Christening gifts

Have you ever wondered what to give as a christening gift? At least I have. So I’ve found out. Here you will find my best suggestions for christening gifts for girls and boys. I want to make it easy for you to find a good christening present. Something that is usually quite difficult indeed.

Hjälp att hitta bra presenter som passar alla
What is a nice christening gift
What is a nice christening gift?

During a child baptism, the child is welcomed into the congregation community. Many choose to baptize their children, whether they are believers themselves or not. Instead, they celebrate the child’s name and a welcome to the world. According to tradition, baptism is followed by a party and baptismal gifts to the newborn. 

Baptism gifts also differ from other offerings in that a baptism gift does not need to be thought about what the recipient has for taste. A small child has not been able to develop any taste when it comes to style or decor. You need to think about the parents’ taste and what the parents of the child prefer. If the parents want you to buy pink christening gifts for their girl or light blue gifts for their boy, do it!

In addition to this page with baptismal gifts, I have also written about baptismal gifts for boys and baptismal gifts for girls.

Baptism gifts for a guy or a girl

It is widespread to give away photo albums in new silver. Young children usually love to look at themselves in photos from when they were little. Having a very own album, where you do not have pictures of your siblings, is even more fun. A baptismal present is very different from other gifts you give children. Baptism centers tend to be more lasting:

A good christening present could be a more exclusive teddy bear, like this one from Bukowski’s design. You can also have the baby’s name and date of birth embroidered on it. An incredibly sweet and cozy high-quality teddy bear that can be loved for many years. A sweet christening present that the child will love.
Photo albums are trendy christening gifts for guys and girls. Having a photo album full of pictures of just yourself is great fun. Feel free to write and tell us a bit about the photographs as well. It is usually appreciated. This is a perfect dip present for a little boy.
A pink photo album is a good christening present for a girl. All kids usually love to study pictures of themselves as little ones. Imagine an album that is just about her. An album that completely lacks photos of the “unimportant siblings,” and that only has pictures of her. It is a perfect gift that she will like.

Christening picture

For the growing child, it can also be fun to get a photo frame over the baptism. A variant of that theme is making plaster casts on baby’s hands or feet

In it you can put a photo on the baby and draw a hand and foot. It is usually very fascinating to follow how you grow and grow yourself. It is fun to compare how much bigger the hand has become etc.
Photo frame with space for a hand or foot cast.
Digital photo frame to load that you load with a lot of images of the baby.

A plate and cutlery

A christening present that the child will enjoy is also a personal dinnerware. Getting the morning carrots or dinner served from this superb service will make the food a lot easier to eat. Children’s tableware is decorated with super cute rabbits or princesses. It is probably a christening present that he or she will use for their children as well. Other classic christening gifts are, after all, starting to collect silver spoons or silver cutlery that you then continue to buy for the child during its upbringing. A gift that may not always be so fun to get, but I guess if you grow up and are of the household type then it has been fun to get such gifts.

Another cute plate set is this one with a penguin on. Also, this set contains a plate a bowl / deep plate and its small mug.
Of course, there are also christening gifts that are specifically aimed at small guys. What little guy wouldn’t want a little prince’s crockery?
A good tip for christening gifts is to look in a goldsmith’s shop. They always have children’s cutlery and the like, which work great as a christening gift. Your cutlery works just as well as your crockery. It makes food easier to eat. Children’s cutlery is a very good christening present.

Personal baptismal gifts

If you want to give the child something a little different and more personal baptism present, which may have a long time, why not invest in a beautiful painting with messages. Either if you make an excellent painting yourself or buy a finished one.

Classic christening presents

Traditional baptismal gifts in the form of baptisms with names, birth weights, and dates always work. Or small paintings where you insert pictures of the child as it grows. 

A cute picture frame in wood with a rocking horse on
A picture frame in a tin with three small ducks on it.
An electronic photo frame is also a good christening present.

Piggy banks

Other Classic christening gifts are the savings boxes. They have a lot of fun to choose from. It’s the rabbit, or the elephant is probably my absolute favorites. They adorn their place in the children’s room and are beautiful interior details. You can also save their little money on them, of course. My son always went into the room and picked up his savings elephant every time Grandpa came to visit. Then he knew he was going to get money.

A large money box is usually a fun gift

After all, you don’t always have to buy traditional christening gifts for the baby, such as piggy banks and baptism boards. You might want to give away something that they have more benefit from or that lasts a long time.

Modern baptismal gifts

Modern christening gifts are instead money or shares that the child can then follow a value increase during their upbringing. Getting christening gifts that grow over time and become more and more valuable the longer you wait. Such a christening present can also arouse interest in saving. It may be a basis in the first own accommodation. In any case, it is good to have a habit of saving early in life.

There is nothing that says you have to buy traditional baptismal gifts for the baby. Why not give away some more expensive baby gear instead. Is it a baby who gets baptized, they will, e.g., have much benefit and joy of a baby harness.
A smart baby sitter baby bed all in one is a great baptism gift.
A smart baby sitter baby bed all in one is a great baptism gift.
A classic babysitter is also a gift that the baby will benefit greatly from. They like to be up there and see what happens. The parents cannot bear the child all the time. A babysitter can relieve the load for a while.

Bad baptism gifts

When choosing a gift of baptism, you need to think about whether or not you should buy something with religious significance. Baptism tablets often have spiritual messages. How believing are the child’s parents? Many choose to baptize their children by tradition rather than by faith. Should it be so with the child you are going to buy baptismal presents to avoid purchasing a baptism gift with religious signs? Unfortunately, it will only be tucked away in a cupboard if you buy the wrong baptism gift.

A gift of baptism should also not be funny in any way. A baptism gift should not be made fun of but must be serious.

Unusual baptism presents made out of wood

Would you instead give a little unusual christening present? Then I have suggestions! What do you think about this nice train, scooter, or picking tower? It is a lovely and rare christening gift. These are the gifts you find at Åhléns. They work just as well as christening gifts, don’t you think?

A nice wooden train can be a good christening present.
A rocking horse in the form of a wasp is a nice christening present
A wooden pyramid that the child can build

How much should the christening present cost?

The cost of a christening can vary depending on how close you are to the child. The immediate family probably gives a slightly more expensive gift of baptism than distant relatives and friends. But of course, you should adjust the size of the gift to your options.

Unlike Christmas presents and birthday presents, baptismal gifts do not usually count as many. You typically give one christening present per household.

Baptism present for girls and boys

It doesn’t differ much between a christening present for a girl and a christening present for a guy. Sometimes they come with a pink or light blue color. Many parents today are totally against the fact that clothes for children should be different because of gender. Many parents prefer a gender-neutral christening present. Try to listen to what the baptism child’s parents think! Do you want to give different baptismal gifts depending on whether a boy or girl is baptized, I have some suggestions:

Jewelry as a christening present

There is much jewelry to give in baptizing presents to children. It is common to give e.g., silver jewelry in the form of hearts, teddy bears, guardian angel, or maybe a Moomin role. Why not a silver box to put their jewelry in.

Jewelry box as a baptismal present
Necklace where you engrave something nice for the child
Necklace with pendant of a guardian angel
Necklace where you engrave something nice for the child
Necklace with Moomin

Baptizing gifts for girls

Some tips on christening present for girls can be found here. If you want more advice on christening gifts for girls, you can find it here.

What girl would not want this box of toys in the form of a carousel that plays music. A toy box that will be loved by the little princess. Carousel, pink and diamonds … can it be better?
A christening present for girls especially is this pink candy blanket with a rabbit. It is possible to get the sheet with an embroidered name and date when the baby was born. Rugs they usually like a lot.

Baptism gifts for boys

A silver new piggy bank is also a good christening present for a boy. Why not a money box in the form of a car. A savings box is both a neat interior decoration for his room and a good storage place for his money.
If you do not want to buy a pink blanket for a little boy, they are also available in gray and beige. It is possible to get the cop blanket embroidered with the boy’s name and his date of birth. This is a little friend who will be comforting for many years.

If you want more tips on good christening gifts for boys , you can find it here.

Baptism cards and gift wrapping

A baptism card should also accompany a gift of baptism. Just as you should imagine when choosing baptismal presents, you also need to think about color when choosing baptism cards.

A christening present should have a more luxurious wrapping paper. It should not be a gift paper from the toy store in bright colors. One tip is to think about what the presents look like you buy in the goldsmith’s shop—Stylish and beautifully wrapped. Have a nice time at the child baptism party, and good luck finding a good baptism gift! 

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