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12 Candle gift set Ideas for Every Type of Person that You know

Have you forgotten someone’s birthday and are now in need of a perfect gift? Or, do you have a friend with unique preferences and you just can’t decide what to give him? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, then allow me to suggest to you one of the world’s go-to gift ideas, Candles. Timeless and widely available, candles are always going to be one of those perfect gifts that everyone will definitely be going to appreciate.

These adorable items, nowadays, come in various sizes and colors, thereby making them a highly suitable gift for anybody regardless of the occasion. It also helps that these lovely objects, now, serve many purposes in our lives. Not only can they be used as additional home decorations, but they can also aid us during our moments of meditation and relaxation.

Find the perfect candle gift set for everybody

This is especially true with the introduction and development of Aromatherapy scented candles. This type of candle can actually serve both purposes, making it an excellent go-to gift for many people. In addition to that, the designs of candles, these days, are highly customizable and they can be modified to suit the preference of the person to whom this adorable item will be given. For example, if she is a feline lover, there are now candles that come in the shape of a cat. If he is that type of person who is always busy, then a scented candle can help him take a break and relax for a certain period of time. This makes candles an excellent choice for gifts for all the people that you know, regardless of their gender or preferences.

Now, if you have decided to go with this timeless gift suggestion, then please scroll down and see our recommendations for every person in your life.

Creepy Cerebral Candle

Do you have that one friend who likes weird and creepy stuff? If you do, then this Brain candle will be the perfect gift for them. The pink brain in this candle set is made from wax and is submerged in a clear gel candle. The container, on the other hand, is made from a clear glass-like material that reminds you of those jars that contain specimens in science laboratories. Also an excellent gift choice for your friend who likes science, this Creepy Cerebral Candle is a must-buy gift for your fun-loving friend with unique preferences.

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Cat Paw Candle

Highly recommended for your friend who likes cute items, this wax paw candle comes in a glass jar with a handcrafted wood lid and a unique lavender-vanilla scent. The design of the wooden lid includes a lovely representation of a cat while the paw-shaped candle has an adorable heart at its center. This makes this candle an excellent choice for a gift

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Color Melting Unicorn Candle

An amazing gift for your friend who likes girly items, this Color Melting Unicorn Candle is made from slow-burning candle wax with a gradient rainbow color scheme. Its’ adorable unicorn shape makes it a great addition to one’s bedroom decorations. This is especially true if the person to whom this will be given is someone who is young at heart and still believes in magic and fairy tales.

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XVDZS 4 Pack Scented Candles Gift Set for Women

An ideal gift for your female friend who is always on the go and is very busy, these Aromatherapy scented candles can help them rest and relax during those rare chosen moments of quiet time. Already organized in a beautifully designed box, this set of 4 candles is already gift-ready and can be given to your friend on any occasion. It also helps that each of the candles is placed in a uniquely designed container that makes it an adorable home decor when not in use or light. The four scents include Lavender, Rosemary, French Vanilla, and Freesia, all of which are known to be helpful in relieving one’s stress and fatigue.

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Dianne’s Custom Candles – Lilac Blossom Candle

If you have a friend who hates the smell of cigarettes or knows someone who can’t stand certain food aromas or odors, then, this gift is an excellent choice for them. This Odor- eliminating candle promises that it can remove and reduce about 95% of the unwanted smell. The fragrance of this candle can cancel and eliminate the terrible odor. So, the next time one of their smoking friends comes to visit, they can just use this candle to reduce the lingering odor that comes from the smoke of the burnt cigarettes.

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LE CADEAU Scented Candles, Aromatherapy Gift box with Fragrance Reed Diffuser

Mothers and grandmas will surely love this candle gift set. Packaged in a beautiful light pink glass material, the candle has a very nice French Vanilla scent that is perfect for uplifting one’s spirit and lighting up one’s mood. As the scent of this candle can help induce a restful sleep, moms and grandmothers, who have been busy all day taking care of their families, will definitely benefit from this gift.

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WEWINLE Colour Changing Candle

Another interesting gift for people who has unique preferences, this set of 3 candles in Red, Blue, and Green changes color when lighted. Can function both as room decors and ambiance makers, this candle has a continuous 7 color light sequence and burns for about 48 hours. Made from premium quality paraffin wax, this candle is safe and can actually be gifted to children. Of course, lighting should be done under adult supervision. Nevertheless, this set can also be a great additional decoration for a kid’s bedroom.

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KINFORSE Citronella Candles Outdoor Scented Candles Set Gifts

The perfect go-to gift for the people in your life who enjoy camping, patio dining, and picnics, these scented candles are made from high quality, safe and eco-friendly materials that are suitable for outdoor experiences. Also perfect in creating a relaxing ambiance that can promote a good night’s sleep, this set features a nice scent that is made from refined natural citronella oils. What makes this set of candles a must-buy is a fact that its’ holders, the small owl pots with lids, are beautifully made, very adorable, and can be recycled. This means that even after the candles have all burned out, the holders can still function either as home decors or as containers for your tiny plants and other small items.

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AROMAFLARE Funny Scented Candle Aromatherapy Candles

The best budget-friendly gift for mom and dad, this Aromatherapy candle is made from natural soy wax, pure essential oil, and a cotton wick. Its’ packaged in a classy brown jar with a note that says “My Favorite Child gave me this candle”. In addition to that, this candle burns without smoke and emits a scent that is composed of a unique mixture of lavender and eucalyptus. The resulting smell is very relaxing and calming, thus creating a peaceful mood in the room where it was lit.

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Ballerina Dancing with Music Notes Unity Candle Set

A unique gift idea for your female friend who likes classy and elegantly designed items, this candle set is also the perfect present for the people in your life who love music and ballet. The color scheme for this candle set is the classic black and white, while the design includes several musical notes with a ballerina who is in a graceful pose. Made from High-grade American paraffin and beeswax, this candle set includes 2 unscented taper candles and 1 unscented Pillar candle. A beautiful addition to your female relative’s bedroom decorations, this gift idea is a definite must-buy.

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Monogrammed Pale Blush Spring Flowers Unity Candle Set

The best budget-friendly gift for your friends who are about to get married, this candle set can be customized to include the names of the couple and their wedding date. The candles have pale but elegantly made flower designs in color Blush and with a phrase that says “And two shall become one”. The set also includes 1 unscented Pillar candle and 2 unscented Taper candles.

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Black and Tan canine Dog Paw Print White Unity Candle set

Because a huge percentage of the world’s population is known to be dog lovers, this list of recommended candle gift ideas will not be complete without one that will be very much appreciated by them. This set comes with an adorable design that includes Black and Tan colored Dog paw prints. The entire Pillar candle is covered by these paw prints while the 2 unscented taper candles, only have a band of similar design near the bottom. Nevertheless, the candle set is cute and is guaranteed to be one of the amazing gifts you can give to your dog lover friend regardless of their gender and the occasion.

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With the numerous designs that are available in the market, there is no doubt that candles will remain as one of the go-to gift items that you can purchase for your loved ones. Regardless of the occasion, preferences, age, and gender of the recipient, there will always be going to be a candle set that is perfect for their tastes and is suitable for their needs.

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12 Candle gift set Ideas for Every Type of Person that You know
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