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Is it Rude to Give Money as a Gift?

Giving money as a gift cannot beat the thinking, wrapping and gifting someone what you think they will appreciate more. But some people will appreciate it because at least there is something they are getting. So, is it rude to give money as a gift?

It is not rude to give money as a gift, but in some cases, one can consider it rude. It is the best gift since they will decide what to do with it. If you know what a person likes or what you feel will make them happy, consider getting a personal gift. If you give money, accompany it with something else.

Is it Rude to Give Money as a Gift?

It is easy to give cash gifts, especially when you are indecisive on the specific gift to get for your loved one. It is common to find yourself in a dilemma of giving cash because not everyone believes in it. And if you give, how much should it be, and should you even think of giving it to someone? Read on to learn more about this!

Is it Rude to Give Money as a Gift?

Well, it may not be nice to some people, especially those who believe in going out of your way and thinking outside the box on a gift. Money is adequate, and what makes you think that they need it? Furthermore, one will spend less time and effort stashing it in an envelope. The receiver will also use little effort when opening up the envelope, and an envelope will also not fit well under a Christmas tree.

Consider a scenario where the person you are about to gift stays many miles from you. I know it will be quite exciting to pack and send the gift to the person even when they are far. It shows your commitment and readiness to go the extra mile to make this person happy.

But, factoring in the cost, the time it will take to ensure safe shipping of the gift, you might want to give cash instead. Sending money will save you unnecessary costs and also the stress of following up on the gift until it reaches the person. Moreover, the person gets an opportunity to buy what they need, not what you think they need, but in a real sense, they don’t.

I cannot say that money as a gift is exactly rude, but maybe a bad gift. Giving cash means that you did not put any thought into it. And many people work with the notion that ‚Äėit‚Äôs the thought that counts. Also, it may be rude in the sense that the person may think that you are giving them because of their financial hardship.

Honestly, whether or not it is rude will depend on what a person believes in. Some people will appreciate any gift, whether cash or material gift, they are good. Some will expect you to go over and beyond the usual to give them.

Why it isn’t very respectful to Give Money as a Gift

Money is impersonal; even when it is a huge amount, at one point, one will use it. Why not invest in something that the person will see for ages? So, one thing you have to put into consideration is the scarcity and durability of the gift. Ensure that it is something scarce and that which they will cherish forever; of course, one may not cherish money since, at one point, they will use it and forget.

No one wants to feel like they are struggling, hence giving them money as a gift. Therefore, giving someone some cash may intrigue some feelings. They may not appreciate it as much, unlike when you get them something they can cherish for long.

Also, people may term money as a gift as a lack of creativity. I mean, who wouldn’t want someone who takes their time to think, wrap and send them the gift to them no matter the effort it requires? The person may wonder the kind of relationship you have with them when they receive the cash.

Is It Ok to Give Cash as a Gift?

Money is an excellent gift depending on the person who will receive it. Also, it is ideal depending on how you are going to give it to the person. There are more creative ways of giving money than stashing it in an envelope or simply writing a check.

Teenagers will most likely appreciate money as a gift. The best way to do it is by accompanying it with a gift that will tell them why it is important to save money or other reasonable gifts. The same applies to kids. You can give them money but still make them learn more about it. I prefer giving gift cash for kids to their parents, who will then decide what to buy them because the kid may not understand what you are giving.

Consider the relationship you have with a person before dispensing the cash gift. Are they likely to appreciate it? Do they expect more from you? If you know someone personally and know what will melt their hearts, then cash should be the least you can offer.

If you are the kind who believes in saving all the little coins, then cash gifts may be your priority. Cash eliminates waste since you can be sure at some point the person will use it. I can attest that I have several gifts that I never use because they didn’t excite me. Such gifts end up in the garbage, which is why some people will prefer giving you the money to buy what you want, especially those who know little about you.

If cash is the only option, it will be best you pair it with something little. Maybe you can try adding a gift card with some sweet words, or some chocolate and flowers, at least not just an envelope with a few dollars.

As much as it is ok to give cash to a person, it does not beat the excitement of seeing a pile of gifts somewhere waiting for the unboxing time. Especially during Christmas time, the beauty of it is the stash of gifts under a tree. People are happier with the tearing of the boxes to reveal the unique thing you got them.

Gifting cash reveals the value of the gift to the person directly. It may be quite uncomfortable to the recipient, especially when they feel its value does not match their expectations. For gifts, unless the person digs in a little bit to know the value, they end up not knowing the gift’s cost or whether there was a discounted price for it.

Dealing with cash can be awkward, like in a scenario where one gives another cash and receives cash in return. Both people will try to compare the amount to see if they cancel each other. If one gets less, then it is quite weird. All in all, if you are unsure of what to give, settle for cash!

On Which Occasion Is It Ok to Give Money

On some occasions giving money is the best option. It is easy to put it together, and you can be sure that the recipient will not stash it somewhere in the garbage. Let’s look at some occasions where you can give money.


Graduation is a big milestone for many, and one of the best gifts you can give to a graduate is money. This person has been in school, and they know the art of money, how to save and spend. They can use the money they accumulate during the ceremony to open up a business before a job opportunity comes.


Giving money to a newly wedded couple is a great idea since it will help them start. It is best to bring along something thoughtful as well, aside from the money. Try adding a congratulatory card along to show thoughtfulness.


Often, old age, such as grandparents, uncles, and aunties, will find it appropriate to give money as a gift to the teenage or kids’ relatives. Money gives them an option to buy what they want, which is pretty exciting. Alongside the money, try adding some saving tips or give the cash as bonds or shares or as something which will help them in the long run.

During Grief

During this time, it may be hard to come up with a perfect gift for that person. Here, personal gifts are never an option since you want something that will express your sympathy and comfort. Giving money is a good option and best if you tag along with a card with some encouraging words and flowers.

How to give money as a gift

There are several ways one can give money as a gift, gift cards being among them. If you have an idea of what the person loves, get that gift card for them. It may be from their favorite restaurant or a store where they love to shop. It can also be a prepaid movie date or a spa treatment, or a vacation.

Another good way to give money as a gift is by making a savings account transfer for the person, especially for teens or young children. Show them how to save and when they master the art, the amount will accumulate, and on top of that, they will be earning interest from it. This gift will be helpful to the person in the future. The kids also adopt great financial habits, which they carry throughout their life.

One can also give a person some shares in a company in the form of stocks. For an adult, you can transfer the amount from your financial institution to their account or maybe purchase those you feel will be beneficial to them. Money in the form of stocks keeps on growing and will be of long-term benefits to the person.

How Much Money Should I Give as a Gift?

There is no minimum or maximum amount that one can give as a gift. However, the amount you give depends on the relationship one has with the recipient. Etiquette has it that the amount should be generous such that you don’t look cheap or mean, and of course, you should not empty the whole of your bank account in the name of gifting.

The amount one gives should fit your budget. You should also try and give in a creative manner. Also, pay attention to who you are giving. If it is a wedding gift to an already established couple, the bride and the groom might not need the cash. If it’s a kid, you won’t go ahead and give them, say, 1000 dollars as a gift.

While there is no maximum amount that you should give, at least ensure that the gift envelope does not have less than $50. According to Tendr, most people attending a wedding tend to spend between $75 to $200 or even less. It, therefore, makes sense to have the $50 cash gift even for any other occasion.

For a wedding, the relationship you have with the couple may dictate the amount you can give. According to experts, the closer you are to them, the more they expect you to give. But, you should never give past your budgets or more than you can afford.

Wedding guests may also feel the need to give depending on the cost to host them. But Kristen Maxwell Cooper argues that this cost should not be their burden. She suggests that you can give $75 to $100 to a close relative or a co-worker. For a friend or relative, the ideal amount to give can range between $100 and $125 and close to $150 for a closer relative.

Well, this amount may apply in almost all scenarios of giving gifts as cash. However, the amount is not a limit. If you feel you have more to give, then don’t hesitate to give.

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Is it Rude to Give Money as a Gift?
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