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Toblerone Bar

Chocolate is a sweet treat loved and appreciated but many. In the 1800s, Chocolate was popularized to be used as an expression of love in Europe. From that day on, Chocolate was deeply associated with the holiday “Valentine’s Day.” However, Chocolate giving is not only confined to this occasion. Aside from satisfying the taste buds on the tongue, the fragrance of chocolates also triggers the brain to relax.

Toblerone is the beloved Swiss chocolate brand that we can’t get enough of. It was conceptualized by Theodor Tobler and his cousin Emil Baumann in the beautiful city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The year Toblerone was first made is in 1908, meaning as of the date, the popular Chocolate treat is over 100 years old. Truly it can be considered an ultimate Chocolate Icon.

Through the years, Toblerone grew as a company and lead innovations in the Chocolate industry. The brand ventured into introducing various product flavors, creative packaging, and even numerous gift concepts. It reached an extent that you can literally personalize your Toblerone gifts. This just ensures that Toblerone never stopped giving everyone the best Chocolate experience.

Why Toblerone?

Toblerone’s name was derived by combining Theodor Tobler’s family name “Tobler” and “Torrone,” a type of Italian nougat. The name combination is about Toblerone’s original chocolate recipe of cocoa, honey, powdered milk, almonds, and crushed bits of nougat. The idea was revolutionary during the time that the creation was patented the following year. The patent registration was recorded in 1909 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern, Switzerland.

The shape of the Toblerone bar also takes a unique shape of a pyramid with gaps in between. Theodor Tobler’s sons inspired it by a human pyramid formation the creator witnessed in a Paris show. Popular belief assumed that the inspiration was the triangular shape of the Matterhorn in the Italian/Swiss Alps. Over time, the modern packaging of Toblerone added this silhouette making it more relatable to its Swiss roots.

A Toblerone for Everyone

Toblerone comes in different flavors to cater to the taste of many. It also comes in different sizes to fit your fancy. As of date, there are 13 variants of the brand introduced to the public. Some are sold in a season, while others are available all year round.

1) Milk Chocolate: The first commercially introduced deviant was the popular milk chocolate. It is frequently my favorite ever since Toblerone’s founding in 1908. Currently, it can be brought individually or in packs in with counts of 6 or 4 that have charmingly decorated gift boxes.

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2) White Chocolate: It is a Chocolate confection in pale ivory color made of cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. Unlike regular chocolate, it does not contain cocoa solids. This variant was introduced in 1973 and is boxed in white. From then on, it has also become a favorite of many.

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3) Snow Top: It is a combination of Plain and White Chocolate, which depicts the Swiss Alps. It is a seasonal offering during the winter holiday season. This is daintily packed in white and silver giving off a strong cool vibe. This flavor will definitely make your winters more enjoyable and memorable.

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4) Filled editions: Toblerone bars continued to innovate and mix and match Chocolate types. This version has an outer layer of Plain Chocolate while the center is filled with White Chocolate. This fun combination is wrapped in a blue box. Flavors under these packaging are Milk, Dark, White, and Snow top.

5) One by one: As the name implies it is Toblerone bars individual wrapped in triangular packs. This variant aimed to serve all the favorites in one go. Each bites 17.6 oz in size, a small amount but packs a wallop of goodness. For those who like to eat things moderately, this is a less messy option.

6) Toblerone Pralines: Pralines are defining as a confection containing nuts like almonds and hazelnuts. To has a single peak and packed in an attractive shiny red wrapper. 6)Toblerone Pralines variety was released in 1997. This version has no nougat but studded almonds and honey with softer chocolate cream. This variant melts creamily like a truffle.

7) Fruit and Nut: A fan of raisins? Well, this is the Toblerone bar for you. This is the original recipe of milk chocolate with honey, almond nougat has a dash of raisins. It was introduced in 2007 packaged in a half purple triangular cardboard box.

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8) Honeycomb Crisp: This is milk chocolate with honey, almond nougat, and a dash of honeycomb crisp pieces. The ingredient added in for the crisp texture is rice. This variant was introduced in 2009 it is wrapped in a half-white box adorned by honeycomb images on it.

9) Crunchy Salted Almond: Want a different taste of sweet and salty with a texture of crunchy? This is your combination of honey, almond nougat, and salted caramelized almonds so uniquely delicious.

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10) Berner Bar: A big Toblerone Chocolate bar weighing 500 grams with a portrait of Bernese Bear and the Coat of arms of Bern on its surface. This is the only non-triangular Toblerone variant. This release is considered a homage to Toblerone’s starting roots in Bern.

11) Toblerone Tobelle: Dubbed as slender Toblerone bar, it comes in a beige triangular-shaped gift box. Inside the contents is individually wrapped milk chocolate with the classic blend of honey and almond nougat.

12) Crispy Coconut: Another fun mix of taste palettes with flavors such as honey, almond nougat, and coconut. This tropical-inspired variant is packed in traditional beige wrapping but the 2 “O””s in Toblerne is whimsically replace by coconut images. It is something one would love to chew on during summer.

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13) Dark Chocolate: It is a form of chocolate that has cocoa solids and cocoa butter with less sugar than milk chocolate. This type of confection is claimed to be a rich source of antioxidants and minerals. Some research says this dessert can lower the risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation and insulin resistance and improve brain function when taken in moderation.

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Get Creative with Toblerone Gift Ideas

Aside from the commercially available single or gift packaged Toblerone Chocolate bars, there are a lot of ways to transform them into a unique gift. Here are some ideas on how to get creative and original with your Toblerone gifts.

1) Toblerone Bouquet: A bouquet in its original context is a collection of flowers in a creative arrangement. This idea can also be applied to Toblerone which has a variety of flavors such as Milk, White, Dark, Snowtop, Fruit and Nut, Crunchy Salted Almond, Honeycomb Crisp, Pralines, and Crispy Coconut to mix and match for the perfect sweet cocoa-based bouquet. Thrown in some frills and ribbons or colored papers for a more artsy feel.

2) Personalised Toblerone: Yes you read it right, it is also possible to get your Toblerone personalized. The procedure can be placing the name of the receiver or print out a message to tell how you feel. Put in greetings like “Happy Holidays!”, “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas“, “Get well Soon”, “I Miss You” or “Congratulations” on big Toblerone bars with the dimensions of 30.5 x 5.2 x 5.2 cm.

You can also label it with other sweet thoughts of appreciation like “SuperDad”, “WonderMom”, “BestBoss” or “BestFriend”. In any way you like, Toblerone will not only comfort with sweetness, it has a way with words too.

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3) Express your appreciation in Gigantic proportions: Toblerone comes in a huge traditional beige triangular box thmeasuring6.6 x 7 x 9 cm. This large package contains 48 pieces of 35g each of weight Toblerone chocolates. This beauty is a whopping 1.68 kg of sweetness that can be enjoyed for a number of days or shared with family and friends.

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4) Pair it with Usable Options: Combine Toblerone chocolate with things your receiver will make use of. Pair up the classic milk chocolate flavor with a mug in ode to hot chocolate. Gift a towel and dark chocolate bar to someone doing a fitness journey. Stuff up a Pinata with Toblerone Onebyone to perk up a children’s party. Get a cute teddy bear to hug a Toblerone and comfort a special person towards recovery from illness.

Toblerone Chocolate bars in more ways than one made its patron’s experience life better. Whenever you or a friend is feeling down chocolates will be there to comfort you. If you simply want to express gratitude or support gifting chocolates speak a thousand words. Whoever it may be these sweet cacao treats will always be appreciated and accepted. Express your intentions with a piece of Toblerone bars today.

Toblerone Bar
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