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Christening gift to a girl

Are you looking for a sweet and personalized baptismal present for a little girl? Here I have collected tips on many christening gifts that make both the parents and the child happy in the future.

So what’s a good christening present for a girl? A good christening present for a girl is shares, a beautiful photo album, a piece of personal jewelry, or something beautiful for the girl’s room. Classic christening gifts are money boxes, silver spoons, and a mat. But I’ll tell you a little more!

What is a great christening gift for a girl

Christening gifts to a girl

Baptismal photo album

Typical christening presents are to give the child a book fill of some kind. They usually contain pages that parents should fill out about the child’s progress, new teeth, and more. Children typically enjoy reading in their baby book and looking at photo albums of photos from when they were little. They usually think it’s fun to see how much they have grown and how much better they have become now.

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A piece of jewelry as a christening gift for a girl

For a little girl, you might want to give a piece of jewelry in the baptismal present. Maybe a Moomin or a guardian angel necklace fits to give the girl a christening present? It can also be helpful to provide her with a small box with a fairy in to store her jewelry.

925 Sterling Silver Guardian Angel Necklace

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Baptism Gifts for Girls I am a Child of God Cross Pendant Necklace

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Unique Christening gifts

Milly and Flynn Baby Book

This beautiful baby record DVD can be a perfect gift for new parents or new-born to assist them document vital moments to be cherished for a lifetime. The pages can be personalized with the baby’s name at the bottom, and also appears on the cover front which is designed for a girl or boy. Each book comes good-looking gift box the price. A personal message is likewise extra to be the opening page. This baby book comes with 22 pages with colorful illustrations.

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Christian Music for Me

At almost every age, kids enjoy music from artists that they’re familiar with. Whether your child listens to them while they play or while they dance, she’ll likely love being able to listen to her favorite Christian songs wherever she goes. This educational and entertaining personalized CD presents Bible stories for your kid to enjoy and listen to. Share your faith and love in the Lord with this ten fun and powerful Christian-themed songs. It has powerful Christian-themed stories and songs making it ideal for girls and boys aging 2 to 7 years.

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Personalized Portrait of Spirited Baby

Parents can make their children feel special by gifting them a personalized portrait when they are still babies. This portrait is a true definition of a royal baby. You can get your children this present on one of their birthdays. You may also choose to have it for your young children, and they will think they are royals, bringing them entertainment as they step into royalty character.

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Personalized Portrait of Spirited Baby

Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls

If you want to find a unique christening present for a girl, maybe it’s a good idea to give her a beautiful piggy bank, or maybe put some money in stocks for her. 

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Funny Baby Pacifier

It can also be fun to give away a funny pacifier with lipstick on it. 

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Glass Snow Globe Musical

Or maybe you want to find something original to give in the christening present that she can have in her room then. 

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In the christening present for a little girl, it can be fun to give away something food-related, or something that has to do with feeding. It might be fun to give away a branded button bottle, a fun mug, cutlery, or a plate set perhaps. There is also a mat with pictures of the stuffed animals on it. Then it is fun to give both the stuffed animal and the dining set in christening present to the girl. Getting your dinner set with plates and a cup is usually an appreciated gift. Worth looking a little extra is the cutlery here, why not get them engraved with the child’s name. A small detail that is guaranteed to be successful.

Children’s Crockery Set 6-Piece Winnie The Pooh

It is fun to eat if you have your own plate with some nice motif.

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Custom Children Cutlery Set 

She will be excited to have her own cutely, like an adult. These are designed for children’s safety with rounded fork tines and a non-serrated knife blade.

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Baby bottles as a christening gift

There are also baby bottles suitable for giving away in christening presents. Partly ordinary, like this pink anti-colic baby bottle.

Personalized baptismal gifts

Would you like to give a personal baptism gift, I would recommend one of these snuff blankets with the child’s name and date of birth or a pacifier with her name on it. Or maybe a set to make a cast of the girl’s hand. Or a songbook. There will be some more personal christening gifts that she will keep for a long time.

God Loves Me

Whether sad or frightened, glad or thankful, you can talk to God about it through prayer and he always listens since he loves you all the time. With this God Loves Me book your kid will understand the meaning grateful even for small things that we take for granted. It is ideal for girls and boys aging 4 to 11 years. God loves me book comes with 24 pages and has a hardcover that measures 6 inches x 9 inches. The books are personalized with your child’s name, photo, date of birth, and an inspirational message.

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Let us Thank God

This book is a great way for kids to send gratitude and thankfulness directly from their hearts. This gift will have personal value for years to come as children develop their faith life. It’s appropriate for kids aged 2 to 7 years. The hardcover is 7 inches x 9 inches personalized children’s book and has 32 pages of colorful illustrations. This inspirational book will offer your child instances of the wonderful miracles around us that we take for granted. It can be personalized with your own kids’ names, ages, birthdates, and photos. A great gift for boys or girls. Makes a great baby shower gift, too.

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Photo frame with hand

Wooden christening gifts

There are also very nice and personal christening gifts in wood that are suitable for giving a girl on baptism day.

Tips on christening presents that are fun and different

Do you want tips on christening presents that are fun and different I can recommend a diamond bit, a book for a little more excellent kids, or a retro car in christening presents for her?

A kick truck is a great christening present for both guys and girls. Children love to drive a car.
Rabbits also tend to be very stuffy.

Classic christening gifts

If you are unsure of what to give her in a christening present, I can advise on piggy banks. It’s a perfect christening present that always works.

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Sunflowers and Elephant Swaddle Blanket

This sunflower elephant swaddle blanket with a beanie hat looks cool. This adorable elephant blanket fits perfectly with every baby out there. It is soft and friendly with your baby’s super sensitive skin. It is perfect for keeping your baby warm while she sleeps sound and tight. You can also make it an excellent photoshoot prop. I’m sure you’re going to love this one. Get it now.

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Baby Monthly Milestone Girl Blanket

Your baby girl would look beautiful when you wrap her gently and securely on this warm, personalized baby blanket. Features dates that help you keep track of your baby’s growth and development. I am sure she would grow up to be a darling. This blanket is an amazing gift for baby showers and other baby stuff. Add it to your cart now and be sure to check this one out.

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Are there any gender-neutral christening gifts? Yes, christening gifts that suit both girls and boys are rocking horses, shares, money boxes, and wooden toys. You can find more tips on good christening gifts that are suitable for both girls and boys here.

What should I give a boy as a baptismal present to a boy? A good christening gift for a boy is a Viking ship, a teddy bear, a personal photo album, or a measuring stick. More tips on christening present for a boy can be found here.

What should I buy for a baby show gift? Good gifts for a baby show are babysitters, baby bags, clothes, blankets, baby bottles, and a diaper cake. You can find more tips on gifts for baby shows here.

What can you give a gift to a newborn baby? An excellent giveaway for a newborn baby is clothing, a plate, exquisite cutlery, a fun bite, or a pacifier. You can find more gifts for a newborn baby here.

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Christening gift to a girl
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