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Make the Christmas gifts your self

It’s easy to be drawn into the shopping frenzy as Christmas approaches. But not all Christmas presents have to be bought. For those closest to me, I think you should spend a little more time and love on Christmas presents and do them yourself.

So what are some Christmas presents you can do yourself? Beautiful Christmas presents that you can make yourself are, e.g., something you sew, bake, knit, knit, or maybe a gift card for an experience. A Christmas present that someone has put in time and love to make is more valuable than a Christmas present you buy in the store.

Nice Christmas gifts that you can make yourself
Nice Christmas gifts that you can make yourself

A Christmas present that someone has made for themselves is something exceptional. Someone has spent time and love making a Christmas present for me. I appreciate that much more than a purchased item.

What Christmas gifts can you make yourself

What you should do for Christmas presents for your loved ones at Christmas depends, of course, on what you can and are good at. Of course, it is not a competition, but if you are going to knit a couple of mittens in Christmas gift to mom and you have never knitted before, they are guaranteed not to be so lovely, and it will be challenging to do them. So think about what exactly you can do for Christmas presents!

One of the most beautiful gifts I received in my life was when my daughter beaded a necklace for me. Well, a necklace with plastic beads you might be thinking now? But she used up all her most beautiful pearls, and she worked on it for a month maybe. Never before has anyone used their entire wealth and also worked a month to get a gift together for me. Not even when I buy presents for myself are things so lovely.

Good Christmas presents that you can sew, knit or crochet yourself

If you have a sewing machine there are many nice things you can sew and give away in Christmas.

Some tips on Christmas presents from Christina’s sytisps :

Mor tips on Christmas presents that you can sew yourself

One problem that many have is that the headphone cord is tangled. Why not give away a cord holder. A piece of fabric with a button on which you simply fasten your cable when not using it.

Scented pillows that you fill with lavender.

If you knit or crochet, you can make small figures, called arigumi, to give the children a Christmas present. They also usually love to have various knitted pastries and cakes to have in their doll kitchen.

Knitting a scarf or hat is pretty easy. Getting a home-made hat or scarf is usually very appreciated. Use reflex yarns for those you care about most so that they survive the dark winter.

Potholder is another classic Christmas present that can be crocheted quite quickly.

Wheat heaters are also cozy Christmas presents to give away. To sew a wheat heater you need fabric and about a kilo of whole wheat to fill your wheat heater with. The wheat heater is then heated in the microwave with a cup of water for about 3 minutes.

Right now, it’s very popular with scrunchie among teenage girls. There are hair ties in a fabric that you can easily sew it yourself! They should preferably be in the velvet. They consist of an elongated piece of fabric that is sewn to a channel and then sewn together into a circle. Before sewing together the last one, you pull in a bit of elastic and tighten just fine.

Give away something you baked yourself for Christmas

Getting freshly baked bread, buns, or cakes will always be equally appreciated. Why not give something you baked for Christmas? It can be both buns, pieces of bread, buns, or gingerbread. Or maybe a gift card with the promise of fresh bread, delivered to the recipient once a month for the rest of the year.

So at Christmas time, it will also be a much appreciated Christmas gift if you give away a basket of homemade Christmas candy. It can, for example, be polka dots, market nougat, roasted nuts, or maybe chocolate chocolates? Put some napkins in the bottom and fill it with bags of homemade delicacies.

Things you can decorate and give away for Christmas

Make beautiful bookmarks using yarn and fine paper that you paste and tie together.

Mix your bath salt: mix salt, some essential oil, and some baking soda. Add about 15-20 drops of the oil and mix around. Leave it to air and dry for a while before packing it in jars. In addition to the essential oil, you can also try mixing in some dried lavender flowers, cinnamon to get a sunnier bath salt, vanilla powder, or coconut for a pleasant scent.

Another nice Christmas gift that you can make yourself  is jewelry. There are ready-made jewelry sets to buy, which contains a little of each to make jewelry and give away in Christmas gifts.

Buy porcelain painting pens and white mugs. Give each one a personalized theme cup in a Christmas present where you have written or painted something special for him or her.

You can also make jewelry boxes or storage boxes to give away in Christmas gifts. Keep your eyes open for small paper or wooden boxes, which you then decorate with napkins, fine paper, ribbons or beads. Use decoupage adhesives and contact adhesives for larger items.

Christmas presents that children can make themselves for there parents

When Christmas comes, many children feel pressured to buy expensive Christmas presents for their parents. But as long as you go to school and have no income to speak of, there is no need to buy expensive gifts and Christmas presents. Giving away something that you have made yourself and which is behind time and love is at least as useful, if not even better than buying a gift! Maybe you can give away a piece of jewelry, something you made in the craft, or perhaps a Christmas gift drawing for the family.

Give away gift certificates on things you do yourself for Christmas

Also, all Christmas presents don’t have to be things you give away! Why not give a gift card on snowshoeing, vacuuming the house, bullshit, or taking grandfather out and having coffee once a month or dinner at your home. It can also be a gift card to help you buy food.

A gift card at a service you perform, the recipient may have much more joy and benefit than getting another trinket to put in the bookshelf. There are many sweet and loving gift cards that you can give away without costing a penny.

I hope you found inspiration and many useful tips on Christmas gifts that you can make yourself!

What are some personalized homemade gifts? For example, you can make a personalized mug with text and pictures, especially for that person. Maybe something you sew and embroider the name of just him or her.

What can you sew for your gifts? I often sew underwear and give as gifts. My daughter screams with delight (at least I choose to interpret it as delight) every time her partner for new underwear. Bananas, camels, whales, cows, and farm themes are the collections the men in my vicinity have received as gifts so far.

What can you do for Christmas presents? Good Christmas presents for carpentry are, for example, cutting boards, pots, key rings, and small bowls.

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Make the Christmas gifts your self
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