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Gifts to a designer

Do you have a friend who likes to design things? Whether she or she works as a designer or engages in design in her spare time, there are many useful gifts.

So what is an excellent gift for a designer? Good gifts for a designer are, of course, materials that she or he may need for her creative colors, paper, etc. The designer will also appreciate getting different technology gadgets such as a drawing board and a magic notebook.

If you want to find a beautiful and memorable gift for a designer, this list will be of great help!


It is always a good idea for a friend who is a designer to give away a slightly more excellent gift package with watercolor colors. These are more exclusive watercolor colors that are well suited for both artists and designers.

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Watercolor pencils

It may also be useful for a designer to give a slightly more exclusive set of watercolor pens. The watercolor pens can be used on both moist and dry surfaces.

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If you want to find a cheap gift for a designer, then a gentle brush is the right choice. Bad brushes lose hair and spread quickly. But with a good brush, she or he will be able to paint without having to think about the brush at all.

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Watercolor paper

If you want to paint a watercolor, the paper often crumples from the water in the paint. Therefore, a special paper is required for watercolor. Watercolor paper is usually a bit thicker and stuck to the edge. You paint on the paper and then let it dry. Then you can pop your artwork off the block. Since it was stretched continuously when the document was moist, it will be smooth when dried.

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Colored pencils

If you want to give the designer a high-quality gift, a set of colored pencils can be a good tip. Polychromos pens have a high standard. The colors are water-resistant and do not stain. The color has high light security and is acid-free so that the drawing does not become sun-bleached or destroyed. The pins on Polychromo’s pens are durable and sharpened, so they get a sharp tip.

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Sketch book

A sketch pad is something you can’t get too much of! It is good to have sketch blocks in different sizes, both small and large. Paper has different thicknesses, but invest in a little thicker paper if you will give a sketch pad as a gift! Of course, drawing on plain printer paper is also possible, but a little thicker paper provides a more exclusive feel. The designer will probably be more inspired to create a sketch pad of slightly better quality.

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Drawing tablet

For designers who want to create things digitally, a drawing board is necessary, I would say. For example, on a drawing board, you can create logos. The advantage of using a drawing board is that it is pressure-sensitive. By pressing a little harder with the pen to the drawing board, you get a thicker line. It also usually feels a little easier to draw with a pen than to control a mouse when designing things.

When you buy a drawing board, it is Wacom who is the leading manufacturer in the field. Here is my tip not to buy a drawing board that is too small. I bought the smallest one, but I discovered it was pretty stupid, as it sometimes feels too short to work with. Here it is worth spending a few bucks extra and, in any case, buy it in size medium.

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Digital ‚Äď analogue notebook

This is a brilliant notebook. You can draw in it as usual with a pen, and when you are done with the picture, you transfer it to your phone or computer when you are done with it. Significantly better image quality than footage and you do not need to post it on your computer or phone for it to work. A digital notebook is a great gift to give the designer.

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Picture frame

Sure, it’s fun to showcase her latest artwork in a mini-exhibition on the wall at home. But framing the artwork takes time and is a bit hard. A brilliant gift to give the designer is this picture frame, where you can easily replace the image by opening the front of the frame.

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Book about drawing fantasy

Although she or he is very artistic and usually paints beautiful things, it can be an appreciated gift with a book with something she or he has not yet tried. Drawing manga is perhaps one such area that your creative friend has not tested and would like to receive as a gift.

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Book about drawing

Getting started with new techniques and tools can be a little tricky. Then it can be helpful to get a book in the area so you quickly get on the track. This book contains information on material selection and how to get started drawing swiftly. A drawing book is a fun gift to give a designer.

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You can’t give away pencils as gifts, you might think? But you can. It will also be a very appreciated gift from your friend who likes to design and create. Pencils have different hardness. When painting with them, they give different blacks depending on how hard they are. Therefore, it is good to get a package of pencils of varying hardness when working with design.

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It is not always enough to design things on paper or the computer. Then a 3D pen can come in handy. With a 3D pen, the designer can create freely in a whole new way.

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What is a good gift from Sweden? Good gifts from Sweden are valley horses, glass objects from Orrefors, polka dots, chocolates, and the book Svenska for beginners. Read more about good gifts from Sweden here.

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Gifts to a designer
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