the house. A cool way for the Flash fans to display their love for the series. 

Flash DC Comics LED Umbrella

It’s hard to run out of items to give the Flash fan as a gift, but not many come close to this Flash LED Umbrella licensed by DC Comics. It employs Umbrella Technology in incorporating a LED lights on its canopy. The umbrella also has a bright flashlight on its handle.

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30+ Best Flash Gifts
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