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An Advent Calendar for Girlfriend

Winter, coldness and snow mean only one thing. Christmas time is coming. The countdown to Christmas gives an extra dose of anticipation. Advent calendars certainly contribute to that anticipation, but it’s also nice to watch the number of days until Christmas decrease each day. If your girlfriend loves advent calendars, this year you can make her a personalized calendar that will contain everything she loves. So how do you make an advent calendar for a girlfriend?

To make an advent calendar for your girlfriend you need to choose things to put in it as gifts. In the advent calendar, you can put sweets, perfumes, clothes, skincare products or anything else that will make your girlfriend happy. Whatever you put into it, your girlfriend will be delighted with the personalized advent calendar.

To start making a calendar, choose 24 gifts to put in it. Once you decide what the gifts will be, you will find it easier to decide what to put them in. If they are small gifts, you can put them in cute boxes and write numbers on them. If it is a larger gift, it will be best to use decorative paper in which you will wrap the gifts so that your girlfriend would not be tempted to peek and find out what is in them. Give her one gift every day and the happiness on her face will only grow day by day. If you can’t think of the things to put in the advent calendar, we’ve put together a list of gifts that will give you several ideas.

advent calendar to a girlfriend
What can you put in an advent calendar to a girlfriend?

Things to put in advent calendar for girlfriend

Beauty products are a fun gift to get in a calendar. Many relatively inexpensive beauty products are great to put in your own Advent calendar for your girlfriend. Bath foam, some more luxurious soap, bath salt, face creams, nail polish, mascara, hand creams, lip balm, etc., are perfect things to find in the Advent calendar. There are also fun soaps that look like candy that can be fun to add to her Advent calendar.

Foam bath

We all love pleasant scents, especially when they come in the form of avocado oil. This gentle bath foam comes in a small luxury bottle. It has a wonderful scent that will turn any bath into a lovely pleasure. If your girlfriend enjoys spending time in the bathtub, this is the ideal thing to put in the Advent calendar.

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Grease mini nail polish

Nail polishes are never enough, especially when it comes to Grease nail polishes. If your girlfriend is a fan of the Grease movie, place these nail polishes in the advent calendar to make her feel like a part of the movie. The package contains four mini nail polishes in retro colors.

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Bath Salts

Another thing to put in the advent calendar for bath lovers is bath salt. This bath salt has a beautiful floral scent. Also, this bath salt can be used for a foot bath for relaxation. You can also choose bath salt with the scent of lily. Whichever bath salt you choose your girl’s skin will be soft, smooth, and fragrant and your girl will feel like she is lying in the most beautiful garden surrounded by flowers.

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Turmeric Brightening & ExfoliatFacial Face Mask Paper Sheet Korea Skin Care Moisturizing

Facial care is important, so in the Advent calendar, you can put these masks that increase cell renewal in the skin. These gentle natural ingredients will bring softness to any face.

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Volume Infusion Mascara

To highlight your eyes, your girlfriend needs mascara. This mascara will give volume to each lash. It contains biotin which makes the lashes thicker and keratin which nourishes and strengthens the lashes. Mascara is a basic part of makeup so it will certainly not be out of place to put one in the advent calendar.

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Lip Gloss

Gentle lip gloss adds shine to any lips and long-lasting color. Lip gloss contains oil from the mooring tree, avocado and sunflower that provide hydration so your girl’s lips will be soft and moisturize. The gloss also has a wonderful taste given to it by lemon, tangerine and pomegranate extracts. You can find it in 18 different shades. One of them is sure to suit your girlfriend.

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Hand Cream Shea

Cold weather creates terrible hand problems. The skin is dry and cracked which can sometimes be quite painful. With this light cream with shea butter, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. This cream will make all your hands soft even after the worst of winter. Hand cream is a gift that always comes in handy. Especially in the winter days.

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The most fun thing to get in the Advent calendar when it comes to beauty products is probably perfume. It may sound expensive, but there are great perfumes that are not that expensive. So it is actually possible to put perfume in some Advent calendar doors without it becoming overly expensive.

Naomi Campbell perfume

All women love Naomi Campbell perfumes, so we decided to add another perfume of this brand to this list. This perfume has a mild note of vanilla with floral notes, caramel, coconut and woody scents. This combination will enchant every woman, including your girlfriend, so do bot forget to add this perfume to the list of things you will put in the Advent calendar. 

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Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe Perfume

Perfumes are an eternal classic. Why wouldn’t your girlfriend get another one? This Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe perfume comes in a sweet bottle with a pendant, and its scent will enchant even the pickiest ones. The perfume has a pleasant floral scent with a touch of fruity magic.

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 Elizabeth Arden Perfume

Another perfume that you can put in the Advent calendar is a gentle inconspicuous perfume made from green tea. The refreshing and soothing scent excites all the senses, and the natural ingredients give it freshness. For those who do not like intense, strong perfumes, this perfume is an ideal choice.

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Black rose earrings

And finally, you can of course put jewelry in the Advent calendar. Black rose earrings are cute earrings that go well with any styling. Your girlfriend can wear them to a casual or business outfit. Also, ordinary roses are classic, but black roses are still special.

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Glitter Earrings

If your girlfriend is missing an earring, you need to put these earrings in the advent calendar. These glitter earrings will elevate the styling and your girlfriend will literally shine.

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Edible gifts are good to wrap the Advent calendar with. Nuts, beer sausages, chocolate, candy canes, various teas, wine gum and other small treats are nice to get in the Advent calendar. It is also cozy to get a few pieces of candy every day and a small gift.

Praline box

If your girl loves candies, this is one of the things you need to put in the Advent calendar. These great pralines are an ideal gift to show your affection.

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Soft Peppermint Candy

This candy looks so cute, maybe because it is sweet! The Soft Peppermint Candy is associated with Christmas and is often a candy cane on a pine tree, so they have a place in the advent calendar.

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This package is suitable for the Advent calendar. It’s always good to have a supply of sweets, especially those with warm messages.

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Box of chocolate wrapped in red crocodile paper

Another idea for chocolate lovers. This box of chocolate is covered with soft red paper that emits crocodile skin which makes the whole package look very elegant. The chocolate hidden inside will enchant every palate and satisfy every need for sweets. Even if it doesn’t come in such nice packaging, we would still recommend you put this chocolate in the advent calendar because its taste is truly enchanting.

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Connoisseur gift basket

For all candy lovers, this is the right gift. If your girlfriend loves coffee in this package she will find high-quality candy and carefully selected sweets that are delicious with the coffee. The packaging comes in an elegant basket.

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Here you can actually make very luxurious gifts for your girlfriend’s Advent calendar by making your own muesli, roasting your own nuts or making some luxurious Christmas candy. You will also get many plus points if you give her a gift card for home-baked lynx cats which you then bake during the day. Freshly baked lollipops are incredibly tasty!

There are also very cute boxes with mint lozenges.¬†The boxes are provided with funny texts such as ‚Äúunderstand men pills‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúI can not cook who cares‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúlucky pills etc.‚Ä̬†Cute boxes with retro design and inventive texts!

 I can’t cook sign

This cute sign comes with the words ‚ÄúI can‚Äôt cook, who cares‚ÄĚ. If your girlfriend is still struggling with cooking this sign can be a fun gift for her.

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The Advent calendar can just as easily contain things that you should do together. It could be, for example, that you invite her to a coffee in town, that you arrange a cozy evening at home for you, that you visit a nice place in your hometown together or that you go bowling.


When you make your own Advent calendar for your girlfriend, books are a very good thing to give her. There are paperbacks for only SEK 50. It is many hours of fun for very little money. If you are unsure of what your girlfriend likes for books, look at the charts which books are popular right now. They become popular when there are many who like the books. If you choose there, there is a good chance that your girlfriend will also appreciate the book. Here are some of my own favorites:

The Remains of the Day Book 

If your girlfriend loves to read, one book must definitely be found in her Advent calendar. The Remains of the Day book is written by Kazuo Ishiguro, the Nobel Prize in Literature winner. The story takes place in England at the time of acute change. The main character, Stevens, long-time butler at Darlington Hall, reflects on his year of service and questions whether his dignity and properness come to a great cost to him.

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Hunger Games Book

The Hunger Games series fascinated the world firstly with books, and then with a film adaptation of this great story. The book is a science fiction that talks about a dystopian world in which fighters from every district are selected every year in the annual Hunger Games. They fight to the death on live TV. The book takes you to another world, and at the same time makes you think about your own. Fans of science fiction will enjoy this book.

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Is she not the type who reads books, maybe it’s best to refrain from the books!


In an Advent calendar, you can also put down smart gadgets. If she is handy, maybe she would be really happy for a socket wrench set that you divide into 24 packages. Other smart gadgets are anti-slip protection for the phone in the car, heating bags, cord holders for the desk, card holders to attach to the mobile phone, the spores are not so stupid either. For the girl who is often on the go, it is incredibly good to have a thermos mug or a water bottle when she goes away.

Anti-slip pad for car

This anti-slip pad is ideal for those who spend a lot of time in the car. While driving you want a quiet ride, but things often do not stand still and fall apart. This anti-slip pad is easily placed in any car and will allow your girlfriend to talk to you without holding a cell phone in her hand while driving. Also, the anti-slip drop will reduce any interference in the car and provide safety to your girlfriend. Simple things are sometimes the most useful.

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Heating Bags

If your girl cannot stand the cold, all she needs is a little warmth. You can literally put warm bags in her Advent calendar to keep her warm on long winter walks. These disposable bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any pocket, shoe, or glove. In fact, wherever heat is needed.

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Warming heart pillow

If you are a true romantic, give a girl a heart. You can give her your heart as a gift, and you can also give her a heart-shaped pillow. This pillow is not only too cute but will also keep her warm. Simply put the pillow in the microwave for 90 seconds and then it will warm your girl for up to two hours. The heart is filled with seeds that hold heat for a long time, and it is great to use it in case of joint pain, abdominal pain or tense muscles. Cute and useful is a great combination.

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Sugru clay doh for preparation

Imagine being able to have one thing that can fix everything? Sugru clay doh is that thing. This hard compound can be shaped however you need. With Sugru, you can improve or repair everything from hooks to household appliances. Once you shape it, it hardens into a durable, waterproof material. The package contains 4 x 5 grams of Sugru in black, white, gray and red color with the brochure with 18 projects for house repairs and improvements. Sugru is an assistant that everyone needs in their homes.

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Card holder for phone

Having everything on your cell phone these days really makes life easier. To make life even easier for your girlfriend, give her a card holder for the phone. The soft card holder has a pocket that holds about 3 cards at a time. It comes in gray or black to match the color of your cell phone. It is very easy to place on a mobile phone. Remove the cover and stick the card holder on the back of the mobile phone. If you want to remove the holder for some reason, simply remove it. There will be no traces of its existence on your mobile phone.

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Light my fire 4pack spork

If your girlfriend loves hiking, camping and being outdoors, a spork is a right gift for her. You must be wondering what spork is. Spork is very durable cutlery that combines a fork, knife and spoon. They are made of high-quality plastic that is heat resistant. It can be used on Teflon and is dishwasher safe. In the package, you will get four sporks in white, black, old gold and silver color. These sparks do not take up much space, so you can easily put them in a backpack, take them to the lunch box and use them for years.

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Thermos mug Unicorn

On winter days, a thermos is always needed whether your girlfriend is a tea or coffee lover. The thermos is a great gift for the Advent calendar as you will prepare the girl for the coming cold days. Also, the thermos comes in cute pastel colors with unicorns, so you certainly won’t go wrong with this gift.

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To Go Cup

The lid is easy to open and close because it has a click function that can be easily handled with one hand. The thermos has double walls so it will keep heat or cold well.

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Drinking bottle TO GO

This BPA-free plastic bottle is very practical and also stylish. It comes with different quotes so you can choose the one that best suits your girl’s character. Make sure she is always dehydrated and help her take care of her health. One bottle truly works wonders.

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There are also many romantic gifts to add to your girlfriend’s Advent calendar. There are books filled with declarations of love that you can buy.

A5 Notebook

This small notebook is covered with a delicate fabric that mimics leather and comes in a gentle khaki or pink color. You can fill the notebook with reasons why you love your girlfriend, compliments or words that will brighten her day. If you’re not the type to write sweet messages, simply insert a notebook into the advent calendar and let your girlfriend fill out its pages on her own.

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Notepad Mug

You don’t need to be a poetic type for this cup. You can write anything on it: a sweet message, today’s agenda or leave it blank and give girlfriend a chance to write what is on her mind. This cup can serve as a reminder to those who quickly forget and can simply improve every day. With a pencil, you can write whatever you want. Also, if you regret what you have written, all you need to do is simply erase it and start all over again.

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Want to give your girlfriend the most amazing December she’s ever experienced. Fill her Advent calendar with 24 love letters. Tell us what you appreciate about her, how much you love her, her most beautiful body part and why she makes you happy and full of love.

If 24 love letters feels like an all too big challenge, there are easier things when you have to make your own calendar for your girlfriend, but which are still romantic. It can be a mug with a photo of you and a declaration of love or a mouse pad with a photo of you and some good text. You can also buy a mug with hearts, love or so already pre-printed on. That does not beat the thing with 24 love letters of course!

Love / Kiss Mug

Why not have your girlfriend drink coffee from a cup that says Love or Kiss every morning? Put this cup in the Advent calendar and if you are brave, make coffee for your girlfriend every morning in this sweet cup. It will surely bring a smile to her face.

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I fucking love you Mug

Do you really, really love your girlfriend? We think this mug can tell you how serious you are about your love. This cute mug with a strong statement is a great gift for your advent calendar. It will remind your girlfriend every day how much you love her.

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It can also be romantic to get a gift certificate for 30 minutes of massage and a bottle of massage oil in the Advent calendar.

Sensual Massage oil

After a busy year, your girlfriend seems to deserve a massage. This gentle oil glides easily and leaves the skin soft and nourished. It has a pleasant scent that will allow your girlfriend to completely relax. This massage oil can also be put in a bath for a wonderful scent and soft skin.

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Do you want to give her something sexier? Then I would recommend a Kama Sutra kit. It costs a little more, but it contains many products that could be divided into several gaps.

Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

In a discreet black toilet bag, you will get everything you need for a romantic and sensual weekend or the pre-Christmas days. This getaway kit contains vanilla crème oil of love, edible body powder with a taste of nectar, water-based lubricant and scented candles for a romantic touch. Also, you will get a bath salt that changes that makes water blue to deceive your body for a romantic weekend. This getaway kit surely deserves a place in the advent calendar.

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If you are thinking of a cozy evening at home with her, then you will also come up with many great gifts to put in her Advent calendar. It can be anything from a pair of cozy slippers, a plaid, scented candles, a bottle of wine, a good movie, a nice tea mug with some good tea, home-baked cakes, hot chocolate powder, a bowl of sweets, or something else to eat in front of the TV.

Cozy slippers that can be heated

We know how comfortable it is to be in warm socks and lie under a blanket. Now you can give your girlfriend a little more warmth, slippers that you can warm up in the microwave. Simply heat them in the microwave for 60 seconds, then the slippers will be warm and with that, they will smell like lavender. Slippers keep warm for up to an hour and a half. They sound perfect so no further explanation is needed as to why you need to put them in the Advent calendar.

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Box wrench kit tools

Things in the house are constantly deteriorating and some minor repairs or improvements are always needed. It is useful to always have a toolbox somewhere in the house. We know that this is not something that women normally buy for themselves, but it can certainly be very useful and solve problems in a second. This box contains hex keys, reversible ratchet, extension bar, sliding handle adapter, spark plug wrench, adapter, sockets and drop center box spanners. In short, this box contains everything you may need.

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Gray blanket

Speaking of blankets, they can be a great thing to put in the Advent calendar. December is a very cold month, and this blanket is extremely soft and warm. Consider putting a blanket in the early days of the Advent calendar to make your girl’s winter warm and cozy.

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Voluspa Scented Candle

Voluspa candles will enchant even the most demanding. The crisp champagne scent is mixed with vanilla and oak barrel which makes it extremely pleasant and tender. When it is cold outside and it is snowing, make tea and scented candles and enjoy the warmth of your home. This little thing can brighten your days so be sure to consider putting it in your advent calendar.

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Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Theatrical Cut

Speaking of blankets and warmth, this trilogy will allow you to a marathon in the warmth of your home. If your girlfriend is a fan of Lord of the Rings, insert her trilogy into the Advent calendar preferably on a day off. Prepare popcorn and enjoy the marathon together.

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Hunger Games movies

The book Hunger Games is already on this list, and you can put a film adaptation in the form of four films in the Advent calendar. You can watch the movies in several languages, and various subtitles are also available to make them easy for everyone to understand. The movies come in a nice package with a character from the movie. Turn a gift into a shared activity: sit under a blanket and enjoy watching movies for hours.

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Rustic mug

Mugs are also great gifts to put in an advent calendar. Have a look at Amazon, and I am sure you will find a mug that is her style and fashion.

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Rustic ceramic bowl

These things are becoming more and more popular, so we suggest that you put a bowl in the Advent calendar. The bowl has an elegant look and fits into almost any space. Put sweets, fruits, or messages in the bowl to get the purpose right away. Oh, and yes, every bowl is unique!

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All packages in the Advent calendar do not have to cost anything. It is also possible to add a gift certificate for a 30-minute massage, an offer to both take the dishes and cook the food that day, or best of all take the entire cleaning. This is contrary to what many men think is a truly romantic gift.


When you make an Advent calendar for your girlfriend, it is important that it is a bit well thought out and that you give her sensible gifts. My ex-husband really liked getting an Advent calendar and that I made presents for him and for the good cause he would make one for me too. He bought a big bag of sweets and put THREE candies in a small package that I had to open every day. It was honestly just a disappointment. Try to come up with something better than that!

So what are the great gifts to put in your own Advent calendar for your girlfriend? Yes, it must not be too expensive either when you buy gifts for an Advent calendar. There are 24 packages to buy and that makes the total amount easily skyrocket. So it’s important to be a little creative.

Good gifts for the Advent calendar can be both small cheap things interspersed with some more expensive ones. That Advent calendar with three pieces of candy a day there, it was probably both unimaginative and stingy that was such a disappointment. If you are going to make a calendar for your girlfriend, you should probably expect a total budget of more than SEK 30 in any case.

It’s nice to have an Advent calendar with mixed content, it can be sweets, beauty products, books, small smart things, reflections, and maybe your girlfriend has a hobby that you can buy small things for? It is also smart to buy larger packages with gifts that can be divided into several days.

Are there Advent calendars with sex toys? Yes, it does. You can find Advent calendars with sex toys here.

What to give the teenager as an Advent gift? This year, the daughter decided that it was better to get a good gift every Advent instead of 24 small gifts in December. What you can give for Advent gifts to a teenager can be found here.

I’m going to make my own Advent calendar for my boyfriend, what are good gifts to put in it? Good gifts to put in your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend are IQ puzzles, colorful socks, a book about smart lifehacks, bath bombs, beard oil or a back itch. More gifts to put in your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend can be found here.

What should I stop for things in the Advent calendar for children? Good things to give the children in the Advent calendar are craft books, stickers, tattoo pens, luminous dinosaurs, teddy bears, straws, fart pillows, stuffed animals, hair stuff and things for the doll kitchen. More tips on things to put in the Advent calendar for children can be found here.

What can you give as a love gift to your girlfriend? Good love gifts for the girlfriend are things you see she needs, a piece of jewelry with engraving, a cute mug, or if you find something that you know she would really be happy with. My boyfriend repaired the rust on my car. I think that was very loving! More tips on what you can give as a love gift to a girlfriend can be found here.

Are there any ready-made Advent calendars for adults that I can give to my girlfriend? There are lots of exciting and fun Advent calendars for adults. Take a look at this page where I tell you about the finest Advent calendars for adults available this year.

An Advent Calendar for Girlfriend
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