Gifts to Take to India – Big Gift GUIDE

Have you been wondering what gifts to take to India? Different cultures have different ways of doing things. Even for the smaller details that you might consider obvious in your culture, other people might be doing them differently out there. For instance, once we talk of gifts, you might think that what you appreciate in your country as a special gift is equally appreciated as a special gift in other countries. Only to find that it might be against their norms.

India is a great country. The same cultural acceptances apply to them when it comes to gifts. They have a special category of gifts that they hold dear in their hearts. Therefore, if you have a friend in India and need to buy a gift, you need to look at the gifts they value most and choose the best choice. Here are the best gifts to take to India.

What are good gifts to India from USA?
What are good gifts to India from USA?

In this article, we are looking at the best gifts to take to India. Let’s begin.

Great gifts to take to India from USA

Are you visiting India and want to bring gifts to India from USA. Then you might want to know what gifts to take to India from USA? Here is a big guide with the best gifts to take to India from USA.

1. Instant Photos

The average income for every person in India is about $120, and this tells us that most people, especially those that live in rural areas, cannot afford to buy cameras. 

The best gift that you can take to a person is probably something that they do not have. In India, a camera is expensive compared to other parts of the world especially compared the western countries. Instant photos are lovely gifts to India from USA.

Therefore, next time you visit India and probably want to buy them a gift, a camera would do well. To children, you can take instant photos and give the images back. The excitement is usually too much, and you can tell that they are enjoying your gifts so much.

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Instant Photos best gifts to take to india from usa

2. Olives are gifts to take to India

It is believed that Indians love spices very much, which is true. You observe Indian cooking and realize that they use many herbs in every meal. Unfortunately, you find that there are so many varieties that are missing in most shops. 

For example, you will find a shop with only one or two varieties of olive while there are so many in the US. The best gift you take to that Indian friend is a variety of olives, and they will enjoy it—their culture values so many spices. Indians even joke about it that the more spices you use, the more Indian you are.

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Olives are gifts to take to India

3. Chocolate gifts to India from USA

Some of the things that you think are common in western countries are not common in India. Chocolates are common everywhere in the USA, but not the same case with Indian chocolate shops. 

There is indeed chocolate in India, but not the wide varieties you find in the US. If you visit India and intend to carry a gift there, you can buy a range of chocolate, especially those that are not common in India. These are such as Ghirardelli, Hershey, and Godiva. 

These are not common in India, and you will have done great to buy them as a gift.

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Chocolate gifts to India from USA

4. Whey Protein Powder

Just like most second-world countries, some products are not given priority maybe because the consumers of the products are not so many. For instance, it is difficult to find any protein powder in most Indian stores. 

You are likely forced to buy powders on amazon that are super expensive compared to a person purchasing the same product in a shop in the USA. 

Therefore, if you are traveling to India and have friends and colleagues who need some gifts, purchase some whey protein powder; you can be sure that they will enjoy it as that is unique.

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Gifts to Take to India Whey Protein Powder

5. Peanut Butter

India has no wide variety of peanuts as compared to most other parts of the World. You realize that there are so many varieties of peanuts in western countries. If you plan to visit India anytime soon, start stocking peanut varieties because they are likely to love the varieties very much. 

Most of the stores in India do not stock varieties of peanut, maybe because most people are not aware that such varieties exist or the consumers are few compared to the US. In the US, most people consume peanuts every day, and the market grows each day.

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Peanut Butter best gifts to take to india from usa

6. Grapefruit Seed Extract

If you are traveling to India, this is a compulsory thing to have. This is a new zone you are trading in, and you are likely to encounter stomach upsets. This might either be due to the new foods or bacterial infections in the region. You might even get Delhi berry, and this oil will significantly help you.

The oil contains some antimicrobial components that can kill more than 60 types of bacteria. The liquid concentrate is the best for stomach infections and can even help cure the urinary tract in any other infections. Ensure you have it in your package during your travel to India.

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 Grapefruit Seed Extract Gifts to Take to India

7. Vitamins and Supplements are great gifts to take to India from USA

This will mostly depend on your dietary requirements. In the US, it is easier to find any supplement you need. That is not the case with India. You might move across all stores looking for supplements and find none.

India has a very wide variety of plants that you can eat to get the supplements, but you might end up moving into every store if you are looking for that one specific supplement. This is unlike in the USA, where you can find more than ten varieties in one store.

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Vitamins and Supplements are great gifts to take to India from USA

8. Almonds are good gifts to take to India

India imports most of the almonds from the USA, so it is very uneconomical to buy them in India. The price is almost double compared to those in stores in the US. Therefore, the best thing would be to buy in the US and come packaged.

Indian people are also not very familiar with the varieties of almonds out there, and it will be an appropriate gift if you take them with a few varieties found out there.

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Almonds are good gifts to take to India

9. Walking shoes

In India, the culture of walking and running is not very common. Most people do not purchase specific walking shoes, and most shoe stores do not have the right quality. If you are visiting India, make sure you come with them, especially if you are a fan of walking and running. They also make an excellent gift to bring to India from the USA.

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Walking shoes best gifts to take to india from usa

10. Honey Roasted Dry Fruits or nuts

The taste of this package will make you carry it to India. Leave alone, carrying it as a gift, you might be tempted to eat all the boxes empty.  One of the things you can be sure of is that they are not common in India, and you might go through all stores and still miss them.

These honey-roasted dry peanuts are fit for every occasion. You can pair them well with your cup of chai as you chill in the evening, or you can take them down with a bottle of beer. However, it is important to make sure that you carry them for your friends or the friends you are making in India.

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Gifts to Take to India Honey Roasted Dry Fruits or nuts

11. Diaper Bags are excellent gifts to take to India from USA

If you are to deliver your child in the middle of your stay in India, make sure you go along with a diaper bag. You might think that it is a common item in stores, but it is not. In the US, maybe you can find it anywhere in stores.

Still, in India, they are not as common and are also carry along different sizes to facilitate a comfortable stay in India. At the same time, carry more to give to pregnant mothers who you will encounter during the stay. Just be a generous traveler, and you find more about India’s great culture and know more about the great people in India.

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Diaper Bags are excellent gifts to take to India from USA

12. Big Knife

This might sound funny, but it is the reality. It is not easy to get those long knives that most people are used to in the USA. Most stores in India stock short knives, which might not be very helpful to a person used to big knives.

Maybe if you embark on a serious mission of buying one, you might get one, but why that hustle while you can come with yours. Sometimes it is not even about you, but introducing your tradition to the people of India. Come with a big knife and gift for that good friend or colleague of yours, and you will have done a great job.

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Big Knife Gifts to Take to India

13. Decals are popular gifts to take to India

When you are visiting a place, whether for the first time or you have been there before, always ensure that you have the children of the place in mind. Decals are the best gifts to take to India from USA for the children.

Children are the most appropriate parameter you can use to know whether you are a good person or just another nuisance. Luckily, the best way to get into children’s hearts is through gifts.

Always make sure that you have something exciting for the kids, and in this case, decals will do some magic. In the US, decals are cheaper, and you can buy as much as you want, take them to those kids in India, and put a smile on their faces.

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Decals are popular gifts to take to India

14. Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This is one of the most amazing gifts you can take to your friend in India or even for yourself. You can imagine sitting in that room alone, especially after arrival, and you have nothing to listen to. It would help if you had that companion at that lonely time.

A Bluetooth speaker will be great for you. Such speakers are a bit expensive in India compared to the American market. Simultaneously, you will have to go through so many stores to get the quality you may desire.

This can also be a perfect gift for those you care for. Just buy that Indian friend the Bluetooth and speaker, and they will be happy. Remember, they love music and dances, and so you will have touched their hearts with an element of music.

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Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Gifts to Take to India

15. Fisher Space Pen

A product made overseas always creates some sensation in India. I believe that you have a person closer to your heart in India, and even if you do not have any, by the end of the visit, you will have one.

Just carry them that pen inspired by The Three Idiots, and they will always be happy about you. More importantly, buy the one engraved with the American flag, and they will like it very much. Anything coming with the tag made in America will cause some curiosity.

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Fisher Space Pen gifts to india from usa

16. Lint Roller

India has developed in recent times, but you still miss stores, and you feel let down. Lint rollers are not common in India. You move from one shop to another, and you are likely to go home empty-handed. Therefore, when you plan to travel to India, ensure that you carry yourself some lint rollers and maybe some for your friends.

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Gifts to Take to India Lint Roller

17. Spider Tech

These are some of the rare products in the Indian market. Sometimes you might have an accident or find your loved one injured, and you will need a spider tech. Unfortunately, they are not common in Indian stores, and you might be forced to waste a lot of time looking for a place to source one.

These are cheap in other areas, especially in America, and you can have a fair deal by buying them in the US or other sites. A spider tech gift would also do good, especially if you have that sportsperson as a friend; buy them one or even two, and it will be a good gift.

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Spider Tech gifts to india from usa

18. Thermos

Sometimes it can get freezing in India. This is like the case that happened in 2014. Thermos is good storage equipment for some hot stuff. Show that you care about your friends and colleagues, buy some classic thermos for them, and help keep them warm through those cold periods. 

Keep in mind that these thermoses are very expensive in India, and they have to sacrifice a lot to get one. Imagine getting to India, and it’s all colder than you anticipated; you will need a thermos too. Just put those in your traveling package, and you will not regret them at all.

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Thermos Gifts to Take to India

19. Badminton Racket and Shuttles

Many people love badminton in India. It is their sport. Imagine how great that one friend of yours would feel when you take them a gift of a racket. They would feel valued. Noises are common in India, and their demand is quite high, but the quality is inferior. Those from the US are of higher quality, and they are very comfortable to play with. They are also more durable. If you are a badminton player or fan, you can even have yours to go and learn with.

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Badminton Racket and Shuttles gifts to india from usa

20. Drones if you want to take expensive gifts to take to India

Drones are not a common thing in India, as most people in developed countries would think. You plan to go to India, and your budget allows you to buy some drones. You will have won the hearts of many people starting with the young to the old. People love them very much, for they are not typical items. Imagine giving some kids drones as gifts. They would feel at home with you. You might also need to use a drone to take some special videos and pictures, so do not forget one.

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Gifts to Take to India Drones if you want to take expensive gifts to take to India

21. Cool Watches

Watches are very common in India, and some of them are of very high quality. The challenge they pose to potential customers is the high prices they are sold. Most people desire to have the best watches, but they do not afford them. So these might be the best gifts to take to India from USA.

Watches in most of the shops in the US are relatively cheap and more especially when you are buying in bulk. Your trip to India has to be special. Buy good watches from whichever area you come from and give them to school-going children. They will be so happy for your help. Maybe some of them would not afford them throughout their school life.

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Cool Watches best gifts from usa to india

22. Whisky on Rocks

India is not commonly known for its alcoholic drinks production. So if you are a whisky lover, you must carry your own as you embark on a trip to India; the rocks would also be essential to ensure that your whisky does not lose its exquisite taste.

On that note, it is also essential to ensure that you have a few bottles for gifting some Indian friends you come across. It would be a way to appreciate them and at the same time introduce your culture to them.

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Whisky on Rocks Gifts to Take to India

23. Grooming Kits are good gifts to take to India

Indian people, especially ladies, are beautiful, and they love having grooming kits on their porches. It would be selfish to travel to India without having some grooming kits for Indian women.

In India, grooming kits are expensive and of low quality. In the US, grooming kits are of high quality and very cheap. It would be best if you also carried one or two for yourself else buy the expensive one in India. Make your preparations well, and ensure that you have all the elements of your grooming kit set well.

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Grooming Kits are good gifts to take to India

24. Anti-Pollution Masks

This is a major challenge, especially if you are visiting the major cities of India. Most people do not have masks, and they have a challenge when riding bicycles and motorcycles under such conditions.

It would be appropriate if you carried tens or hundreds of anti-pollution masks and gift them. This would promote their health status and, at the same time, promote environmental conservation. However, these masks are not limited to riders; there are several sectors in need of them in India.

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Anti-Pollution Masks Gifts to Take to India

25. Backpacks

Backpacks are popular items in India but not affordable to most of the people in the population. When traveling to India, ensure that you carry some backpacks and give them to the people. 

It is a great idea to ensure that the backpacks have a US flag on the backpack to give everyone a sense of pride associated with an American flag. As you give them to friends and you or colleagues, ensure that you keep one for yourself, remember you also need one when exploring India.

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26. Chocolate gifts to take to India

This is one of the favorite gifts you can take to India; chocolates are common in India but not a wide variety like those found in the US. When you are packing your package, you must ensure that you have something for the children in India and some for yourself. Remember, you will not have the varieties you are used to in the US. It calls for one having to carry a big block.

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Gifts to Take to India Chocolate gifts to take to India

27. iPhone Sports Armbands

If you have that one friend or family member who likes walking or jogging in the morning, then this is good for them. People buy them for older people in some instances, but it is not the most appropriate gift for older people because sometimes you do not find them using sports. 

Armbands. Young people want to show themselves off as part of fashion and style. This will go a long way in pleasing younger people. If you are also in the habit of jogging and walking in the morning, it is appropriate that you carry one for yourself. iPhone brand products are super expensive in India.

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iPhone Sports Armbands

28. University Flag

University flag colors are something people hold dear to their hearts. Funny enough, even the older people find a lot of pride in associating with a certain university flag that their son or daughter attended, or they might want them to attend one day.

It is a funny belief but true. You cannot imagine how proud an Indian young boy or girl would be, to have a flag associated with Harvard or Maryland university. The flag would inspire them to work harder to achieve their dreams one day, studying in these prestigious universities. 

This is to remind you that the next time you travel to India, make sure that you have a flag gift from one or two universities to inspire those kids in India to work harder on their dream every day. It seems like a small gift, but the impact it can create is massive.

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University Flag Gifts to Take to India

29. Gym bags are popular gifts in India

If you have a friend or family member who loves hitting the gym now and then, this is a perfect gift for them. A motivation factor will make them practice even harder. There are a few gyms in Delhi, and you can also buy them a few gym bags. You can also buy a gym membership to support them in their endeavors for good health and fitness.

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Gym bags

30. Presidential soap collection

A US presidential soap collection is a unique one. The special packaging covered in an American flag makes it unique. It is a great soap collection that you can give to your friends or relatives in India, and you are sure they will enjoy it. It is one of the best gifts to take to India from USA.

They are likely to keep the box for a long time due to its uniqueness. Kids might also find a great toy in that box. This is a reminder that you should not visit India empty-handed because even a presidential soap collection will make a difference.

 It is also a challenge of the things people take for granted every day, but they mean a lot in other parts of the World.

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Gifts to Take to India Presidential soap collection

31. Phone Car Mount

Most people in Indian cities have mobile phones, and a large percentage have cars. You look at most of their cars that do not have phone holders to mount their phones.  This is a new technology and has not been very popular in India.

This means that there is a great business opportunity considering the massive population in the country. For now, you can take the phone holders as gifts, and you will gauge the interest they will have in them. This will tell you if it will be more appropriate to import them the next time and establish a store in Delhi, Pune, or another city.

Do not forget that your family members and friends need these phone holders in their cars and you can take quite a number to them. Remember you also need one in your car in India. So as much as you may not carry the holders for the others, have them for yourself.

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Phone Car Mount

32. Small souvenir gifts to take to India

Most of the people in India are not privileged to have visited the US; they see it through gifts and souvenirs. It would be best if you had a package to make them feel closer to the US than ever before. These souvenirs usually make an impression in mind that one has a piece of a country they admire from far.

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Small souvenir gifts to take to India

33. Perfumes are one of the best gifts to take to India from USA

Young people are obsessed with perfumes. There are greater perfume varieties in the US that will blow their minds. You might also have that one special person you might need to surprise with a special taste of perfume. You might not buy too many types of perfumes, but buying a handful will be right. Do not visit India without a gift, while there are so many gifts that would make a difference at an affordable price.

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Perfumes are one of the best gifts to take to India from USA

34. Belts and wallets

These are simple but presentable gifts. We have wallets engraved with the US flag and which young people and kids would be very proud of. Buy a handful with a few dollars and take them with you on your travel to India, and people will be thrilled.

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Belts and wallets Gifts to Take to India

I hope you found the answer to what gifts to take to India from USA. Good luck and happy shopping!


Gifts to Take to India – Big Gift GUIDE
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