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Gift Ideas For a 3-year-old

Need tips on a gift for a 3-year-old? Here you have my top tips on good gifts for a 3-year-old.

What is a good gift for a 3-year-old? Good gifts to a 3-year-old are jumping animals, plush toys, a play kitchen, Alfie Atkins stuff, a pirate ship, Lego, Duplo, Plus plus, play-doh, fancy dress, a good movie, or coloring books. Clothes are also excellent gifts for a three-year-old.

What is a nice gift to a 3-year-old?

But please keep reading for more great tips on gifts for a 3-year-old. There are lots of fun gifts like three-year-will love!

Adorable 3rd Birthday gift ideas

Magna Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

This building set contains 100 translucent and colorful shapes which include a variety of squares and triangles. This toy is perfect for engaging your child’s mind in the fields of Math and Science while providing a creative outlet for her boundless energy.

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Touch And Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

The activity desk boasts 5 activities filled with engaging content that is sure to keep your child busy while learning 20 plus songs through 20 plus activities that feature 100 or more vocabulary words. You can’t go wrong with this desk if you’re looking for one of the most perfect gifts for a 3-year-old.

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The Story of My Name

This personalized, age-appropriate book, great for kids 3 to 7, allows your child’s name or another special name to be personalized on the cover. The book has full of colorful images of the different letters on each double-page. In addition to that, the book has your youngsters’ challenge and 12 characters to discover the characters which make up the child’s name. Besides that, this book has been produced and designed alongside school teachers and has educationally approved fonts. The book is going to teach your kid how to write their name with this book personalized story with an educational twist.

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Green Unicorn Plush Toy set For Girls

Soft, cute, and in just the right size, this set of plushies is one of the most amazing 3rd Birthday Gift ideas that you may want to consider for your little girl. Not only will it be a cute additional decoration on her bed, but it can also function as both pillows and toys for her. This very cuddly set of stuffed animals includes one piece of 24-inch green “mommy” unicorns and four pieces of 8-inch colorful “baby” unicorns. What makes this gift set an excellent choice for your tot is the idea that these plushies can also be their “friend”. Since kids around this age like to play pretend, they can just imagine that these adorable toys are their friends and hug them whenever they feel sad, happy, or scared.

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Personalized Portrait Young Prince

This personalized portrait of a young prince will give the walls the exclusivity they need. The portrait is the perfect description of a loyal young prince. Sure the young prince you are gifting this portrait will understand royalty. It is perfectly painted with perfection and passion. You would never go wrong with such a gift, creating the best memory for your loved one during their special occasion. Get a princely-looking picture for the best look on the canvas.

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Young Prince

Tent With Star Lights

Inspired by the castles that can only be found in fairytales, this play tent is sure to captivate your little girl. This tent will provide your child with their own private space where they can play, relax and enjoy themselves to the fullest. The tent can accommodate up to 3 little children and is perfect for playing make-believe with her friends; just like in the fairytales.

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Too Many Monsters book

If you are looking for a gift that is personalized and unique for your child, look no further. This book is here for you. Your child will take a trip to Monsterland and they will discover that Monsters are not scary after all. Ideally, this book has a 6 inches x 9 inches handover that can be personalized with your child’s name, age, and hometown. It also has a total of 24 pages that contains colorful illustrations. This too many monster book is ideal for boys and girls aging 3 to 10 years. It is a fun and educational gift for kids, sure to keep them entertained for hours.

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Light-Up Musical Interactive Pounding Toy

Large enough to be shared with a playmate, this highly interactive toy is an excellent choice for your kid if you wish to help him improve his social skills. It also helps that this Whack-a-mole game can help children develop their concentration and eye-to-hand coordination. This makes this item a very educational one for your preschooler. The toy, though specifically recommended for boys, can actually be enjoyed by little girls as well. Thus, making this whack-a-mole game one of the best 3rd birthday gift ideas there is.

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A5 LUX Kick Scooter

Its adjustable handlebar helps your youngster to find a comfortable grip without becoming overly tired throughout his ride. The rear brake also enables a seamless transition to a stop.

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Flower Garden Building Toy

Help your little one develop their creativity by giving them this unique educational Garden Building Toy Set. By playing with this toy, your soon-to-be 3 year old can learn the different parts of a plant as he or she assembles items in this set to create one. Also meant to aid in the development of your child’s imagination, he or she can play-pretend gardening using these toys. Can be played individually or with a playmate, this will also be the perfect gift if you want to help your kid be more sociable. Made from High-quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and smooth materials, this set of toy is guaranteed to be safe and will never cause any unintended injury to your favorite tot. Its’ safety, along with the fun learning experience that it offers, are the reasons why we include this Toy in our list of 3rd Birthday gift ideas.

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Toyk Store water doodle mat – kids painting writing doodle toy board

Encourage the development of your child’s social skills, color perception, imagination, and creativity by teaching him or her how to draw and write on this Water Doodle Mat. Large enough for 2 or more kids to enjoy, not only can this toy allow your little one to socialize with another child, but it can also give you more opportunities to spend time with them as you both doodle in this Mat. Made from Non-Toxic and premium quality materials, this toy guarantees a fun-filled learning experience without creating any mess.

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Hello Kitty Plush Dolls

Are you looking for a great gift for your kid, niece, or nephew? What about a present for that new baby in your life? If so, you’re going to want to buy one of these fantastic Hello Kitty aesthetic plush. It is a size 11 inches doll that is packed in sterile and dust-free vacuum bags. Typically, this Hello kitty cate toy is made from all-natural cotton and it is safe for your kid.

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Sleep help

Bedtime imagination is a soothing musical lullaby and color game that uses a unique, effective approach to relax and inspire your child to sleep in their own world of color and wonder in less than 30 minutes. This is a lifesaver for many families. Instead of trying to put their child to sleep for hours, this helps children to relax and fall asleep faster than ever before.

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ARTCREATIVITY Bubble Lawn Mower, Electronic Bubble Blower Machine

If you’re one of those parents who wish to help their children enhance their motor skills and visual tracking skills, then this will be an excellent gift choice for your little sunshine. Highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, this bubble emitting lawnmower produces realistic sound effects that can increase the fun and excitement during the play. Recommended to be used in wide-open spaces where your kid, along with his or her playmates, can run and socialize with each other as they chase those bubbles.

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JOYGROW 2 in 1 Button Art Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard Set Toddler Toys Color & Geometry Shape Cognition Skill, Learning Educational Toys

Highly recommended for soon-to-be 3-year-olds who are still developing their skills in sorting, color and shape recognition, object matching, and counting. This gift set includes 24 pictures and 72 pieces of buttons that come in various shapes and colors. What makes this set an excellent 3rd birthday gift is the idea that, apart from the above-mentioned skills, this toy can also fuel your child’s imagination as he or she completes the picture using different colored buttons.

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NICE CHOICE Cute Toddler Backpack Toddler Bag Plush Animal Cartoon Mini Travel Bag for Baby Girl (Pink Butterfly)

Teach your little one how to be more independent and responsible for her stuff by gifting her this adorable Pink Butterfly backpack, where some of her small favorite items can be placed during your day out. Soft, huggable but durable, this bag comes with two shoulder straps that you can adjust to fit your little kid’s size. This means that your child will still be able to use this cute backpack even after a year or two. Can be used by children up to 13 years of age, this backpack can also function as an additional decoration on your kid’s bed, when not in use.

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LOVE&MINI Piano Toy Keyboard For Kids, Multi-functional Music Instruments with Microphone

The perfect 3rd birthday gift for your kid if you want them to start loving music as early as possible, this interactive keyboard can allow your little one to create, play and record their very own musical composition. Highly beneficial to the development of your child’s self-esteem, imagination, eye-hand coordination, and memory skills, this piano toy guarantees a unique learning experience that can help your child love musical instruments. Suitable for music created just for fun, this item features six kinds of instrument sounds, six various rhythms, and four drum keys.

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ELECNEWELL 6 in 1 Wooden Block Puzzle Cube Brain Teaser Jigsaw Puzzle Toys for 3-5 years olds

Boost your child’s creativity and imagination while helping him develop his problem-solving skill by gifting him this adorable Wooden Block Puzzle. This uniquely designed 6 in 1 Wooden puzzle guarantees an exciting learning experience by triggering your child’s imagination, as he organizes the blocks in order to complete the image of his chosen animal. Highly guaranteed to enhance the animal identification skills of your tot, this toy can also help him improve his ability to match the color and his fine motor skills.

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KIDTASTIC Dinosaur Toys STEM learning (106 pieces) Construction Engineering Building Playset for Toddlers and kids from Ages 3 to 6 years old

Colorful and adorable, don’t let this unique toy trick you into thinking that this is just an ordinary one. An ideal gift for children who like to assemble and disassemble objects, this toy is perfect for your kid if you wish to help him further develop his logic and problem-solving skills. This kit includes pieces that can help your kid build dinosaurs such as Alamosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Can be played either individually or with playmates, this interesting toy set also helps improve your child’s social skills and ability to be part of a team. What makes this 3rd birthday gift idea a must-buy is a fact that children who play with this toy can definitely develop and learn many skills during their experience with it.

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Children, who are turning 3 years old, are still in the process of learning and developing some of their most important skills. These are the skills that they need in order for them to grow properly and become a well-rounded individual. That being said, it is, thus, our responsibility, as parents and older relatives, to help them improve and be more capable. We can do this by providing them with materials that can encourage their learning and development. This makes educational toys an excellent gift for them, and Birthdays, the perfect excuse for us to spoil them with unique presents that can help them both enjoy and learn at the same time. Hopefully, you are able to choose something from our list of 10 unique 3rd birthday gift suggestions or, at the very least, now have an idea of what to give them on their special day.

What does a 3-year-old wish for?

Three-year-olds think about both sitting and crafts, role-play, noise, and even wilder games. When you buy a gift for a 3-year-old, it might be useful to vary the toys. It is a mix of noisy and unruly games with more quiet games and crafting things and more practical gifts to have some quiet time to time. Here you will find my top tips on a gift for a 3-year-old.

Night lamp

A night lamp helps the child to understand when it’s time to get up and when to sleep.

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Cute little bunnies are a beautiful gift for a 3-year-old. They usually like to invite cuddly toys for food, take them on a ride so on. A rabbit will become a dear friend in life.

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Creative Twinkle Glowing Stars Shape Plush Throw Pillow

Many children are afraid of the dark, and then it can be an added comfort to have a cozy pillow in bed. These cushions feel safe and are lightening.

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Three-year-olds usually love speed and excitement. By nature, they love to exercise. Why not give them toys that are fun and invite movement. If I’m going to tell you about the best gift to give a three-year-old, I think it will be gifts that encourage movement. When it’s fun, children go all-in with great enthusiasm. But it will provide parents with a little breather afterward, so exercise equipment for 3-year-olds is probably the best gift. Want to buy a different, more gentle gift? Then I think you should give him or her a Brio train (see further down this page).

Bouncing animal gifts to a 3-year-old

Bouncing Animals are animals where the child is sitting and holding it in the ears or the handle. Then they bounce around while sitting on the animal.

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Ride on horse

Want to give a 3-year-old a different and fun gift? It would help if you bought a mount for him or her. The horse moves forward, by the child presses away with his feet. This horse is a fun gift to buy for a 3-year-old.

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Bounce ball

Bonce Ball – the same function as the bouncing animals, but the bouncing balls usually have children’s motifs printed on the ball. A bouncing ball will be the speed and excitement of the home.

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Bicycle – maybe it’s time for the first cycle now? A three-year-old need a bike with training wheels on. Toddlers usually like speed, so a helmet is a good idea to give as gifts also. To a 3-years-old recommended the minimum cycle of 12 inches (ca. 30 cm). Do not forget to supplement it with a good play helmet. A bike will be a great gift!

Kids Balance Bike

A running bike is much like a regular bike but without pedals. The child kicks her/his way and practices on keeping balance.

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Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids

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Kids Bike 

Bicycle 12 inches (ca. 30 cm) is recommended for a 3-year-old. Children should, of course, be able to put their feet firmly on the ground when sitting on the bike.

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Sledge – it is winter, so want to 3-year-old is wish to have their sled. Is there anything cozier than to make a sledding excursion with the whole family? Bring a helmet, sandwiches, and a thermos of hot chocolate. Sledding is fun!

Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinter Toboggan Snow Sled

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Winter Snow Tube

An inflatable snow sled will be a great gift for him or her.

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Buy a Bobbycar or an electric car! Give him or her a fancy ride! Cars are a toy that toddlers usually love. Well, who would not like to get a scooter or a luxury car, by the way? The electric vehicle has the disadvantage that it is easy for the child to escape. Kick cars are good because the child is not going away so quickly and needs to work a lot if they should escape. This benefits parents because they also get a little break when the child is forced to rest.

Red Ride On Car Toy 

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Lamborghini Aventador Battery Powered

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What do 3-year-olds like? 

3-year-olds really like to jump, run and move. Let them have an outlet for their energy! Maybe you can find a good gift that allows the 3-year-old to move.


A toy that you can buy now that will last right up to your teens is a trampoline. If the family has a garden, this is an excellent gift for children. When friends visit the children, this is a focal point with friends.

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Gift for a 3-year-old who likes crafting and puzzle

At this age, children are usually able to sit still and tweak long periods. It must not always be advanced things that need to be supervised by a parent not to be a colorful disaster. It also works well with other crafts for 3-year-olds. Good crafting things to give three-year-olds in the gift is for example:

Puzzle as a gift for a 3-year-old? 20-pieces-puzzle with Pippi, princesses and other characters are usually popular among 3-year-olds. A puzzle is a must at this age. I tried to buy a paper puzzle for my 3-year-old daughter once. But it was stupid. After a while, there were missing bites, here and there on the puzzle.

Montessori Wooden Clock Shape Sorting Puzzle Blocks

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Wooden Jigsaw puzzles for kids ages 3-5 Year

Puzzle wood is a fun gift to get.

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Beads for necklaces and bracelets usually will be appreciated by three-year-olds for short periods anyway. It is amazingly cheap to buy diamonds for children at this age. Take the opportunity, now that there are still diamonds made of plastic!

Large beads of 3-year-olds who like to bead

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Crayons, coloring pads, and other creative gifts for a 3-year-old

Ordinary crayons and coloring books are fun. With them, usually, 3-year-olds could occupy themself for long periods. However, it will also be helpful to add an oilcloth to preserve the table.

64 Ct Crayons

Ordinary wax crayons

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The Creative Toddler’s First Coloring Book Ages 1-3

Coloring book for the youngest children.

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Melissa & Doug Drawing Paper Pad

3 large drawing pads for kids: The Melissa & Doug drawing paper pad set is a 3 pack of pads that each have 50 sheets of premium heavyweight bond paper; the large pages make the ideal canvas for little artists to express their creativity

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Playdoh clay

Play-Doh clay forms etc. (or dough ) It’s fun to bake buns and cakes and to make your food to offer the family.

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Play-Doh Mini Fun Factory Set

Set to make play-doh shapes.

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Play-doh play set cookies.

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PLUS PLUS – 70 Piece Neon Color Mix – Construction Building Stem/Steam Toy

I do not know what to buy as a gift for the 3-year-old, maybe Plus plus is a good gift. Plus Plus is precise, as the name suggests, and small plus one puzzle stuck together. It can be the most fantastic shape. With a little patience, you can build lovely stuff. Plus Plus is a fun gift to buy for a 3-year-old!

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Construction toys as a gift to a 3-year-old

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set – 100 Blocks in 4 Colors

Building blocks are a fun gift to receive when you’re three years old. It’s fun to build towers and castles. When you get bored, you can also collapse what your parents build up. It is almost the most fun of all. It’s also great to get a Meccano. It’s a toy that she or he will build with for many years.

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KID K’NEX – Budding Builders Building Set

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Lego to 3-year-olds

The Lego that’s best to give a 3-year-old is Duplo, the so-called giant Lego. Duplo is available in many fun kits, for example, amusement parks, airports, and excavators. Duplo is an entertaining toy that can withstand rough play and love from the kids.

LEGO DUPLO Classic Brick Box 

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Games for a 3-year-old

A good game for 3-year-olds, for example, Memory and Mr. Bucket, etc. Yes, it might take a little while to understand the rules. But shortly, 3-year-old beats grown-ups in memory with ease. The little ones have an excellent memory when it is memory. Mr. Bucket is a game that suits 3-year-olds. Mr. bucket spits out balls. And the child must then put the balls back, but there are some obstacles. The bucket has arms that he holds over his head, so you cant place the palls in the bucket. If you want to make it harder for the child, use paddles to catch the balls. A fun game for a 3-year-old!

Memory Card Game 

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Mr. Bucket Game

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An iPad that you fill with educational games is a good gift for a 3-year-old

IPad to use as teaching aids, with colors, numbers, memory, and so on. Playing is a good and effective way of getting new knowledge.

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Free gift for a 3-year-old

Here you can easily pick up some suitable craft materials of empty cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper, glitter, sequins, and glue sticks. Provide materials that the child can use in many different ways that are not so “ready” but invites creativity and can be combined in various ways. Invest also in a perfect apron and an oilcloth to protect the table. Make a cardboard airplane, a robot, or why not a new dress?

You can make your dough – it is virtually free and can be made with ingredients you already have at home. Want more tips on gifts for the children? I have collected useful tips here!

Bath toys as a gift to a 3-year-old

Bathing is usually very appreciated both indoors, at the beach, bathhouse, and in the garden during the summer. Getting bath toys as gifts tends to be very popular. 

Rhode Island Novelty 2″ Zoo Animal Rubber Duckies

Rubber duck – Having fun toys in the bath is usually more relaxed when you want to bathe the children. Ducks tend to be fun to play, and quite ordinary plastic boxes and measuring cup. Children tend to think it’s fun to souse water in the boxes and bathe his rubber ducks.

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Aquaplay – Mountain Lake Water Playset

Aqua Play is a water system of locks and canals. There is also a paddle wheel so that the child can crank for the water to flow and bring forward the boats in the canals. A great fun toy to have in the garden or on the beach in the summer.

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Bubble Blower Makes Big Bubbles 

Bubble Machine – it will surely enhance the bathing experience. The bubble machine is blowing bubbles in the room. You attach the bubble machine at the edge of the bath. A funny birthday present for 3-year-olds.

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Inflatable Armbands for Kids

Inflatable swimming aids to not sink as quickly bathhouse. There are various inflatable swimming aids for different weights of the baby, so check that you get right before you buy only! An accident so quickly happens! The parents will have a few seconds to himself.

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Toddler Boys Two Piece Swimsuit Kids

Is necessary to have swimwear, so why not find trunks or swimsuit with something popular characters you think that 3-year-old likes?

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Girl Swimsuit 

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Great gifts for 3-year-olds

3-year-olds usually love to cook. If you want to buy a play kitchen, there is a lot to choose from, and they are adorable! Not to mention all cooked food that is on the market in recent years. When my youngest daughter was small, there were unfortunately not such beautiful things to buy as nowadays. But after she had come with me to the sewing convention, she woke me up early the next morning. She wanted a princess cake that she had seen there. She had been inspired, and guess who got the crochet work! But now there are, as I said, all sorts of ready-made goodies to be the kitchen to choose from. A well-equipped mini chef needs a lot of supplies.

What do you buy for a 3-year-old? Good things to buy for a 3-year-old are, for example, toys for cooking, a doll’s cupboard, and a jumping animal.

Kids Kitchen Playset Play Kitchen for Toddlers

A play kitchen having your kitchen is a dream for small children. I was very fond of this cute kitchen in retro 50’s look. You could buy some cooking utensils too!

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Play Dishes Toys Kitchen Toys Set

Buy plates, cups, and cutlery needed for the mini chef. Usually, it only sold tea sets, but this also includes dishes and cutlery.

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35 Pcs Kitchen Pretend Play Accessories Toys

Pots different pots, frying pan, spatula, and kitchen towel is necessary to be able to cook. It looks like real pots in a miniature format.

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Melissa & Doug Stir and Serve Cooking Utensils (7 pcs) 

Cooking utensils with knives, spoons, and whisks. Good to have stuff for mini- cook. Everything is placed in a practical stand, so it should be easy for the chef to access the tools she or he needs.

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Tea Party Pretend Play Kitchen Set Sweet

Isn’t it incredibly cute, this tea set? In addition to the tray, dishes, pot, and cups you get a small bag to put everything in. Being able to invite mom and dad on the coffee or tea in your tableware is fun.

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Award Winning Hape Garden Salad Wood Play Kitchen Play Set

All the ingredients and utensils that the child may need to make a salad. mixing bowl, salad prongs, two dressing, pepper, bell peppers, lettuce, and more!

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Wooden Fast Food Burger Fries Deluxe Dinner Set

The burgers are something kids usually like. Here are the ingredients for a proper burger.

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Princess Birthday Party Set

Buy cookies, cakes, and other yummy. Sure, you become a little hungry when you see this loveable wiped cream cake? The cake is made out of wood.

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Cutting Fruit Toys for Toddlers

A box of fruits. All that the child might need to decorate their cakes, or make a fruit salad. Why not invite the dolls and teddy bears for coffee?

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Cash register and some more play food so that he or she can go shopping too. Or why not open the closet and selling clothes to friends.

Classic Toys Wooden Cash Register Pretend Play 

Cash register and some more play food so that he or she can go shopping too. Or why not open the closet and sell clothes to friends.

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Grocery Store Shopping Trolley

In the shop, we need, of course, a cart. In the basket, you can collect all the food they need. Take a walk past the cashier and pay.

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Play Food Set

For the meal to be complete, you need some ingredients. Here you will get a lot of different ingredients, like veggies, fruit, desserts, pastries, fast food favorites, a range of condiments, play silverware, milk, orange juice, and much more. 

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Music instruments are good gifts to 3-year-olds

Getting a musical birthday present is something that a 3-year-old will also love. And do not you agree that this guitar is charming. Children usually like to sing and play. The instrument is a gift that the child will have enormous pleasure. (Maybe not the parents, however)


The electronic kids’ guitar built-in 8 demos, 4 animal sounds, 4 tones, and 4 rhythms. It can help your kids to learn, promote toddlers’ cognitive ability as well as memory. You can also adjust the volume for your child.

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Floor Drum for Kids 

High-quality plastic drum head with 2 mallets for producing great sound. This is a gift the child will love!

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Kids love to make music with this mini tambourine, shake the tambourine to make delightful tapping and ringing sound.

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Dolls as a gift to a 3-year-old

Dolls and stuffed toys tend to be highly desired if you bring them with you to the three-year-toy shop. While this is, of course, an extensive range, but I think you might be able to start with a little less expensive doll for a 3-year-old. The three-year-olds like to play with things like this.

Doll with accessories

A doll, of course. Maybe you can find a doll with some accessories such as a potty, bottle or a change of clothes. The babydoll needs to be fed, go to the potty, and put to bed. Small doll parents usually have a lot to do. To give a toy to a 3-year-old is a good birthday present.

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Doll Pram

To get a stroller for their dolls, the children usually love. This stroller is a multi-purpose stroller that can be used both as a pram and a pushchair. By taking out the portable lift, the couchette will quickly turn into a stroller instead. The handle can be adjusted to suit the “parents” of different lengths. In the shopping basket during carriage fits doll accessories.

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Play Cradle for Dolls

The bed for the dolls. It’s pretty easy to sew your bedding. If you do not sew yourself, ask around a bit among your friends. Perhaps there is someone who can help with that. A doll’s bed will be an appreciated gift for a 3-year-old child.

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Dollhouses and small dolls can occupy them for a long. Here is a luxury dollhouse, a little dog family, and a more unusual dollhouse, a pirate castle. They are all adorable gifts to buy for a 3-year-old. I think this dollhouse that is a pirate castle is an excellent toy because both boys and girls will play with it for several years. Dollhouses and little dolls or animals are great gifts to buy a 3-year-old.


Dollhouse – with some dolls and small furniture, will be a beautiful gift to a 3-year-old.

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Dolls, Doll House Figures

Small dolls or animals of various kinds are also popular. You do not buy a house for them. It usually works just as well if they get a little box to stay in. The three-year-olds have a good imagination and you can nest a bit of everything really.

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Wooden pirate castle

Dollhouse, in the form of a pirate Castle, is a great fun gift to a 3-year-old. It is suitable for both boys and girls.

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Pippi Longstocking

Perhaps a Pippi Longstocking house with figures is a fun gift? Pippi is very popular among the three-year-olds. This beautiful house provides many fun games while both with and without friends. 

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

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Pippi Longstocking’s monkey

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Pippi Fixes Everything

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Alfie Atkins stuff

Alfie’s books that 3-year-olds love. Dad reads the newspaper and Alfons carpentry. Do not touch the saw, dad says. But can Alfie resist?

Very Tricky, Alfi Atkins

Alfie likes it when grownups play with him, especially Daddy. And he loves his daddy’s toolbox, which he rarely gets to borrow. Fortunately, today Daddy wants to read the newspaper, which means Alfie can play with the tools, except for the saw. Alfie builds and builds, but eventually, he needs Daddy’s help – and the saw.

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Good Night Alfie Atkins

Meet Alfie Atkins. Like all four-year-olds, sometimes he is stubborn. Tonight he doesn’t want to go to bed. Lucky for him, Daddy is being especially nice. Taking care of all of Alfie’s bedtime needs. But Alfie won’t sleep, and it isn’t long before he succeeds in tiring poor Daddy.

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Stuffed animals are lovely gifts for a 3-year-old

Why not buy soft, cuddly toys, a unicorn or a cute fox, or maybe a lion. Stuffed animals are usually loved for a long. A cuddly toy that children receive at this age is often something extraordinary. It will be the best friend that comes with both the nursery school and on trips. A good idea might be to buy two of the same type and switch between them without the child seeing it. It happens that they lose their beloved stuffed animals. You can not buy a new one and replace with because it has to smell right. With two cuddly toys that feel right, you can prevent a catastrophe.

Plush Corduroy Fox Stuffed Animal

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Aurora – Sparkle Tales – 12″ Blossom Unicorn

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Aurora World Plush Tubbie Wubbie Cuddly Lion 12″ (Gift Set)

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Rocking horse

Rocking lamb or rocking horse is an entertaining toy and a stylish decor detail in the children’s room. Indeed, they are cute?

Green Crocodile Plush Rocker

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Ride On Rocking Horse Plush Swan Style Toy with Music 

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Wooden Rocking Horse

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Pirate stuff

Pirate stuff is something that 3-year-olds like. Pippi Longstocking’s ship is a favorite toy for my children and other children who came to our house. A pirate patch is the only thing that is needed to turn a 3-year-old into a fearsome pirate.

KidKraft Pirate’s Cove Wooden Ship Play Set with Lights and Sounds

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Kids Pirate Costume

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Pirate Earring and Eye-Patch

Pirate Patch and Earring turn the child into a pirate.

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If you buy pirate clothes or a pirate’s patch, things will happen fast. It will not be long before you are deprived of your candy bag and slippers.

Clothing as a gift to a 3-year-old

Clothes with charming motifs the 3-year-olds might enjoy. How about these; shirts with My Little Pony or Pippi Longstocking. Perhaps it is something that the 3-year-old will appreciate. With cute clothes, it is much easier to get off to daycare in the morning. Do you want to buy clothes for a 3-year-old? Size 98 applies. A good birthday gift for a 3-year-old girl could be Frozen, Minnie or My Little Pony clothing. The birthday gift for a 3-year-old guy might fit better with something more cool.

Disney Minnie Mouse Fleece Pullover Sweatshirt and Leggings Set

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2PCS Baby Boys Clothes Letter Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt Cool Tops

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Disney 3-Piece Frozen Leggings Set for Girls with Elsa Shirt and Zip-Up Hoodie

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Boy Clothes Baby boy Suit Plaid Shirts+car Printing t-Shirt+Jeans 3pcs

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Costumes tend to be a lot of fun. Three-year-olds quickly transforms into Pippi Longstocking, Astronaut, Spiderman, Batman, pirate, or a princess.

Astronaut Costume for Kids

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Batman Costume

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Princess Costumes

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Superman Child’s Costume

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Gothic Vampire Costume Deluxe Set

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A good tip is wooden railway tracks for a 3-year-old

Brio train tracks a given favorite toy that they will be playing with for years. The high quality ensures that even your grandkids will be able to play with it. Railway tracks where you can buy more parts as the child grows. It’s a toy that all my children have loved a lot, an excellent tip on a gift for a 3-year old!

Brio World – 33627 Travel Station Set

Railway with travel center, train, and bus ticket machine.

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Brio World 33710 – My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set

Battery-operated train set with slopes and tunnel.

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BRIO 33815 Rescue Firefighter Set

Train sets with a fireman theme.

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Doctor bag

A doctor bag is a doctor who investigates whether the mother or father has a growling stomach, takes the temperature, and checks that earwax is popular.

Honeybake Doctor’s Medical Play Set Kit

Doctor Bag is a good gift for a 3-year-old.

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Children tend to grow faster than most of us want them to be. Whether you’re a first-time parent or just someone who genuinely loves children, seeing babies grow and develop will always going to be a heartwarming experience and memory for you.

This is the reason why it is only natural for you to want them to have the best of everything and, Birthdays happen to be the perfect excuse for you to give them something that they would like. So now the question is, what would be the best gift for these adorable kids? It actually varies depending on the age of the child. Since their learning and development vary depending on their age, it is only natural that they may find some of the things, that they used to enjoy uninteresting, now that they have grown.

This is the reason why choosing the best present for your child’s 3rd Birthday may be tricky. In fact, there are many things to consider in selecting the most suitable gift and these include the kid’s gender and his or her current skill set. The gift must be something that would not only help them develop their skills but also allow them to enjoy every moment of the learning experience.

So, if your favorite soon-to-be preschooler’s birthday is fast approaching and you still can’t decide on what to give him or her, then fear not, for we have listed adorable 3rd Birthday gift ideas that you can consider for your little one.

I hope you find a super gift for a 3-year-old! And it sure feels fun to give a more remarkable thing than 1,000 small packages.

Can you give an experience to a 3-year-old as a gift? Of course, you can do that. 3-year-olds usually like adventure. A good experience to give 3-year-olds is a day at a zoo.

What do you give as a Christmas present to children who are 2-3 years old? Good Christmas presents for children 3 years are books, a dollhouse, Duplo, blocks, and a sled. More tips on Christmas presents for children aged 3 can be found here.

What is a good gift for a children’s party? Good gifts for children’s parties are dinosaur eggs, bathtub stoppers, fart pillows, lego, or a nice lip balm. More tips on good gifts for children’s parties can be read about here.

What is a good gift for a 3-year-old? A good gift for a 3-year-old is puzzles, blocks, coloring books, and pencils, or why, not Duplo. Children usually like to play a lot. Good gifts for a three-year-old are also a bit simpler games.

What should you give as a gift to a 4-year-old who has everything? A good gift for a 4-year-old who has everything is shared. You can also give your time and take the 4-year-old to the bathhouse or on another pleasant excursion. More gifts for a 4-year-old can be found here.

What are good wooden toys for a 3-year-old? For a 3-year-old, a doll’s kitchen, a doll’s pram, a doll’s bed, bricks, and a Brio railway are excellent wooden toys. 


If you want more inspiration for what you can give a 3-year-old as a gift, you may find something good here:


Gift Ideas For a 3-year-old
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