Supernatural gifts

Supernatural is a really popular TV series that was first aired in 2005. It had 15 seasons before reaching its conclusion in 2020. Supernatural follows the story of brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester as they eliminate the supernatural entities that bring chaos on Earth. Supernatural’s genre is horror but the characters that are very relatable make it funny and interesting. A lot of people watch it more for other reasons than the horror aspect. Since the show already met its end, a lot of fans who want more purchase merchandise instead to feel like they are still with the Winchesters. Perhaps you know someone who loves the show that is why you are looking for Supernatural gifts. Or you might also be a Supernatural fan yourself. Here are some Supernatural gifts from Amazon that would highly be appreciated by the one/s you will give them to.

Supernatural Gifts Box

The Officially Licensed Supernatural Mystery Gift Subscription Box

This box is a subscription box that is a Supernatural officially licensed item. this is our top pick because it is simply the perfect gift for a Supernatural fan. It costs $56.99 per box but you will get 7-10 first-edition and exclusive Supernatural merchandise amounting to over $100 inside. You will also get a shirt that is why you will need to choose your size upon ordering the box. Size options include XS to XXL. In each box, you will get apparel, vinyl figures, home goods, accessories, etc. This is an exciting gift box that every Supernatural fan must receive.

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Supernatural Gifts Keychain

Funny Supernatural Fans Gifts Keychain for Women Men Winchester Brothers TV Show Merchandise Christmas Birthday Graduation Gift Musician Trucker Best Friend New Driver Picks the Music Shotgun

This is a Supernatural-themed keychain with the catchy line from the show “Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole”. This keychain costs only $8.99 and is a simple yet cute Supernatural gift.

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Supernatural Journal

Supernatural: John Winchester Hardcover Ruled Journal (Science Fiction Fantasy)

This journal is Supernatural-themed. It is a hardcover ruled journal that you can get for $14.88. There is also a diary version that you can purchase for only $13.25.

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Supernatural charm keychain bitch jerk idjit assbutt bullet vial mens gift

This is another keychain that is inspired by Supernatural. It looks like a salt bullet vial with charms of the Winchester brothers’ favorite terms of endearment. This is a really cool gift for Supernatural fans that they will definitely love. It contains real rock salt and should not be opened.

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Supernatural Blanket

Super Soft Flannel Blanket – Warm Throw Blanket for Bed Sofa Couch Chair Decoration 50 x 60 Inch

This is a flannel blanket with a Supernatural design. If you want to rewatch the series, this is a fun blanket to use while doing so. It is made out of microfleece fabric that is really soft and comfortable. It has premium quality in which the design is digitally printed and will not fade. Get this blanket for $20.99.

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Supernatural Lanyard for Keys with ID Holder Supernatural TV Show Gift (LD-Supernatural)

This Supernatural lanyard is one that is fun to wear to work or to school if permitted. Use this instead of generic lanyards for a fun look. You may also use it to hold your keys and other belongings. It is made out of high-quality polyester that is not easy to deform and would not fade.

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Supernatural Ankle Socks

Hyp Supernatural Saving People Juniors/Womens 5 Pack Ankle Socks

These are Supernatural-themed ankle socks. Each set comes in five pairs. They are really cute and fit shoe sizes 4 to 10. Get this set of socks for $12.99.

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The black Impala that was used by the Winchesters in the show is very iconic to Supernatural fans. If you could not afford your own 1967 Chevrolet Impala, you could buy this collectible instead. Priced at $36.25, this is a very nice model car that you could give your nephew or your son or a fan of Supernatural that you know. They will surely love this item.

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Autographed Signed Reprint

Supernatural TV Show Cast Autographed Signed Reprint 8.5×11 Script UNFRAMED – Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki Misha Collins Jeffrey Dean Morgan

This Supernatural gift is a really nice gift for fans of the show. They would really love this piece. If you purchase the unframed version, you could get it for $26.95. On the other hand, the framed version starts at $45.95.

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Supernatural Earrings

Pentacle Stud Winchester Inspired Jewelry Supernatural TV Show Fans Gift

These are stud earrings of the symbol in Supernatural. These earrings are Supernatural gifts that are lowkey but are very pretty. They are great gifts to Supernatural fans. If your wife/girlfriend is one, buy a pair for her for only $10.69.

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Supernatural T-Shirt

Supernatural Quotes Supernatural Gifts Fiction for Adults T-Shirt

This is a really nice Supernatural shirt with a cute design. It has variants for men, women, and youth. It comes in black, navy, red, grass, and dark heather colors. It is made out of cotton, heather grey, and polyester. This is a nice shirt for Supernatural fans that comes in sizes Small to 3XL with kids’ sizes 2 to 12. Get this shirt for $17.99.

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Coffee Mug

Supernatural Coffee Mug Driver Picks A Music Shotgun Shuts His Cake Hole Inspirational Gift For Supernatural Fan Driver (driver shotgun mug)

This mug is really cute with an iconic line from the show and the logo. It can hold up to 400 ml of liquid and is microwave safe. This is a nice mug to drink coffee from.

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Supernatural Mouse Mat

Supernatural Action Adventure Drama Mystery TV Show Mouse Pad Stitched Edge Portable Laptop Mouse Mat Precise

If you work using a computer and it stresses you out, then you probably need this mouse mat. Give this Supernatural mouse pad for your working and/or studying friends who always use their computers and love the show. This gift is really nice and just one look at it would make you feel happy and motivated.

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Supernatural Necklace

4 Pack Two-Sided Supernatural Merchandise Necklace Pendant

These are Supernatural necklaces. There are so many great elements in the show and finally, you can wear them. You can even change the chain if you wish to! These are attractive necklaces that can be worn by both men and women.

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Supernatural Stickers

Conquest Journals Supernatural Winchester Brothers Vinyl Stickers, Set of 50, Indoor and Outdoor Use, Waterproof and UV Resistant, Great for All Your Gadgets

These are really nice Supernatural gifts that you can purchase for a friend for only $9.99. They are Supernatural-themed and inspired stickers that are made out of vinyl, thus durable and can stick to various surfaces.

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Supernatural Keychains Gifts

TV Movies Show Anime Cartoons Supernatural Keychains Gifts for Men woman girl

This is another keychain that is inspired by the show. It looks really nice and would look nicer when it is holding your Dad’s keys. Get this keychain for $12.88.

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Harataki Supernatural Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler 12Oz Tumbler With Lid Double Insulated Coffee Mug, Wine Glass, For Champaign, Cocktail, Beer a Gift for Father’s Day

If you are not fond of ceramic or glass mugs, then you can get this insulated tumbler instead. it would be a really great gift for a parent or a friend. Get it for $20.99.

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Supernatural Gel Pens

Trends International

Get these Supernatural gel pens for $6.95 and enjoy jotting down notes even more with these. Get them for a friend too!

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Supernatural Dean Action Figure

Funko POP Television, Blue

This is a Funko Pop featuring Dean Winchester. Give this Supernatural gift to fans of the show who collect these figures.

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Heat Sensitive Clue Mug

Supernatural – Sam and Dean Winchester – Join The Hunt – Devil’s Trap – One 16 oz Morphing Mugs Heat Sensitive Clue Mug – Full Image Revealed When HOT Liquid Is Added

This is a nice mug in which the image shows when the temperature of the mug is hot. It is perfect for coffee or tea drinkers. Purchase this mug for them for $14.99.

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Supernatural Coffee Mug

Dean Winchester Supernatural Coffee Mug That Was Scary Mug Halloween Movie Birthday Gift OSL1103411 (Black-15 oz)

This coffee mug is a cute and funny mug of Dean. You can choose between two sizes: 11 oz and 15 oz.

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Supernatural Collectibles Scooby Multi-Character Fleece Blanket | 45″ x 60″

This is a really cute fleece blanket of the Supernatural and Scooby-Doo crossover. It is made out of polyester and costs $39.99. Anyone who would receive this gift would certainly love it.

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Pill Case

Supernatural Winchester Brothers Rectangle Pill Case Trinket Gift Box

This pill case is Supernatural-themed. It can hold your medications and other small items. You would definitely enjoy taking meds with this item.

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Supernatural Glass Beer Stein

Gift For Him – Winchester’s Sign Label – Personalized Beer Mug Glass – Geek Groomsmen Gift – Gift Ideas For Men – Gift For Daddy

This is a great beer mug to give to Dad. It costs $22.99.

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Leviathan Castiel Collectible Figure

Funko Pop Supernatural, Multicolor

This is another Funko Pop but of Castiel. It looks really cute and is a great gift to Funko Pop collectors and fans of the show. Get it for $124.99.

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Sam Winchester Q-Pals Plush

Give this gift to your girlfriend or your sister! It is priced at $15.99 and looks really cute. This plushie of Sam is soft and looking at it simply makes you want to buy it.

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Rides Baby with Sam

Supernatural Funko POP! Exclusive Vinyl Figure #46

This is a premium Funko Pop with Sam and the Impala. Get this unique Supernatural gift for your boyfriend/husband for $279.99.

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QMx Sam Winchester

Mini Masters Figure

This is another figure of Sam but it is more realistic. It stands 5 inches tall and is made out of high-quality PVC. It is handpainted too. Purchase this figure for $19.92.

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Supernatural Winchester Anti Possession Raglan Baseball Tee

This is a Supernatural shirt that you could get for your loved ones. You may even match shirts with your girlfriend/boyfriend as it is available for men and women. It comes in sizes Small to 2XL and costs $26.99.

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