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13 Best Bath Bomb Making Kits

High-quality bath bombs cost quite a fortune, but if you want these luxurious self-care items, you can make them yourself. You don’t have to be an expert to make good bath bombs. All you need is to get the right quality and quantity of ingredients and follow the steps provided in your bath bomb making kit.

The primary ingredients you need to make bath bombs are bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, cornflour, Epsom salt, carrier, and essential oils, and some drops of liquid food coloring. You’ll also need bath bomb making tools which include a mixing bowl, whisk, plastic molds, etc. The number of bath bombs you want to make determines the number of your ingredients.

Best Bath Bomb Making Kits?

To make a smooth bath bomb, I’ll recommend you mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and the liquids in another bowl. Whisk the mixture properly as you pour the liquid into the dry ingredients. Ensure the mix is neither too dry nor too wet. 

If it’s too dry, your bath bombs will look rough; if it’s too wet, your bath bombs will crumble. Also, it would help if you left your bath bombs overnight for them to dry thoroughly.

The type of kit you use will affect the quality and shape of your bath bombs. As such, you need to get a good bath bomb-making kit. Below are some of the best bath bomb-making kits in the world.

13 Best Bath Bomb Making Kits

Deluxe Bath Bomb Making Kit

The Deluxe Bath Bomb Making Kit has all the things you need to make your bath bombs. It has a wide range of fragrances such as lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, marjoram, peppermint, lemon, etc. The ingredients are of food-grade quality and conform to the highest standards. 

The kit also comes with ribbons and wrapping papers you can use to wrap your loved ones’  bath bombs and step-by-step instructions that make mastering the process fun. It makes a great choice If you’re looking for a simple bath bomb-making kit to gift your kids.

With the kit, you can make 12 bath bombs. The ingredients are pre-measured, and the mold set is reusable. It contains pure essential oils with no vegetable oil fillers or artificial scents and accessories like spray bottles, gloves, mold liners, etc. 

STMT DIY Bath Bombs Kit 

If you’re looking to combine a few ingredients to make bath bombs, the STMT DIY Bath Bombs Kit is a great choice. It makes five bath bombs at a go and comes with therapeutic essential oils and flower buds. The flower buds are dried rosebuds and lavender.

With this bath bomb-making kit, you can create custom bath bombs that relieve you of stress the moment you hit the tub. It also allows you to be creative, as you can mix different vibrant colors to get glittering and shimmering bath bombs. Besides, the coconut oil provided in the kit moisturizes your skin when added to the bath bombs. 

Its ingredients are hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly, and paraben-free. However, they are not to be used around the eyes or on the lips. The instructions are so simple that kids can easily understand them. 

Premium DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit

The Premium DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit is a safety-tested and non-toxic bath bomb-making kit. It includes corn starch, Epsom salt, citric acid, baking soda, liquid dyes, rose petals, an instruction sheet, mixing bowl, brush, whisk, measuring cups and spoons, etc. The ingredients come in different varieties, so you can easily make different colored and scented bath bombs. 

There are four essential oils in the kit: cotton candy, blueberry, strawberry, bubble gum, and four liquid dyes: orange, red, blue, and lavender. The ingredients are clearly labeled so that you won’t mix them up. With these beautiful ingredients, you can make bath bombs that will leave you relieved and refreshed after a bath. 

You can also gift the kit to a loved one. Besides, there’s a money-back guarantee that comes with the kit. 

Klutz  Make Your Own Bath Bombs Activity Kit

Fizzy, fun, and fantastic, the Klutz Make Your Own Bath Bombs Activity Kit helps you make bath bombs with the perfect fizz. You can make 12 colorful bath bombs of different shapes with the kit. The shapes are dolphin, penguin, preliminary round, YAY cloud, and ice cream cone. 

It contains baking soda in three different colors, citric acid, strawberry kiwi oil, glycerin, and a 36-paged instruction book. The ingredients are kid-friendly and appealing. If you follow the instructions, you’re sure to transform your bath with the bath bombs you make. 

Urban Kangaroo Essential Oil Bath Bomb DIY Kit

With the Urban Kangaroo Essential Oil Bath Bomb DIY Kit, you can make over 15 luxurious bath bombs. The kit contains essential oil blends, food-grade baking soda, food-grade Himalayan sea salt, food-grade citric salt, sprayer bottle, rapeseed oil, aluminum bath bomb molds, wrapping paper, and bath bomb stickers. 

The ingredients are pre-portioned, and the kit is professionally packaged. When you buy the kit, you also get an easy-to-follow instructional video that will help you make high-quality bath bombs within the comfort of your home. The kit is handmade with locally sourced supplies and no vegetable oil fillers or artificial scents. 

With the kit, your bath bombs will come out smelling nice. It takes only about 45 minutes to make over 15 bath bombs. 

DilaBee Bath Bomb Making Kit 

The DilaBee Bath Bomb Making Kit contains cleansing supplements that you can customize. It has all the ingredients, tools, and molds you need to make awesome bath bombs. It also allows you to exercise your creativity. 

With this kit, you can make over six bath bombs, depending on how large they are. The metal molds come in fun shapes like hearts, starfish, etc. The supplies include rose petals, citric acid, cornstarch, baking soda, essential oils, etc. 

The mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, whisk, brush, etc., are of good quality; you can use them for future projects. You can also develop your bath bomb recipes with the kit. 

Caydo Bath Bomb Molds Set

If you don’t want to use prepackaged colors and scents but prefer to choose yours, the 

Caydo Bath Bomb Molds Set is a great choice. It comes with 12 aluminum molds, measuring spoons, sticky labels to give your bath bombs a professional touch, wrapping papers, a recipe booklet, etc. No ingredients are included in this kit so that you have control over the final product.

It is practical, convenient, and economical. The packaging is exquisite, making it the perfect gift for people who want to make bath fizzies. 

Dan & Darci Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit

If you have a child who loves fun scientific experiments or likes to learn in innovative ways, the Dan & Darci Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit is a good choice for them. It provides an educational, step-by-step approach to bath bomb-making. All the ingredients meet the highest safety standards.

The ingredients are wax, coloring, fragrance, glitter, cornstarch, baking soda, Epsom salt, baby oil, etc. You can mix and match the ingredients to make multi-colored, layered bath bombs to your heart’s content. You can also make fizzy bath salts, soaps, and salt scrubs with the ingredients.

All ingredients are put in clearly labeled jars to reduce the chances of making mistakes during the bath bomb-making process. The molds are shaped like flowers, hearts, emojis, and butterflies to make your creations memorable. 

DIY Gift Kits Bath Bomb Kit

The DIY Gift Kits Bath Bomb Kit provides more ingredients than tools for making bath bombs. The ingredients are 100% natural and high-quality. It has four scents to accommodate different needs: eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, and grape.

It is the only kit that contains 100% essential oils. It has no seed oil fillers or artificial scents. It also has a naturally occurring magnesium that makes you feel like you went to the spa after using the bath bombs you made. 

You’ll also find an aromatherapy guide and cupcake mold liners in the kit. Its beautiful packaging makes it an excellent surprise gift. 

However, it doesn’t include the molds to make bath bombs, so you have to use your molds. For instance, you can use cupcake tins. 

Cosmetics Made Easy Large Bath Bomb Making Kit

If you want to experiment, explore and get creative, you can check out Cosmetics Made Easy Large Bath Bomb Making Kit. It contains all you need to make bath bombs of unique designs. The ingredients include citric acid, corn starch, almond oils, sodium bicarbonate, three different fragrances: honeysuckle, frangipani, and freesia, and pink, purple and yellow colors. 

You’ll also find molds, spray bottles, cellophane, ribbons, gloves, and an instruction leaflet in the kit. The ingredients are of high quality, so your final products are sure to be excellent. You can use the bath bombs you make with this kit for personal purposes or as gifts. 

Bath Bomb Kit

The Bath Bomb Kit contains handmade, natural, and non-toxic ingredients that repair and replenish your skin. The kit also has essential oils that moisturize and nourishes your skin, keep it in full bloom, fights stress and congestion, and relax your muscles. You can use the ingredients to make multicolored bath bombs that will make your bath time more enjoyable. 

With the kit, you can make 12 handcrafted bath bombs in cupcake molds with long-lasting fragrances. The colors don’t stain your bathtub or skin. 

The kit comes with a gift box that you can use to package the bath bombs you want to give other people.

Just My Style Bath Bomb Maker

With the Just My Style Bath Bomb Maker, you can make colorful and exciting bath bombs. The kit includes one measuring cup and one plastic spoon, one bath bomb mold, one bath bomb maker, five mica powders, packets of baking soda, body glitter, and a bath bomb mixture with a bottle of sunflower oil. 

All you have to do is mix the simple ingredients and add the shimmers and colors. You’ll see your bath bombs fizz and bubble as you throw them into the bathtub. 

12 Pcs Bath Bomb Mould Set

The 12 Pcs Bath Bomb Mould Set has 12 soap colorants, 12 molds, and 30 bags. It contains all you need to make colorful bath bombs. It is simple to use; all you need to do is use the recipe and follow the instructions. 

The molds are made of food-grade aluminum alloy that doesn’t dent or stick. When making bath bombs, ensure the bath bombs are hard before removing them from the mold. Also, to remove the bath bombs easily, you can tap the mold with your knuckles or a wooden spoon.

The 12 soap colorants are made of vegan, cruelty-free and gentle ingredients such as cherry, kiwi, avocado, grape, lemon, black currant, blueberry, lavender, tangerine, forget me not, turquoise, etc. They are stain-free, FDA approved, and also ensure your bath bombs are bright and attractive.

You can use the molds to make other things like cheese, cakes, etc. The kit is cost-effective and durable, so you’re getting good value for your money. 

When getting a bath bomb-making kit, you carefully consider the type and quality of the ingredients. For instance, if you’re allergic to some essential oils, you have to ensure that your bath bomb-making kit doesn’t contain such oils. 

Also, the quality of the ingredients matter. Not all kits contain food-grade ingredients. Using artificial scents, chemical fillers, etc., to make bath bombs can cause skin irritations. 

I would recommend you buy your bath bomb making kit from a trusted seller only. Read the labels on the kit before you buy it. That way, you won’t end up buying low-quality products.

Finally, you don’t have to be a professional to make good bath bombs. Follow the instructions provided in your kit. If you want to make your bath bombs more exciting, be creative with the process.

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