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10 Gifts for Ex-Girlfriend You Need to Check

We all want to find that perfect “one” for ourselves and live happily ever after. But, the reality is most relationships end. Some end on a more friendly note, where both sides go their separate ways, while some will end in a nasty, resentful way. Whatever it is that caused the relationship to fall apart, you might have a reason to want to give your ex a gift. 

Maybe you still love them and want them back and feel sorry about how things ended. On the other hand, perhaps you hate them for breaking your heart and want them to know it. Finally, you might be one of the rare couples that remained friends after breaking up. No matter the case, you can get them a fantastic gift to send a message – whatever you want the message to be. 

They might’ve invited you to their wedding (for some reason), so you should be careful about choosing the right gift if you decide to go. The best time to gift your ex, though, is a special day, such as their birthday or your relationship anniversary. It all depends on what you wish to achieve with the gift. I’ll give you some ideas so that you can decide for yourself.

Personalized cuttingboard

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A room where the family gathers with good food, good laughs, and happy fellowship. Equip her with the proper tools to create a healthy meal with a personalized cutting board.

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Memories Photo Album

If you want them back and have confidence that they want the same thing, you can’t go wrong with a little trip down memory lane. Buy a beautiful Pioneer memories photo album and fill it up with photos of your fondest moments together. If there are any feelings towards your left, those wonderful moments will definitely rekindle old flames.

Even if it doesn’t change anything, at least you’ll have closure and, finally, be able to let go. You should be careful and aware of the situation before giving such a not-so-subtle hint, though. Choose the proper situation to give a present like that. 

For instance, giving a memories photo album to your ex on her birthday with her new boyfriend nearby might look a bit desperate and inappropriate. However, if you subtly send it on your relationship anniversary, it will be romantic and show intimacy only the two of you share.

I just want to note that there’s no magic formula to get them back no matter what happened before. Sure, a romantic gesture can help, but if the break-up was nasty, the best course of action is usually to stay away and go your separate way. If you choose to act and try to win them back, be aware that rejection can happen, too, and you should be ready to handle it.

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Buying flowers to your ex-girlfriend isn’t always the best idea, especially if they aren’t exactly a “romantic soul.” If you know they enjoy romantic gestures and straightforward moves, a beautiful flower bouquet is never the wrong choice. It would be even better if you knew what her favorite flowers are. That shows affection, consideration and shows what your intentions are.

As with any other gift, though, you should find an appropriate moment before giving it. Maybe it’s not the best choice to just show up to her house, especially if she’s not living alone, and even more so if the break-up wasn’t pretty.

Finally, think through a couple of times what your true feelings and intentions are. After you decide whether you want to reconcile or not, think about your ex and whether they would even care for flowers. Find something they love and get them something more related to their interests. For instance, if they are into music, get them a fine pair of headphones.

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Try to think about how often did you see your ex with headphones on? Does she enjoy listening to music and get lost in her “zone” a lot? If the answer is yes, she will be delighted to receive a brand new pair of wireless headphones as a gift from you. It’s a bit more expensive gift, but it will send a message that you want everything to end on a positive note.

Maybe it will even spark a plug again, and you’ll end up seeing them again. But, make sure to let her know what your intentions are, as gifts like this can easily be misinterpreted. She might read into them deeper than you wanted. When you give her the gift, explain that you thought it would be a nice gesture to show that you still care and want to remain friends.

In that case, go for a cheaper set. Instead of a full-on wireless headset, choose small but cute earbuds. They are pretty and practical and not as expensive, so the gesture won’t be interpreted as romantic. 

But, if you want them to fall back in love with you, choose a cool wireless Bluetooth headset in their favorite color, follow it up with a box of chocolates, and a note that states just how much you really care.

For example, the Zihnic foldable Bluetooth headphones are a terrific choice for any girl that knows and loves her music. They come with a beautiful handy bag to put the headphones away when you’re not using them, and there are several colorways, so you can choose the one you think she’ll like the most.

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Box of chocolates

Gourmet chocolate 12-piece Godiva chocolate gift box features an exciting assortment of gourmet milk, white, and dark chocolate truffles crafted with classic Belgian fillings always makes a good gift.

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Knock Knock Fill-in-the-Blanks Book

Do you want to express love? Or show gratitude for the times you shared? Maybe you want them to know that you think they will do great at new endeavors in their life? To send a clear yet personalized message, get your ex-girlfriend a Knock Knock fill-in-the-blanks book. Numerous models will fit any occasion and any message you might want to send.

Let’s say you want your ex to know that you still love them, even after you broke up for one reason or another. Choose the “What I love about you” model, and fill in the blanks on all pages. It’s sentimental, personal, and shows genuine affection and knowledge towards and about the person you’re gifting the book to.

The pages are super-specific, such as “I’ll never get tired of
” or “You have the greatest taste in
”, which indeed shows how much you appreciated the little things that make her who she is. However, if you don’t want to get back together but still want them to know that you have no regrets and cherish your time together, you can choose a different book from the collection.

For instance, the “Why I’m grateful for you” is a perfect way to express your gratitude in a friendly, platonic relationship, not trying to revive the romance. It simply says, “you were a part of my life, you are still a part of my life, and I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me.” Pretty cool, right?

There are more models you can take a look at that might be appropriate, too. For instance, if they are trying something new in life, or their career is going in a new direction, choose the “Why you’re gonna do great” book. Finally, to say goodbye in a friendly (or not-so-friendly way, depending on how you fill out the blanks), go for the “What I wish for you” book.

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Recipe Book

Buying a recipe book for your ex-girlfriend might work two ways, depending on her skills in the kitchen. If she were the master chef in your relationship and loves to cook, bake and make meals, then this would be an appropriate gift that shows your affection towards her and her skills. 

You will give her something that she loves, something that she will use instead of just putting it on a shelf, and it says, “Hey, I know we broke up, but I know you love this stuff, and I hold no hard feeling towards you.” She will appreciate it, and it will be a great start to make conversation and possibly remain friends.

On the other hand, it might be a great gag gift if she never really knew her way around the kitchen. You can give it in a friendly tone and laugh about all the times she messed up a meal, or you can do it in a more sarcastic tone, saying, “maybe this will save your next relationship.” 

It’s a bit mean, but hey, if she broke your heart into pieces, you probably don’t care if it’s mean or not. It all depends on what you wish to achieve with the gift, what your feelings towards your ex are, and how you want to play it. If you’re going to buy her a gift that shows just how much you resent her (hate may be too strong of a word), there are still some options.

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Anger Management Mug

Did your ex have temper issues? If her going crazy about petty things was one of the reasons why you broke up, this I flunked anger management mug might be the perfect choice for a gift to her. It shows that you still remember all the times she went nuts and caused a scene, and there was nothing you could do or say to control her.

If you stayed friendly after you broke up, she would realize it’s a joke and that you don’t mean any harm. Be careful if she really has a bad temper. She might not take it nicely when you literally point it out. On the other hand, if you ended things in a not-so-friendly manner, you won’t care if she gets mad about it. It just proves your point, right?

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Not Showing Up

Listen, if things have gone south, and you don’t want to add salt to the wound, the best gift you could give to your ex-girlfriend is to not show up on events where you know you’re both invited to. Even if she was the one that caused the break-up, be the bigger person and do your best to avoid unnecessary conflict or awkward situations.

She might’ve invited you to her wedding, but that doesn’t mean she genuinely wants you there. She was just courteous enough to let you know she’s getting married and moving on with her life, and you should move on, too. The right thing to do in a situation like this is to send a thank-you note for the invitation but respectfully decline.

If you remained friends and feel truly happy about her finding the love of her life, think about her and your feelings thoroughly before showing up at her wedding. If there’s even a slight chance you still have romantic affection towards her, it’s better to stay away than to ruin her big day. It would be selfish, and you would just appear as the bad guy in the entire story.

If you decide that there are no feelings left and you can handle it, you should still think about how things ended. Maybe the two of you remained friends, but think about what her family thinks of you. If you feel like they might not be so fond of you being there, it’s better to stay away again.

Whatever you choose to gift to your ex-girlfriend, there are several things you should consider. Firstly, know what your intentions are, and act accordingly. Just know that being petty and resentful usually leads nowhere. You’ll just end up being even more hurt.

Second, think about the occasion. Sending out a random gift on a random day might not have much meaning nor impact. If you want the gift to affect the person receiving it one way or another, choose the right situation to do so.

Finally, if she moved on with her life, so should you. Don’t hold on to something that’s already gone because even the most romantic gesture won’t help if she found true happiness elsewhere. You’ll be better off if you let go and try to find your happiness elsewhere, too.

10 Gifts for Ex-Girlfriend You Need to Check
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