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Christmas gift for a 12-year-old

Having trouble finding good Christmas presents for 12-year-olds? Here you will find my best tips.

So, what is a good Christmas present for a 12-year-old? Nice Christmas gift for a 12-year-old is a stylish sweater, headphones, Icecream roles, mobile phone, Lego, elastic-plastic, soda streamer, or a cotton candy machine. 

On this page you will find my very best tips on Christmas presents to give a 12 year old.

what is a nice christmas gift for a 12-year-old
What is a nice Christmans gift for a 12-year-old?

These are good Christmas presents. Not all are expensive, and the gifts are just as good for 12-year-old girls as for 12-year-old boys. When you are 12, the number of Christmas presents is still significant. 12-year-olds enjoy MANY Christmas presents. That is why I have tried to find cheap Christmas presents too.

What do girls and guys in their 12s wish for Christmas?

When you are twelve years old, there is little difference between what guys and girls have on their wish lists. 12-years-old girls still want cute things, unicorns, stuffed animals, and the like. But it is NOT what guys wish. 12-year-old guys want more Technology Lego, complicated models in the Harry Potter series with many pieces. Cool technical gadgets. Drone. Action cameras, etc.

Maybe the 12-year-old likes some boxing series, e.g., Harry Potter. Then there are often many beautiful things to give at Christmas. Harry Potter lamp stands high on the wish list at home. If you do not know that the child you want to buy a Christmas present is very interested in Harry Potter, then it can be very wrong instead. Then you should buy another Christmas present for her or him.

A metal model from Harry Potter
A nice lamp with atmospheric light can also be fun to decorate their room with.
A cute night lamp with a unicorn
Cuddly toys is a nice gift to a 12-year-old
Models from Leonardo da Vinchis models
Lego Jeep
Pocket drone
Harry Potter Lego

The trend of making slime and Fidgets spinners seems to wane. They don’t seem to be as popular anymore. However, stress balls still seem to be an upward trend.

Candy as a Christmas gift to a 12-year-old

Something that she or he is sure to like very much about getting are Christmas presents where she or he can cook his goodies. 12-year-olds often crave sweets, chocolates, ice cream machines, cupcake bakers, ice-cream roll makers, smoothies blenders, sorbet machines, chocolate fondue, sugar candy machines, etc. Yes, you understand the principle. SUGAR!! A popcorn machine or popcorn bowl for microns is also high on the wish lists.

Looking for good Christmas presents for 12-year-olds? Something that they are guaranteed to enjoy very much is Christmas presents where they can cook their goodies. At this age, they often wish for

Ice cram maker
Popcorn Machine
Chocolate Fondue
Cotton candy mashine
Ice cream roller maker
Sorbet maker
Robot silicon mold
Smoothie blender
Popcorn bowl
Soda streamer
Soda streamer
Candy grabber

A ‚Äúgood,‚ÄĚ yes, at least very desirable Christmas presents for 12-year-olds is to be able to make their snacks when they get hungry or hungry.

Trendy gifts for both boys and girls to get Christmas presents where you can make your sweets, snacks, and other goodies. Why not buy a recipe book with desserts, quick recipes for cookies, or other sweets. Supplement with a beautiful baking dish, molds, and other baking utensils. Then, at least, the desserts are not so easily accessible. They have to work a little for that. They have to weigh and measure all the ingredients, read instructions, etc. It can be educational as well.

Christmas gifts for 12-year-olds

Christmas gift experiences for 12-year-olds ‚Äď now it may not be so fun to go to playland anymore.¬†They are getting too big for that.¬†But there are other experiences you can give 12-year-olds.¬†It can, for example,¬†be a cinema, visit the bathhouse, visit a trampoline park, museum or go to the spa together.¬†Make a homemade gift card, so the 12-year-old gets a Christmas present to open.

Cheap gifts for a 12-year-old

Since 12-year-olds enjoy getting a lot of Christmas presents, it’s preferable if ever gift doesn’t cost that much. Cheap Christmas presents that 12-year-olds enjoy getting are of course sweets. I also usually give the children books. You can find books cheaply under the book sale. It has happened that I bought a stock to have as gifts and Christmas gifts during the year. Puzzle books to suit your 12-year-old. IQ puzzle. Headphones, headphones that you put into the ears because they break very often.

Christmas gifts for a 12-year-old

Christmas gifts for a 12-year-old can be hard. It’s essential to keep track of his or her clothing tastes here. Smarter with a gift card, maybe. Why not shop for the gift card with her or him? A good idea indeed. It is a Christmas present the child will be happy for twice, first when she or he gets it and then also when you get to shop for the gift card. Why not buy for the gift card with the 12-year-old?

A good Christmas present for a 12-year-old girl can be clothing. A stylish top with unicorns, flowers, or sequins. 

When I buy clothes at Christmas for my daughter, I usually take her to a big store, picking on me the clothes we both like in her size. Then I park her in the dressing room, and she gets to try all the garments. Those who get wrong, I must go and hang back. Then I stand there with a shopping bag for hundreds of dollars with beautiful clothes that fit. Then the daughter may leave the shop. Now I choose what I want to buy from the approved pile. That way, she does not know what she will receive in Christmas, but what she gets has been approved in the hard control. She tends to choose only tops (after all, they are beautiful as well). But when I get a moment with the clothes pile, I can make sure she also gets pants and other things that aren’t as fun to choose.

Educational gifts for a 12-year-old

A perfect Christmas gift for 12-year-olds is knowledge gadgets. Nuty games, knowledge enhancement, or IQ puzzle.

Robot as a Christmas gift to a 12-year-old

I am a little craving to buy a programmable robot for my daughter. I think things like that have to be encouraged. The robot looked like a round ball only. Unfortunately, the robot turned out to be very expensive ($120) had been affordable. But 12-year-olds want many Christmas presents. That’s why I put this robot aside for so long. It might be some other time during the year. But right now it was getting a little too expensive anyway. The robot I saw (not sure where to go now) was water-resistant. You could use it as an engine for vehicles you built-in, eg. Meccano, you could use the robot when painting. And not least, the child had to learn programming under fun forms. Using their iPad, they pulled out components that symbolized what the robot would do. In the movie I saw, both children and educators were utterly lyrical.

Mobile phone and accessories as a Christmas gift to a 12-year-old

If the 12-year-old has not already received a mobile phone, it is at the top of the wish list this Christmas. Having your phone is super important. It does not have to for a NY mobile phone. Ask around in the acquaintance circle. Maybe something has changed and has a decent new, used phone over. For the mobile, it is good to have a beautiful mobile shell, headphones, iPhone phones, and refueling of the prepaid card.

Christmas present for 12-year-old girls

At this age, it is often very different between what boys and girls wish for Christmas. Good Christmas presents for 12-year-old girls are usually cute things like pandas, unicorns, etc.

Something quite typical of 12-year-olds is the total lack of understanding of the value of money. I had received huge wish lists from my children just when they were around the age of 12. One year, I enjoyed counting on the cost of fulfilling all the wishes on the wish list. It was up to around $3000 with a little quick estimate. These huge wish lists that appeared before Christmas have, as they are, diminished a bit over the years.

Christmas presents for a 12-year-old girls must not be childish

When buying a Christmas present for a 12-year-old girl, it is also essential to consider that the Christmas gift does not become too childish.¬†If you do not know the 12-year-old girl so well, avoid the ‚Äúchildish‚ÄĚ Christmas presents among my suggestions.¬†I remember so well a Christmas present that was utterly wrong.¬†That‚Äôs when I, as a 13-year-old, received a doll from Dad at Christmas.¬†I wanted makeup and clothes, but Dad gave me a doll.¬†I had stopped playing with toys when I was seven years old.¬†I thought I‚Äôd get something beautiful, but then it was a DOLL!!¬†Dad had no control over what was childish and not.¬†If you are unsure what exactly the girl you are going to buy Christmas presents for like and what she wants, avoid dolls, teddy bears, and other things that can be perceived as childish.

12-year-olds want unicorns

Unicorns ‚Äď why exactly unicorns have become so immensely popular Christmas presents among 12-year-old girls I do not know.¬†But unicorns are very much appreciated, and they are found like all sorts of gadgets, such as mugs, unicorns like power bank, slippers, clothing, candy-boxing unicorns, unicorns, unicorn lights, cuddly animals in the form of unicorns.¬†A pair of warm unicorn floras is a great Christmas present for a 12-year-old girl.¬†And most of all, of course, they want to wear unicorn clothes.¬†Almost all 12-year-old girls wish for unicorns at Christmas.¬†And just so you know, unicorns are NOT childish but magical.


In addition to unicorns, it is widespread for 12-year-old girls to want flamingos in Christmas presents, perhaps as sleds or neon lights.

Christmas presents that allows you to spend time togheter

Adventure ‚Äď A good Christmas present for a 12-year-old girl can also be an experience or an adventure together.¬†Maybe she would appreciate a spa weekend with you?

Cheap Christmas gifts for a 12-year-old girl

A little adult set of beads that she gets to pearl herself into a necklace/bracelet. Shampoo, hair conditioner, bath foam, bath salts, bath bombs, body lotion, hot tub, lip gloss, cheaper jewelry (from eg Glitter) necessities, decorative pillows or a light coil

Maybe a more fun toothbrush and sweets, a lantern with battery-powered candles, cacti, a carnivorous plant, mini-greenhouse, boxes to put jewelry in, hair nods, hair bands, hair clips, paintings, houseplants, speakers to plug in the phone on, beautiful mugs, fine glass, elegant glass, fine glass, decorative glass, glitter pens, glitter glue, Christmas decorations for the window, yatzy, card game, DVD movie, etc.

Good Christmas presents for 12-year-olds who already have everthing

I feel that children of that age have far too many things already. They have so many things that they often have trouble keeping things in order. I have started giving Christmas gift shares to my 12-year-old daughter. Instead of stuff, she gets some shares in, eg. Cloetta, HM, Swedbank. The important thing here I think is that it is a share that she understands what the company does.

What does a 13-year-old girl want in 2019? They want a mobile phone, a nice mobile cover, money, gift cards for clothes, and fun stuff. If you want to know more things that a 13-year-old girl wants, I have a page about just that.

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Christmas gift for a 12-year-old
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