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Sweetest Day Gifts For Him, Your Sweetest Man

Sweetest day is a mostly Midwestern American holiday (you can also find celebrators in the Northeast and in Florida), sometimes referred to as a ‚ÄúHallmark Holiday‚ÄĚ even though it was not actually invented by the famous card company.

Sweetest Day Gifts for him

What Is Sweetest Day?

In fact, St. Valentine’s Day often gets criticized as being invented by Hallmark and the candy companies to make a buck, which is not entirely true. Valentine’s Day has some old, very religious roots. With Sweetest Day, this is also the criticism, and once again it is also not completely true.

While it is certainly accurate to say that candy makers profit big time from these holidays, the origins of these days show that money was not the driving factor behind their concocted promotions. Sweetest Day is the optimistic invention of a confectioners committee of twelve men that wanted to celebrate love and promote acts of charity and kindness. They wanted to inspire smiles and invite people to care for their neighbors.

In 1921, the first year it was celebrated, the ‚ÄúSweetest Day in the Year Committee‚ÄĚ ended up giving over 20,000 boxes of candy away to orphans, old folks, and the poor.

Sweetest Day is still popular today, especially in Cleveland (where it was created) as well as Detroit. If it’s not something you already celebrate with your favorite people, why not start?

When Is Sweetest Day?

Sweetest Day is always held on the third Saturday of October.

It is surprising that Sweetest Day is celebrated so close to Halloween, the mother-load of American candy holidays. But that just further proves the point that it is less about selling lots of sugary treats and more about spreading goodwill, about being sweet and honoring those who are sweet to you.

What Is A Good Sweetest Day Gift For Him?

Thank goodness the options are already narrowed down for you. In a whole wide world of fun, magical, silly, delicious gifts, you already know that whatever you’re going to get him has to involve sweets, either literally or figuratively.

That being said, what if your guy doesn’t have a sweet tooth? What if your fella is diabetic or on a diet? Never fear, we’ve even got you covered there.

Read on to discover some good Sweetest Day ideas for everyone, with gift options that will have his mouth-watering or his heart soaring in no time.

For The Homebody One

A DIY fondue kit, for dipping either sweets or savories, while relaxing at home together. Good for cheese or chocolate, or even breading and frying chicken.

Party-sized candy and treats, so that he can be stocked up for a long time and ready to just relax on the couch. Maybe he’ll even share with the family if there’s enough to go around.

A sweet wine to unwind with. Pairs well with a thoughtful toast to tell him why you are glad he’s in your life.

For The Adventurous One

  • Do you know what goes great with sweets? Things that are spicy! If he and his stomach are game, either find something spicy to mix with candy or find candy that has sweet and spicy both pre-mixed into it.
  • Chocolate-covered grasshoppers, ants, cicadas, scorpions, crickets, worms, squid, etc. It might be crazy, or it just might be crazy fun. Basically, go for anything weird that will make a great story, whether or not chocolate-covered bugs end up tasting good.
  • Put together a taste-testing basket. Taste-testing collections are also easy to find online for chocolate, alcohol, cheeses, etc. Whether you put it together yourself or not, have some fun testing your palate and pushing the boundaries of your bravery.

For The One Who Is Far Away

  • Flowers are a solid, acceptable, go-to gift for any occasion, and Sweetest Day is no exception.
  • Edible Arrangements ‚ÄĒ or any other confectioners that you like ‚ÄĒ are a safe bet. There are lots of companies who ship long distances and know how to account for changes in traveling temperatures. Perhaps you have a great memory of visiting a candy factory together one time; you can see if they ship. It‚Äôs safer than trying to send something yourself (even gummy bears melt, you know) and will be fun to reminisce about.
  • Make something. A keepsake or trinket that you build or paint would be like sending a piece of yourself to the loved one who is missing you. Even a framed picture of the two of you or a handwritten note (which is rare these days) would be both lovely and a kind gesture.

For The Young One (yes, young at heart counts)

  • A variety pack of candy. Numbers are crucial here ‚Äď get as many different colors and flavors as possible.
  • Anything packaged in the latest trendy video game or movie characters. If you are at a loss for what that might be, you can opt to go back to the classics and get something nostalgic. Long-loved characters from Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, etc. are always nice.
  • A cotton candy maker. To give them joy today and for many days in the future. They‚Äôre adorable, fun, and super-sticky yumminess appropriate for any family events.

For The Mature One (yes, young but with an old soul counts)

A variety pack of chocolates. Quality is crucial here ‚Äď spring for the dark stuff, the stuff infused with alcohol, the stuff that makes it feel like a special occasion, or the stuff that‚Äôs just expensive.

Anything simple and elegant. Something in the world of leather wallets or a first edition book he loves, maybe even a new pair of his favorite shoes.

Do extra chores for him. Take something he doesn’t like doing off their honey-do list and make sure he knows how much you appreciate all that he does for you and your other loved ones.

Sweetest Day Gifts For The One Who Doesn’t Like or Can’t Have Sweets

  • Fake food gifts are awesome and you don‚Äôt have to look far for them. Notepads in the shape and color of cakes, toy food that can be fun at all ages, lotion or bath products that are chocolate flavored, lip balm that tastes like soda or candy‚Ķ there are a lot of useful and hilarious options here. Just do some Etsy searching and you‚Äôll have plenty of great ideas to sift through.
  • Sugar-free or dairy-free or allergy-free treats. Most bakeries are happy to do special orders to accommodate dietary restrictions. If they can‚Äôt, a little google searching will help you find some delicious substitutions to honor his needs but still provide him with something fantastic.
  • Volunteer together or donate together to do something sweet for someone else. Find someone in your life or a local charity to give moral or material support to.

For The Manly One

  • Buy a chocolate heart box and fill it with beef jerky. It will be a clever surprise and then you can also either give him the chocolates inside as an additional gift or give them to someone else who might need a pick-me-up on Sweetest Day.
  • Bake him a cake with a funny or flattering message on it just for him (think, ‚ÄúI heart your package, Dude‚ÄĚ or the like ‚Äď if only the two of you are going to see it, you can feel free to get as dirty as you want!)
  • A grilling spice set. You can never have enough spicing options.

For The Sensitive One

  • One or more couples board games. There are enough in the world today that you can find games as tame (or not) as you are comfortable with. Plus he‚Äôll appreciate that you‚Äôre really just saying that you want to spend time with him.
  • A subscription or membership to the theatre, the opera, the ballet, the independent cinema, the botanical garden, or any great local museums you have nearby that he might be interested in.

For The Practical One

  • A docking station for all his gadgets or anything that helps him with organizing in the office, in the car, or at home.
  • Blue-light blocking glasses for all the screen time he puts in.

For Everyone

  • An air purifier, to help keep him safe and his environment comfortable for years to come.
  • A subscription to a streaming service or magazine he would enjoy. If he is already set with all the ones he wants, see if you can add something on to upgrade or bundle it. Or perhaps you could even prepay his subscription for the year ahead. Nearly everyone has online gift cards available for their services.

The most important thing of all is not to worry too much about the perfect gift. Let yourself think over the options and ask people who know him if they have any ideas, but be sure not to spend so much time stressing about or getting the gift that it takes away from time you could simply be spending with him. On Sweetest Day, and on every holiday, remember that this is about thanking him, connecting with him, loving him, and letting him love you too. Cheers to sweets and our sweethearts!

Sweetest Day Gifts For Him, Your Sweetest Man
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