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Gifts for mom 50-year-old

What to find in a 50-year present for mom? It’s easy to panic when you can’t find something that feels good. But I have some tips on my 50th birthday presents.

What, then, is a great 50th birthday present for mom? It can be a trip, a personal piece of jewelry, or something you know she wants and needs. Maybe you are several who can go together and buy a more significant gift or more extended trip to mom.

What is a good gift when mom turns 50?

If you continue reading then you should get some more concrete tips on a good 50-year present for mom.

Suitable 50th birthday presents for mom

Of course, what is a suitable 50th birthday present for mom depends on who your mother is and what she likes to do. What is an appropriate gift to give to one mother does not fit the next. When the mom turns 50, you usually give her a slightly larger gift if you have the opportunity. Maybe you are several siblings who can gather for a little bigger gift when she turns 50. It could be, for example, a trip to Tibet or something like that. But giving mom a small gift is just as appropriate. A gift should be provided with love and care for the one who is celebrating years.

Personalized keychain for mom

Do you not have that much money to spend on an expensive 50-year-old gift for mom invest in something beautiful and personal as well. Like this, key chain engraved with some excellent and personalized text for mom.

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When someone turns 50, and you have to give a thing on a birthday present, it is also advisable to give something that is of a lasting kind. Suitable 50-year gifts for mum if you now want to buy things are, for example, design candlesticks, a beautiful glass bowl from Orrefors that you can engrave.

Simple and elegant candlestick holders.
Bowl from Orrefors that you can get with engraving.
Georg Jensen’s stylish candlesticks are a nice 50th birthday present for mom.
An elegant plaid is a lovely gift for her
Georg Jensen’s design this too. The nice dish is called Bloom.
Candlestick holders

It can also be a really good gift for mom when she turns 50 to give her a new interest like turning, photographing or shaping jewelry in silver, beer brewing, glass blowing and so on. A pottery course can also be a fun 50th birthday present for mom.

A camera can be a fun interest to start with.

50th birthday present to mom ideas

More ideas on the 50th birthday present that you can give mom, both small, big, expensive and cheap.

A gold rose can be a beautiful 50th birthday present for mom.
Another gift idea is a warm blanket.
Maybe a pair of really cozy slippers.
Mom is sure to like a piece of personalized jewelry.
A cozy gift to give mom is a fragrant light.
An idea of a 50th birthday present for mom is a heart necklace.
Jewelry Candles are a great gift idea for Mom’s 50th birthday.

Necklace for engraving

A cute necklace is a great idea for mom’s birthday.

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Personalized Portrait Green Empress

The personalized portrait of the green empress will bring out every aspect of beauty. Digital drawing will replace the original face with yours while maintaining the background. Extending your picture, your sister’ or the person you would like to gift is executive and fast.

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Green Empress

Different 50th birthday presents for mum

Do you feel that you want to buy a different 50-year-old gift to mom, you can give her something that I know she will love, namely a vacuum cleaner. Not any vacuum cleaner, but a robot vacuum cleaner. While it is a different 50th birthday present to mom, it will also be the best. The vacuum cleaner robot can be programmed to vacuum the home when mom is out. When I bought my vacuum cleaner robot myself, I was convinced that I could clean well much more accurately than that. I had thought of it as a complement to the usual vacuum cleaner only. But even though I had vacuumed very carefully it still managed to find lots of dust. And I’ve never had it as clean at home as when the vacuum cleaner robot was alive. But after many years, the battery was no longer able. Right now I am in the choice and qualification whether it should get a new battery or whether I should buy a brand new one. But a vacuum cleaner robot is a really good, but different 50th birthday present that you should give your mom. The vacuum cleaner robot Neato Bovac d4 is the best on the market for under $500 SEK. 

Robot vacuum cleaners do the worst work in the home and keep dust elephants away.
Vacuum cleaner robot Neato Bovac d4

Another maybe a little more exciting and different 50th birthday gift is to take her for a picnic in any of the city’s parks.

Invite them to a picnic
A good picnic blanket is good to have


A really good mom deserves champagne on her 50th birthday. Why not let champagne go all day? Of course, you should give mom champagne for the 50th birthday present too. But besides buying a bottle of champagne, there are more champagne gifts to give her.

Send mom a champagne tasting! During a champagne tasting, she will learn more about the beverage, try both exclusive champagne and high-quality sparkling wines. A champagne tasting is a pleasant experience for both the wine connoisseur and the beginner. She will also learn about the history of the drink during the champagne tasting.

To drink her champagne she needs fine champagne glasses.
At the dinner table, you need a couple of nice candles.
This is a champagne wood cooler. So why not let a 50th birthday greeting for mom?
A little scented candle with the scent of champagne is given when you are going to give mom champagne as a birthday present.
Give mom a pair of nice earrings when she turns 50.
Certainly, she needs a nice board on the wall also.
This wine cooler is very stylish and elegant to store the champagne in.
A champagne label is an exclusive 50th birthday present that can also be engraved with a nice greeting on the 50th anniversary.
Fragrance sticks with champagne are a nice 50th birthday present for mom.
Fun glass coasters that can be turned with the champagne side up when it’s time for a party.
Give mom a nice wine cooler to cool the champagne in
A BIG glass and champagne is a great 50th birthday present for mom.


What can one then find for an exclusive 50th birthday present for mom? Exclusive and luxurious 50th birthday presents for mom are of course gold necklaces, diamonds, and pearls.

Diamond Pendant 14K Gold

If you can’t afford to buy gold in a 50-year present for Mom, no danger is not absolutely necessary. A different, yet loving gift to my mother is a gold washing course and a washing pot. You show mom that she is gold worth to you, even if you can’t afford to buy the gold for her.

Here she needs to go out and pick up the gold, she also needs a gold pan.

Maybe you can give mom an exclusive 50th birthday present with skin products, a luxurious facial, a perfume she likes, and maybe a foot massage to have in front of the TV. Certain foot massages in front of the TV may not be as exclusive, but it is very luxurious to be able to get a massage EVERY day, not just go for a foot treatment once.

Connoisseur gift basket

Give mom a gift box with chocolate or coffee when she turns 50

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A luxurious package from Body Shop with products that smell of Moringa Festive
An exclusive 50th birthday present for mom should include luxurious skincare products like The Ritual of Sakura.
A foot massage may not seem so exclusive, but it is luxurious to be able to tuck into its tired feet there every night.
An exclusive 50th birthday present to mom is this good perfume La Vie Est Belle from Lancome. Actually not so expensive on parfym.se if you compare with other places.
Give Mom an exclusive hand cream from Bodyshop, it smells a bit nutty and keeps her hands soft.

What can you give mom as a personal gift? A good personal gift for mom could be a piece of jewelry that you can engrave something cute on, photo boards to hang on the wall, or a doormat a photo of you on. More tips on gifts for mom can be found here.

What should I find in my last-minute gift to my mom? Good last-minute gifts to mom are chocolates, a subscription to wine or magazines, an invitation to picnics, or flowers. More tips on last-minute gifts for mom are here.

What is an excellent gift for moms 55 years? When your mom turns 55, it can be helpful to get a massage pillow, a dance class, scented candles, a beautiful plaid to have over the sofa, and a good movie.

What should I give mom when she turns 60? When your mom turns 60, it is appreciated to have a trip on the Göta Canal, a good perfume, a couple of design candlesticks, or theater with dinner. If you want more tips on what you can give mom and other women who are 60 years old as a gift, I have written another page about it.

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Gifts for mom 50-year-old
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