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Christmas gifts for her

Christmas time is truly special. The holiday mood and the spirit of Christmas can be felt in the air. However, the pre-Christmas time can also be stressful, especially when it comes to buying gifts for our partners. It is difficult to show with one gift how much we care about our partner. If you do not know what to give your girlfriend this year, we are here to help you. What are the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend?

The best Christmas gift for your girlfriend is a gift that will reflect her personality and show her that you have carefully planned what you will give her. In every gift, the intention is important, so the best gift for your girlfriend can be perfume, jewelry, a romantic weekend, a picnic basket or anything that she loves.

Christmas gifts for her

Sometimes we focus so much on the look of the gift itself and its price that we forget what the point of the gift is. Whatever you decide to buy for your girlfriend, it is important to know why you gave it to her. It is also important that she feels special and recognizes that you did not take the first thing you saw in the store just to give her something. The message behind the gift is much more important than the gift itself. If you still do not know what to give her, we bring you a couple of ideas among which you will surely find the ideal gift for your girlfriend.

Best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend

But you should get tips on nice Christmas presents for her, intended if it is your mother , your wife, girlfriend , your best friend , grandmother , grandmother , Christmas present for a child , Christmas present for an 18-year-old , the woman who turns 50 , a woman who turns 60 or a girl friend , we’ll try to find good Christmas presents for her here.

Killer Queen Perfume

We know that perfume is a classic gift, but it is always needed, especially when it comes to a perfume that has such a good scent. The very name of the perfume says it all. Killer Queen is a sophisticated and intense women’s perfume that will increase the self-confidence of every woman. The perfume has a floral scent with the addition of forest fruits and plums so it will bring a touch of spring on these cold days.

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Fantasy Perfume

Another perfume idea is the beautiful Britney Spears perfume. This perfume contains a mixture of floral and fruity scents, so it leaves an extremely refreshing scent. Fantasy perfume is sensual and leaves an unforgettable impression. Every woman wants to smell good, so for Christmas be sure to consider this gift.

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Cat Deluxe Perfume

Cat Deluxe is a perfume that has been on sale for years but continues to delight women around the world. It comes in a cute package with a soft fluffy ball that you can use as a key chain. The fragrance contains floral and fruity notes, is seductive and a real hit for any confident woman. With this perfume, you will certainly not go wrong with whoever you give it to.

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Foldable bathtub for adults

We all love long baths, especially on winter days. If you don’t have a tub in which you can soak for hours, that’s no longer a problem. Now you can give her a foldable bathtub which she will enjoy for hours. The bathtub is big enough that you can sit in it, and when you’re done with bathing simply drain the water and stack it for the next bath. When it also has a headrest and a small stool. The upper edge of the bathtub is made of hard plastic while the rest of the tub is soft and is shaped when you fill the tub with water. A folded tub can be easily stored under the bed and is a great solution for small spaces.

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Chocolate Gourmet box

A little chocolate goes great with every gift. This delicacy box contains French Chocolate Candies. 110 mini chocolate balls and a mini Maxim’s house tin that contains 4 mini rochers (2 milk chocolates and 2 dark chocolates) If the person you are giving away to is a chocolate lover, this chocolate box is the perfect gift for her.

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Big chocolate and candy gift

When we say big chocolate, we really mean BIG chocolate. This huge package of Sweet. To all sweet tooth, this is a lovely gift, you will provide a supply of candy for a long time after Christmas. Or maybe some tea to a tea lover.

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If it is your wife or best friend, you may want to buy extra luxurious Christmas presents for her. It would, e.g., be a thick and cozy bathrobe, products from Luch, handmade soaps, and similar small items. Maybe you can give her a spa weekend with you. Or a mini-vacation to Rome over a weekend. Why not give her a nice basket with a good book, a cozy blanket, and a nice chocolate tasting. A luxurious Christmas present to enjoy during cold winter evenings.


On cold days all we want is a little warmth. A bathrobe is the right solution for everyone who despite cold days. This robe is extremely soft and has collars and deep pockets to keep her whole body warm. The robe is spacious and every woman will feel like she is in a soft cloud.

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The Rituals of Sakura gift box

This gift box is the perfect gift for women who like to relax and treat themselves. Contains a shower foam, body scrub, body cream, and mini oil reed diffuser All products have the scent of cherry blossom and Rice Milk which will make every bath more pleasant. A body scrub will clean the skin of dead cells, and then body cream will nourish the skin and leave a beautiful floral Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom scent.

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Wool blanket

What better way to work on cold winter days than to lie under a blanket with your loved ones? And it’s hard for us to answer that. The ideal gift for winter days is this wool blanket which is extremely warm and cozy. It is made of 100% merino woll.

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Think about what your wife likes and interests she has. When you know what your wife likes, it’s easier to find a really successful Christmas present for her. Maybe she likes books, clothes, the cinema or going to a restaurant? Maybe you want to find a romantic gift for your girlfriend?


We have prepared numerous titles in English for all book lovers. Crime, kisses, thrillers, sci-fi, professional literature, everything that comes to mind you can find in the Amazon collection. In addition to classic books, you can also find coloring books and special editions such as Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Christmas Pop-up that will brighten up every Christmas. Book lovers will appreciate any book you choose from this collection.

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If the woman you are choosing a gift for likes to spend time knitting, she always needs extra yarn. Color Pack Yarn contains 12 skeins of soft Acrylic Blend yarn which is the most popular cotton yarn of classic thickness. The color has been carefully chosen to match and can be used together to make clothes, bags, blankets, jumpers, or anything that comes to your mind. The yarn can be used for both crochet and knitting.

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Or would she rather get perfume. When it comes to jewelry, it is good if you look at the jewelry she usually uses. What does she like about jewelry. Try to find the same style as her favorite necklace. A tip when it comes to jewelry, avoid rings if you do not know exactly what size she is or if you can change it. Are you going to buy earrings, look so that she really has holes in her ears! Here are some necklaces that I think are very nice: 

Diamond Necklace

If you’re willing to buy a slightly more expensive gift for her this Christmas, we think we’ve found a winner. This gorgeous diamond necklace is made of 14K gold. This necklace will enchant every woman. The necklace is elegant, simple, and at the same time shiny and sophisticated. With this necklace, every woman will feel like a real lady.

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Amazon Collection 10k Swarovski Crystal Slide Ball Pendant Necklace

This elegant necklace with a glittering crystal ball will elevate any outfit. The necklace looks simple but gives a touch of style and sophistication to any clothing combination. If you are thinking of buying a necklace for her this Christmas, the necklace will satisfy the taste of every woman and will surely meet her expectations.

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Sterling silver round necklace

This simple silver necklace is with cubic zirconia. Although it seems very simple at first glance, it will suit any outfit and will serve as a great addition.

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Pure heart Edblad necklace

If she is a romantic soul, this piece of jewelry will surely delight her. Pure heart necklace has a neat chain with a small heart attached to it. You can choose between stainless steel or stainless steel with gold plating. The necklace suits all occasions, and a little heart on it will show your love and affection for the person you are giving this cute gift to.

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Thomas Sabo diamond silver bracelet

The necklace of course comes with a bracelet, so here‚Äôs an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhich bracelet to give her. The Thomas Sabo bracelet may seem simple at first glance, but it is a very elegant bracelet made of the highest quality silver.

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A Christmas present that is personal and that is very much appreciated. It is important to find a Christmas present that is her style and that suits her as a person. What is suitable to give to his girlfriend may not be as good as to give to his girlfriend. There may also be a difference in age between different recipients. Old grandmother may not want exactly the same Christmas presents as a young girl. But we will try to find out what are good Christmas presents for her here. Also, think about whether you want fun gifts or if they should just be serious.

Come into the Kitchen Cook Book

For chefs, amateurs and all food lovers, a cookbook is a perfect gift. Even if she doesn’t get along in the kitchen, she will surely want to try some of these recipes. The cookbook was put together by the famous gourmet and actor Vincent Price with the help of his wife Mary. In the cookbook, you will find numerous recipes of traditional American dishes and modern American dishes such as beef cheeseburgers to cherries jubilee. In this cookbook, you will find recipes for side dishes, main dishes and desserts and every woman will find something for herself in it.

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Then I also want to emphasize that good Christmas presents for her do not have to cost a lot of money. If you are unemployed or still going to school, you should of course adjust the level of Christmas presents accordingly. You should not take your last savings and take her to Paris. You should do what you can afford. You can find very nice and romantic Christmas gifts for her that are not expensive! I list tips on cheap Christmas gifts for her and expensive Christmas gifts for her. You choose what you want and have the opportunity to. It’s not a better or more romantic Christmas present if you pre-sell!

Perfume is a bit tricky too. Here you need to know about what she likes. Maybe you can look at what is already in the bathroom cabinet. Does she have a favorite brand that is running out? Some perfumes that are usually on various charts are: 

 Jimmy Choo Perfume

Have you heard of fashion designer Jimmy Choo? Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian fashion designer known for handmade women’s shoes. When we see his shoes, it is clear to us how much attention he pays to women and how much effort has been put into this perfume to make it suitable for women. The nose behind this fragrance is femininity, style and luxury. The fragrance features green sensual notes, tiger orchid and fruity pears with a dose of cedar. Every woman will feel confident wearing this perfume.

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Foot massage machine

If the woman you are looking for a gift for stands and has tired feet, you don’t have to look anymore. We found the perfect gift for her. Zenkuru foot massage machine has 3 massage programs for relaxation, wellness and deep massage. You can also adjust different levels of strength during the massage. Its anion function removes unpleasant odors. A foot massage is not only extremely pleasant but can improve one’s wellbeing. The feet contain a lot of nerves that also need attention so after the massage the person will be happier and sleep better.

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Dolce & Gabbana Gift Set

For fans of expensive perfumes, Dolce & Gabbana gift set is the right choice. The gift box contains body cream, shower gel, and best of all, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume. This is one of the bestselling perfumes worldwide. It has the scent of bluebell, apple, lemon, white rose, bamboo, and jasmine. This perfume has an extremely refreshing scent. It is light and very comfortable, so it can be used during the day, but also during important evenings.

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Petite Flowerbomb Victor & Rolf

Designer duo Viktor & Rolf created this beautiful perfume for all modern women. The perfume leaves an impression of glamor and elegance, and at the same time is sweet and alluring. The perfume contains floral notes that will take every woman to the world of dreams and raise her self-confidence. If you are still not sure which perfume to choose, Petite Flowerbomb is a perfume that every woman will like.

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Why not invite your wife to a romantic weekend in a hotel? Invite her to good food, spa treatments, and nice company. This is even more luxurious if you have toddlers. Everyday life is then usually full of work and demands. Then it is extra romantic to disconnect from the daily routine and just go away together the two of you. Do not forget to hire a babysitter only! Maybe a nice overnight stay at a spa or a nice hotel.

Do you find it difficult to be away for so long? Then maybe a movie night can work or a good dinner with a nice wine. It is actually very nice to have a break from everyday life. Just because you are married and have children together, you can still find a romantic Christmas present for your wife. 

Why not give her a cleaning of the whole house while she gets to go to the spa. It is a romantic Christmas present for your wife that she is guaranteed to appreciate a lot.

Silk bathrobe

Treat her this Christmas with a gentle silk bathrobe. This bathrobe gives a feeling of luxury. It is great for travel, but also pleasant days in your own home. You can easily pack it in a small silk bag that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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A Christmas present for a girlfriend is a little harder. It needs to be a really good Christmas present, not so expensive but which still shows how much you appreciate your girlfriend. What does your girlfriend like to do? Maybe she has a special interest that you can start from? Or maybe you can find some gift tips for your friend here.


Why not give her nice products from e.g.¬†Estee Lauder or a bathrobe in the side.¬†A box with a little finer chocolate.¬†If you know who her favorite artist is ‚Äď concert tickets for that particular artist.¬†An annual subscription to talking books.¬†Subscribe to a magazine or gift card for a subscription if you are unsure of what she likes.¬†A nice phone case in her taste.¬†Marble and stone are very popular right now.¬†An anatomical sleeping pillow.¬†Nice headphones.


If you’re looking for a gift for a magazine lover, why not just give her a magazine or a bunch of them? On the Tidningskungen website, you can find magazines about fashion, sports, food, home decoration, yoga, country living and everything she is interested in. The magazine is a simple gift, but it is also fun and useful. You just have to find the topic that interests her the most and the Christmas present is ready.

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 iPhone case

The cell phone case provides security for the cell phone, but it is also an expression of one’s style. This gorgeous iPhone case is made of strong and durable plastic. It is covered with soft microfiber to prevent scratching. It is compatible with iDeal or Sweden’s QI charger. This marble iPhone case was designed in Sweden and is inspired by the latest trends. Gold details give it a dose of luxury while marble design gives a dose of art. This cover is great protection for mobile phones, and at the same time, it is a stylish accessory.

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Tempur sleeping pillow

If she complains of neck or back pain, you may want to consider giving her a Tempur sleeping pillow. This pillow is recommended for people who have problems with neck and back pain as it provides good support for your neck. The pillow is designed to fit each person so that the neck and muscles can relax completely during sleep. It is perfect for those who sleep on their back or side. Give her a perfect night’s sleep for Christmas.

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Noise reduction Sony headphones

Modern headphones make life so much easier. No more unnecessary cables and tangling. To listen to music, simply connect to the headset via Bluetooth and move worry-free wherever you want. These headphones are special in that they turn off all sounds and allow a complete music experience. The headset also has its own application, and you can control it with the keys. The headphones have soft pads so they can be worn on the head for hours without any pain or tightness.

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Headphones for night use

If you snore or make strange noises during the night, this Christmas give her SleepPhones, headphones for night use. These soft headphones do not interfere with your sleep so you can easily sleep with them. The speakers are thin, so they are not felt during sleep. The fabric is very thin, but the sound quality remains high. They can be ordered in two variants: with cord or with wireless connection via Bluetooth. They are easily connected to a mobile phone, TV, computer or any other device, and can be used for up to 13 hours.

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Why not buy a personalized necklace that you can have engraved on? The date when you first met, when you got married or a message that becomes personal to you. It will be a nice and personal Christmas present that she can wear often.

Necklace for engraving with key

This stylish necklace with a plate in shiny stainless steel can have any message on it. The necklace has a key and a plate on which you can engrave whatever comes to mind. Put on her inside a joke, a sweet note or something that only she will understand. Turn on your imagination and make this necklace a special gift for her.

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Necklace with blue stone and engravery 

This elegant necklace from Inori has a stone on the front and can be engraved. Think of the right words, and then simply type them in when buying a necklace and a unique necklace with your message will come to your doorstep. Of course, you can order a necklace without engraving and subsequently engrave the text when you come up with the right words.

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Round necklace for an engravery

If you are looking for a slightly more elegant necklace that will hide the engraved text well, maybe this necklace is the right choice for a gift. You can engrave the desired message and she will keep it with her forever.

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Do you have any knowledge you can use here? Do you weld? Carpenters? Sew? Do you like to bake? With such knowledge, one can make very creative Christmas gifts for the girlfriend.

Buy a nice box and decorate it with decoupage and varnish over. She and wheat herd. More tips on Christmas gifts that you can make yourself can be found here.


Pay attention to her, maybe she’s missing something. Is she missing a hat? Does she have no reflexes when she goes out in the dark? See if you can find that perfect thing she’s missing. It does not have to cost a lot of money. The romantic thing is that you as a boyfriend are aware of what she really needs and maybe save her life with a reflex. 

Knitted hat

To keep her always warm, give her a knitted hat for this Christmas. This cap is made of a cotton blend that provides warmth. It can be easily stretched to fit any head. It comes in several colors so you can find the color that will suit you best.

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Buy a basket, put in some candles, linen napkins, a bottle of wine and other goodies you can think of. 

Picnic basket

We know that winter is not an ideal time for a picnic, but this picnic basket can be the perfect gift for her. You can fill it with sweet things, food or body products, and if you are brave you can prepare all the picnic equipment and make it in the warmth of your living room. You will have a wonderful evening, and she will remember this sweet picnic basket that she will be able to use for all the upcoming picnics.

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Scented candle with jewelry

If she loves scented candles and jewelry, you no longer have to buy two gifts. Jewelry is a brand that produces scented candles with jewelry. Light a candle, enjoy its wonderful scent, and when it burns completely at the bottom a packet with a piece of jewelry in it will appear. Pick up the package with tweezers so that you do not burn your fingers. After picking it up, you can open the package and try on the beautiful jewelry that is hidden in it. The candle burns for about 45 hours so plan carefully when will you give it to her.

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Chocolate box

A luxury box of chocolate is always a lovely Christmas gift for here!

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Make your own gift card where you invite her to a three-course dinner with wine. Or maybe she would like to go to a wine and chocolate tasting.


There are gifts that may cost a little more. Gifts for special occasions. Maybe Christmas with her is such an occasion? If you want to give her extra expensive Christmas presents, I think you should invest in one or a few Christmas presents with higher quality.

Sometimes when I buy something cheap and it breaks already the first week, I get disappointed. If you have since received the item as a Christmas present, it is even more boring. Then it is better to get a few things that are of higher quality and that last longer. Expensive Christmas presents for her would e.g. be perfume, jewelry, a watch, handbag from Michael Kors, or why not give her a really luxurious bathrobe or a trip with you?

La Vie est Bell

This perfume from Lanc√īme is trendy and one of many women‚Äôs favourite.

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A lovely handbag from Rebecca Mincov will also make a lovely Christmas gift for her.

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Michael Kors Women’s Ritz Stainless Steel Watch 

A wristwatch is a classic gift for a woman.

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Do you want to find unique Christmas gifts for her? Maybe a course of some kind would suit? Does she have a camera she never learned to take pictures with? Then maybe it’s time. Maybe an engraved piece of jewelry or a balloon ride across town.


Why not give her a camera and a photo course along with it. It will make a unique and nice Christmasgift for her.

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The thing is, you really have to show how much you like her. Try to find something that shows your personality while being unique and personal. The worst thing you can do is to just fix something at the nearest department store, no matter how expensive it is, it is useless because you in the real sense did not care about it. Try to find that unique Christmas present for her!


Grandma, you may not want to offer a romantic weekend, so it might be better for Grandma to have a subscription to a crossword puzzle magazine. Nice slippers or a cozy bathrobe. Why not give Grandma some luxurious creams? If your grandmother likes the royal family, they publish books about them every year. A box of chocolates is always appreciated.


A magazine about gardening is a lovely gift for grandma that will give here something nice to look forward to every month.

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Cozy slippers

These are not ordinary slippers. In addition to being comfortable, they can also be heated and provide warmth to cold feet all winter long. This simple gift is truly genius. The slippers contain heaters that you simply heat in the microwave for 60 seconds and then put back in the slippers. They will warm your feet for up to an hour and a half thanks to a buckwheat filling that keeps you warm for a long time. Oh, we forgot to mention that slippers provide not only warmth but also a pleasant lavender scent. Your girlfriend will be delighted with this gift.

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Why not give her a cozzy bathrobe?

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Hand cream

Hand cream whith shea from The Body Shop

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Do you want to find another very fun or different Christmas present for her? Why not give her a percussion drill, new brake pads, or a cement mixer. Buy a lot of toilet paper and wrap all the rolls differently, so that it is not possible to guess what is in the packages. A LOT of socks. Light bulbs.


Why nog give her coloful socks as a christmasgift.

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A bag of drills is an unexpected but useful gift.

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A nicely wrapped guitarr might be an apriciated Christmas gift for here.

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There are many bad Christmas gifts you can give your loved one. Avoid these if she has not explicitly requested it. Examples of bad Christmas gifts are:

  • Sexy lingerie!¬†It‚Äôs not really a gift for her, but for yourself.
  • Household products!¬†Who wants an iron or a vacuum cleaner?¬†Would you like to get it?
  • Gift card at IKEA, it‚Äôs boring and unimaginative.¬†These are things you buy together for the home.¬†It‚Äôs not a good Christmas present for her.
  • Percussionist
  • Marmalade balls, they are shitty!
  • Cookbooks, it‚Äôs about as much fun as getting household products
  • CDs, it is usually very difficult to pinpoint the right music ‚Äď if you do not know exactly which artist she loves so avoid giving away music.
Christmas gifts for her
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