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Is Lush Really Worth It? 7 Lush Products That You Should Try Out

Lush is a cosmetic company based in the UK, and its quality products are popular worldwide. They started producing cosmetics as far back as 1995. Their products are unique because they are hand-made. Also, the company ensures that the entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and ethical. In terms of marketing, the company has a unique strategy that focuses on superior packaging.

Interestingly, they also market their products by investing in progressive campaigns against moral issues like fatphobia, homophobia, and animal testing. As someone who wants to buy the product, one is likely to ask one question, especially considering the products are highly-priced. That is, is lush really worth its price?

Is Lush Really Worth It?

Lush is actually worth every penny you spend on their products because they are cruelty-free products. Also, the products are vegan, which means they are suitable for almost everyone. Finally, the products come with a signature lush smell that you will appreciate. 

That being said, there are several of their products that you can choose from. To make it easy for you, I have compiled some of their best products for you to try out. I have also attached the link you can use to buy them from Amazon.

7 Lush Products That You Should Try Out

  1. Sympathy For Skin 

This is a special hand and body lotion hand-made by Lush cosmetics. Every product from Lush is special, but then, this fantastic lotion falls in a special category. It is one of my favorites which is why I am recommending it to you. 

Sympathy for Skin is made from almond oil, vanilla pods, and organic bananas. The natural lotion made from organic fruits is lightweight and works well as a non-greasy moisturizer. Thanks to the natural organic fruit ingredients, it smells so sweet you will almost want to taste the lotion. 

The moment it touched my skin, I could almost feel it sinking in, giving me that luscious and beautiful glow like never before. If, like me, you are looking for a moisturizing cream with the perfect scent, this is the ideal lotion for you. It is the perfect lotion for all your skincare routines.   

2. Honey I Washed My Hair

First things first, I love the name of this shampoo bar. I mean, how did they come up with such a fantastic title? It beats me every time I think about it. 

This shampoo is amazing, and it’s specially designed for people who want to have that lush hair volume. It keeps your hair clean and gives you that amazing honey scent. The unbelievable part is, the scent stays with you all through the day. So, you have that confidence whenever people move close to your hair. 

I love this shampoo because Lush has been able to solve the year-old waste problem with it. The shampoo comes as a bar instead of the regular plastic bottles that are notorious for causing a waste nuisance in the environment. 

Just rub the shampoo bar into your hair and watch it produce a rich lather that will wash your hair clean. The great part is, Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo lasts long enough to give you value for your money. With one bar, you have as many as 80 washes. Now, isn’t that amazing?

I’ll recommend this to you if you are passionate about the environment and want clean, beautiful hair with natural inputs. 

3. Scrubee

Scrubee is one of Lush’s most popular products for many reasons. Firstly, it has a unique name. The product is a scrub bar with the shape of a bee and so, the name scrub+bee. 

The exterior design of the scrub is adorable, and the bar is just as effective. This scrub is a fantastic body butter mix that helps you buff your skin. I like the fact that it leaves my skin smooth, soft, and radiant after each use. 

Like most other products from Lush, Scrubee helps you reduce waste in the environment. The bar comes naked without any wrappers or packaging whatsoever. If you feel bothered about it, Lush has some tin cans that you can buy alongside to keep your scrub bar safe.  

I will recommend this for people that have wet skin. The scrub would help you exfoliate your skin to its maximum potential. 

4. Lush Fresh Masks 

There’s so much to say about how amazing these face masks are. First, they are made from natural ingredients, and the blend is handed to you in its freshest form. For people like me who want an all-natural skincare routine that is free of chemicals. To show you that these face masks are natural and chemical-free, they last only two weeks under refrigeration. 

Interestingly, they come in different unique flavors that cater to all skin types. My personal favorite is the Rosy Cheeks. The face mask has Kaolin to cleanse your skin and help you absorb excess oils. It smells so lovely, and you will definitely love the product. 

In case you are new to skincare, or you are not sure what to use, don’t worry, Lush has got you covered. You can get a free sample from any of their store good enough for one-time use. After application, if you feel the product type is good for you, you can return to get more. And if you are not sure, you can always get other free samples until you find the sample that suits you. 

5. Sleepy 

I have always imagined there was more to shower gels. Never has it crossed my mind that shower gels could help people get a good night’s sleep. If you have been having trouble sleeping, this product from lush is just for you. 

Like the name, Sleepy is a unique shower gel from lush designed for people who have issues with sleeping at night. It is the ideal treatment to help you settle in for a shower after a long day’s work or whenever you feel exhausted. 

As you rub sleepy shower gel all over your body and take your shower, it will leave you feeling clean all over and refreshed. More importantly, it has a unique lavender scent infused with soothing oath milk and sweet tonka scents that will immediately ease your tension and put your body to dreamland in no time.  

The amazing part is, it works for everyone whether you have trouble sleeping or not. For those who do not have issues sleeping, using the cream before you sleep will soften your skin and make you smell lovely when you wake up in the morning.  

6. Elbow Grease

This is one of the products from Lush with a tricky title. Don’t let the elbow part fool you, it is a moisturizer that you can use for all parts of your body, not just your elbow. I feel the name shows you that the moisturizer does well to restore dry skins with cracks. 

When you apply this cream to your dry skin with cracks, it will brighten it and leave the skin feeling so soft and smooth, and that’s not all. 

I will recommend this lotion to you if you have some lovely tattoos that you want to preserve or that are fading out. Elbow grease is particularly tested and trusted for keeping tattoos fresh. So, if you have a tattoo on your skin that is looking dull or rough recently, you might want to apply this moisturizer to it. You will be amazed how it will revitalize the spot, so you do not have to go through the pain of getting a new tattoo.  

7. Revive (Hair Moisturizer)

The Revive moisturizer from Lush should rather be called a magic pot because it’s got some magic in it. The moisturizer is a leave-in conditioner that is rich in natural ingredients. All you will need to peruse is just a pea size of the product. 

The product comes with a wonderful mix of avocado oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Together, these oils hydrate and lock in moisture into your hair. The oils also keep your hair together, so you do not have flyaway hairs disturbing you. The amazing part is the scent that comes with it. Revive Moisturizer smells like jasmine and orange blossom, leaving your hair hydrated and smelling nice all day long. 

I will recommend this to you if you have Frizzy curls. The product also works just fine for people with straight hair. You can apply it to your hair, whether it’s damp or dry. Either way, it works just fine. You might get too excited as you use the product because of its goodness. However, try your best not to use too many at a time because this is a rich product. Using too much of it will only leave your hair greasy. 

Lush products are hand-made cosmetics that are produced following the most ethical standards. The company ensures that their products contribute little to no waste to the environment, which is why most of them do not come in any package. 

The products you buy from lush are not tested on animals, so you are sure you are getting cruelty-free products. So, if you want something worth your money or even more, you should give Lush cosmetics a try. You would never be disappointed.




Is Lush Really Worth It? 7 Lush Products That You Should Try Out
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