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Party Poppers

We use party poppers at parties, celebrations, and other special occasions. It is also usually present at New Year’s Eve festivities because it gives off a loud popping sound and releases confetti after you pull the string or twist the canister that activates the low explosive element inside.

How do party poppers work?

The low explosive materials are found in the bottle-like shape of the party poppers. There are also streamers and confetti that it discharges with every popping.

The charge comprises an oxidizer called potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate, and red phosphorus.

Party poppers are considered noisemaker, and it is available for purchase all year.

Where are party poppers most often used?

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • New Year Celebration
  • Christmas Parties
  • Job Promotion
  • Engagement
  • Weddings
  • Parade
  • 4th of July Celebrations
  • Retirement
  • Festival
  • Graduation
  • Gender Reveal Celebration
  • Birth of a child
  • Winning in a competition
  • Stag or Hen Party
  • Thanksgiving

What are some known risks of using party poppers?

Cause of eye trauma or facial injuries

Some people have handled the party popper incorrectly where they pulled the string without noticing that the end of the popper is aimed at their face. It is advised that it should be away from the body or any other person nearby.

Danger to children

When children are not supervised while handling the party popper, it can have consequences as well. They should be instructed on its proper use beforehand.

In some places, they do not sell party poppers to anyone who is below 16 years old.

Never dismantle the product

They consider party poppers as indoor fireworks and may be subjected to legal regulation in some countries. It is also crucial that users not dismantle the product as it consists of the mixture called Armstrong mixture, which may pose a health risk.

What explosive is in party poppers?

It contains a minute amount of red phosphorus, potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate, and sulfur which creates the Armstrong Mixture.

Armstrong mixture, if used in higher quantities, can be an extremely dangerous explosive. It is often used in fireworks, again, in such small quantities.

It is highly sensitive to friction and heat, also it is flammable when mixed in a significant amount.

Can party poppers be mailed?

They may ship party poppers via USPS or UPS ground services.

Below are lists of party poppers available for purchase

12 Inch Confetti cannons, 6 Pack multicolor biodegradable birthday party POP by Peachy Party

A party popper that can pop up to 30 feet because of its powerful pop capacity. It has an easy twist quality to make popping easy, and the confetti included inside is full of color and vibrant to make each celebration memorable.

Independent artists design this party popper, and they are sure that users will welcome and love this product. Also, the confetti is biodegradable, and it is nontoxic. Even if it is used for children’s birthday parties, it would be safe.

The sound will be just ideal during festivities, and the confetti made to pair with this popper are all beautiful and packed with vibrant color.

An adult can easily twist this popper without difficulty, and it is perfect for parades, weddings, festivals, parties, and more.

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12 Packs/11-inch Confetti Cannon Large Party Popper with Decorated Box Biodegradable by Toyseri

Another perfect addition to your parties and celebration. The multicolor party popper will amaze guests with all the beautiful colors. This is the best way to make the party lively, and it can create new memories.

This party popper is useable outdoors or indoors since they made it of premium quality and eco-friendly materials.

The perfect start to your birthday party celebration, anniversary, graduation, or even a wedding.

Materials used to make confetti are biodegradable, so confetti will not be a problem for you.

It is also safe to use because of the twist-opening instead of string pulling. Although it is not difficult to pull the string, a twist opening is also ideal.

This popper can also coincide with the countdown ceremony or any other celebration. Each popper can make a party memorable and entertaining.

You may also bring this package as your contribution to a celebration as it comes in a festive designed box with the same vibrant colors.

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Biodegradable Confetti Cannon Poppers / 24 inches/ 2 Packs by Tur Party Supplies

It is considered a giant cannon popper with its 24 inches size that can pop up to 30 feet high. If you wish for a spectacular celebration, having this popper can make it happen.

Biodegradable confetti comes in various colors that are so vibrant and will provide a beautiful surrounding because of the falling confetti with every popping. There are no worries about polluting the environment, and you can rest and celebrate fully.

They made poppers of tough materials that are sturdy to the touch. Every popping will not be risky cause it is safe for the family as they carefully tested it during production.

For a celebration that will not be forgotten for years to come, whether it is a birthday celebration, graduation, wedding, or for a New Year’s Eve party that promises an amazing outcome, this popper is the one you should choose to purchase.

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Wedding Confetti Popper 12 inch comes in Decorated Gift Box by TUR Party Supplies

For an unforgettable wedding celebration after you both said I do. It is the perfect accompaniment to the already festive atmosphere. This cannon is not filled with colorful confetti, but with remarkable colors such as silver, white, and gold.

When the picture taking is about to start, popping one or two for starters will be the best addition. While they click the camera, there is falling confetti of gold, white, and silver captured together with the couple.

It is an easy-to-use popper with its twist-easy container. This popper will be eye-catching during the wedding, plus there is more than one to keep the fun coming. The package comes in six poppers used by twisting each popper at the bottom, so it will be simple and easy to use.

With up to 25 feet when released, you will have a shower of confetti that is perfect, particularly during picture taking.

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16 inches Confetti Cannon Popper/ 2 Packs/ Biodegradable

This cannon popper is perfect to use outdoors or indoors. When you want to have a memorable celebration, adding some poppers for the party is not a bad idea.

Getting this 2-packs popper is affordable and perfect when you want to use something creative for outdoor picture taking, birthdays, graduation, wedding, or wedding proposals.

This product is eco-friendly with biodegradable confetti. It also does not create smoke when you pop the canister, and just by twisting the container, you can finally see flying confetti everywhere.

With just a few dollars, you can have a party that is just as incredible as the guest who will be a part of the celebration. If you want to keep the party fun and exciting, keep a few of these confetti poppers around and pop one or two to keep the excitement going during the party.

Also, if there are issues with the product, the manufacturer will provide a full refund, so if one or both does not pop as expected, you will have your money back ‚Äď guaranteed. No money wasted.

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12 Inch Confetti Cannon Party Popper/Biodegradable/ Set of 4

For a party that guests will never forget, pop one or two for effect and fill your guest with surprise. The popping sound may surprise them, but they will be in awe once they see the falling confetti with vibrant colors.

You don’t need to pull any string but rather twist the bottom of the canister to make the popper work.

It is safe to use cause confetti are made from biodegradable material plus the vibrant colored confetti is sure to give your guest something to surprise them. Whether you are celebrating the birth of your first child, celebrating Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or for any other particular occasion, it is ideal to have party poppers around.

Shoot the confetti popper in the air up to 20 feet, and you will have a blast on your celebration.

This product comes in a set of 4 to keep the party alive and for everyone to keep enjoying the celebration. Your visitors will be happy to be a part of a celebration with such beautiful confetti falling on their heads.

There is also an after-sale guaranteed for broken pieces or if the popper fails to pop. Manufacturers will replace the merchandise as soon as you return it to them.

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Confetti Poppers / Biodegradable Multicolor by Peachy Party

Just like the life of the party because of the colorful, biodegradable confetti. It should always be the way to celebrate every occasion and wonderful moment. The Manufacturers have done a marvelous job with this product as they made sure that it is environment-friendly and non-toxic.

It can be used for outdoor or indoor celebrations and is often included on special occasions.

This product is also a bang for your money with the inclusion of 6 pack party poppers, not just one. It means a party and celebration with continuous excitement.

This party popper promises a day of outstanding fun where every pop will give the guest a spectacular 30 feet high confetti shower.

Each popper is checked for quality, the guaranteed materials used are premium class, and it is durable. Each confetti is biodegradable, so no need to pick each of the confetti yourself.

With the affordability that this product will bring and the excessive amount of fun you’ll get from using it, you are guaranteed that you have spent your money wisely.

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Party poppers/ Confetti Shooter Great for Celebration

This party popper can make your party unforgettable. During important moments when you want to celebrate and you want every time to be magical, this party popper can be your ally.

It has different confetti inside, such as red, pink, colorful ribbons, blue confetti, colorful confetti, and metallic. You may wonder how come it fits inside the container. The magical impacts of each party popper create a gorgeous effect.

The seeming rain of confetti makes you feel the magic of the moment. So do your guests. Manufacturers make confetti without chemicals or substances that can be harmful to health.

The twist at the bottom will give you the full effect of the confetti poppers that will last for a couple of seconds. It can also launch for up to 25 feet, so it can be eye-catching while the colorful confetti is all dropping slowly. Perfect to use indoor or outdoor.

Guaranteed high quality, materials used are top of the line, with no harmful substances added during the manufacture. The perfect addition to Weddings, anniversaries, graduation, promotion, or other important celebrations.

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Air Compressed Party Poppers by Confetti Cannons / Set of 12 Indoor and Outdoor Safe

This product is guaranteed to make your party lively. This is perfect for any occasion, and you have enough to keep the excitement going with 12 pieces of party poppers in this set.

For outdoor or indoor use. Even when you are indoors, every pop is safe cause it is air-compressed. Outdoor is perfect as well cause you have freedom, and there is enough space to let the confetti up in the air.

This party popper has tissue paper confetti of various colors, so it is safe, and there is nothing to worry about that it may be dangerous to anyone’s health. Instructions of use are included, so users will follow the usage step by step to avoid confusion.

Best for birthday celebration, graduation, wedding, engagement, and other special occasions.

You will not go wrong with this brand cause they have all the quality checks in place before they send your party.

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Confetti Poppers / Shooter / For any occasion Indoor Outdoor

This party confetti popper is of high quality and manufactured using eco-friendly products. They made Confettis of tissue paper. Pack includes 6-pieces of poppers, each is 12 inches long. The powerful shooting can reach up to 20 to 25 feet which can surely dazzle the guest and put smiles on their faces while watching the display.

Since this is air-compressed, it is easy to use with just a twist at the bottom of the canister. The wonderful effect is exceptional and will surely make the celebration such a spectacle. Each falling confetti creates an effect that is enchanting and will leave the guest smiling throughout the display.

This product is affordable, and since it is eco-friendly, you need not worry about the confetti on the ground. You need not look for other party poppers cause with this, you can enjoy the powerful popping each time you use it.

With the 6-pieces set, there is more than enough to use in the celebration, and since it is affordable, you can still purchase more and have this ready for the next celebration, or party.

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Confetti Cannons Gold/ Indoor Outdoor by HiConfetti

If you are feeling like a champ and you think you are a winner, then these gold confetti cannons should be included in your celebration. It ejects over 15 feet of confetti, that slowly fall to the ground. The effect is magical because of the gold confetti.

It is a safer and cleaner product since it is non-toxic, and they used no harmful materials during manufacture.

Whether you use it outdoors or indoors, you are safe to use it.

The set includes 4-pieces of the gold confetti popping container you can purchase at such an affordable price. Each is 12 inches tall, plus the gold, metallic confetti will keep the excitement of the party overflowing.

You can even purchase more if you want to double the fun in your celebration and have a few adults open each canister and pop the confetti in one go.

The perfect accessory to purchase for your celebration. It can be a wedding, a promotion, celebration for winning a competition, birthdays, even anniversaries.

Also, the manufacture accepts the return of this product if it is not working perfectly as it should.

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Party Popper / Confetti Shooter by IncredibleGifts

Each can is 11 inches tall and can shoot confetti over 8 meters or up to 16 feet. The confetti is so stunning to look at while slowly falling to the ground. Because of the vibrant colors used in making the confetti, it is perfect for adding life to the party.

It also comes in a set of 12, so you are calm that you will not lack with special effects while enjoying your party.

It is a bottom twist mechanism, and there are no strings to pull in this style, but it will provide the needed color and vibrancy for the party.

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Considered safe even when it pops. Some people are wary of the sound, but it is safe to use whether outdoors or indoors. People who use this product prefer using it outdoors, so there is enough space to pop the confetti freely.

There is no pollution, smoke, or even smell while using this product, so you are assured of just getting fun out of it.

Party Poppers
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