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Christmas gift to a 7-year-old

Christmas gift for a 7-year-old ‚Äď What should I buy? Finding good Christmas presents is hard!¬†Especially if you do not know the child in question so well.¬†Maybe it‚Äôs a friend‚Äôs child to buy a Christmas present for, or a grandchild you don‚Äôt meet very often.¬†Here you will get my best Christmas gift tips for 7-year-old girls and guys.¬†

What is a nice gift to a 7-year-old? Excellent gifts to a 7-year-old are Lego, magic box, slime, radio-controlled car, bubble machine, microscope, video games, cuddly toys, fancy dresses, hay fen, and lovely towels.

What is a great Christmas gift to a 7-year-old?

But you should get more tips on Christmas presents for 7-year-olds. I have many ideas when it comes to finding lovely Christmas presents for 7-year-olds. Christmas presents that are suitable for both boys and girls.

What does a 7-year-old wish for?

7-year-olds wish for nice things, cool things, and fun things. Not that hard, is it? Or that’s exactly what it is. Not quite easy to know, especially if it is a child, you do not meet so often.

Maybe she or he dreams of getting a dog of her own?
Getting slime in a Christmas present is very fun if you ask a 7-year-old.
A monster truck is among the coolest you can give a 7-year-old in Christmas present.
My Little Pony is a fun Christmas gift for a 7-year-old girl.
Buy an ambulance for the Barbie.
7-year-old girls often like to play with Barbie dolls.
A kaleidoscope is something that fascinates the 7-year-old.
A good Christmas present that a 7-year-old guy wish is an action doll.

Pedagogical Christmas gifts for a 7-year-old

It is fun to get Christmas presents that teach you more. Such Christmas presents are e.g., engineering boxes, chemistry boxes, or experimental boxes. What do your hairs look like in a  microscope? With your microscope, you can examine both hair, nails, and little sibling’s close up. Just the imagination limits what will be investigated when you give the 7-year-old your microscope as a Christmas present.

Lego is suitable Christmas presents that 7-year-olds wish for.
A little cooler lego is also a nice Christmas present for a 7-year-old.
Experiment box

A microscope is a fascinating Christmas present for a 7-year-old.

What does a 7-year-old like to read?

Even in the world of fairy tales, everything is just fantastic! On the other side of the mountains lives the evil Tengil. He has made the people slaves and, in the mountain, lives the ancient dragon Katla. Read more in the exciting book about the Brothers Lionheart. Both the brother’s Lionheart, Findus and Pettson, and the Jerry and Maya books are very suitable for reading aloud.

Jerry and Maya are two children Jerry and Maya who run a detective agency. They solve lots of mysteries that the adults can’t handle, thus saving the little town from villains. This book is usually used by children to read themselves once they have started reading. The stories are very exciting and with two children who are smarter than all adults, the story appeals to the children a lot.

In the books about Findus and Pettson, Findus came to him as a little kitten. When he got Findus, he lay in an empty carton where there had been green peas. Therefore, the cat was named Findus. These books are usually a little challenging to read for the children themselves, but Findus and Pettson are fantastic stories that work well for reading out loud.

The brothers Lion Heart  is a classic about the brothers Carl and Jonathan. Carl is sick and are going to die. Big brother Jonathan tells the Carl about Nangijala, the country you come to when you die. In Nangijala you can take part in adventures from morning to evening. But the fate would otherwise, a few days later, burn the house where they live and Jonathan himself dies. But just as Jonathan told them, they meet in Nangijala.
A subscription on a magazine can ge a great gift to a 6-year-old

Space, spaceships, and adventure usually interest children of this age. The ancient dinosaurs are also very interesting.

A globe is also a fun gift at this age. It is colorful and can be spun. It is interesting to find different countries, where they are and see how the earth spins around its own axis. A very exciting Christmas present for a greedy 7-year-old.
Dinosaur 3e puzzle- Who has not dreamed of becoming an archaeologist and digging up lots of exciting things from the ground. Here is a 3d puzzle with dinosaur skeletons.
With rods, you can build slightly larger towers and buildings with more difficult constructions. When my children were small, they made huge towers of sticks. The last sticks on the top had to be put into place, standing on a chair. It was an entertaining toy for all the kids.
The stylish wooden castle fits just as well for games with princesses as for wild battles between dragons and knights. A lovely Christmas present to give a 7-year-old.
Lego is another toy that 7-year-olds usually like a lot. On the one hand, the kids typically tend to be a little tricky to build together, and on the other, you can play with the finished toy. This kit is an awesome Star Wars spaceship where you also get to know famous characters from the movie.
A telescope is a fascinating Christmas gift to give a seven-year-old. It’s cool to look at the starry sky and learn more about stars, planets, etc. It can also be fun to get a book about constellations at Christmas!

Video game

Getting video games for Christmas presents is probably the highest form of happiness for a 7-year-old. Many excellent games are suitable for 7-year-olds, and that does not involve killing. Video games are a Christmas gift that suits both girls and boys.

The first choice you have to make is which console to choose e.g., Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch. There are Lego video games, Super Mario, Batman video games, dance games, and much more. It is not difficult to find any game that suits every child.

Playstation 4 played with the TV as a screen
Nintendo Switch which can be both handhelds and played on the TV

But make sure you choose games for the right console only when buying games! Here you will find games for PlayStation 4 and for Nintendo Switch

Harry Potter game for PS4
Rayman for PS4
Spiderman for PS4
Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch
Pokemon Eevee for Nintendo Switch
Donkey Kong for Nintendo Switch

Games for a 7-year-old

7-year-olds usually like to play board games with the family. Suitable games are e.g., The lost diamond, Twister, Yatzy, or Uno. But watch out, 7-year-olds are advanced cheaters!

Monopoly is a classic game. Here it is in the Super Mario edition.
Uno is a classic family game where it is crucial to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible.
Memory games with different cat breeds are a fun gift. 7-year-olds have an eye for detail.
In twister, it is essential to keep track of arms and legs. The spin determines where to place them next time. Make sure not to fall.
Yatzy is a fun game to bring along already and to play at home. It can entertain both children and adults.

Good Christmas gifts for a creative 7-year-old

There are a lot of fun toys that can be great for giving 7-year-olds a Christmas present. At this age, they are usually able to entertain themselves for long periods with toys. Both girls and guys typically like to play. Examples of fun toys for 7-year-olds are:

Unicorn coloring book
Beautiful puzzle book with the space theme
A 7-year-old girl usually thinks it is fun to write a diary.
Cernit clay is a fun piece. You can make both jewelry and small figures.
Play-doh clay is a great Christmas gift to give 7-year-olds.
Activity books and coloring books with dinosaurs are good Christmas presents to give a 7-year-old.
In a Christmas gift for a 7-year-old girl, it can be fun to give a package of bracelet beads.
Of course, when the kids are going to play, it is good to have some beautiful paper.
Glitter glue is fun, especially when the 7-year-old is going to do Christmas.
For the clay, it is usually fun to get a dough press as well.
Give 7-year-old pens at Christmas. They are available in many beautiful colors.
Folding paper airplanes are usually 7-year-olds. Here they get with many beautiful papers too.
It is now becoming reasonably safe to give the child watercolor in Christmas presents.
Decoration set for painting their piggy bank
For the paper craft, it’s fun to get punches too.

Outdoor toys for a 7-year-old

Getting outdoor toys is always fun. Ice skating, sledding, or skiing are toys that all 7-year-olds love. Be sure to supplement with help as well. Big shovels to dig in the snow with so he or she can build the world’s most magnificent snow hut.

An ordinary sled is the most flexible and easy to carry option. This one is extra cool.
When digging snowshoes, it is good to have a real shovel.
The 7-year-old will be king in the block and win all the snowball wars.
A saucer is also fun to bring to the slopes when you go
A pair of smart skates with buckles makes it easier to get started.
A snow racer is a lot of fun to ride, but a little bumpy to get up the hill.

Movies that suit a 7-year-old

After a long day out in the snow, it’s nice to come in and relax on the couch in front of a good movie. Movies that work well for 7-year-olds are Frost, Upp, Peter and the dragon, Mulan, Find Nemo, The Little Prince, Sune, Bamse, and the thief city or Kalle’s chocolate factory.

Elliott and the dragon
Film Finding Nemo

Cars as a Christmas gift to a 7-year-old

Radio-controlled cars are often high on the 7-year-old’s wish list. Radio-controlled cars are something that both girls and guys think is fun to have at Christmas.

A radio-controlled car is what 7-year-olds dream of getting in a Christmas present.
Cars Compatible with Audi R8 GT

A family day at ha pool park is a great gift

It is also fun to get cyclops and other water toys and to visit the bathhouse together during the days.

A swimming pad is a great Christmas present for 7-year-olds.
A nice towel with minions is a good Christmas present for a 7-year-old.
Swimming goggles are practical both in the bathhouse and in the shower.
A beautiful unicorn towel is good to have when going to the bathhouse.
Swimming in the form of a monk is undoubtedly the toughest in the entire pool.
A melon towel is smart to have at the bathhouse. It is guaranteed easy to find.
Buy a fun ball that bounces on water!

Furniture as a Christmas present for a 7-year-old

The decor that 7-year-olds want in Christmas presents is, for example. A beautiful watch with Spiderman, a towel with some excellent motif or a bed set with, eg. Batman or Unicorns.

7-year-olds like to get Spiderman to decorate the room.
Cool lights are good Christmas presents to give 7-year-olds. Why not a star projector?
Night light to give a seven-year-old in Christmas present
There is also lovely bedding to give a 7-year-old guy as a Christmas present.
She will love a bed set with a princess.
There are plenty of stylish night lights to have in the room.
Girls usually like interiors with unicorns
Night light to give a 7-year-old in Christmas present
There are plenty of stylish night lights to have in the room.

Good Christmas gifts for a 7-year-old girl

Many girls of this age wish for necklaces and an elegant jewelry box to store their treasures. Jewelry boxes for children are relatively expensive, and perhaps it is better to invest in a real jewelry box already? Maybe she also has holes in her ears. If you buy earrings, make sure it is nickel-free.

Beautiful jewelry box to store small treasures in
Giving her a real silver necklace is not that expensive!
A beautiful jewelry box is a nice Christmas gift to a 7-year-old girl.

Maybe she’s just old for her first diamond too.
7-year-old girls like to get glittery things in Christmas
The best thing about being a 7-year-old girl is that all that glitters is gold and diamonds.

Fancy dresses

A perfect Christmas present for 7-year-olds is a treasure chest with old clothes in it. Feel free to supplement the clothes with a princess crown, ‚Äúdiamond necklace‚ÄĚ and a mantle for superhero missions.¬†It does not need a car so expensive, but this is a Christmas gift that is appreciated.

A princess dress usually stands very high on the wish list.
For the pirate, it may be useful to wear these outfits.
A suitcase to put on clothing is a good Christmas present for a 7-year-old.
To become a superhero, you need a cloak!

Christmas gifts for the 7-years-old that already has everything

Getting your own money is fun and having to buy what you want for them. Or why not give 7-year-old stocks as a Christmas presents. Feel free to buy any company that the child knows. It makes it extra fun to follow the stock market trend.

Disney Christmas Collection

Perfect gift for celebrating Christmas with your kids, this Christmas collection is ideal for your kid’s Disney-lover. It has stories starring Winnie the Pooh, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Lady, and the Tramp, the monsters Mike and Sully, Alice in Wonderland, and WALLE, there’s a character for every child to love. With this Disney collection of books, you can add a special message as well as pictures on the pages making it treasured at Christmas. Available in 8 inches x 11 inches hardcover and comes with over 100 pages of colorful hand-drawn illustrations and multiple stories.

Read more and order

What are popular toys to give a 7-year-old girl?  It is usually very popular with Barbie, My little pony, trampoline, safe, grids, disco balls, and dress clothes. More popular toys for a 7-year-old girl can be found here.

What to give as a gift to an 8-year-old guy?  Fun presents to give an 8-year-old guy are binoculars, a good book, a skateboard, Lego Ninjago, a pillow, or a riddle book. More things to give as gifts to an 8-year-old guy are here.

What is an excellent gift for an 8-year-old girl? Useful tips to give an 8-year-old girl are unicorns, an underwater disco, a trampoline, a friend’s swing, a cable car, the game Loopin Louie or a banana lamp. More ideas on an excellent gift for an 8-year-old girl can be found here.

What is a good Christmas present to give children?  What an excellent Christmas gift to give to children depends on how old they are. For all children, it works to provide both shares, gift cards for clothes, and books. But to find a little more age-appropriate Christmas gifts, you need to know the child’s age in question.  You will find good  Christmas presents for children here.

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Christmas gift to a 7-year-old
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