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Blue Candle

Blue candles seem to feel naturally calming. The beautiful blue reminds us all of the ocean or the sky and seems to give off relaxing vibes. What is the meaning of blue candles? It can mean different things depending on nature, creativity, symbolism, self-confidence, and restoration of balance. Most people love to decorate their home with blue candles, especially to follow a ‚Äúbeach‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúocean‚ÄĚ themed home. Also, various shades of blue candles all have their unique meanings.

Blue Candle

Blue Candle Meanings and Symbolism

In nature, it is associated with serenity and peacefulness. Most imagine the ocean or the sky when using these candles, as you may also notice the scents of blue candles usually incorporate these natural things. In creativity, it can inspire us to use more of our creative energies. In symbolism, it can correlate with the fifth chakra for those that are interested in spirituality. It can also boost our self-confidence, self-esteem and restore balance in meditation.

The different shades of blue all have their unique meanings. A light blue candle can mean peace and serenity, and a medium blue candle can mean mental understanding and clarity. A dark blue candle can mean hope and reassurance during dark times. Keeping these meanings and symbols in mind, let’s look at some calming, peaceful, and hopeful blue candles.

Check out these blue candles

Blue Candles

This dark blue 12 inch set of four unlit blue candles are only $9.95 and are made by CANDWAX. They are taper-styled candles and have dripless, smokeless, and slow-burning features. These unscented candles are only used indoors.

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Unscented 3√ó4 Tall Pillar Candles

This unscented 3√ó4 set of 3 pillar dark blue candles are only $18.99 and are specially hand-poured wax candles. They are smokeless candles and are perfect for homes, weddings, and church events as a clean-burning decor. Julie Ann Home makes them.

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Manly Indulgence Woodland Escape Scented Jar Candle

This navy blue candle is only $16.25 and features a woodland escape scent as a soy blend candle. In this candle jar, it features orange zest, cinnamon bark, cedarwood, wild berries, and more. This bestselling candle is a medium 15-ounce jar and is made by Manly Indulgence.

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Mega Candles 20 pcs Unscented Dark Blue Mini Taper Candle

These mega scented 20 piece dark blue taper candles are only $10.99. These wax candles have a 2 hour burn time and are mostly used for spiritual purposes and wax play. It has a cotton wick and a paraffin wax. Mega Candles make it.

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Bath and Body Works White Barn Deep Blue Sea 

This deep blue sea candle is from Bath and Body Works and features 3 wicks in a 14.5-ounce glass jar. It is made by White Barn Bath and Body Works. This deep blue candle is used as an indoor home scented candle, perfect for any room. It is only $23.66.

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Dark Blue Pillar Candles Hand Poured Unscented 

These dark blue pillar packs of 3 candles are unscented and hand-poured. It is only $20.99. It is made by CandleNScent. They are perfect for parties such as Christmas dinners and other occasions. It is dripless, smokeless, and is a clean-burning wax. These candles are also available in 1 or 6 pieces.

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Romantic LED Blue Candles 24 Packs

These navy blue LED tea light candles are only $13.99. They are very romantic candles. They feature a flameless, flickering, LED light design. These plastic battery-powered tea lights are perfect for night lights and mood lights, and also special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, and wedding parties. They appear as realistic as a real wax candle.

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Colonial Candle Classic Taper Candle

This colonial pack of 12 taper candles is only $ 28.98. They are 10-inch blue candles made by Colonial Candle. The colonial candles are unscented, paraffin wax, and add as an elegant design to any party or event including holiday dinners.

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Harvest Nights Blue Pillar Candle

This rich blue hand-poured pillar candle is made by CraftyCrocodile. It is only $12.34. It features a multi-layered blue color and is a 13.4-ounce wax candle. It is called Harvest Nights for the variety of night blue, ocean blue, and sand colors.

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Pillar Candles Ocean Scented, Immeiscent Aromatherapy Candles

This set of 3 3√ó4 ocean-scented blue pillar candles are only $23.59. They are wax blue-mottled layered candles that are perfect for homes and restaurants. They are also great for aromatherapy for their soothing and relaxing effects. It would also be nice to add to an ocean-themed home and can deodorize and purify the air in its surroundings.

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Blue LED flameless Candle with Embedded Starlight String, DANIP 5-Piece LED Candle

These 5 pack LED battery-operated candles that are sky blue and made out of solid wax are only $28.99. It features a 10-key remote control with a 24-hour timer and an embedded decorative light string. The brand is Danip. They are plastic candles and also feature a fairy dancing realistic flame.

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Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Bahama Breeze

This Bahama breeze blue candle is featured in a large jar made out of paraffin wax. It is only $14.99. The scent brings memories of cocktails and tropical beaches of its pineapple, grapefruit, and mango blended scent. It is made by Yankee Candle and goes perfect for an ocean-themed home.

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Candle Set of 3 Round Candles Ball

The brand CANDWAX is featuring a set of 3 round dark blue candles which are unscented and long-burning wax candles for only $18.95. They are 3√ó3 and are great for wedding decorations or as gifts.

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Mega Candles 24 pcs Unscented Light Blue Floating Disc Candle

The brand Mega Candles features light blue 24 piece floating unscented paraffin wax candles, with a measurement of 1.5-inch diameter. They burn for only 2 hours and are ideal for arts and crafts activities, home decor, wedding receptions, baby showers, and other parties and celebrations. They are only $13.99. They are hand-poured and would be nice to be placed in containers such as bowls with water, tall glasses, in antique trays, or jars with pebbles.

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Flameless Led Candles 

The brand Primrose is featuring a beautiful elegant blue flameless LED candle that features an embossed starfish and seashell pattern for only $17.99. It has a flickering moving flame and is battery-operated. This 3.5√ó6 candle is a real wax pillar candle and has a 5-hour timer. It suits weddings, churches, bars, hotels, and other occasions.

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Flameless Candles Flickering LED

This electric pillar candle is an LED battery-operated ocean blue candle. It is only $39.99 and is a set of 3. It features a realistic moving flame flicker and is flameless with 2 remote timers. It’s perfect for weddings, parties, and events. It is also a child and pet-friendly candle.

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Blue Bell Scented Candles

This bluebell scented candle features a reusable jar and a soy wax candle as an aromatherapy candle. It would make a perfect gift for women. It is only $18.99. This elegant candle is made by Lei ze and is 9.13 ounces. It is an indoor candle designed for homes.

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Glade Candle Jar, Air Freshener, 2in1

This candle made by Glade is a multi-purpose candle. It is used for decoration and also as an air freshener. It is a blue and white candle set of 2. It is only $5.48. It’s made in various different scents and is perfect for homes.

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Mega Candles 12 pcs Unscented Light Blue Floating Rose

Mega candles made a 12 piece unscented set of floating light blue candles. They feature a rose petal design, hand-poured wax, and burn for up to 2 hours. They are perfect for any room in the home, birthdays, wedding receptions, and more. They are only $9.99. They are small candles and are only 1.5 inches. They can also be excellent window decor, table centerpieces, and more.

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Candle Scented and Handmade with Natural Plant & Beeswax

This special dark night blue candle that is in the form of an icicle pillar is only $32.90. It is made by Light and Living. This small candle is made out of natural beeswax, plant wax, and cosmetic-grade fragrances. It would make great indoor home decor for any home.

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Blue Candles Themes

Some blue candles depending on the color, can mean different things and have a completely different symbol. The main variations of blue that candles typically use are light blue, ocean blue, or dark or night blue. There are outdoor and indoor blue candles for any special occasion, party, or event. They also are great for any home decor in any part of the room and can freshen up the entire area.

Besides astrology and spirituality, blue candles can be used in many different ways: to add color, texture, decor, light up the room, and freshen up the space. They can be put in various containers such as jars, bowls and can be used in creative ways such as lanterns. You can get even more creative and do an arts and crafts project with candles by adding strings, beads, and more accessories.

They can be put in just about any location in the house, including fireplaces, dinner tables, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and more. There are many different candles to choose from, including holiday candles, seasonal candles, decorative candles, themed candles, and more. There are flameless and regular candles, pet-friendly and child-safe candles, and many other features that each candle has.

As stated earlier, blue candles are great for home decorations. There are many great ideas and ways to decorate the home with themes, decorations, and more. Some candle themes include beach themes, wood themes, and more innovative ways to add character to your home. These 20 candles are just some suggestions to inspire you for blue candled-themed homes.


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Blue Candle
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