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Christmas gift for your boss

To buy Christmas gifts for the boss? What can we then give the boss for Christmas? What does the label rules on Christmas gift for the boss?

Says the etiquette says that you should not give your boss a gift. But maybe you still want to give the boss a small gift. At my previous job, I liked one of my bosses a lot, so I gave him Christmas gifts or small gifts occasionally. It was not expensive things. 

What is a great Christmas gift for your boss?

But I’ll tell you what I have given him, maybe you can find something like that, or get inspiration for what you can give to your boss? 

What I have given to my boss for Christmas

I like to have jewelry on me.¬†But when you‚Äôre sitting at your desk becomes bracelets are annoying after a minute or so. At work, I had a bowl on the bench behind me.¬†Where I put my bracelet, this particular day was the bracelets made of large, black plastic beads.¬†I had several such bracelets that I put in the bowl.¬†When my boss saw the jar with something black in, he tried to snatch what he thought was licorice.¬†Not only did he decided to take licorice once, but he did the same thing several times.¬†That he loved licorice was really obvious.¬†So I bought a beautiful old-fashioned candy jar in glass, filled it with licorice, and put on a label ‚Äúinstead of beads.‚Ä̬†I gave it to him for Christmas.¬†Since then, I have given him a few bags of licorice sometimes to refill the jar.¬†

Another Christmas, he got a toilet bag that I sewed myself and filled with a few bags of licorice. He’s got a hat that I knitted herself in reflective yarn, so he will bee seen in the dark winter when he is walking near the road. 

Should you buy Christmas gifts for your boss?

Keep in mind that it might not be so expensive Christmas gifts. Otherwise, it will be a little strange. Buying a Christmas gift for the boss is indeed not forced in any way. I think this is something you only do if you’re extra pleased with him or her. Want to buy Christmas presents for the boss, a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, a flower, scented candles or a cap be good things to buy. If you do not, I can find the manager’s major weakness. Maybe your boss’s crazy licorice?

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Christmas gift for your boss
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