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Black Candle

Candles provide us with light. It helps us to see and illuminate in the dark literally and figuratively. Some colors are interpreted to give some meaning in occurrences in life. For example, white candles help destroy negative energy, it also represents truth and purity. Red candles represent passion, love, and courage. While Black candles are meant to protect and repel negative energy away from you and others.

Find your black candle gift for you and your loved ones here!

Things you can do with a black candle

Black candles are often depicted in the movies to represent the dark side, but in some cultures, a black candle can help you is an item that is used to remove or repel any negative energy that prohibits you from moving forward after a traumatic event. A black candle coupled with some spell is said to remove any negative energy that is blocking you to be successful in anything that you want to do in your life.

You can choose from our choices of black candles to help you with your search for the perfect black candle for all of your needs. You can have it as a gift item to be given to your friends and loved ones. Choose the best one for you and hopefully are of help in your journey for a happier life.

Your black candle gift for you and your loved ones

2″ x 9″ Black Pillar Candle

Are you seriously looking for a black candle to help you with your design or prop for plays and other things? This large black pillar candle can help you with your search. It is 100% hand-poured and is unscented. It is proven to burn for 51 hours of uninterrupted burn time. When you want some protection from unwanted and harmful vibes, lit this black candle it can protect you and your homes from those kinds of magical threats.

If what you need is a prop for a photoshoot or play, this 9 inches long candle can be your best choice for those wonderful shots. It gives an aura of mystic to capture your audience’s imagination. It is also the perfect gift item you can give your friends and loved ones that are fans of black candles in general. Just put in your favorite spot and light it up and you are set to have the best magical moment easily.

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Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Midsummer’s Night

Fill your home with a sweet-smelling scent that helps you ease some of the tensions in life. The perfect blend of musk, patchouli, sage, and mahogany cologne can help lighten up your senses as you breathe and relax, Feel the soothing release of stress as you transcend your relaxation moments to the next level. Each candle has a natural fiber wick that delivers the best burn and emits the best fragrance.

Each candle is made in an eco-friendly way by using 100% recyclable materials in partnership with TerraCycle. This scented candle weighs about 22 ounces and measures 6.6 inches x 4 inches in depth. It uses quality paraffin wax that delivers a clear and consistent burn every time you use it for your relaxation needs. It is non-intoxicating and is perfectly safe for use anytime.

It is sure to last for 110 to 150 hours of burn time. What more can you ask with this scented candle. Ease the night away every time you burn this scented candle.

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Mega Candles Unscented Black Round Pillar Candle

Are you trying to look for ways to improve your home with various decor? Why not include this candle in your list of options. This large unscented black candle might be the one you need for your home improvement. Fill your place with these passionate black candles and you see your living room transform magically in an instant. Give this candle a try and you will realize what we are talking about.

This mega black candle compliments every part of your room, try putting it in the living room, or in the dining area, or anywhere you want and it will fabulously transform your room into a place of mystic and magic. It perfectly fits just everywhere anytime. It is designed to last for 20 straight hours, use it in any way you want it will definitely serve its purpose.

Use it to accentuate any occasion for events and ceremonies like wedding receptions, birthday parties, baby showers, and many more. Make it a centerpiece or a window decor and it will turn perfect all the time. Each of these candles is hand-poured and meticulously made. You can place them with bowls filled with water, or on some tall glass vessels and will be stunning and will fill the place with lots of surprises.

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Govinda ‚Äď 4 Inch Mini Ritual Chime Spell Candles

If you are looking for a set of black candles for various ceremonies and something you can place on the altar, these Govinda 4-inch black candles are what you are looking for. Each pack comes with 20 pcs of black candles that will have everyone its piece. It is perfectly black from all the way through. It can also be an ideal household candle for your various home needs.

Get the best bang for your buck with each pack. You will be saving a lot as each pack has 20 pcs. You are sure you will not run out of supplies of black candles if you will get Govinda. It also does not melt and burn easily, it is exactly the type of candle that you need. It can be a perfect gift item for people that believe in the potential of the black candles to ward of some negative vibes. Get ready to get yours now.

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Black 7 Day Candle ‚Äď 3 Pack

Are you looking for a black candle that is placed on a glass jar? We got you covered. We just have a supply of black candles that are placed in a glass jar. With each set, you’ll get 3 pcs. Each candle is 9 inches long and 3 inches in circumference and will surely last long after you have lighted it. Each candle weighs about 3.55 lbs. It is your perfect black candle for dispelling negative vibes and promote positive all over the place.

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Richland Black Pillar Candles Set of 3

Black is beautiful as they say. A black candle when positioned in a corner will accentuate the place and adds a shade of beauty and elegance. Aside from its decorative properties, a black candle can also help remove any negative force that is lurking around you and prevent you from achieving happiness and bliss. Placing a black candle in your home can come a long way in providing you with a lot of positive vibes.

This set of 3 Richland black candles will provide you lots of mystic to your place. Elevate the level of magic and surprise in your place and make your guest stand in awe as this black candle provides the best aura for a moment of serenity and peace. It can burn for several hours if you want to use it to give a more dramatic effect in your home. It is also a perfect set of accessories for weddings and other special events.

These candles are unscented, it is hand-poured you are sure of an excellent quality every time you decide to use them for all your needs. It comes in different lengths making its decor is easy. Just place the 3 candles in one corner and immediately you will notice the magic it brings. You can be captivated at the moment by just observing these candles burn. Be mesmerized and transcend to the next level with each set of Richland black candles.

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CandleNScent Black Votive Candles | Unscented ‚Äď 15 Hour Burn Time ‚Äď Made in USA (Pack of 6)

When searching for short, round, and thick black candles, we just have something for you. Our set of black candles is ready any time you may want to use it for different needs. You may use it as decor or use it for ceremonies and events and it will turn out perfect every single time. We have the best quality black candle for everything you want for it.

Each black candle is made with unscented paraffin wax that is meant for a clean and steady flame. We assure you this black candle is using a lead-free wick and is made of 100% natural fiber for a smokeless flame as long as the candle burns steadily. Each candle measures 1.75 inches high and is 1.5 inches in diameter. It is available in a pack of 6 and fits all standard votive candle holders.

Set the mood with this black candle, your ambiance will be going to be perfect. Make dinner, parties, and other events more special and memorable. The quality of this black candle is just perfect. It is extremely versatile and can be used in different applications and endeavors. Tested to last for 15 straight hours burning time. What a perfect way to accentuate any events, get yours now.

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Black Candle
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