25 Unique Bath Bomb Molds

If you often make or use a bath bomb, by now, you would easily know that bath bomb molds are as important as the bath bombs themselves. Bath bomb molds are unique based on their shapes, colors, sizes, and ability to accommodate quality materials. 

There are numerous bath bomb molds to choose from and this might be a bit overwhelming for you to find that unique bath bomb mold you are looking for. As a result, we have compiled the best and most unique bath bomb mold to use.

Unique Bath Bomb Molds

So, which are the best and most unique bath bomb molds to use? Some of the unique bath bomb molds to use are; Caydo Metal Bath Bomb Molds, Kslong Anodized Aluminum Doughnuts Shaped Bath Bomb Molds, Flower Silicon Bath Bomb Molds, Kyerivs’ Various-shaped Bath Bomb Molds, Ninexy 3d Rose Candle Bath Bomb Molds, Honeycomb Bath Bomb Molds By Fewo, Ian’s Choice Cupcake Bath Bomb Mold, Fangsun Moon Cake Press Bath Bomb Mold, Pineapple Bath Bomb Molds, Waffle-shaped Bath Bomb Mold, Jumbo-sized Silicon Emoji Bath Bomb Molds, Busoha Hamburger Bath Bomb Mold, Palksky Unicorn Bath Bombs, and the Heart Bath Bomb Molds. 

That being said, let’s get to the unique bath bomb molds to use.

Unique Bath Bomb Molds

The following is a carefully compiled list of the unique bath bomb molds. This list will help you put some things into consideration while making or buying bath bomb molds. Moreover, if you want to make your bath bombs at home or anywhere, you will love the uniqueness of these best mold choices.

Caydo Metal Bath Bomb Molds

Metal bath bomb molds are generally more durable than bath bombs of other materials. Metal bath bomb mold by CAYDO is a good fit for simplicity and uniqueness. The uniqueness comes in the number of sets they come with. CAYDO metal bath bomb molds come in 3 different sizes, 15 pairs, and 30 pieces.  

If you’re a bath bomb retailer and need to make many bath bombs, this bath bomb is a unique option for your business. You can easily make bath combs of different sizes and tag them at different prices.

It’s normal to be scared of rusts since the bath bombs are metallic. There is nothing to be scared of as the metals are pure Aluminum; It doesn’t get corroded easily. Also, use the smooth sides of the mold and try as much as possible not to create dents on aluminum molds while removing the bombs.

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Aluminum Doughnuts Shaped Bath Bomb Molds

Kslong doughnut-shaped Metal bath bomb is an affordable and reasonably unique mold.

In terms of quantity, these 10pcs doughnut-shaped bath bombs may not even be considered unique by some bath bomb sellers. However, the shape, even the baking, and durability of the mold are unique.

What makes it unique? The mold is non-toxic. It bakes more quickly and evenly than most rounded bomb molds. 

The most spectacular feature of this bomb mold is the non-sticky feature. Kslong anodized Aluminum doughnut-shaped bomb molds release the bombs in them quickly and can withstand high temperatures.

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Flower Silicon Bath Bomb Molds

Apart from the various flower and star shapes, these molds come with the smell of these molds. Also, the flower silicon bath bomb mold is made from safe materials and can resist intense heat.

Since it is a flexible material, bath bombs are easy to remove from these molds. And when it comes to washing, you can wash the molds with warm water and properly keep them in a cupboard.

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Kyerivs’ Various-shaped Bath Bomb Molds 

Personally, using these bath bombs during a long bath feels like sitting in an oceanic world of possibilities, like a whole new planet. 

Many sea creatures and shapes are in the set. The set from Kyerivs’ comes with a total of 14 pieces, two hearts, two starfish, two scallops, two shells, and six hemispheres. It also comes with some shrink-wrap bags and one mini heat sealer. All of these are easy to clean when you have warm water, not a dishwasher.

The product is made from aluminum metal, and it is not too much to say that you can use it forever. The 14 pcs molds can be a valuable gift set for family and friends.

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Ninexy 3d Rose Candle Bath Bomb Molds

Yes! You guessed right. It can be used for making candles. However, these lovely molds can also be used for bath bombs. The bomb molds are made from quality Silicone. It is very flexible and resistant to tearing.

The molds are carefully designed with carved rose and vivid leaf texture details. These designs make your bath bombs or candle resins attractive.

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Cavity Heart-shaped Rose Flower Bath Bomb Molds

The MOLDFUN bomb mold product is a safe food-grade Material. In other words, they are made from 100% pure silicone, thereby meeting European safety standards.

The bath bomb molds are easy to use and easy to clean. Pour any ingredients you want and clean them afterward. The cavity bath bomb mold is entirely dishwasher safe. Better still, you can choose to use warm water to clean the molds. Then you keep it far away from sunlight.

Besides, the designs are clear and vivid. These make it fit for multi-use. Also, with the shape of a heart carved out; It is a romantic gesture if you can consider giving it out as a gift during a valentine’s celebration.

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Bumblebee Soap Molds

It is an easy-to-use mold. When using, you just need to pour your properly mixed ingredients carefully and minimize their movements. The bumblebee soap molds are non-sticky. Hence, it is very easy to remove after use. However, it’s better to place a baking sheet in the molds to make removal easier.

Bumblebee molds can withstand temperatures as high as 230°C and as low as -40°C. Therefore, you don’t need to be bothered about the ingredients melting the molds after pouring.

Cleaning the bumblebee mold is as easy as washing your face. It can be used in the microwave, oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Bee gifts are very popular, so if you make bath bombs or soap for gifting, I can assure you friends and family will love them!  

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Jumbo-sized Silicon Emoji Bath Bomb Molds  

An emoji bath bomb mold surely looks cute. The product is unique and different from conventional bath bomb trays. The Blue colored emoji molds are in jumbo size. That is, it is larger than most molding trays you will come across.

Usually, you would expect a reduction in the number of faces due to the jumbo size. Instead, the bomb molds were able to capture 32 faces representing 32 different moods. Cool right?

The product is silicon-made and very easy to clean. It is also refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher safe. Without a doubt, your friends, family and even customers will love these. 

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Pineapple Bath Bomb Molds

Setting up a tropical feeling in your bathtub is not so difficult, you know. If you already planned to do that, a pineapple bath bomb mold would undoubtedly prove useful. 

The product comes with two pieces of aluminum alloy mold. It may not be a product any bath bombs sellers may want to consider. However, if you have a customer with a unique taste like me, you should consider buying these molds and making nice bath bombs for them.

Being an aluminum alloy, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to high temperatures. However, you need to be careful while removing the bath bombs or any ingredients to avoid unnecessary dents on the metal.

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Coffin Bath Bombs By Moldfun

Yippee! Seeing this gives me thrills for Halloween.  The product is so unique that I had to ask myself why I have not thought about this for so long.

Skeletons, skulls, crosses and a coffin is the theme of this bath bomb. Hence, you can’t remove the Halloween purpose it was made for. It will make a perfect gift for friends and loved ones during Halloween.

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Fangsun Moon Cake Press Bath Bomb Mold

The uniqueness of this bath bomb mold is in its different sizes, shapes, and designs. 

There are 20 pieces of different sizes present in the set. Using it is not difficult either, you just need to make a hard press and twist on any material of your choice, and that is all.

Cleaning it is also a piece of cake. You can wash gently with ordinary water.

Mooncake press bath bomb mold is made from plastic and has little tolerance for heat. Although the handle is made up of sturdy metal springs, care should be taken to avoid mishandling.

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Busoha Hamburger Bath Bomb Mold

If you love a steak Hamburger, this one is undoubtedly for you. The shape and careful attention to detail of a hamburger is the star of the product.

The Hamburger bath bomb mold is 100% pure silicone. Needless to say, the details present in the mold make the product alive, vivid, and beautiful. It is also freezer and oven safe.

Dishwashers can do no damage to the parts of this mold. Neither should you bother about how to remove the bath bombs? The product is flexible and smooth.

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Palksky Unicorn Bath Bombs

Palsky unicorn bath bombs are made up of food-grade platinum-silicone material. Its temperature tolerance has ensured that it can be used in ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

It would make a wonderful gift for friends and especially kids.

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Honeycomb Bath Bomb Molds By Fewo

These bath bomb molds will surely make you enjoy soap making and the ‘do it yourself bath bombs.’ It’s a two-pack three cavity mold. 

The mold is made up of high-quality Silicone. It is also food-grade, and extremely temperature resistant.

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Bestomz Bath Bomb Molds

These molds are made of sturdy stainless steel, which makes them thicker than other molds. With the way it is built, you need not worry about rust, cracks, or dents. Unlike other round molds, it has no flat top or bottom. A pair makes a perfect sphere.

If you are looking for a durable string bath bomb mold, this is the product for you. 

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Cupcake Bath Bomb Mold

If you crave a bath bomb mold that is safe, reusable, easy to unfold, sturdy, and lightweight, this is for you. It is made from BPA-free plastic in cupcake form, making it unique and perfect for a gift. 

This bath bomb mold is made for you if you are concerned with aesthetics and versatility. 

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Super Z Outlet Acrylic Bath Bomb Mold

The Super Z mold is a heavy-duty acrylic shell that comes in four sizes in diameter; 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 120mm. There are a dozen lightweight shells in each pack.

Depending on how you handle it, you can re-use it up to the third time. If you desire a bath bomb mold where you can store your bath bomb overnight, this is the choice for you as its design enables easy clip close and snap opening.

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Unique Bath Bomb Molds

Unique bath bomb molds stand out in aesthetics and dynamism. Of course, bath bomb molds come in different shapes and figures. But if you settle for the ordinary this might be the one for you. Unique bath bomb mold shaped like diamonds.

You may be scared of going after aesthetics and not getting a quality product. These bath bomb molds also stand out in quality. For a combo of style and quality, this is the product for you.

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Heart Bath Bomb Molds

These molds come in 2 rounded heart-shaped molds, each made of 3 pieces. They are very lightweight.

Hearts bath bomb molds are pretty popular. They are made of plastic, and this makes them very easy to use. You can leave your bath bombs in them to dry, and freshly made bath bombs can carefully be remolded.  

They come in heart shapes and are very affordable. To make your heart-shaped bath bombs, this is the product for you.

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Floral Bath Bomb Molds By Enenes

These bath bomb molds by Enenes come in 2 pieces, with six cavities for six cute patterns on each piece. If you are after quality and aesthetics, these are the molds for you.

The floral bath bomb is made of Silicone because Silicone is not as thick as metal. It may take practice to get used to using it but think of the flexibility that comes with silicon molds which metal molds cannot provide.

You don’t need to bother about your spending because going for this product means saving. It is affordable.

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Macaron Bath Bomb Mold

If you like to do more at once, this is the bath bomb mold for you. It is designed to allow you to make multiple bath bombs at once. It is made of Silicone and can endure high temperatures. Based on its design, you can use it to make bath bombs in hamburger shape.

You can make up to 6 bath bombs at once with an easy-to-clean mold by choosing Macaron bath bomb mold. Are you concerned about the price? Worry no more; this mold will help you save time and money. It comes at an affordable price and does more at once. You should check it out.

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Extra Large Bath Bomb Mold By Roundsquare

As the name implies, this mold is very huge, which means you can make bigger-sized bath bombs with it. If you plan to make bath bombs as gift items, this bath bomb mold is lush-sized, making it more suitable as a gift.

It is made of Aluminum, and as a result, unmolding bath bombs will demand extra care to avoid denting them. It is also strong, can endure heat, and lasts long. 

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Emoji Bath Bomb Molds

Do you want to put a face on your bath bomb? Use Emoji bath bomb molds. They come in 2 pieces with 12 cavities of different expressions depending on your choice. With this product, it is not just about making bath bombs; you become a craftsman. 

They are made of Silicone, and this makes them flexible and easy to clean. If you are interested in crafts or you just want to make bath bombs with facial emotions that different people can relate to, the Emoji bath bomb molds are a perfect choice.

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Diamond hearts Bath Bomb Mold

This bath bomb mold is one of the best bath bomb molds in terms of quality and design. It is made from Silicone, and this makes it very durable. You want a long-lasting mold for your bath bombs. This is the product to purchase. It is quite affordable for its quality. 

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Waffle-shaped Bath Bomb Mold

Check the fantastic reviews, ratings, and price of this amazing bath bomb mold here.

This amazing bath bomb mold allows you to make quite a number of bath bombs at once. It can be used to create beautiful waffle-shaped bath bombs, especially when different colors are mixed. The waffle-shaped mold is made of plastic which makes it very easy to use, especially for beginners.

It can be used as a mold for other things like wax melts too. This makes it multi-functional and worth the cost. It is pretty big and very affordable. If you need a bath bomb mold that costs you less and serves you more, this is the product for you.

These bath bomb molds provide sturdy enough cavities to contain the formulation in their unique shapes. Most importantly, they all offer an easy removal once dry without being clingy to the mold. Stainless steel molds are often the best choice, but silicone, aluminum, and high-grade plastic molds are awesome choices as well. 

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Sun & Moon Face Molds

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2 Pack Hot Lips Molds

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3D Small Rubber Duck Silicone Mold

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Rugby Mold

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Easter Egg Shaped Silicone Mold

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Snowflakes Silicone Bath Bombs Mold 

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Silicone Flower Mold

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Butterfly Bee Dragonfly Ladybug Silicone Mold for Bath Bomb

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Unicorn Bath Bomb Mold

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Sweet Cone Silicone Mold

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Care Silicone Mold 

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Elephant Family Silicone Bath Bomb Molds

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What to Look Out for When Deciding on the Bath Bomb Mold to use?

Unique Bath bomb molds are molds that come in different and unique shapes, sizes, and materials. Silicone, Aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic are all materials used to make special bath bombs. Their results and final shapes are different from conventionally made bath bomb molds. When bath bombs are unique, they will surely catch an appreciable eye. Sales, on the other hand, will surely rise.

Whether you are an eager crafter, looking to add more creativity and uniqueness to your soap-making business, or you are just hoping to treat your loved ones with unique homemade gifts, you need the right bath bomb molds.

And this leads to the beginning of the dilemma; What should I look for in a bath bomb mold? What factors should I consider before choosing a bath bomb mold? All these questions racing through your mind can make the shopping experience overwhelming. The diverse number of brands makes this even more challenging. When faced with such, here are some factors to consider that would help you make a choice on the best bath bomb mold for you.


Anyone considering a DIY project in bath bomb making should pay attention to the bath bomb mold material (if it is heat tolerant or not, releases materials with ease or not). 

There are certain features common to bath bomb molds based on the material used in making them. It is essential to know these features to make the right choice of bath bomb mold as it affects the bath bomb you can make. Some molds are a single cavity, while others have multiple cavities varying in number. If you consider making bath bombs for sale and you want to aid production speed, you may want to go for molds with multiple cavities.

The most popular materials used in making bath bomb molds are plastic, silicone, and metal. Each has its own pros and cons. 

Bath bomb molds made from stainless steel are the best you can get your hands on. The material is strong and offers a sleek and smooth surface for the bath bombs to slide right off. They are also very durable and can last you a lifetime. However, they are quite pricey, but if you look at it in the long run, they are totally worth it. 

Bath bomb molds made of steel and Aluminum are often very easy to clean, and since they are made from non-oxidizing metal, they have high durability. Moreover, it is crucial to tap lightly when the bath bomb is being removed to prevent dents. 

These materials also allow bath bomb molds to endure high temperatures. Molds made from steel or Aluminum, unlike Silicone, are not flexible. one downside of molds made with aluminum is that it tends to dent easily when banged, dropped, or tapped hard. This causes a flaw in the bath bomb’s appearance. 

Molds made from Silicone are the most flexible. Therefore, they require more patience when packing the bath bomb into the mold. Bath bombs come out best from a silicone mold when they are dry, and removing them may require practice. Silicone molds can also endure a higher temperature than plastic molds.

Plastic bath bomb molds have the least melting point, which makes them the least in terms of heat endurance. Nevertheless, they are the easiest to use because they are not as flexible and bendable as silicone molds. Bath bomb molds made of plastic are the most recommended for beginners in bath bomb-making.

Shape and design

In considering beauty, creativity, and aesthetics, you may consider the shape and design of the mold, especially if the bath bombs to be made are gift items. If you don’t want the ordinary or simple bath bomb, you should consider the shape, size, and design of the mold regardless of the material it is made of. The shapes and designs of your bath bomb mold will add a touch of creativity to your bath bomb. There are a lot of designs to choose from. From sea creatures to stars, florals to cupcakes to snowflakes, and almost any design you could conceptualize. 

Size and capacity

I don’t need to dwell on this too much. You probably have an idea of the size of bath bombs you’d like to make. Is it small, medium, or big? So, when choosing a mold, the size and capacity should correspond to the size you have in mind. Also, you should decide if you want a single cavity or multi-cavity mold. The multi-cavity mold allows you to make several bath bombs at once.

25 Unique Bath Bomb Molds
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