What to Wear to a Baptism? X Amazing Outfit Ideas

Baptism is a beautiful, important part of any religious Christian’s life. It’s one of the holy sacraments, meaning it’s a very formal occasion, and you should be dressed appropriately for it. However, it can sometimes be tricky to choose the right outfit, especially for children. I’m bringing you some great outfit ideas appropriate for a …

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How Much Money Should You Spend For Baptism?

Baptisms like weddings are some of the occasions that only happen once in a lifetime. How much money should you spend for baptism? The occasion comes with lots of excitement and also its fair share of social anxiety. Being one of the oldest traditions in Christian history, there are norms and etiquette attached to it, …

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Christening gift to a girl

What is a great christening gift for a girl

Are you looking for a sweet and personalized baptismal present for a little girl? Here I have collected tips on many christening gifts that make both the parents and the child happy in the future. So what’s a good christening present for a girl? A good christening present for a girl is shares, a beautiful photo album, …

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Christening gift to a boy

What is a great christening gift for a boy

When it’s time for child baptism, finding a perfect baptismal present can be a little tricky. Of course, you can give toys, a money box or a christening board of some kind. But when it is a child baptism, you want to find something extra lovely and personal that the boy can enjoy for a long time, …

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What Is An Appropriate Baptism Gift?

What is a nice christening gift

Being baptized is a special occasion and one that is usually celebrated with a get-together of friends and family sharing happy times over food and drink. The common age of baptism is aged 5 months – 4 years. However, you can also be baptized as an adult. Giving gifts is common and encouraged for such …

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