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How to wrap bath bombs without plastic? 6 Easy Ways

Globally issues of plastic usage have been a significant concern due to its effects. Customer demand has increased for fewer plastic commodities. Hence to meet the increasing customer demand, most companies have opted to make products free of plastics.

To achieve lesser usage of plastic, there are a couple of ways to wrap your bath bombs, such as using tissue paper, foil wrap, wax paper, among many more. While using tissue paper, you will need to wrap all around and tie it with a ribbon.

When making bath bombs, you can add some scent to them, adding flavor and likeability or making them able to match the mood. When wrapping, this is a factor to consider. A red wrap can go hand in hand with a rose smell.

How to wrap bath bombs without plastic?

In this article, I have researched thoroughly and written down other methods you can use instead of plastic, keep reading to learn more!

6 easy ways to wrap the bath bombs without a plastic

Plastics have had non competitive dominance in market usage for a very long time, but due to the current global warming conditions, the globe is looking for alternatives to replace plastics. There are several alternatives apart from using plastics for wrapping bath bombs which include;

Tissue paper

For clarity of things by tissue, it’s not toilet paper because that will not help things out. Wrapping tissue paper is a thin translucent tissue paper and is effective especially for gift wrapping bath bombs since you can use different colors as well match the color with the mood.

Select a tissue paper that matches with the bath bomb as well as the scent, then cover it all around. After that, you can tie the top with a ribbon. This enhances the gift look. Instead of using a ribbon to tie at the top, you can also use a sticker of choice.

Tissue paper is a better alternative to plastic and is eco-friendly hence an option to put in mind and consider.

Wax paper

They are primarily used to cover food and prevent moisture from getting to the food; in the same way, they prevent water from getting to food, they keep moisture away from bath bombs. Wax papers, when used correctly, also maintain the scent from the bath bombs.

Foil wrap

Foil wrap is usually shiny, which makes it stand out when put together with other wraps. You can use a top foil cover of maybe shiny gold color to bring out the gift look. Foil wrap is also very effective when used to cover bath bombs when placed in a delivery box.

Crepe paper

Crepe paper could be the next big thing for wrapping bath bombs since, like tissue paper, they have a wide variety of colors to choose from. You may have to use two of them since they are very sensitive. Another character is that they are usually thin; hence you will need to learn to use them cautiously.

See-through handkerchief

The good thing about using clothed material is that you can put on the material promotion pictures, which is an added advantage if you are into business. Using handkerchiefs is also a suitable method since you have a wide range of colors to choose for yourself.

Sack paper

It’s also called Kraft paper or paperboard. Kraft has characteristics such as it has high tear resistance as well as elasticity. Kraft pulp is usually brown but can be bleached to turn them into a white pulp. Sack paper is a good alternative for packaging bath bombs, especially if they are a surprise present.

Do bath bombs need to be wrapped?

Bath bomb wrapping depends on one’s preference, whether you may or not, but it’s crucial to wrap for commercial purposes since the wrapping itself is an attraction for customers. For commercial purposes, it’s vital to wrap since it helps keep off moisture.

 Crumpled tissue acts as a cushion, making it the best for wrapping. Even though shrinking packaging material for bath bombs isn’t essential, you should always ensure you keep the bath bomb away from water, store it in a cool, dry place.

When bath bombs are kept in a cool, dry place, they can stay for up to 6 months without fizzing out. However, bath bombs can be used for up to a year before essential oils become rancid and begin to cause skin irritation.

Going about bath bomb wrapping

Shrink wrap a bath bomb

Shrink-wrap is a plastic that on heating contracts.  The process is easy. All you will need to do is place the shrink wrap around the bath bomb, then, using heat from a hairdryer, shrink it. With that easy step, you will have sealed your bath bomb.

There are several types of shrink wraps that you can use, but only one is needed. The three includes:

1.       The first one is centerfold shrink wrap

2.       Another type of shrink wrap is shrink sleeve

3.       The third and most convenient one is shrink wrap bags

Shrink-wrap starts to shrink at temperatures above 250 degrees F; however, at a degree above 350, it starts to melt and burn after a short while. For commercial purposes, thin shrink wrap help attract customers as they have a visual of the bath bombs and also get some enticing aroma from the bath bombs

Shrink wraps are also easy to open by hand hence favorable for the customers. During the sales display, shrink-wraps should be kept to prevent the falling and cracking of the bath bombs. The secret for the escaping sweet smell from the bath bombs is making small pin size holes on the shrink wrap.

This method is suitable but wrapping each bath bomb will consume quite an amount of your time. In case there is a fall, the shrink wrap prevents the broken dust or parts from spreading all over the place. How you package matters as it’s supposed in order to avoid shattering, crushing, or damaging the bath bombs.

Wrapping bath bombs for shipping

When making bath bombs for commercial purposes, you will have to ship a few to your distant customers. The packaging and wrapping should be exceptional in a way to maintains the integrity of the bath bombs.

You can use a box for packaging after wrapping the bath bombs. Ensure there is some spacing between them. You should at least put some peanuts to fill up the gaps since they help in reducing moisture.

Gift wrapping bath bombs

This will depend on the occasion at hand. There are many special events where you can present a bath bomb as a present and also many ways to wrap it. It’s a matter of creativity and what you want. Some include:

1.       Weddings

You can decoratively put wrapped bath bombs, maybe with a foil in a net with few flowers, and tie the net with a ribbon.

2.       Christmas gift

You can make the Christmas man image and tie your bath bombs in that shape.

What is the best shrink wrap for bath bombs?

Bath bombs are hard-packed combinations of dehydrated components that are appropriate for washing. The bath bombs we purchase from the shops are always covered by plastic film. Because bath bombs are circular, it can be tough to bundle physically, and it doesn’t use appropriate techniques.

Bath bombs are shrink-wrapped for the following reasons;

1.       Bath bombs are very dirty in store, and the shrink-wrapped goods will only descend on the wrapping film, will not dash the creation, and can also avert wetness.

2.       The fastening is decent, it is worthy of avoiding external contamination, and the scent of bath bombs can be well conserved.

3.       Avoid exterior blows, play a safeguarding part, and have a decent guard.

What size shrink wrap for Bath Bombs?

In a manufacturing atmosphere, and if you got the essential tools like a heat gun, sealer, and shrinking bag, then the endorsed type of shrink film used for bath bomb wrapping is a 45-75 gauge polyolefin shrink film. This choice is only for plastic covering and not for other tools.

The lesser the scale, the thinner the film. A thinner film will allow for a more effortless opening but not offer as much break safeguard from fallen or rumpled rolls. However, if you’re not in a bath bomb commercial, you don’t have to worry at all about the size of the shirk covering.

A worthy rule of glance at is you have to make sure your bath bombs stay in a decent state within whatever wrapping you’re using. If you trust by using another gauge range, your bath bombs will be harmless, then no problems at all. Just follow what you think is appropriate and progress after every disappointment, if any.

The good thing is that machines can do this work and are faster than a man working. The end product is the smartest thing since it’s usually well done, and there is some attractive aroma as well as the neatness of the work.

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How to wrap bath bombs without plastic? 6 Easy Ways
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