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5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Wood Wedding Anniversary

An anniversary was a celebration when an important event or founding of an institution took place. For couples who decided to tie the knot, an anniversary is an extraordinary occasion. Reaching your 5-year mark as a committed pair is a sign that you are no longer newlyweds. The marital couple can be considered more mature, having experienced many things together.

Their relationship is like a mature tree with deep roots. Gaining insight into their partner forms a deeper understanding to transpire. The process of listening and speaking becomes easier. As a positive result, compromise and forgiveness are more freely given in these circumstances.

5-year anniversary gifts for your loved one!

In numerology, the number 5 is associated with the need to take part in an exciting experience. This digit stands for craving freedom and adventure, something a 5 year married couple would probably crave. By this time, the couple is ready to get things out there and experiment boldly with what is next for their relationship. The marital pair will showcase curiosity about where life can take them. In this period of spontaneity, as long as the couple allows their maturity to guide them in making decisions, everything will work its way well.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Are Traditionally Wood Gifts

Wood symbolizes the strength of a marriage bond. Wood is known to be a durable and long-lasting material that can represent how solid the relationship is. For centuries Wood is related to strength and wisdom, something a 5-year couple has earned through their time together. This knowledge of each other will be the roots of their tree to grow more and keep the marital status healthy. Listed below are the following ideas you can consider as a 5-year anniversary gift made of Wood.

Wooden Photo Frame

What best way to celebrate and recall moments but through a photograph. Of course, the memento should be placed in a lovely Photo Frame. It makes it even more special. This Kate Posh-5 Years of Marriage Photo Frame is inscribed with “5 Years of Marriage” that will remind a couple of their blissful years together. They can put in the frame their favorite moment in the past 5 years or the commemorative photo of their 5th-anniversary celebration.

The lovely photo frame is in a natural finish giving it a very nature-oriented feel. The item’s dimension is 7.5 inches by 9.5 inches and can hold s 5 inches by 7 pictures. It can either be wall-mounted or displayed on a table or shelf since it comes with an easel stand. All Kate Posh-5 Years of Marriage Photo Frames are carefully hand-crafted by artisans in their California facility.

Get this gift shipped to your favorite 5-year couple through this link

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Bamboo Wood Greeting Cards

Express your love and affection towards your significant other by preparing a card with your innermost thoughts written on it. This Happy Anniversary Card Flower Design by HeartspaceCards is handmade with real bamboo. The inside is decorated with mini roses that add charm and a strong romantic feel to this piece. These unique Bamboo Wood Greeting Cards measure 7.2 inches by 5.28 inches by 0.43 inches and weigh 2.82 ounces. It may be light, but surely it represents something heavy.

Take the step of gifting your partner with a very personalized gift. Check it out here!

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Marriage Prayer Gifts for Husband Wife Acrylic Night Light

This beautiful acrylic night light is a unique and romantic gift for your husband or wife. With its white base and clear glass, it helps to bring more romance into your bedroom. The gift comes in a wooden box with a black ribbon and ribbon ties to help you wrap up the presentation. The prayer reads: “May God bless you on this special day. May God watch over you through the years ahead. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I love you so much!”

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Whiskey Glass Set for Men

Whiskey has historically been a men’s drink since the English came to immigrate to America. During also the era of the gold rushes, whiskey is the main alcoholic drink chosen by miners. Whiskey is considered the balance of straight edge and crazy. A mal whiskey lover is very appreciative of the beauty around him and takes time to appreciate it. Speaking of beauty surrounding the husband, of course, the wife is definitely the most gorgeous in their eyes.

Gift your man with this exquisite Whiskey Glass Set for Men. It has the engraving “To My Husband,” giving it a more personal touch. Additionally, it comes with an oath inscribed, ” I Love you then, I Love you still. Always have, Always will.” It comes with 2 crystal cut glasses, 6 stainless steel stones, a velvet bag, and 2 timeless Slate Coasters. The premium wooden box is, of course, made of flamed natural pine. The crystal cut glass measures 3.5 inches in height and 3.25 inches in diameter and can hold 13 ounces of drink. It has a very thick base, and the ultra-fine crystal is carefully hand blown. The steel stones can keep their whiskey colder for as much as an hour compared to the traditional granite variant. Plus, with the steel stones, the taste of the whiskey is not changed compared to having it with ice where the water dilutes.

Check out this wonderfully made set from Frederick James by using this link.

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Personalized Portrait Highborn Couple

This perfect piece will portray your personalized photo alongside your spouse. This portrait can be a great gift on a particular day for the couple. Granting it gives a notion of leadership to the recipient. This is the perfect gift choice if you do not have other gift ideas on what to present. The beauty in the background makes the characters step right into the proper position.

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Highborn Couple personalized portrait

Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box/Case/Storage for Women

Women are known to be very emotional and, in effect, can be very sentimental. That is why gifting them a Jewelry Box for a 5-year anniversary gift would be fitting. The wife can store in case mementos of the 5-year relationship. Items such as jewelry, trinkets, charms, and other tiny items can be stored in this 8-inch length, 4-inch width, and 5-inch height wooden storage.

The inside of the Jewelry box is adorned with a velvet lining. It also has a brass latch that keeps everything inside secure. It has 2 small and 1 big compartment to store your precious things. The wood used is of high quality is natural and solid wood that is corrosion resistant—wooden polish coats the Jewelry box to ensure maximum durability.

You can order a luxurious and multi-layered functional Jewelry Box from Ultimate Krafts. Just click it here.

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Willow Tree Promise Sculpture

Decorative sculptures can bring wonderful positive energy to the household. One example is the “Willow Tree Promise sculpted Hand-Painted Figure,” the sculpture depicts a woman in a cream dress and a man in a cream shirt dancing while embracing each other. The figure comes with an enclosure card with the message: “Hold dear the promise of love.” How sweet it would be if an image of the eternal marriage promise is displayed in a loving couple’s home.

Willow Trees, in addition, symbolize fertility and new life. A willow tree branch can be planted on the ground, and it can grow easily to a new one. Willow trees are symbolic in showcasing that in all difficulties, with determination, it can triumph. This is a thoughtful hidden message for a 5th-anniversary gift. It is best to wish the couple congratulations on their milestone by a physical presence with a profound meaning.

Artist Susan Lordi carved the original piece of this sculpture from a Willow Tree. Then from the original, it is cast to make other pieces, and each newly made copy is carefully hand-painted by hand. The item made from resin weighs 14.1 ounces and measures 2 inches by 1.5 inches by 9 inches.

Relive the romantic moments of life. Gift your better half or good friends this feel-good figure. You can take a look at it on this site.

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Bamboo Thermos is a perfect 5-year anniversary gift

We are all living a hectic lifestyle. Work, whether it be situated in an office or at home, can still be very stressful. One of the holistic ways to enjoy some calm in between the busy day is sipping some good quality tea. But making tea kind of takes a lot of time, so how can it be made easier and be preserved for a longer time? The search is now over with LeafLife Premium Bamboo Thermos with Tea infuser and Strainer. This unique tumbler can brew your favorite blend and keep it hot or cold for as much as twelve hours.

This high-quality and long-lasting piece can store a good volume of 17oz or 500ml. It comes with 2 detachable tea infusers and a strainer. This feature can allow short, long, or tea bag infusion based on preference. Gifting a couple with this Bamboo Thermos is like allowing them to have a connection whenever they sip their favorite variant of tea. So throughout the working hours, they may be apart, but consuming a brew from the tumbler will definitely remind them that their better half is one with them.

Check out is unique Bamboo Tumbler and present it as a 5-year anniversary gift!

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Marriage Prayer Plaque

Marriage is one of life’s greatest commitments, and finding a better half is one of the best presents ever. Gift a celebrating couple a reminder of how fortunate they are to have each other. This wood marriage prayer plaque has an inspiring inscription that would make the couple feel that they are indeed a blessing to each other.

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Couple Wooden Watches

Time is something we all can share but never get back to once it passed. Gift celebrating friends or your better half and yourself these uniquely designed wooden watches. These wooden wristwatches will serve as a significant symbol of a 5th anniversary. Combining technology with nature in this distinctive piece will serve as proof that proves difficult to pair are difficult to pair this couple, who were once indistinct individuals, with love managed to become one.

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Present Modern Gifts that Symbolizes their Connection Via Silverware

Silverware is classified as a contemporary or modern gift that can be given to 5-year anniversary celebrating couples. Silverware stands as a reminder of their strong bonds formed as the marital couple routinely shares their meals. It is also a good family gift that can also use if the couple has children. Silverware historically are flatware made of silver. Therefore practical and usable items made of metal in shades of silver are also an acceptance of 5-year anniversary gift.

Metal Date Night Dice

Continue the flame of passion and love with the 5 Year Anniversary Metal Date Night Dice. This two-piece dice set has over 36 date night ideas every couple will love. Suggestions like “Start a Scrapbook,” “Board Games,” “Go out for a Meal,” “Cook for Each Other,” and “Make a homemade pizza,” to name a few. This novelty gift dice is 0.59 inch by 0.59 inch by 0.59 inch in dimensions and weighs 2.04 ounces. It comes with a pouch for storage. Have fun rolling the dice and let fate dictate what the fun date idea will be.

View these 2 pieces of solid metal dice 5-year anniversary gifts!

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Silverware Set as a 5-year anniversary gift

A Silverware set is comprised of a dinner spoon, dinner fork, dinner knife, and teaspoons. The HOBO 24-piece silverware set contains 6 pieces of each flatware. The dinner knives included in this set are highly ergonomic and can easily be cut with their serrated knife blade. The Silverware is constructed to be an ideal weight fit for eating utensils. It is designed with a mirror-polished style that can decorate the dinner table nicely. Each item is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, which is highly durable and safe for everyday use. This gift item is packaged in a nice charming gift box.

Check out this stunning silverware here!

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Conversation Starter Kits

Our Moments Couples: 100 thought-provoking conversation starters for great relationships. Card games are always a fun addition to any get-together. Relationship conversation card games are a great way for both of you to enjoy date night in a completely new way. Included are various interesting questions that will help both of you get out of your comfort zones and reminisce about the little things and quirks that made you fall in love with each other in the first place.

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Personalized Spoons as 5-year anniversary gifts

Promises don’t need to be big. It could be simple messages that remind your better half of the things you can usually share. Dafuz Coffee Spoons come in personalized variants where messages are engraved in stainless steel spoons. The message inscribed is “let’s have coffee forever,” This can bring a nostalgic feel of the numerous coffee dates the couple has done through the years. Coffee lovers, too, can periodically use this to add romance while having coffee together every morning. The rounded-edged spoons are 7.5 inches long, and the engraving is etched, so it cannot be easily washed off.

You can get the personalized spoons on this site:

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Steel Fishing Lures

A lot of men find fishing a great recreational activity. If your husband is into this, it is recommendable to gift the Memories Coding Stainless Steel Fishing Lure. This thoughtful gift has an engraved witty message stating, “5 years & I’m Still Hooked! Love your Best Catch Ever.”The well-made fishing hook is 1 inch in length, with a total length of 3.6 inches, and weighs 30 grams. It is made of thick stainless steel, which is rustproof, and through laser technology, the engraving will not easily fade.

There might be a chance you won’t be on your husband’s fishing trip. But make sure your better half remembers that despite what the catch the best catch is waiting at home is that day, the best catch is waiting at home.

View this fun and witty gift on this page:

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Anniversary Key Chain

Counting the days of your blissful time with your spouse? Express your feelings with this QIIER Anniversary Key Chain 5 years of Marriage variant. The novelty gift item has a greeting inscribed which states, “I Have Loved You For 
 The Last 5 years 60 months 260 weeks that’s 
 1826 days and nights”. It also comes with a happy anniversary charm attached.

See this precious and sturdy keepsake that can accompany your loved ones where they go:

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Stainless Steel Chopsticks

Are you a couple who loves to eat oriental food? Do you want to go eco-friendly and skip the disposable chopsticks? Worry no further. Take a step towards a more sustainable environment as a couple by getting your own stainless steel chopsticks. Goldage offers Fiberglass Dishwasher safe stainless steel chopsticks. It comes with a two-year warranty and is estimated to last from 2-5 years at most. The set comes in 5 pairs, a symbolic number for the couple celebrating their 5 years together.

It comes in different variants such as the Japanese, Chinese Modern, Chinese Traditional, Chinese long version, Korean and American Modern. This item is certified to comply with all food contact regulations and standards all over the world.

You can check out this oriental-inspired 5-year anniversary gift here!

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Steel Wallet Card for the 5th anniversary

Gift your significant other with a thoughtful tiny message that can be carried around in their wallet. The 5 Year Anniversary Engraved Gifts Wallet card is a sweet reminder of how thankful you are for your spouse. This wallet card is of a similar size to the average credit card dimensions. Its laser-engraved message will not easily tarnish, and the steel body will not quickly bend to damaged.

To get your steel wallet card that expresses your deep love and gratitude, click here to get it!

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Beer Bottle Opener

When hanging out inside the house just lazing on the sofa watching your favorite shows, a bottle of beer with your partner is very enticing. In enjoying these couple times together, add a dash of romance with a bottle opener that showcases your sweet thoughts. DJwindfy offers a 5-year anniversary gift idea in the form of a beer bottle opener with the message, ” The Best Beers are the ones we drink together. Happy 5 Years.” And isn’t that the truth?

This stainless steel and handy beauty can be purchased at this link!

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Cocktail Shaker Set

Want to learn a new skill that both of you can enjoy? Why not get a cocktail shaker set and schedule nights of fun together mixing and studying how to make cocktails? Showcase your couple’s skills at parties by surprising your friends by making their signature drinks. Or celebrate your 5-year anniversary by making a concoction inspired by your love for each other. As a couple, isn’t it fun to do things together?

Bsyexcellent Store offers a cocktail shaker set that comes with one cocktail shaker of 24 oz, 3 pourer sprouts, ice tongs, beer bottle opener, double-sided Measuring Jigger in 0.5/0.1 oz, stainless steel Hawthorne Strainer, Steel Display stand, cocktail muddler, and a mixing spoon. With this set, you and your partner can make mojitos, martinis, and margaritas, to name a few.

Get your durable stainless steel silver-colored cocktail shaker here and unleash your inner bartender.

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Every couple that has a reason to celebrate would appreciate this highly usable item. Whether it is for open this corkscrew will do the trick. Whether it is a favorite bottle of champagne or fine wine, this corkscrew will serve as a beer cap opener. It is designed with an ergonomic non-slip handle with an anti-slip rubber grip cover. It has a sharp zinc screw that makes the rotation easier, making the cork removal easier.

Check out this sturdy multifunctional Corkscrew piece at this link:

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Sapphire is assigned as the traditional 5th-anniversary gemstone. Sapphire for centuries stands for the heavens, guardian of innocence, bestows the truth, promoter of good health, and preserver of chastity. Gifting this unique gemstone is believed to bring fulfillment, joy, prosperity, inner peace, and beauty to its receivers.

If your budget is tight, then instead of expensive stones, you can also opt for alternatives that represent Sapphire too. Truly there are a lot of ways and means to find a suitable gift. See the list of suggestions given below:

Fantasy Glass Dolphin Crystal Suncatcher

Are you a pair that loves the sea and aquamarine life? Dolphins are one of the friendliest creatures in the ocean. These gentle water animals are the pride of aquarium buildings and their live shows. A lot of movies also featured dolphins be it in real life or animated. Gift each other on your 5-year anniversary a trinket that pays homage to your advocacy of the beach and sea.

Check out the stunning piece of dolphin representation here:

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Sapphire Gin Glass

Share a drink a two with your spouse in a beautiful Bombay Sapphire Gin Balloon Glass. This lovely glass comes in pairs which weigh 340 grams each. Tell stories about how your day went and share advice. And as a pilot use, utilize this glass on the night of your 5-year anniversary party.

Check out the stunning piece of dolphin representation here!

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Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay Gin

This Gin variant is carefully distilled with a blend of 12 botanicals. This recipe has ambrette seeds sourced from Ecuador and bergamot orange peel that is gently dried from Calabria. These two extra ingredients give this variety a unique taste.

There are different drinks you can make with this bottle. One is the Star of Bombay & Tonic. Use 50ml of Star of Bombay Gin, 100ml of Premium tonic water, Orange wheel twist, and ice hand-chipped. Another mix is Star of Bombay Negroni, use 25ml Star of Bombay Gin, 25ml Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino, 25ml Martini Bitters, Orange Zest, and a Hand-carved block of ice. And lastly, the Star of Bombay Gin Spritz. Put together 25ml Star of Bombay Gin, 15ml Martini Bitters, 15ml lemon juice,15ml honey syrup (3 parts honey / 1 part water), and 12 orange wheels.

Get a bottle of Star of Bombay and toast with your loved one in celebrating your 5-year anniversary.

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Sapphire Necklace

Surprise your beloved wife with a September celebrant? Or even if your spouse’s birthday does not fall on this month, this attractive piece of jewelry is an ideal 5-year anniversary gift.

The Philip Jones September (Sapphire) Birthstone Necklace is made with Swarovski Crystal. The pendant dimension is 14 millimeters in height and 8.5 millimeters in width. The necklace length is 43 centimeters with a 5-centimeter extender. This craftsmanship comes with a 1-year warranty. That offers a money-back offer if you are not happy with the necklace.

See the link to get this lovely surprise!

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Cufflinks are items of jewelry that are used to secure the cuffs of dress shirts. Whenever your husband needs to go to a formal gathering or throw that winning pitch for a promotion, these Sapphire cufflinks will give him a confidence boost. Make your partner feel that you are with them in every important event by gifting them these beautiful pairs at your 5-year anniversary celebration.

Check it out here!

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Sapphire Earrings

Speaking of precious pairs, gift your spouse with these beautiful Sapphire earrings. Pledge once more your undying love and loyalty on the mark of your memorable 5th anniversary. Earrings are great jewelry not only please your wife but boast to the world how much your spouse means to you.

View a lovely pair on this webpage!

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Sapphire Inspired Perfume

If Sapphire had a scent, it probably is in the form of this fragrance. The Elizabeth Arden Diamonds and Sapphires eau de toilette spray for ladies is a new and botanical-inspired scent. It has the delectable mix of lily of the valley, rose ylang-ylang, jasmine zest, and musky sandalwood.

Gift this lovely and refreshing perfume to your better half!

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Explore and Express with Pink Tourmaline

Another precious stone linked to the occasion is the Pink Tourmaline which symbolizes the feminine. Pink Tourmaline embodies compassion, intuition, love, humanity, and gentleness. These beautiful stones are also wonderful 5-year anniversary gift ideas. Check out the list below for some suggestions:

Pink Tourmaline Stones

ThePachamama Essentials Pink Tourmaline Tumbled Stones are considered a channel for high-powered electrical energy and advocate phenomenal health. These stones are believed to replace old hurts with nurturing love and provide optimal balance. Whether the result is phenomenal to minimal, the promise it symbolizes is a good reminder to 5-year couples that together with beautiful possible. See this link to know together more about the pink tourmaline stone.

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Pink Tourmaline Ring

A ring is a symbol of commitment. Express your renewed vows to your spouse as you gift this lovely pink tourmaline ring. The Slilvershake Cushion-Cut Birthstone Gemstones come in 925 sterling silver. It also has a variety of sizes that fits every finger size.

View the details of this simple but elegant ring on this link.

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Tourmaline Beads

Unleash your inner creativity by using these tourmaline beads to make your own jewelry. Be it a handmade bracelet, a charm, or a ring. These 4-millimeter gemstones have their unique appeal. This material strand is 15.5 to 16 inches long with an approximate count of 120 pieces. Surprise your significant other with a handmade gift on your 5th year anniversary:

See the weblink below to get access to this product.

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Tourmaline Necklace

Decorate your wife’s neck with this beautifully crafted Tourmaline necklace. The pendant is made with solid 14K white gold that is rhodium finished making it nickel safe. It comes with a 16-inch sterling silver chain. View this lovely piece of art on this page.

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Color your 5 year Wedding Anniversary with Blue, Pink, and Turquoise

The colors Blue, Pink, and Turquoise are color variants that are associated with 5-year anniversary milestones. Gift your significant other or some friends who are celebrating this important moment in their lives. It does not always have to be flashy and expensive. As they say, it’s the thought that truly counts. Check out the 5 year anniversary ideas below:

Scented Bath Soaps

Get into the theme of 5-year anniversary celebration with the color blue. Spend a relaxing evening with these floral scented soaps from JIALEEY. Take your time and enjSpend a relaxing evening in the tub with your spouse. See this link to experience a spa experience inside your own home! Enjoy each other’s company on this special day that only comes once in a lifetime.

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Glass Rose

Make a promise to attain the impossible as a couple by gifting your spouse a Blue Rose in a glass dome. This encased Blue Rose from Blingstar will symbolize your love that will never wilt. The Forever Rose in Glass Dome comes with fairy lights. Use 3 AAA batteries to power LED lights and let them glow to create a romantic ambiance. Check the page below to get your hands on this unique idea!

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Blue Neck Massager

The 5-year marriage journey definitely has a lot of twists and turns. Both you and your spouse probably felt a lot of tension along the way. Gift yourselves this Neck Massager to relieve your body of tension and feel refreshed to face the world once again.

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Be it memories or your official notes and schedules, help your better half keep things in order by writing the necessary stuff on a notebook. Of course, it should have a dash of your 5-year anniversary celebration. Gift a notebook in a shade of blue as it will symbolize your love and loyalty towards each other. Check out this functional blue-hued notebook.

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Pink Gift Mug Set

There are times your wife is just so busy with everything self-care is not a priority. Remind your spouse to chill out and relax with this lovely Pink Gift Mug Set for your 5-year anniversary celebration. See this link to get this item!

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Pink Capsule Message

Express your inner thoughts and write them on a small piece of paper. Fold and place it inside a capsule and repeat until your bottle is filled. This sweet gesture wilding your notes, be it in the office or at home. It surely is simple. This sweet gesture will be like medicine to your spouse. But the cute idea that will take you closer to their heart. View this page to see this lovely novelty idea!

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Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Show your appreciation to your spouse by gifting this Turquoise Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler. It is inscribed with this tumbler, has a capacity of 12 ounces, and comes with a sliding lid, metal straw, and brush packaged in a beautiful gift box. It has the message: “Thank you for being Awesome” is a sincere thought of who they really are in your life. Grab one of these awesome gift ideas here! This tumbler has a capacity of 12 ounces and comes with a sliding lid, metal straw, and brush packaged in a beautiful gift box.

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Jewelry Case Turquoise

Turquoise represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, and good fortune. This aquamarine-hued Jewelry Case box will be a usable and practical manifestation of it. This lovely Jewelry box combines glass and metal that can house rings, small trinkets, and other jewelry. This J Devlin Glass Art piece measures 2.25 inches by 1.62 inches by 1.5 inches. The handcrafted stained glass box is made with lead-free solder, which will protect your receiver and the environment as well.

See the provided link to know more details about this item!

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Matching Bracelets

What is the most couple thing to do? Get matching things, of course. This matching Turquoise bracelet is a sweet expression of a 5 year married couple doing youthful things. At any age, love knows no boundaries. These subtly designed pieces make great reminders that you have a spouse who loves and constantly thinks of you.

Get your matching pair here!

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Speak in the Language of Flowers

The Daisy is assigned as the 5th year anniversary flower. In flower language, the daisy represents innocence, loyal love, and loyalty. Gift your spouse or friends celebrating their 5 year anniversary with these flower-themed presents:

Daisy Decorated Tea Cups

Conversations are made best when the atmosphere is calm. These daintily made teacups will go well with your favorite brews, be it tea or coffee. Celebrate your 5-year anniversary with a touch of nature using these beautiful design cups.

You can purchase these wonderful teacups here!

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Daisy Scented Perfumes

Gift your wife a 4 piece of Marc Jacob’s perfume. Each bottle is 0.13 ounces and contains Daisy-inspired fragrances. Get your gift set here!

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Artificial Daisies

Help your celebrating friends decorate their homes with the flower that symbolizes their 5-year union. These artificial daises will not wither but greatly looks like the real thing. The receiving couple can keep it displayed in their home for a long time, symbolizing the important wedding event of the year, their 5-year anniversary.

View this beautiful and nature-themed gift here!

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More 5-year anniversary gifts that you might want to check out

A 5th Anniversary is really worth celebrating. What more effective way to express your congratulations but through a gift? But what are the fitting 5-year Anniversary Gift to be given to couples? There are actually a lot of symbols available that represent the 5th Anniversary. The different symbols are Wood, also known as the traditional gift. Silverware is labeled the modern gift, Precious gemstones like Sapphire or pink tourmaline, and for flowers, the Daisy is the chosen 5th-anniversary flora.

Aside from those said above, a 5th anniversary is also represented by blue, pink, or turquoise. Giving items in these hues would also be suitable for a 5-year anniversary gift. Just remember that the item to be given should symbolize the couple’s togetherness. Or it may be in a form that will remind each of them how special this 5th-anniversary milestone is.

There you have it folks a list of wonderful 5-year anniversary gifts to present to your loved ones. In whatever form your choose to give, if you the thought that comes with it makes the giving more memorable and special. Good luck in making choices.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Wood Wedding Anniversary
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