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When something that you have attained was fought with tooth and nails and after have been said and done you came on top victorious, it is greeted with celebrations. For example in games, after a hard-fought championship game, the players shower the place with champagne showers and ice bucket baths. And of course, they will altogether light up a cigar and celebrate a long dreamt victory that has finally come.

Cigar celebrations are not only limited to games, in case a new baby is born but it is also greeted by smoking cigars. When news of someone getting married, a raise of toast paired with smoking cigars is also seen and experienced by some. As they say, weddings are the best occasions to light up and puff a few cigars.

Winning championships like what Jordan, Gretzky, and even Antetokounmpo did recently after being crowned champions are events that call for a moment of lighting up a cigar. We just have the best cigar gifts you can give for occasions that call for it, feel free to choose and let us all celebrate victory and life.

Cigar Gifts

Personalized cigar gift set with knife, cutter and lighter

His is the ultimate gift box for a cigar smoker. The cigar box contains a cool lighter, a cool knife, and a cigar cutter. And best of all, you can get it engraved with the recipients’ name, the date for the gift, and so on. So it will be a lovely personalized gift for someone that loves to enjoy a lovely cigar once in a while.

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Personalized cigar gift set

Engraved Cigar Gift Set with Cutter and Holder

This cigar gift set is made by Teals Prairie & Co, they run a successful specialty gift engraving business of the finest quality craftsmanship. Their premium engravings are sure to make someone given their premium quality items smiles from end to end. They are skillful in wooden boxes that are done with exceptional engraving skills.  Looking for the perfect cigar gifts is just easy, we are here for your every step of the way.

This Engraved Cigar Gift Set with Cutter and Holder is your perfect gift for your friends and families that are cigar lovers. Every cigar gift comes with an excellently made cutter and holder that is made of the finest quality stainless steel. It also has a whiskey flask. The moment you give this cigar gift box to any of your friends, you will be giving them plenty of reasons to smile.

This is simply a perfect gift item for birthdays, retirement parties, and other special occasions and gatherings. Share how much you care for someone with this exquisite gift set. Set the tone of the occasion with this cigar gift box.

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Unique Engraved Humidifier Cigar Humidor

If you are looking for perfect cigar gifts for your friends and loved ones, why not try this Unique Engraved Cigar Humidor. Cigar gifts are not hard to find, American Stationery had been providing quality gift items for 99 years. Generations after generations never seem to outgrow this company. Kids became parents, and ultimately became grandparents and American Stationery stayed with them thru thick and thin.

This Cigar Humidor is the perfect gift for every cigar aficionado. It has a bright luster of a piano finished product that will be going to be a perfect item that can also double as decor. The exquisite design is a patented American Stationery workmanship that has tested the test of time. It has a divider that can be placed anywhere along the width of the box.

The box can hold an average of 45-60 average size cigars. A hygrometer and humidifier are attached to the lid in ensuring the perfect humidity for cigar storage. This is one of the perfect cigar gifts that you can give a cigar aficionado no matter how old they are.

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Custom Engraved Cigar Cutter with Mirror Finish

A cigar cutter is a staple for cigar aficionados, choosing from a list of cigar gifts can make someone stressed out, why not leave the thinking to us be concerned with the giving of gifts to your friends and loved ones. This custom engraved cigar cutter from Visol Products is remarkable and stunning. They had a reputation for producing excellent quality products for various occasions.

This cigar cutter is mirrored finish to perfection. It can deliver a smooth cut to 60 ring gauge cigars every time you close the cutter’s sides. The sleek mirror finish can fit comfortably in your friend’s pocket and giving it to them as a gift will make them extremely happy and proud. It is made of solid metal you are sure of its quality and it will last long because it is strong and durable.

It is very easy to use, it has a slide button to open the cutter, slide the cigar smoothly and close it and it’s done. It has a spring action mechanism and a heavy-duty steel blade for smooth cut all the time. Our choice of cigar gifts keeps on getting better and better with plenty of choices to choose from. This cigar can be wrapped easily and giving it as a gift is a good idea to win friends forever.

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Visol Brushed Stainless Steel Cigar Case

This Brushed Stainless Steel Cigar Case is another quality product from Visol Products that are sure to impress and make your friends and loved ones happy if you will give this item as a present to them. You can pair the cigar cutter with this cigar case and you are sure to have given your friends plenty of reason to smile all day long. You know that if it’s from Visol, it is proven to be of the best quality.

This Cigar Case is made from the finest quality stainless steel, you are sure of an excellent quality product by its feel and texture. It is elegantly designed to give that distinctive pride every time you slide its cover to get a cigar for a celebration for a job well done. It can hold 6.5-inch long cigars easily and with no problem and weighs 5.6 oz.

A perfect gift item for all of your cigar lover friends and families. Can accommodate 3 cigars up to 54 ring gauge. Carry it anywhere and anytime and enjoy a perfect puff of the cigar that is placed perfectly on this cigar case. Our choices of cigar gifts can truly make someone happy. Get some for you and your friends and celebrate your friendship forever.

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Godinger Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass With Indented Cigar Rest

A classic design and old-fashioned looks never seem to stop impressing people with a taste for style and elegance. This unique piece of cigar gift item from Godinger is an impressive piece of artistic handiwork. Cigar gifts that are of excellent quality can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Our choices of cigar gifts can lighten up the mood of those who received them as gifts.

Rest the cigar perfectly still in this old-fashioned whiskey glass and enjoy the finer things in life. The patented round shape of this Godinger whiskey glass makes holding and gripping it easy for a perfect sip and perfect puff of your cigar at the same time. It is absolutely handmade and is lead-free crystal making it safe for every use.

Godinger has been making excellent quality products since 1973 and you are sure that this whiskey glass is one of the perfect cigar gifts you could give to your friends and loved ones to celebrate life and friendship. Wrap this item and give it during special occasions and you are sure to make someone smile reaches from one ear to another instantly. If you have whiskey and cigar lover friends, this is the perfect gift for them.

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Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer, Humidifier Gel, and Accessory Drawer

Storing the finest quality cigar to ensure its quality is preserved for a long time is a necessity for every cigar aficionado out there. Our cigar gifts are to ensure that you have that option anytime always. Case Elegance understands perfectly cigar lovers’ needs that is why they have this handcrafted cedar humidor to ensure that need is met.

This handcrafted cedar humidor has a digital hygrometer that gives accurate and precise readings all the time. Our cigar gifts are proven to be of the finest quality as this humidor is made from the finest quality Spanish Cedar ensures that it holds the moisture perfectly to ensure a quality cigar anytime. It has a compartment for other cigar gifts accessories like lighter, cutter, and others.

It closes amazingly and is sealed tightly to ensure cigar freshness all the time. Case Elegance assures us that they took no shortcuts in handcrafting this fine quality product. As they say, if it’s not magnetically sealed it’s not made of Case Elegance. They took such pride in their workmanship that as customers we feel perfectly safe and get the best bang for our buck all the time.

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Wooden Cigar Ashtray with Whiskey glass tray

If something is made of wood it is probably good. Surely we are right about it. Cigar gifts that are of excellent quality are hard to come by but we made sure that it is within your reach. If you want an excellent product to be used both as decor and as a cigar ashtray and whiskey glass tray in one, this must be your lucky day, we just have the perfect set of cigar gifts exclusively just for you.

Double the enjoyment and the fun with this ashtray and whiskey glass tray, enjoy two different activities in one sitting always. This cigar ashtray with glass tray is crafted by the best craftsman to perfection. Its unique design can make it an excellent decor in your place and it will instantly elevate your place elegantly. The rustic wood feel is just perfect for any surface it touches, it immediately accentuates it in a matter of seconds.

Put it in your home, in your office, or the bar, and at an instant, it will steal the show. It is easy to clean just wipe with a damp cloth and air dry and it is ready within minutes. Are you still thinking of the best cigar gifts for your friends and relatives? It is right in front of you now.

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Your best choice of Cigar Gifts
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