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Christening gift to a boy

When it’s time for child baptism, finding a perfect baptismal present can be a little tricky. Of course, you can give toys, a money box or a christening board of some kind. But when it is a child baptism, you want to find something extra lovely and personal that the boy can enjoy for a long time, preferably all of his life.

What is a great christening gift for a boy

Unique Christening gifts for a boy

What to give a boy in the baptismal present. It should preferably be something both elegant and original. Here are some unique christening gifts that the boy will enjoy and enjoy for a long time.

Milly and Flynn Baby Book

This beautiful baby record DVD can be a perfect gift for new parents or new-born to assist them document vital moments to be cherished for a lifetime. The pages can be personalized with the baby’s name at the bottom, and also appears on the cover front which is designed for a girl or boy. Each book comes good-looking gift box the price. A personal message is likewise extra to be the opening page. This baby book comes with 22 pages with colorful illustrations.

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An excellent gift is a kit for making handprints on the baby.
Buy a unique and fun tooth ring.

An excellent gift is a kit for making handprints on the baby.
A different night light in the form of an owl gives the little boy security when he wakes up at night.
A keepsake box is an original baptizing gift that you can fill with small things gradually.
A photo album with personalization.
A measuring stick to put on the child’s wall is a good christening gift.
Do you want to find an original christening present for a guy maybe a rocking lamb is a good tip

Baptismal present out of wood

When a little boy is baptized, it is fun to give him an extra nice baptismal present. A christening present in wood feels a little more fun and more durable than one made of plastic. Baptismal presents in wood can be both a nice picture frame, blocks, a nice wooden swing or a toy.

Wooden Carousel Music Box is a cute christening gift.
A beautiful wooden frame with a small rocking horse, teddy, and pram is a proper christening present for a guy.
It is also fun to give away ordinary bricks in christening presents. He will have fun for a long time.
An extra nice baptizing present is this indoor swing in retro design. On the swing are balls that kids like to pick with.
An easy-to-drive kick car in the form of a retro taxi made for young children is a fun christening present for a guy. Children usually love to drive a car.
Brio’s dachshund made from wood is not a classic christening present. Brio’s wooden toys are gifts that will be loved for generations!

Giving a mat in a christening present is a classic gift. In the past, the child was often given silver cutlery in baptismal gifts and birthday presents. Today it is not quite as common to give away silver cutlery. But the tradition of giving away the food in christening present lives on. Small children usually find it more fun to eat on their plate and with their cutlery.

Maybe a cutlery set with happy animals will be a cute christening present for a little guy.

Cute gift set for as a christening gift to a baby boy

There are gift sets to buy in a christening present. Here are some adorable ones I’ve found:

A cute lamb praying with a cross signed Jesus loves me.
A blanket with a stuffed animal is a good christening present to give a little boy.

Piggy banks as gifts to a boy

A common christening present to give a guy is a money box. A money box works both as a money container and as an ornament in his room. Saving boxes that you provide in christening presents tend to be extra careful, and the kids usually love them. So it is many times lucky that they are made of metal that can withstand some. A baptismal box can often endure much love.

Personalized Piggy Bank for Boys Noah’s Ark Bank with Name

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Luxury baptism gifts

If you want to give your child extra luxurious christening gifts, I have some excellent ideas. It can be toys, presents for the child’s care, or an electronic photo frame that the parents can fill with pictures of the child.

An electronic photo frame is a luxurious christening present for a guy.
A rocking sheep is a nice and luxurious christening present for a guy.
A kick truck is a good christening present for a guy. Children love to drive a car.

Photo album and frames as baptizing gifts for a guy

Baptism centers that all little guys love are photo albums with photos of themselves. It’s fun to see how big they have become, how much they have grown, and how small they once were.

Personalized Portrait Royal Baby

Have you ever thought yourself to be a royal? Well, you can have your baby’s image transformed into a royal look. The images are skillfully transformed into fine art, thus the need for a personalized picture displaying the beautiful features of the face. You are contacted immediately with quality checks in mind if the photo uploaded has detectable problems. Not a detail is left out, and you are granted the chance to preview. This is a masterpiece on a high-end quality canvas.

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Personalized Portrait Of Royal Baby

Toys as baptizing present for a little boy

It is also possible to give toys in a christening present. Maybe some extra lovely teddy bear or a stuffed animal where you can embroider the baby’s name can be a good christening present. Or a toy of slightly higher quality! Here you will find some sweet gadgets that you can give him in the baptismal gift!

A teddy bear from Bukowski’s design is a prized gift. A real treasure among the teddy bears.
Cute toy owl specially designed to suit the very youngest children.
A blanket with a puppy is a cozy christening present for a little boy. The snout blanket can be embroidered by name.
Cozy elephant for the very youngest children is a great christening present for a boy.
A perfect christening present for a boy is this cute and hug-friendly bear.
A fine lion can also become a beloved friend during his upbringing.
A blanket and a very soft rabbit is a good gift. It comes with a lovely silk band.
Bunnies tend to be popular toys, so why not give one away at the baptismal present?
Boys usually love dogs. Why not give a dog in a baptizing present to a little boy.
A cute elephant is a loyal companion. Comforting sad boys and being at his side.
A nice wooden tower is an excellent christening present for a guy.

Jewelry as a christening gift for a guy

It is not just for girls that you can give away jewelry in the baptismal present. There is jewelry that is suitable for giving guys as well. Here are some suggestions on christening gifts with names that you can give to a little boy.


When buying a christening present for a boy, it can also be fun to find an extra beautiful card to give. Baptism cards are usually saved all their lives.

I hope you found a really good christening present for a guy on this site!

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Christening gift to a boy
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