Gradation present

The graduation is perhaps the most important day of life. Of course, you want to share that joy and celebrate the graduation with him or her. But what do you give him or her as a graduation present?

What is a good graduation gift? A good graduation present is enduring. A graduation gift is usually a piece of jewelry, a beautiful watch, a painting, books, shares, design objects, or something for the future home. You also often give flowers, champagne, or a teddy bear that you hang around the neck of the graduation.

what is a nice graduation gift
What is a nice graduation gift?

Here you will find tips on great graduation gifts that everyone wants. The graduation present is a beautiful memory that you keep for the rest of your life.

Graduation present to hang around the neck

On graduation day, the students usually gather at school to say goodbye to each other and teachers. In the past, there was a degree test to be taken to determine who got the graduation or not. If you failed, you had to take the back way out. If the exam passed well, they came out on the front of the building. Tradition looks a little different today. So after first having gathered in school, the students come out, and out of relatives and friends are waiting outside to gratulate them.

You usually give them small gifts that you hang around your neck. It can be flowers, of course. But today you also see graduation present teddy bears, small toys and whistles. It also happens that the students get a small bottle of champagne around their necks.

Why should you just give ordinary stuffed animals in a graduation present? A unicorn is also very cute to hang around the neck of the student.

Alcohol as a graduation gift

When it comes to giving away alcohol in graduation gifts, you may have to be restrictive. When you leave high school, you are usually 19 years old. Now I do not imagine that she or he never had drunk alcohol before. But when it comes to drinking, those who buy out have a great responsibility. A small bottle of champagne may not seem so dangerous. But if several people think the same thing, they can become a sizable amount of alcohol that she or he consumes that night. Being the one who gave drink as a gift to the student who ends the evening at the hospital is not so much fun. So to avoid guilt for providing alcohol to minors, it is better to give him or her another gift.

Jewelry gifts

A lovely graduation present is to give away jewelry. Giving a graduation gift jewelry to a girl is very common and a charming tradition. A piece of jewelry is a good graduation gift because it is something that you have left all your life and remember this special day with joy. But it’s not just girls who enjoy such a graduation gift. Giving away jewelry in a graduation gift to a guy is also good. There are both necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, etc. that are suitable for giving a guy in graduation present.

Buying a ring in a graduation present can be difficult. To do that, you need to take the student to a goldsmith to measure how big the ring should be or compare it to the one you already have. Of course, if you do not buy an open ring. It can be adjusted to how wide the finger is. A ring is otherwise a very lovely graduation present!

An excellent graduation gift is bracelets because they are something that you enjoy throughout your life. There are charming bracelets to give a girl in graduation present. But there are beautiful bracelets that are suitable for giving a guy who takes the student as well.

A silver ring is a good graduation gift for a guy
Call Drakenberg Sjölin rose quartz
Thomas Sabo ‚Äď Dott Diamond Silver Bracelet¬†
Engraved bracelets are a very nice graduation gift for a guy
There are actually very moon bracelets that suit men too
It is also usually appreciated to have a slightly coarser link around the arm.

Earrings as a graduation gifts also tend to be appreciated if you find something special for the girl. Is it a guy who has holes in the ears, then it is a little harder. Then maybe you should ask him what he likes for the earrings and if he wants it in a graduation present. The earrings are not a fashion accessory for men in the way it is for women.

Diamond earrings in gold are a classic graduation present luxurious, expensive unfortunately
Are you looking for a graduation present that is reasonably inexpensive? 
If you are looking for exclusive graduation gifts for her then these earrings are probably what you are looking for.
Also for guys there are earrings of course. They are sold in 1-pack.
There are also earrings with a white stone to give guys in graduation gifts.

An excellent graduation present is cufflinks for guys. It’s a beautiful thing that they enjoy all their life. Maybe you can choose a pair that you can engrave with a personal greeting.

Want to find an exclusive graduation gift for a guy so maybe a pair of gold cufflinks is a good tip?
There are also cufflinks that can be engraved to give him a personalized graduation present.

A new beautiful necklace is, of course, also a nice graduation present. Here, too, there is fine jewelry from, e.g., Get staff that you can have engraved. A piece of jewelry is a good graduation gift, even for a guy!

Want to find a personalized graduation gift? Why not choose a piece of jewelry that you can engrave?
A nice dog tag that you engrave with the date he took the graduation becomes a memorable graduation present.
E tray with a little more color on the mounting fits to give a guy in graduation present also.
For a girl you may want to find a nice necklace that you will engrave.
Maybe the date she took the student is a suitable text?
A jewelry with engraving becomes a nice and personalized student gift for her.
Of course, a gold rose is a better gift to give than real roses. She can keep this whole life.

Money and stocks

Do you want to give the student a perfect gift that she or he is thrilled with, I think you should give away shares. Hopefully, their value will increase over the years. If you own shares, it is also fun to follow how your own company develops on the stock exchange. Getting an amount invested in stocks is a good graduation gift. Maybe she or he will be interested and continue to invest money in shares to make a better life.

why not give him or her money for something special and important?

Money in graduation present, on the other hand, is boring. Just giving money doesn’t feel like the donor has been able to think anything out at all. If you have no particular purpose for the money, you give in graduation present, of course. Such specific objects maybe a contribution to a driving license, a gift to the electric guitar as he or she wishes, or perhaps a donation to a trip that you know she or he wants to go on. On the contrary, it can be beneficial to receive money in graduation present.

Design pieces as a graduation present

Buying designer items for a graduation gift is an excellent idea. But choose something that is not too bulky or too big. Design items never go out of time, and they don’t lose value either. A design item is a beautiful gift for someone who graduates. Graduation gifts in glass from Orrefors tend to be much appreciated. An excellent glass item that she or he brings with them to their own home then. Please choose a graduation gift from Orrefors that you can have engraved. It will be a beautiful and personal graduation present.

Dry martini glass from Orrefors
Champagne glasses from Orrefors are a good graduation gift.  
Carat candlesticks is a great graduation present from Orrefors.
Whiskey glasses from Orrefors
Cheers Orrefors with engraving
A beautiful Orrefors graduation present is this dish.

Choose a graduation gift from some famous designer and preferably some classic design as well. These are the things that you are happy to decorate your own home since then.

The candlestick Lily from Skultuna
The bowl Bloom from Georg Jensen is nice design to give away in graduation present
A champagne cooler comes naturally to good use

Perhaps a homely candlestick is a graduation gift that she or he will enjoy.

Candlestick Nordic Light Design House Stockholm 
Georg Jensen Season Candlestick 
Georg Jensen candlesticks Cobra 3 are really great graduation gifts

A beautiful vase can also be lovely graduation present to have in your own home then. It is a graduation gift that is very memorable.

Vase meadow from Klong 
Omaggio’s vases
A simple vase from Ernst’s design can also be a nice graduation present

How much is the graduation gift allowed to cost?

How much the graduation gift may cost depends on who you are and what kind of relationship you have with the student. It should not be so expensive that you feel that you cannot afford and would rather refrain from attending the graduation reception!

If you are in a close relationship with the student, you can be expected to give a slightly more expensive gift than if you did not know him or her at all. Parents and adult (working) relatives give slightly more expensive graduation gifts. Friends, acquaintances, or those who do not know the student so well give cheaper tips.

How much money should you give when giving a graduation present. Depending on who you give the gift to and how close you are to each other, I would say between $20-200 or maybe even more. It is mainly parents and relatives who give more expensive gifts. Perhaps money, e.g. driver’s license, stocks, or experience in graduation presentations.

If you do not work, you are not expected to give expensive graduation gifts. If you buy something beautiful that you can afford and do not have a bad conscience because you do not provide a more expensive gift, or maybe you can make excellent graduation present yourself? The cost of the graduation gift should never be more than you can afford!

Engraved graduation gifts

There are lovely gifts that can be engraved. There are both jewelry, glassware, barbecue set, boxes, and delicate items for your own home. There are also luxury pens that you can engrave and give away in graduation gifts.

An exclusive graduation gift is this pen with engraving
A box of barbecue tools that is engraved becomes a personal graduation present.
A nice box for shoe polish things. The box can also be engraved
An engraved power bank is a good graduation gift
If you want to find a cheap and personalized graduation gift, this key-chain is engraved.
Card holder with engraving
If the student in question is sniffing, an engraved snuffbox in silver can be an appreciated gift.
Maybe a pair of stylish Whiskey glasses on the foot with engraving becomes a popular present?
Clock Stackers Brown is an exclusive and fine graduation present.

A graduation gift with engraving is a very personal gift that she or he will keep throughout his life and enjoy. The student is an excellent day in the life, really worth remembering.

Something for the home

Do you know that the graduation gift is about to move away from home, it may be helpful to give him or her a graduation gift that she or he can bring with her to his new home.

A regular cookbook with different types of recipes to do well in the kitchen is a good graduation gift.
If he or she read Harry Potter as a youngster, this could be a fun gift!

Gifts for your own home that are suitable for giving in student gifts are, e.g., gift cards at Ikea, excellent wine glasses or beer glasses. Getting elegant glasses in a series you like is a fun graduaton gift to get.

Wine Glass Bistro 
Ittala Essence Water Glass 
Glass of beer glass Pulse 4-pack

Another good graduation present is china. Maybe you are a few who come to the graduation reception who can give a few plates each so that she or he gets together for dinnerware for their upcoming home. Dinnerware is a perfect graduation present for someone who you know will soon be moving from home.

A tableware for your own home is a good gift
Cutlery is a graduation gift that is guaranteed to come in handy
Quite ordinary coffee mugs can be good graduation gifts if he or she is moving away from home

What should I wish for in a graduation gift?

It is always a little challenging to wish for things as gifts. It is easily perceived as being naughty and demanding. But it is perhaps better still to want for a graduation present that you need and want, than for family and friends to spend money on things that you do not need at all. So it is something you wish for, so ask to get a contribution for that gift.

It can, for example, be money for a driver’s license, a new phone, a contribution for a trip, etc. But allow donors to be anonymous. There may be someone else in your acquaintance who can help you here. Also, understand that many people prefer not to give money at all as a graduation present, but want to provide an item.

Wishing to contribute to a new phone is perhaps a good idea.
A new computer is a good graduation gift to wish for contributions ill.

So feel free to write a wish list of student gifts, but make sure it is not perceived as an order form!

Gift certificates

If you do not know what to give in a graduation gift, a gift card can be a good emergency solution. What you can get when you take the student can be a gift card at Ikea or one at Åhléns. Åhléns is an excellent place to find graduation gifts. They have both design items, books and in case of emergency, she or he can also buy clothes for the money at Åhléns.

Graduation gift from Åhléns is a good idea!

Exiting graduation gifts

Is it a graduation present at the last minute? Then my tip is that you buy a graduation gift online and that you give away an experience as a gift. They can be ordered online and printed directly on your printer or sent to the recipient’s email. In 10 minutes, you can have the graduation gift fixed. There are many great experiences to give in graduation present at the last minute. It may be a unique and unusual graduation present, such as an overnight stay in UFO, accommodation at the wolf hotel, or in an igloo.

Overnight in UFO is a unique graduation gift to give to their children or to a friend.
Getting to experience the Northern Lights is a great graduation gift.
Overnight at the wolf hotel is an exciting experience.

Should you not be present at the graduation reception, but still want to send something to him or her who has graduated, maybe a gift box, flowers or chocolate delivery can be good gifts at the last minute. They can be delivered directly to the student with a personal greeting from you.

Give away a bouquet of teddy bears instead of the classic flower broom
Order flowers as a gift for the student!
A nice gift box with both candy, tea and socks is

Funny graduation gifts

You may also be able to find a fun examination gift for the particular person you are going to gratulate.¬†The funniest gift I gave was when my brother took his exam.¬†None of us had any money at that time.¬†But he wanted a laptop in graduation present.¬†He knew it was completely unattainable. No one could afford to give it to him.¬†But we found an old wasted computer in the garbage room.¬†A stationary pc that was outdated already and thrown away.¬†We drilled two handles on it. Oh well, it was portable.¬†But when you give away gifts as a joke present, you must not wrap them up too fancy. The receiver must understand by the wrapping, not to expect something big and beautiful and get rubbish. That will just cause disappointment instead.¬†So we wrapped it in a bit of a wrong way, so he would realize that it was a bit tricky.¬†But his ‚Äúnew pc‚ÄĚ became a success that night.¬†We even managed to come up with a rhyme for it.

Maybe you can also find an unusual graduation gift, a fun graduation gift, or some gift that will be a different and memorable graduation gift if you think a little. There are many fun graduation gifts to buy for the upcoming home.

To the pizza lover, the pizza oven is a fun gift.
A sushi bar may also come in handy in the new home.
It is important to keep both beer and soft drinks cool. Give away a cooling mug that will last for a long time!
Of course, she or he needs a popcorn machine. Nice graduation gift for someone who will soon be moving away from home.
To him or her who will soon be leaving home, the hot dog mate is a fun graduation present.
A nice themed mug with different emotional expressions is a nice and personal graduation present.
It is fun to give your friend a different graduation gift. How about a Bible containing a pocket pouch?

Unique graduation gift

Do you want to be the one you remember all your life? Some odd graduation gifts will be made to make it up to you that she or he remembers best from her graduation. Finding fun and unique graduation gifts for a friend is easy.

VR glasses can be a great gift for a friend.
A couple of fun unicorn floras are a great gift that will delight your friend for a long time.
A really great Toblerone can be a different and fun gift for a friend.
A nice letter board where you write something nice for your friend becomes a perfect graduation present for a friend. It doesn’t cost that much. But can become personal when you choose a good message.
Maybe your friend will now go out to work? Then it is good to have an alarm clock that you are guaranteed to wake up to. A graduation gift that is very useful.
Want to find a unique graduation gift? Then maybe a rope is a fun gift tip for your friend?

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