Gifts to a 15-year-old girl

Sometimes shopping for a 15-year old teenage girl can feel daunting! Not only can their likes and dislikes feel mystifying, but their favorite things change day-to-day. So how on earth do you ever pick the best gift for a 15-year old?

So what does a 15-year-old girl want as a gift? 15-year-old girls’ gifts are guaranteed to want money, headphones, mobile phones, furnishings, jewelry, sweets, and cinema checks. They also usually appreciate getting a little luxury and flair. 

Rest assured that the teenager in your life is sure to like any number of the presents listed below. Read on to get an endless amount of ideas to surprise your 15-year old with the best gift she’s ever received!

What is a nice gift to a 15-year-old girl?

In addition to this page with gift tips for 15-year-old girls, I have also written about tips on gifts for 15-year-olds, which have tips on gifts that are well suited to give both girls and boys as birthday presents. I have also written about gifts for slightly older girls and gifts for younger girls. Feel free to visit those pages as well to get more suggestions for good gifts.


Words like that you notice that 15-year-old lives in the house can often be heard. Sometimes with sighs and sometimes with laughter. Because that’s how it is with 15-year-old girls that it can be a bit up and down, at the same time, it is a heavenly fun time when the road to adulthood becomes more and more visible.

A fifteen-year-old may need a little encouragement, whether it is every day or a more festive occasion. Yes, she’s actually worth getting a little pampered from time to time and feeling special because she’s. I have gathered many good ideas here so that you can find a really good gift for a 15-year-old girl.


Some topics are more in focus right now than before, and that is their own look and decor. And, you know, finding gifts for a fifteen-year-old can be quite rewarding because she needs and wants a lot. A teenage girl thinks a lot about life and love. Maybe she has someone who means a little extra to her and writes his name everywhere.

Our Top Gift Picks for a 15-year Old Girl

There are some gifts that you just can’t go wrong with. 

Decorative Giraffe

This gift is ideal for the teen in your life who loves animals, travel, and anything glittering gold! It is made from a high-quality gold resin and sits about 9.5 inches tall! The gold color goes with any kind of color scheme and is extremely popular with gen z teens! 

This decorative giraffe can be used as a gorgeous art piece, as well as a paperweight and a book stopper for your teen’s bookshelf! 

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Golden Monkey Lamp

We’re staying on theme with the golden décor with this too cute to pass up golden monkey lamp! It’s a modern take an everyday utility item that everyone needs in their home! Ignite your teen’s creativity and love for animals with this unique lamp. 

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Glass & Brass Candle Holder

15-year old girls love utilizing scents to make their space their own. Between perfumes, incense, and candles, girls love enriching their environments with fragrances! What better way to help the teen in your life accomplish this goal than with this glass & brass candle holder.

While it is made with brass instead of gold, it gives the same desired effect of glittering gold, with the intricate design that reminds us of both henna designs and astrological shapes. The gorgeous brass candle holder rests about an inch about its glass compartment, creating a stunning art piece.

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Mini Hollywood Vanity Mirror

One thing you can be sure your 15-year old girl needs is a mirror. Teen girls love to spend hours trying on outfits like their real-life is a 90’s movie make-over montage. 

That’s why this mini Hollywood vanity light is the perfect gift for your gen z friend or loved one. Not only is it the perfect size for any desk, table, or nightstand, but it is also portable!  This mini Hollywood vanity mirror comes with its own build-in lights, with 12 small round bulbs built into its frame.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

For the 15-year old girl who loves crystals, this Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect go-to gift! Not only is this salt lamp stunning to look at, but it is also one in a million. Literally! Every salt lamp produced poses a different and unique shape as the lamp is created around the organic shape of this natural salt rock.

This lamp is perfect for the bedside as it exudes a soft, warm glow that helps aid sleep. Himalayan salt has positive properties that emit negative ions which purify the air, protecting your teen from common allergens and pollutants. 

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Zmile Cosmetics Classic Make Up Palette

This cosmetics kit comes with eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, concealer, and cream foundation. Not only that, but it comes with 7 different applicator brushes and tools as well as a comb and dark eyeliner pencil.

Give your teen the gift of trying out every color and look imaginable with her makeup by giving her a makeup kit that really works and offers endless versatility! 

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Bath Bombs

Give your teenage girl the gift of luxury with these bubble-gum pink bath bombs! These summer fruit tea bath fizzes are super fragrant and smell of strawberries, ripe raspberries, blackberries, with a hint of white tea.

They are paraben-free, make the skin feel silky smooth, and add a beautifully soft, milky pink hue to the bath! This pack comes with 10 bath bombs, ensuring your teen can enjoy fizzy pink baths for months!

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Bath Salts

Keep the bath time fun up with these Lilly of the Valley bath salts. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the fragrance of these relaxing salts is heavenly

Lily of the Valley is a singular and unique scent that is sure to appeal to your 15-year old girl’s sensibilities! Additionally, the Epsom and sea salt will purify and soften the skin. 

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There are many nice things to buy as a gift for a 15-year-old girl. This time when she is starting to feel like an adult, it is not uncommon for her to want to make shorter trips herself or sleep over with her friend. Find some smart accessories that she can use, such as a toiletry bag, a computer case, a suitcase, or maybe a nice piece of jewelry.

Unicorn Themed Coffee Travel Mug

Unicorns are the ‘it’ thing, especially for trendy teen girls. Any 15-year old girl is sure to love this adorable unicorn design, with the extra pop of pink! Teenagers also love their teas and coffees, so what better gift than this unicorn-themed coffee thermos!

The light pink lid and hand protector are made of safe silicone, so you can rest assured your teen won’t burn their hands on the outside of their hot coffee traveler! 

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Floral Linen Toiletry Bags

Every teen girl needs a way to organize all their accessories, products, and bathroom essentials. Additionally, when It comes to travel, every person needs bags small enough to travel to store their toiletries. These gorgeous grey floral linen bags are the ideal solution to storage and travel!

The set comes with three different sized bags: small, medium, and large. The small bag is ideal for storing nail files, polishes, lip glosses, floss, and more. The medium bag is more suitable for travel-sized soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. The large bag is ideal for a hairbrush, miniature-sized hair irons, toothbrushes, or a collection of makeup and makeup brushes!

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Stainless Steel Personalized Necklace

Get personal with this stunning stainless-steel necklace, with an engraved on the back. Jewelry is such an excellent gift for a teenage girl! They look for any opportunity to feel fancy and ornamented, so this unique circle necklace with distinctive engraved wave designs is just the necklace!

You can engrave the back of the necklace with up to 12 characters per line, for up to 3 lines. Engrave their initials, their name, or ‘I love you!’

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Light Pink Crossbody Phone Purse

Every teen girl needs a way to store her phone, lip-gloss, and money while she’s out and about. This cute clutch is lightweight and fits perfectly for an iPhone 8/7/6/6s. Not only that, but this compact crossbody clutch can fit up to 7 cards, cash, and is an ideal way to protect one’s phone from cracking. 

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Pink Gem Silver Earrings

Getting your ears pierced as a teenager is a sort of rite of passage for most girls, which is why these pink gem silver earrings make the perfect gift for a 15-year old girl! The soft, baby pink rose quartz gem is a gorgeous oval shape, perfectly carved to create a sparkle effect when in the light.

The earring hooks are made from sterling silver, which is usually a safe metal to purchase since some teen girls have sensitivities to fake metals. The rose quartz sits perfectly on these hooks, making them dangle and dance with any movement.

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Trendy Pink Rucksack (Backpack)

Every teen, whether girl or boy, needs a way to carry around all of their books, notebooks, and study materials. That’s why this trendy pink backpack is the ideal gift for your 15-year old! 

This adorable bag has a unique design on the front, with brown buckle-up straps and zipper pulls, making it quite singular! One of the best, most convenient features of this bag is the fact that the main compartment of the backpack easily synchs up with the use of traditional, cotton shoestrings! 

The front compartment of the bag is large enough to fit pencils, small rulers, mini staplers, phones, and wallets. The bag is made from both polyester and cotton, so it is easy to clean!

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The 15-year-old girl is probably like teenagers the most. She spends a lot of time in her room. Then it’s fun if it’s pleasant. For her own room, there are several nice things she wants.

Floating Cube Shelves

Give the gift of trendy storage with these floating cubes! They can be used as purely decorative pieces, or they can store things like books, candles, and personal memorabilia! These shelves come in a set of three, one large rectangle shelf, and two smaller squares. All three shelves float against the wall, making the hooks invisible! 

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Mood Book Lamp

This mood book lamp is great for any teen girl who loves to read and appreciates a bit of a light spectacle, as this mood book lamp changes colors (white, red, blue, and green.)

It can seat neatly on a bedside table, or it can serve as a sort of relaxing toy, as the ‘pages’ of this mood book lamp expand and contract like an accordion, making this an interactive gift!

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Vintage Speaker Box

Part of the self-expression teens love to explore so much is music. What better way to encourage your teen’s love of music by giving them a unique, totally vintage-looking speaker box! 

This chic-looking vintage speaker has a cream-white trim that creates a very cool aesthetic. Not only that but it works great and has endless amounts of positive reviews!

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Artistic White Vase

Give your gift the teen of an artistic vase that can exist alone, as is, on a bookshelf, or with a stunning arrangement of flowers. This artistic-looking white vase will look good in any room, and is the perfect ornament for a bedside table, desk, or bookshelf! 

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Letter Board

One of the most popular gifts to give a 15-year old girl is this ever-changeable letterboard poster. Girls especially love to make statements about who they are, what they love, and what inspires them. Allow them to express themselves through this easy-to-change-around letter board. 

Start the letter board off yourself with your own personal greeting written on the letter board. It will be a special surprise when she opens the gift and a way to personalize it more to her!

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Book shelf

Does the 15-year old in your life wear an endless number of books and stuff? Do they need some organization? This shelf is a wonderful way to get your teenage girl organizing her stuff while making it a cute accent piece for her room!

It doesn’t take up much space! She can keep it on her desk or hang it on the wall.

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When her friends come over, she wants to have a little cozy in the room because that’s probably where she wants to hang out with friends. How else can they talk about things that 15-year-old girls want to talk about? A good gift for a 15-year-old girl can be interior design and things that make her room cozy.

Mini Popcorn Maker

Help your teen take her sleepovers to the next level with this miniature retro popcorn machine! It makes real popcorn and is small enough to fit in a 15-year old girls’ own room! The small size also makes it easy to transport, in case she wants to take it to a friend’s house, move it into the living room, or take it outside for an outdoor movie experience! 

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Miniature Fridge

Teenage girls are always getting in and out of the kitchen for a snack. So why not make it easier on the 15-year old in your life by gifting her with this too-cute, miniature fridge! It is small, low-energy, and can fit both drinks and cold foods. 

Not only that but miniature fridges can be used to store organic make-ups that have natural ingredients that more easily expire in warmer environments!

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Vanilla Voluspa Candle

Lift the ambiance of your teen’s room with this delightful, uplifting vanilla Voluspa candle! These candles come in small, medium, and large, and fill any room with the enchanting scent of vanilla! Your teen can set it on her bedside, desk, or even take it with her into the bathroom! The miniature candle is even good for travel!

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Inflatable Armchair

These inflatable-armchairs are not only hilarious looking; they are comfortable as all get up! These armchairs are so fun and comfortable, and your 15-year old is going to want to sleep there, not just lounge! Get two, and she and a friend can hang out on these silly inflatables! The best part? When they get in the way, you can deflate them and re-inflate when needed again! Easy peasy.

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Badminton Set

Prevent your 15-year old girl from ever again uttering the words I’m bored with this badminton set! Easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to master, badminton is a super fun game that any teenager can play! 

The set comes with four rackets and two birdies, so your teenager can have fun with as many friends as she wants, they’ll just need to rotate out!

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Tight Rope

If your son, daughter, or friend lives life on the adventurous side, gift them with this tight rope! It is durable, easy to string up to any post or sturdy tree, and will guarantee hours of fun, challenge, and entertainment.

Your teenage girl can start by balancing low at first, and the more advanced she gets, the higher you can string the rope! Remember, when doing tight rope up high it’s important to have safety precautions in place, so always have a mat or soft surface below for her to fall on in case she loses her balance!

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There are bubbles of thoughts and feelings in a 15-year-old’s body and sometimes it just has to come out in some way. Pens are always available when she wants to paint. Here are some great gifts to give to a 15-year-old girl.

Sketch Pad

Encourage your teen’s artistic talents by gifting her with this cute, black and white sketch pad! It is filled with empty pages just waiting to be painted or drawn upon! The paper is durable and perfect for sketching, writing notes, or even doing watercolors!

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Colored Pencils

Whether your 15-year old needs colored pencils for schoolwork or for the joy of drawing, these colored pencils are a perfect gift! This set comes with 36 different colored pencils, ensuring that she can draw and color anything her heart desires! The metal container they come in is also durable and an excellent way to organize and transport this amazing collection of colored pencils.

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If you have difficulty deciding, some of this might be appropriate instead.

Jelly Belly Box

Engage the sweet tooth of your teenager by giving them the gift of a Jelly Belly gift box! This collection of sweets 20 assorted flavors. Not only can she enjoy a large supply of candy, but she can take her time sampling all the Jellybeans to taste-test which are her favorites! 

Be sure to remember which beans ranked amongst her favorites so you can give her a giant bag next year! She’ll be impressed you remembered!

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Spike Ball

Looking for a fun and active gift for your teen? Look no further than Spike ball! This game is best played outside, where the net can be placed on the ground, and the players have ample room to run and slide around. 

If you live near a beach and your 15-year old loves digging her toes into the sand, this is an ideal gift to give! She’ll enjoy endless hours of fun playing Spike ball on the sandy beach.

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Aluminum Wallet

Give your teenager the gift of autonomy, protection, and organization with this hard-cased, aluminum wallet! It can fit multiple cards, cash, and small photos. It also easily fits into most jeans pockets. Make this an extra special gift by starting her wallet off with some surprise money inside! 

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The same as with books and magazines, it is with clothes as a gift for a 15-year-old girl. She prefers to choose for herself. If you choose clothes for her, there is a great risk that it will go wrong and that the garments will just lie down. If you want to give her clothes, I would also suggest that you give gift cards at stores that have a little of each.

Åhléns Gift card

Gift cards are an extremely popular gift for 15-year old girls since often their styles and interests are so unique and varied. Ensure the teenager in your life can get exactly what she wants for her birthday or holiday by gifting her with an Åhléns gift card! She can buy anything she wants, from clothing, books, to room décor!

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Video games as a gift to a 15-year-old girl

A 15-year-old girl will be very happy to get a video game, but to choose a game, you should probably ask her which one she is interested in. It isn’t easy to select video games for a 15-year-old girl.

Nintendo Switch

If you are looking to go big and aren’t afraid to spend a pretty penny, then a Nintendo Switch is one of the most ultimate gifts you can give your 15-year old girl. This will provide endless hours of entertainment. The switch is an ideal console because it can be played at home on a large TV, or can be played remotely, as the devices switches’ to mobile mode.

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PlayStation 4 Console

The PlayStation 4 console is another big bucks present that will totally ‘wow’ your teen! This large console comes with a ton of fun-to-play games. One game your 15-year old girl is sure to like? The Sims! 

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Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to give books or magazines as a gift to a 15-year-old girl. It just risks going wrong. But if you still want to give her something to read, I think you should invest in a gift card to choose for herself.

Magazine Subscriptions

Gift your 15-year old girl with a subscription to her all-time favorite magazine! She’ll get to enjoy it each month, for an entire year! Now that is a gift that keeps on giving! Not feeling the idea of a subscription? Get her this month’s editions of a myriad of her favorite zines! It will still provide her with lots of reading. 

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The Key Take Away

No matter what you get the teenager in your life, if it is chosen with thought and love, she is sure to adore it! Now at least you have a plethora of ideas to choose from and can base your choice of present on your friend or family member’s personality and your personal budget!

Whatever you choose, we’re certain the girl on the receiving end will be overjoyed! Happy shopping!

I hope you found a really nice gift for a 15-year-old girl!