30 Best Gifts for someone who broke their wrist

When someone close to you breaks their wrist, some of their independence is lost. It can be difficult not to mention painful, learning to get by using one hand when you are used to having two functional hands. As a friend, relative, or colleague, you want to show them that you care and help them claim back their independence. 

Whether it’s a child or an adult, they want to do stuff on their own like before. The best thing you can do for them is helping them go to the bathroom, put on socks or get dressed, take a shower, and feed. You might not always be there to assist them but you can get them something that would help them get by on their own. 

Having a cast on their hand is both uncomfortable and can get itchy over time. Here are some of the best gifts you can get your friend with a broken wrist, to make them feel like superheroes again, only with a cast and not hands that shoot lasers.

Best Gifts for someone who broke their wrist

1.       Cast Itch Scratcher

When someone breaks their wrist or arm, they have to get a cast to recover. They might stay with the cast for a long time depending on the severity of the damage. It’s thick and hot which makes the skin underneath it get itchy and have an odor. It feels helpless to feel itchy and not be able to scratch yourself. The good news is that you can get them an Itch scratch to help them feel a bit comfortable during the period they will be having the cast. It doesn’t have sharp ends, hence effective for scratching without damaging the skin.

2.       Cast cooler

Having a cast all day/week for months can be tough, especially during hot weather with all the moisture accumulating inside the cast. A Castcooler immediate odor and itch relief will give your loved ones comfort and rid them of any odor that may be a result of having the cast for a long time. They can use it with their vacuum to get rid of the moisture trapped between your skin and the cast. Moist causes the growth of bacteria which in return causes the production of odor. The cast cooler will solve two major problems at once. No more itch and odor.

3.       An e-reader

If they love reading books, they won’t be able to do so comfortably with one of their arms in a cast. Turning pages will be more difficult and they might end up getting tired of the one thing they love the most. A Kindle e-reader will help them keep reading their favorite magazines, novels, and other materials. They can turn pages with just a swipe on the screen. It will be effortless and they will enjoy it like they never broke their arm. The device can get supported via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and they can opt to listen to their novels instead of reading.

4.       Electric opener

Getting a beer or wine is never the same with one arm inside a cast. Get the patient an automatic Opener set. It comes with a charging base, a vacuum stopper, USB charger, Foil cutter, and a corkscrew opener. All they need is to hold their bottle at an angle of 45 degrees to enjoy a glass of wine. Unlike the manual opener where they need to keep twisting and tilting the cork, it will take them less than a minute to elegantly remove the cork. They will be happy to have you, trust they won’t feel bad about their broken wrist at that moment.

5.       Bath brush with a long handle

Taking a bath is relaxing but can be a hassle if you are training to do it with just one of your arms, and struggling to keep the other one dry. This is one of the moments your friend might need someone to literally scratch or scrub their back. It can be challenging for both of you trying to imagine the scenario where you have to assist the other take a bath. A Bath brush with a long handle will be the most ideal solution. Both of you will be comfortable, you can rest assured he’s having an easy time taking a shower, and he’ll be glad he can still do it by themselves.

6.       Velcro shoes

Securing laced shoes will be a problem for as long as they have the cast. They can’t go everywhere in slippers or open shoes. Life continues and they might need to use a pair of closed shoes running errands or when taking a nature walk. They will find it easy to put on shoes with an adjustable Velcro closure. DENACARE lightweight Velcro shoes are comfortable and easy to put on. They are highly breathable and will give them more stability just in case they broke their wrist after losing stability.

7.       Item Grabber/Reacher tool

After breaking their wrist, people find it hard to bend over or stretch to pick up stuff. This is especially because one of their hands is inside a cast, and therefore, they do not have the required support to pick things safely without falling. An item grabber will help them reach items from under furniture like the bed, table, or couch. Additionally, they will be able to pick up litter and trash, which makes them feel less dependent.

8.       Markers

Does your friend love drawing? If they do, the cast is like a new drawing paper for them. Get them Metallic markers and help them reinvent their hobby. They can keep trying to make several drawings on their cast. This will be so fun for them that they hardly keep track of the time they have to spend at home to get better. The maker pens can draw on most surfaces including ceramics, fabric, grass, and rocks.

9.       Straps for Wrist support

Doctor Developed wrist brace is an ideal present for a friend who has broken their wrist. It is perfect both for preventing your arm from harm as well as part of the healing process. Before their wrist can fully recover, they will need to support it as much as possible. The straps are multi-purpose and they can have it long after they recover. It’s adjustable to hold their wrist depending on their fit for maximum functionality.

10.   Toilet Aid

With one arm inside a heavy cast and probably still in pain, going to the restroom is no walk in the park. The patients might be struggling to use their less dominant hand, and might drop things now and then. Getting a Toilet Aid Tissue reach and Bottom Wiper can be of great help. They will train for a few moments on how to use it and reclaim their freedom. They will feel better going to the bathroom without the assistance of a caregiver. Trust me, they will love the toilet aid.

11.   Arm sling

BraceUp arm sling will help your loved one support their broken arm and reduce the pain. It alleviates the pressure from the arm, hence, reducing the pain from the injury. The straps are adjustable and are cushioned to increase comfort and prevent putting pressure on their shoulder. It even has a pocket for holding their phone or other accessories. It’s soft, breathable, and does not accumulate moisture. Breaking a wrist shouldn’t make their life miserable, get them an arm sling to make the experience more comfortable for them

12.   Funny broken wrist T-shirt

Walking around with a broken wrist in a cast gets people, especially your friends asking all manner of questions. Usually, they mean no harm, they just want to know what in the world happened to your wrist. It can be crazy repeating your story every time you meet someone. You can get your buddy a funny Broken Arm T-shirt to assure them that you also hate how inquisitive people can be at times. Make sure you get a funny message that will prevent people from asking about how his wrist got broken.

13.   Broken wrist mug

A customized Broken wrist Mug is a perfect present to give to a friend who broke their wrist. You can get one with their image, a funny phrase, or graphics of a broken wrist. They will be sitting around in the house for some time doing less and sipping lots of coffee and tea. Make them feel your affection and presence every time they do it. Trust me, it will be their favorite mug even after healing.

14.   Arm elevation pillow

e recovery from a broken wrist can take some time. Even when the cast gets removed, your friend will need to train his arm for a while to fully regain their strength and functionality. An Arm Elevation Pillow will help them during the recovery process while relieving them any pain as a result of poor posture. It’s lightweight and elegant. They can bring it to the living room when resting on a couch and can still use it on their bed when resting. The foam material is durable and stays in shape for long, thus, remaining functional over time.

15.   Cast waterproof cover

It makes no sense trying to remove moisture from your cast and risking making it wet every time you go to take a shower. Ideally, the cast should stay dry all the time, to prevent the build-up of bacteria that causes itching and the production of odor. If your buddy loves to swim, a seal-tight cast protector will help them enjoy taking a shower and also swimming without worrying about leaking water into the cast, which might affect their recovery. It has a thumb, so if their arm is not in pain they can try grabbing a sponge and use their arm to scrub their body. Taking a bath should be fun and not miserable.

16.   Grip strengthener

Help your friend regain their arm strength after breaking their wrist. They are already out of the woods and all they need is to train their arm to be as functional as before the accident. The process will be slow but sure with a GP adjustable Hand Exerciser Gripper. The Gripper is portable and they can bring it to the office to keep training their arms. They can use it to build arm muscles even when they fully recover. Using it is a silent operation, so they can use it in the library when reading a book or a magazine as destruction without disturbing anyone else.

17.   Homeopathic pain relief

Breaking a bone is painful and any remedies to reduce the ache can be of great help. The Boiron Anicare Homeopathic pain relief will alleviate the pain as they learn to get by using one arm. Unlike many homeopathic pain relief medicines, Boiron Anicare does not leave a smell behind. They can just apply it and carry on with the rest of their daily activities without the fear of a compromised body scent.

18.   Hot and Ice packs for muscle pain

The muscles might get painful as your system is trying to reconstruct your broken arm. If your friend is not into using drugs or creams to manage muscle pain, get them Revix hot and Ice packs to relieve their pain. Applying a hot compress or ice will help reduce the pain and increase blood flow and circulation in the affected area, hence, boosting the recovery process. The affected area might also suffer pain during extreme temperatures. When it’s hot they can use ice and when it’s cold they can use hot water to manage the pain.

19.   Lock shoelace

Your friend will be using only one of their arms for a considerable time. They might have trouble tying their shoes. This shouldn’t, however, stop them from wearing their favorite sneakers or sports shoes. Replace their laces with lock shoelaces to make it easy for them to put on their shoes without worrying about securing them. You can get a set with several pieces which you can use to replace the laces on several pairs of shoes. It would be nice to visit them and replace the laces and leave them ready for them to wear without any trouble.

20.   Extra-large mittens

Sometimes it can get really cold and your friend might be suffering from the cold. It is difficult to cover your arm if you have a cast on it. Trying to use your regular clothes to keep warm can leave you with several enlarged pairs which you don’t need. The solution is in getting a pair of extra-large mittens which your friend can wear over the cast to keep their arm warm. You can imagine how difficult it is to wear gloves with several of your fingers compressed by a portion of the cast. Mittens will keep them warm and comfortable.

21.   Pizza cutter

We all have a foodie friend. Not even a broken wrist should stop them from eating their favorite pizza. It’s an ideal kitchen aid present that they can use to perform several kitchen tasks without straining their arm. The McoMce stainless Steel pizza slicer comes with a super sharp blade that will make slicing and cutting pizza, biscuits, and waffles easy and convenient. They don’t need to get assistance from anyone every time they need to prepare their delicacies.

22.   Cast comfort spray

With their skin perspiring, moisture might accumulate inside the cast, causing their skin to itch and even produce an odor. You can make them feel comfortable hanging out with you and other friends, confident that they don’t stink. A DryPro cast Relief Probiotic fluid will relieve them from the itching sensation while eliminating the odor. It’s free of chemicals, hence, safe on the skin. Be the best friend and make their experience less torturous.

23.   Get well soon Teddy

Most people, if not everyone, have a soft spot for a beautiful, fluffy teddy bear. It’s a perfect gift for a child, teenager, or lady who just broke their arm. You can get one with an arm in a cast and a “Get Well Soon” message. Trust me. It will raise their spirits and will provide them comfort throughout that period. Every time they see it, they will be glad they made it and that they have you as a friend even after recovering. It’s a nice way to show support and affection.

24.   Customized  tumbler

Getting through a painful experience and a period of learning to use one of your arms, not to mention probably training to use a less dominant arm, is a lot of work. Your friend has had to deal with pain, discomfort, and struggling to do basic things. They deserve a trophy for making it out of such a difficult moment. You can get one with a customized message to show your support or express your joy over their recovery. An insulated Tumbler that comes with reusable straws is perfect as they can bring their drinks, hot or cold, anywhere they go without spilling.

25.   Human arm charm/ Pendant

Please give them a 3D Anatomical Human Arm Pendant to make them feel like they have a third arm. The pendants look great, and they can use them as a keychain or a necklace. It’s made of Zinc alloy, which makes it sparkle and cute. It can have endless meanings depending on the personality of the recipient. It is ideal for those who love working out, arts, or those in the medical field.

26.   Sock Aid

Wearing socks with one arm can be depressing. You can help your friend by getting them a sock aid that will assist them to put on a pair of socks without straining themselves. It is also easy to remove the socks while using the device. All they need is to place the sock on it and slip their feet right inside. It works with all kinds of socks, so your friend can put on their sports, casual, and compression socks depending on the event on their schedule.

27.   Sleeve/ Cast Tattoos

If your friend loves looking stylish a set of cast sleeve tattoos is a great present for them. They can use them to cover the cast and look stylish. Whether they are into roses, animal prints, skulls, or any other prints, they will be sure to find some that they will love wearing. They might have broken their wrist, but their sense of style is still intact. Give them the confidence to get out there and enjoy life.

28.   Broken wrist Socks

People love keeping their feet warm and comfortable. Your friend will be spending some time at home recuperating. Get them several pairs of socks with a personalized broken arm message. You can get humorous to help them smile every time they wear a pair of your gift socks. If they love uncle socks, get them cute ones. You can go for a set with inspirational daily affirmations to help your friend stay strong while recovering.

29.   Compression Sleeve Support

With a broken wrist or one still recovering, your friend could use a compression wrist support sleeve to ease their pain and/or discomfort. They provide great compression without compromising blood flow around the arms. It provides support for the palm and fingers, which makes it comfortable to wear all day long. Make sure you get the right size for them to make sure they feel comfortable and not the contrary. They are breathable and made of a fabric that doesn’t allow moisture to build up.

30.   Broken Wrist Hoodie

Having a broken wrist doesn’t stop one from rocking a sleek hoodie. You can get your friend a black hoodie with a funny message printed on it. It will keep them warm, and it’s a nice plan to camouflage the sleeves or the cast they gave for their broken arm. The design is cute and humorous, and your friend will love it. It’s Unisex, therefore ideal for boyfriends and girlfriends.