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Incense waterfall – a lovely gift

Incense has been in existence for more than a thousand years. It can use it for various purposes in many forms. It’s usually burned for spiritual purposes and to release its sweet-smelling aromas. During the early days, people used incense in less-evolved forms like dried wood, leaves, resin pieces, and flowers.

Today, Incens waterfalls are really popular gifts and comes in many different colors and shapes.

Incense comes in more sophisticated, beautiful, and easy-to-use forms. The primary incense forms today are sticks, coils, loose powders, cones, and raw plants.

Incense sticks are more popular and easier to use. But this aspect is changing very fast. Today, it’s easier, tidier, and efficient to use incense cones. The advantage of cones is they burn downwards and not upwards like the sticks.

If you’re new to cones, chances are you’re wondering how you burn it without hassling, considering how small they are. The best way to burn incense cones is by using incense burners, which are mostly mountain and waterfall forms.

Are you looking for good incense waterfall burners? Or want to find out how they work, discover different types of incense burners and incense benefits? Well, then you’re just in the right place.

This article extensively expounds on incense burners, their use, appearance, benefits, incense waterfall examples, plus other essential information to help you find the best incense waterfall burner for you.

What’s an incense burner?

Incense burners are beautiful and artistic carvings designed to hold a burning incense cone. They have holes on them to allow the flow of incense smoke to the surrounding. Besides providing an effective way to burn incense cones, incense waterfalls can be excellent home decor.

Unlike the sticks incense, cone incense burns downwards. Therefore, cone burners are usually referred to a backflow incense burners. These burners come in different forms, designs, shapes, colors, and sizes.

Some even resemble religious symbols and statues for people who burn incense for spiritual reasons. The most popular backflow incense burners are waterfalls and mountains. In this article, we’ll focus majorly on incense waterfalls.

As home decor incense waterfall provides a scenic and breath-taking view with its well-designed piece of art releasing a continuous and fragrant smoke cloud in waterfall form. Such an image can hugely brighten up your living room or office and offer great aromatherapy.

From its name, a waterfall incense burner has a river design, and it’s constructed to allow cone smoke to flow vertically like water from a raised ground, just like the real waterfalls.

Benefits of using incense waterfalls

Incense waterfalls are becoming more popular every day, and it’s easy to see why. They’re beautiful, efficient, convenient, and provides a great way to enjoy incense benefits without hassling. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from knowing and having an incense waterfall include;

1. Efficiency

Waterfalls are more efficient since incense waterfalls release incense smoke downward. When you burn an incense cone using a backflow incense burner, the smoke will follow the beautiful path it’s designed to follow like liquid the whole time your cone is burning.

Expect the smoke flow to vary depending on the waterfall’s structure. Incense smoke flowing downwards is more effective and has a high concentration compared to when it flows upwards. The more the smoke concentration, the more chilled, relieved, and focused you’ll become.

2. Great home decor

Incense waterfalls are among the most beautiful arts and home decor in the world. The good news is they come in vast designs and sizes. If you’re a wildlife lover, you can get a waterfall with an elephant, lion, dragon, or whichever animal you love.

For example, you can buy an elephant or dragon incense waterfall. Amazon sells this burner at a very affordable price, and it’s incredibly exclusive for its price. Its made of ceramic with a handmade craft and artistic structure. Its high portability makes it a great novelty gift idea or a desktop decore for your home.

Since it’s designed to release smoke like the flowing water, this incense waterfall creates a mesmerizing and chilled waterfall effect that’s beautiful and spectacular to watch. Who would get tired of watching such a scenic view? Actually, you’ll love that you got yourself one.

3. Improved tidiness

Burning sticks usually drop ash everywhere around its location, making your room look untidy. It’s also time-consuming to clean the area. You can avoid all this trouble by procuring an incense waterfall.

Incense waterfalls are created to keep their ashes nicely and tidy for easy collection and cleaning.

How an incense waterfall works

It’s beautiful and interesting how backflow waterfalls work, how the smoke is guided in various creative designs make these inventions have fascinating scenery. But the exact mechanism of these burners can raise anyone’s curiosity.

If you’ve never used one, it’s easy to think that using an incense burner is complex. However, it’s even more straightforward and fast than you expect. You don’t need special training to use one, just some basic instructions.

You’ll need incense cones to use your waterfall. Luckily, most waterfalls usually come with several cones. For example, the Ceramic, Aromatherapy Incense Waterfall in amazon comes with ten free cones when you purchase it.

After confirming you’ve incense cones, you can be sure of enjoying a scenic view of backflowing smoke with a pleasing fragrance.

First, you should light the tip of one cone and place it over the incense burner’s hole. You should ensure the burner’s and cone’s holes are in line for effective burning. In case you don’t see any hole in your waterfall, you should read the manual that came with the burner or contact your manufacture for clarification or replacement.

For a thicker and smooth flowing smoke, you should place the incense waterfall in a place with less airflow.

Lighting up an incense cone isn’t complicated either. It’s actually the same as lighting the incense sticks; only you should light up the tip of the cone, not the bottom.

The cone’s tip needs to be immersed in flame to light up correctly. After the cone ignites, you should blow it off to light at a slower rate. If you don’t see any glowing amber, it means it’s extinguished, and you need to light it again.

How to put out incense cones

It’s normally tricky putting out a lit backflow incense cone. In most cases, it’s best you light up a cone and wait until it finishes burning because you can’t reuse it even if you put it out. The most effective way of putting out a lit cone is by dipping it in water.

However, you won’t be able to use it again after immersing it in water. You’ll have to discard it.

Five essential tips to remember when using incense waterfalls and cones

Besides having cones and a lovely waterfall, there are some tips you should know to have a premium and epic experience. Here are five fundamental tips that’ll help you get a premium experience with incense waterfalls.

1. Find a proper location for your incense burner

For a more elaborate and steady smoke cloud, you should put your waterfall in a location free from cross-winds and drafts. It would be best to put your incense burner from air vents and windows, which might disrupt its smoke flow.

It should be placed on an area with moderate air for a flawless waterfall and a mesmerizing smoke effect. If you intend to put it in a slightly open space, you can go for burners that are a bit enclosed to minimize air effect, for example, the DK177 Waterfall Incense Holder in Amazon, which is worth $18.

2. Proper positioning of the cone and waterfall

For a more powerful backflow smoke, you should ensure that the cone and burner hole lines up perfectly. Doing this allows smoke to get pulled downwards with more powerful force.

It would be best if you also put your backflow incense burner on a stable and sturdy surface to avoid falling or getting knocked accidentally. This measure is essential, particularly if you’re placing in a busy area.

3. Keep incense cones and burner away from kids and pets

Pets and kids tend to get curious when they see the mesmerizing incense waterfall effect. They might want to touch the burner or even attempt to eat the cones, which is very dangerous since they can affect, burn, or fall on them and hurt them.

4. Remove drapey fabrics near the waterfall

Those blowing curtains can easily catch fire if they come in contact with burning cones. It would be best you remove any fabric that can cause fire accidents near your waterfall.

5.Proper cone storage

Poor incense cones storage can cause them to become damp, affecting their burning and smoke production. In case you’re from a humid region, it’s best that you place your incense cones on a sunny ridge for several minutes to dry before lighting them up.

Pocket-friendly and attractive incense waterfalls that should be on your radar

Those days when you had to visit a local store to get a unique house decor and other accessories are long gone. Today, you get the perfect, most adorable backflow waterfall from your home’s comfort at a much affordable price.

Most online stores have partnered with reputable and high-end waterfall manufacturers to bring the best incense burners to your doorstep all over the world. Here are the three most beautiful waterfalls you can get from Amazon at pocket-friendly prices.

1. Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Aromatherapy Ornament

This attractive incense burner is made from ceramic material, is conical in shape, and has a waterfall color, detailing, and structure that’s traditionally and artistically created. You can place it in your bedroom, tea room, living room, yoga room, office, and more.

It’s an effective house decor, aromatherapy remedy, air freshener, enhances good sleeping, relieves anxiety, calms emotions, relieves fatigues, and many other benefits. It comes with ten free incense cones that are pet-friendly.

This burner costs $23.94, but you can get the more exciting deal of the aromatherapy ornament, 120 assorted incense cones and 30 pcs of incense sticks.

2. Ivenf backflow incense burner

Enjoy the captivating and breath-taking view of this unique black incense burner in your living room, office, study room, yoga studio, sauna, kitchen, or meditation room. Its made of ceramic and has an irregular shape yet perfect waterfall structure.

It’s now going at a discounted price, $16.99, saving you about $12.00. It comes with a decoration grass, a pair of tweezers, a pad, and 40 cones and sticks that can burn for about 10-15 minutes. The incense comes in varying fragrances, including rose, jasmine, mint, lavender, Indian sandalwood, lily, Yulan magnolia, and Tibetian incense.

3. Mountain river censer waterfall

If you’re a nature and mountains lover, this waterfall can really make your day. Its made from resin using exquisite handcrafting and traditional craftmanship to provide a spectacular mountain-like waterfall of incense smoke.

You can its look by adding a crystal ball on it, making it more detailed and recognizable at night.

The many benefits of using incense

Burning incense in your home, office, or anywhere you like chilling is incredibly beneficial to your wellbeing, other than refreshing the air. Incense scents can trigger several responses depending on your mood and why you burn them.

They aid sleeping, improve concentration, encourage relaxation, boost motivation, improve sexual desire, stimulate creativity, and more. Here are ten major benefits of using incense:

  1. Help clear negative vibe or energy
  2. Enhance concentration during meditation.
  3. Help connect to your reminiscences. Some scents can bring up memories of the past.
  4. It can help you to open up your heart chakra. For example, rose and jasmine incenses can help you connect to love.
  5. Helps to calm and unwinding
  6. You can use it a spiritual purposes
  7. They can be great timers
  8. Enhances sex drive. Scents like jasmine and rose are known to be natural aphrodisiacs.
  9. Helps in mastering grounding
  10. Helps to practice generosity and mindfulness.


Incense has myriad benefits to your wellbeing, and they come in various forms. To burn incense cones quickly and efficiently, you need a backflow incense burner or holder. Some of the standard burners are the incense waterfalls which come in many forms and sizes.

Whether it’s for decoration, spiritual gaining, or air freshening purposes, it’s best that you get a robust and most preferable holder for a premium experience. Find something that you’ll fall in love with, and it’s pleasing to the eyes, like the incense waterfalls mentioned above.

Incense waterfalls are great gifts for your loved ones!

Incense waterfall – a lovely gift
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