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Dog Paw Print

Most people think that paw prints are all alike. Although paw prints look the same, each has its differences. This is just one reason why many dog owners want to have a paw print of their dog, but the main reason is they want to have something to look back on when their dog leaves them.

Dogs will live for a few years, and we would be lucky to have them for more than a decade. If we are blessed, our pet can live their entire life span depending on the breed.

How do you get a Dog Paw Print?

Some breeds have a life span of 12 to 15 years, while others only have 10 to 12.

If you want to have the paw print of your dog, below are ways to take it.

Using an ink pad for dog paw print

First, ensure that your dog’s paws are clean. Quick-wipe their paw with a clean, moist towel, or you can use wet wipes to do the task.

Water-based paint is the best material for this project or any paint that is child-friendly or non-toxic. Get the ink pad and pour the water-based paint on it and let it soak for a few seconds. Make sure that there is enough paint on the ink pad.

Gently hold your dog’s paw and press on the ink pad. Press your dog’s paw onto the paper for a few seconds, and then check the imprint.

If there is not enough print, you can do a few tries until you get the right paw print. Rinse your dog’s paw after.

Bodypaint or non-toxic ink

Both will work best when you want your dog’s paw taken. You can directly dip your dog’s paw in the paint and then press his paw on the sturdy paper again for a couple of seconds. Wash and dry your dog’s paws after.

By using homemade dough for dog paw print

Mixing a cup of flour, cup of salt, and water till you get the right consistency, you may use this supply as material to help you get your dog’s paw print. Kneed the mentioned materials and form a ball, cover the kneaded material with wax paper and then press your dog’s paw on it. Baking is the way you can preserve the mold. You can bake it for 2 to 3 hours or just until the mold is hardy.

How do you make a dog paw print out of clay?

Using air-dry clay or polymer clay is the way to do it.

Air-dry clay is affordable, and it is easy to use. Once you knead it to the softness you prefer or to the malleability you can use to press your dog’s paw, you may now take your dog’s foot impression. Your dog’s paw must be able to press easily without too much pressure on your dog’s foot cause he’ll be uncomfortable with the experience.

Make sure your dog is calm and relaxed before you do this activity. You can exercise your dog first and lessen his energy before you get his footprint.

After you get his paw impression, you can now cut it carefully to the size you prefer and then add decor and other materials you wish to include with your dog’s paw print. Let the paw print dry thoroughly before you paint or seal it.

How do you preserve paw prints?

  • With the help of inkpad prints
  • Paw impression using dough, clay, or plaster of Paris
  • By taking a photo of your dog’s paw

Memorial dog paw prints

For beloved dogs who passed away, there are ways to commemorate them, such as

  • Pawprint memorial stone – If you want to have a burial spot for your dog, this is what you can pair it with. You can have the actual print of your dog’s paws placed on the memorial stone.
  • Urn with your dog’s paw print – You may have the urn customized with your dog’s paw print. Some can stamp your dog’s paw print at the front of the urn, so it is easily visible.
  • Pawprint necklace – Some companies specialize in making pieces of jewelry, and they also cater to making pendants where you can place your pet’s paw print as the design of the jewelry. You can be happy knowing that your beloved pet is still close to you.
  • Pawprint ornaments – There are ornaments that you can purchase and have your dog’s paw print on it and use it as decor to be placed on shelves or it can even be a pawprint of your dog on your Christmas ornaments.
  • Painting of their paw – You can have your dog’s paw painted on a canvas, and you can place it anywhere in your house. It will help in reminding you of your good times together.
  • Memorial sticker – You can paste the sticker on your car, laptop, or on your bag. You can proudly display vinyl stickers that some online companies make for dog lovers who want their dog’s paw print placed on stickers.
  • Windchime – Another way to remind you of your beloved pet is to have their paws printed on a windchime. Each time the windchime sound, you will smile and remember how much you love your pet.
  • Photo of your dog’s paw print – Taking a photo of your dog’s footprint is also another way you can have it preserved. You can also have it framed and hang it on your wall so you can always see it to remember your dog.
  • Token with your dog’s paw print – Some online companies can cater to requests such as a coin with your dog’s paw print design at the front and back of the coin. You can have the coin with you at all times to remember your dog and all the good times you had with him.

Pet Pawprints Desk Picture Frame and Imprint Kit by Pearhead

This product lets you create and frame your dog’s paw print together with their 4×6 photo. You can place this on your shelf in your living area, in your bedroom, or anywhere you want to have your dog’s memories remembered.

It dries quickly within 24 to 48 hours, with no need for mixing. The product contains a rolling pin, the impression material, and the clay shaping ruler. They made the frame of solid wood, have a beige beveled mat, and are acid-free. Dimension is 12.06×7.88×1.56 inches.

The frame is sturdy as it comes with a hinge so it can stand on its own. Place it on your desk, shelves, or tabletop with no worries.

It can be a gift for someone you know who loves dogs or who has a pet dog they love dearly.

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Pearhead Holiday Christmas Paw Print Ornament for Trees

If you want to have something to remember your dog by, you can have this paw print ornament where you have your dog’s footprint indented.

Make their memory long-lasting. With these materials, you can have their paws imprinted in seconds—no need for mixing or baking, so there is no mess after.

This is also the perfect gift for someone you love who is a dog fanatic and whom you know will appreciate the thought.

This set can also be used to get your puppy’s paw print, and then this ornament can be the witness to your dog’s early development and how their paws differ in size each time.

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Dog Urn made of Wooden Bamboo with Picture Frame by Bamtalk

This product can be used to keep your dog’s ashes, and at the front of this box, you can place their paw print photo or just a picture of your beloved dog. The aesthetic design of this urn will also blend anywhere you place it in your house. It will not stick out or look off cause of the refined materials used.

Since they made it of natural bamboo material, it is durable and sturdy. This urn can last for years without fading or losing its appeal.

The size is also just right, so you can move it around or place it where you will always see it with the dimension of 7.09x 4.9×4.9 inches. It is portable.

You can have this dog urn for many years, and you will always be able to remember your beloved pet.

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Pawprint Wind Chime Metal Cast with Poem Card by Pawprints Left By You

This windchime is the perfect gift for dog lovers. It has 4-musical tubes and a paw print design pendant. Made of premium quality materials that will ensure durability and longevity. It can also withstand different weather conditions so that it can be placed outdoors or indoors, on the porch, garden, window, or just near your pet’s area.

It has an attractive box to give this as a gift without the need for new packaging.

The dog’s paw print can also be added to the wind chime if preferred. It has a dimension of 8.75×5.5×1 inches.

Dog owners will be happy to receive this gift, and they will always be grateful for the comforting words from the poem. Losing a pet is devastating but having nothing to remember them by is the worst.

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Dog Paw Print
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