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Christmas spirit

Lovely Christmas spirit with Christmas lights out of the ordinary! Many love Christmas and not just for Christmas gifts and food alone, but above all, it is the time of year when we get to light up the dark with all kinds of lighting. Whether it is traditional, perhaps inherited, fairy lights, or with new modern loops of LEDs, maybe it is time in years, put these on the windowsill. You can let the tree get an even more significant role in the room and especially to be much more beautiful than last year. Curious how? 

Keep reading and I’ll tell you.


Like so many other traditions, we get a lot of influences from the United States, and so even when it comes to creating the Christmas spirit. But the fact is that the US, in turn, had many influences from countries like Britain, France, and Italy.

In America, many people are decorating their houses with lights both inside and out. It is not unusual for the whole house dressed in lights in all sorts of colors, all to get a house that lights up the neighborhood a little more than a neighbor. As a family in Florida had 150,000 bulbs and came to be one of America’s most famous house.

Here in Sweden, we turn not quite as large, although there are one or two houses lit at the roadside. Usually, it is the Christmas tree loops in the trees and along the fence that they gone decorating the dull white lights and circuits. Anyone who lives in the apartment with a balcony pulls out his light loop there, or maybe even have a figure in the form of an elf or snowman.


Although it is beautiful with the lights out there in the garden, it is indoors, where we enjoy most of the atmospheric feeling. We call happy up with Christmas lights in all our rooms in the house and the apartment.

Sometime in the ’70s could be the lucky ones with relatives in America get a strip of lights with colored lights in the gift, but here in Sweden, it took many years before the first stained lamps were possible to buy. And when it came flashing lights, it was certainly exciting and fun to start with, but when your neighbor called the security to complain about flashing that reached them through the balcony, or from over the street, then it was not as fun anymore.

In our windows, we put our Advent candlesticks and maybe a light trail that either may frame the window, lying on the windowsill or rolled up and put into a beautiful vase or glass bowl. The discrete light makes it extra cozy while paws up in the night, and they rarely withhold much power, so it’s okay if they are kept on during the night. A timer can turn them right until you get home and when you leave home in the morning.


The light creates mood, and feelings are known since long. The fact is that we need light to feel harmonious, which is one of the reasons for using light therapy to ward off depression.  

In a country like Sweden, where winters are long and dark need a little light to get us in the mood, make us happy and harmonious. Therefore one starts usually set up lighting already in October when the evenings are getting darker and then built it in retrospect as we approach Christmas.


Did you know that Christmas tree lights have such an old custom which from the 1700s Central European time but started to decorate Christmas trees with candles? Then, it was mainly the upper class who had that tradition, but when Christmas lights became popular in the 1900s, it became increasingly common in all homes and 1930s. The price had gone down so much that most households could afford it.

Today is not only the price better but also supply. There are bunches of different kinds of Christmas lights, and one of the coolest is probably all Twinkly Strings iPhone controlled Christmas tree lighting from Coolstuff.

What makes it so unique and different, of course, the use of the new technology. In this light loop control, you with an app downloaded to your smartphone, and then you just have to explore and discover all the possibilities.

Choose between three different routes ranging from 12 meters and 150 lights to 32 meters and 400 lights to suit your gran best. These loops can be combined until you come up in 4000 lights and ten circuits.

With your smartphone, you film the tree so that the app can identify each tiny LED lamp before it is time to select the program. From the app, select the color or colors if there is to be a pulsed light or a still. Not only that, but the Christmas lights also have a built-in microphone that enables it to blink in time with Christmas music. So why not create your music list for Christmas, program the lights and a Christmas tree with a little extra.

Is the app out of reach? If the person who programmed their smartphone has left home, there is also a remote to control for the light show. The show will be a guaranteed success at Christmas.

When it comes time for the New Year celebration is the Christmas tree a beautiful detail with ice blue gleam to match the table setting and just in time for the noon may stand for a sparkling Christmas show.

Are you still in doubt? Are you afraid this will become an irritating flashing inferno in the living room? I can assure you. It is you who set the pace on the lights. It will instead be a tree that creates harmony and atmosphere in just the right way and almost a little dreamy. Is the Christmas tree lighting disturbing your television viewing? It is easy to change the program or perhaps even shut down entirely if the film requires a dark room. It is easy to turn it off with the settings on the app.

During the dark December, you should also make a difference in children’s rooms. Don’t give them a chance to suffer from depression! Decorate their room with tinsel and lights!

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Christmas spirit
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