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20 Goodie Bag Ideas for Senior Citizens

Are you looking for excellent gift ideas for senior citizens? Putting together a goodie bag is a great way to show them how much you really care. This will mean so much to them considering they rarely find it easy to shop for the things they need themselves. Creating a goodie bag allows you to pick items that will be useful to the recipient.

However, getting a goodie bag comes with its puzzle. What should you put in the bag? How many items should be in it? To solve your puzzle and make everything as fun as possible, here are 20 goodie bag ideas for senior citizens you can try out.

Goodie Bag Ideas for Senior Citizens?

1. ViewClix Smart Frame

The ViewClix Smart Frame connects seniors with their family and friends. It is a digital device that displays family pictures in a Slideshow. Also, family members can put a video call through and their aging loved one can answer without having to press a button. Thanks to the auto-answer mode.

ViewClix is a perfect goodie bag idea because it allows seniors to connect visually with authorized friends and family without having to learn technology. No power on/off button. No need to sign up. Just seamless use!

Family members can share pictures or even post stick notes to the Frame. While a slideshow of the photos is the default form of display, it automatically hides when a video call comes through. So, if you want to stay connected to your senior, this is it.

2. Custom Photo Album

This should have been first, and rightly so. As we grow older, we care more about the memories we’ve had than the ones we can create. A custom photo album is an excellent way to reminisce the beautiful moments we’ve shared with our loved ones over the years.

You won’t be making any mistake if you added this to a goodie bag for your aging loved one. This RECUTMS Photo Album on Amazon can hold up to 300 photos, with each page holding up to three photos. It is an ideal gift to help keep your lovely parents’ and grandparents’ favorite memory in pictures.

You can add personal, simple text to the photos to make the gift even more special.

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

This may not sound like anyone’s favorite idea of the perfect gift, but it’s an excellent option for older adults. Puzzles help them exercise their brains and keep their mind in great shape. We all know how activities help seniors get away from boredom and depression.

Jigsaw puzzles make for a great activity – anytime, any day. The good thing is, they can play on their own or with others.

Thankfully, there’re a variety of options you can choose from. So, it doesn’t matter if the senior has Alzheimer’s or any vision problems – there’s something for them. 

If you’re not sure of the type to go for, a nice one with a lot of pieces is a great option.

4. House Slippers

House slippers are comfortable pairs of easy-to-wear slippers any granny is going to love. They are easy to adjust, wash, and even come in different attractive colors.

Seniors often have to deal with swollen feet as a result of their very sensitive feet. A good pair of adjustable house slippers will be a huge relief. 

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Memory Foam Toe Slide Slippers make an excellent choice. You can also check out comfortable and cozy options from HALLUCI and Caramella. 

5. Compression Socks

These aren’t your ordinary type of socks. They’re uniquely designed with graded compression to protect the wearer’s muscles and improve blood circulation. 

Adding these pairs of exquisitely designed compression socks to your senior’s goodie bag is a good idea.

Expect them to thank you later for the comfort and relief from the leg fatigue they experience while wearing these socks.

6. AMIR Motion Sensor Lights

For older adults, moving around can be pretty difficult, especially when there isn’t enough lighting. With AMIR Motion Sensor Lights, your loved one will never have to go through that trouble.

These lights have super-bright LED bulbs that illuminate even the darkest areas. What’s even more special about them is the motion and light sensor.

The lights turn off automatically when it doesn’t detect any movement, and turns on when it detects darkness. That saves your beloved senior the stress of having to turn on and off. You have no reason not to include this in your goodie bag for a senior citizen.

7. Handupfree Electric Jar Opener

This is another goodie bag idea that makes life easier for seniors. Instead of struggling to open a jar with one’s hands, this electric jar opener can do so at the press of a button.

Seniors with arthritis or weak hands will adore this gift. It is compact, durable, user-friendly, and requires no labor at all. This will make my goodie bag for a senior – any day.

8. Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes like Oral-B 1000 CrossAction, are another excellent goodie bag idea for seniors. This toothbrush is clinically proven to be more effective than the everyday manual toothbrush.

It’s particularly essential for seniors because it makes brushing a lot easier for them. Also, they don’t have to worry about the hand and wrist strains that come with manual brushing.

9. Eyewear Straps/Cords

As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to read tiny prints. That’s why many seniors who love to read can’t seem to do without their reading glasses.

An eyewear strap or cord will ensure their precious second pair of eyes is always close by. Croakies Leather Cord Fashion Eyewear Retainer and TETHER Leather Slim Eye Wear Retainerare adjustable, leather straps that fit into any attire.

You can get these eyewear retainers for less than $10. They make for a thoughtful gift idea. 

10.Universal Big Button TV Remote

This large-buttoned remote is just the perfect gift for seniors. It gives them complete and convenient control over their TVs. 

No other age group watches TV more than them. So a simple remote that allows them to navigate the cable and TV world without issue is always a good idea.

The buttons are back-lit, meaning they give up bright light when pressed. This is a useful feature for seniors with low vision. 

11.Custom Mugs

Personalized mugs seem to be the go-to gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other events. They also make for a wonderful goodie bag idea for seniors.

Choose from tons of different mug designs and customize it with a special photo. Every time your loved one lifts it for some beverage, the memories will be incredible. 

12. Custom Calendar

Making a single day special for someone is amazing. How about making 365 days special for seniors? You can do that by gifting them a personalized calendar.

There’re a variety of frames and sizes to suit your peculiar need. You can simply insert the photo you want in the calendar. 

13.Knock Knock Sticky Notes

These are colorful sticky notes that can color any goody bag for seniors. They come with six different sticky pads of 40 sheets each. There’s enough to last for a long time.

You can make these sticky notes fun by adding humorous quotes or words to them. Even if you choose to leave it plain, any senior citizen would be glad for such a gift that helps them stay organized.

They are so attractive that they ensure that every to-do list made on them gets the necessary attention.

Knock Knock Sticky Notes cost $14.38, so you’re not going to spend a fortune on this timeless gift. 

14. Homemade Cookies

Homemade cookies are always a perfect goody bag idea. You can make small-size cookies with an elegant design at very little cost.

Go a step further to inscribe the name of the recipient on it and you would have made a hit. However, it’s important to factor in any dietary concerns, because the recipients are seniors.

15. Stationery Items

Stationery items aren’t only for students or people in the corporate world. They are essential tools for senior citizens. These items help them keep in touch with their loved ones.

Items like envelopes, colored pens, erasers, decorative paper, stamps, and others are all big hits. They are extremely affordable, yet very essential items. 

Getting these essential items on their own can be a drag. So why not save them that inconvenience and add it to the gift bag?

16. DVDs or CDs

We never get too old for some entertainment, do we? Especially when it reminds us of all the beautiful moments we’ve had.

That’s why adding a copy of a senior’s favorite movie or album to a gift bag is always a good idea. If you don’t know what their favorite is, you can add the CD or DVD of the most popular songs or movies from their generation. 

You’d be surprised how long they’ve searched for that CD. 

17.Cindy Elsharouni Adult Coloring Book

This adult coloring book helps senior citizens to relieve stress and expresses their creativity. It has over 60 beautiful designs to color, including animals, woodland, deserts, oceans, and forests.

The coloring book is a popular holiday present, but nobody needs it more than a senior citizen with limited activity. Like other games for seniors, it serves as a great source of entertainment.

18.Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that hears you when you speak. This is an excellent gift idea for senior citizens who have difficulty reaching for items. The device works with Alexa Voice Service.

With Amazon Echo, they can listen to their favorite music just by asking. But it’s not all about music. They can listen to the news, weather information, and much more.

The speaker has seven microphones and advanced technology that allows it to hear the user’s voice from part of the room. Interestingly, it can hear the user’s voice loud and clear even when the music is on.

This Bluetooth-enabled device has an impressive sound that fills the room. So, it’s a gift item that would let older adults have the best of entertainment without lifting a finger. 

19. A Reading Lamp

When it comes to senior gift ideas, a reading lamp or book light for reading is always a hit. They fit in as one of the last-minute options you can always go for – and not miss.

It’s no news that senior citizens read a lot and the reason for that is quite obvious. While many millennials would rather read on their phones or PCs, older adults still largely prefer to go with the traditional book reading.

However, they don’t have it so easily. As their vision depletes with age, they need more light to appreciate book prints they had no problem seeing in younger years. Many, even with a pair of reading glasses, still have to strain.

With a reading lamp, you save them the discomfort of having to strain their eyes anytime they want to read. Hardly would you find a senior citizen who won’t appreciate this reading-habit-saving item as a gift. 

20.Creative Journal

If there’s another last-minute gift for seniors that’d always go, it’s a creative journey. Older folks will always love to write and there’s no better place to pen those thoughts.

A creative journal like MALEDEN Vintage Refillable Journey Diary will help them make notes, write about past events, and put down anything they’d want to remember. You can choose from a variety of colors, including deep blue, grey, brown, black, purple, red, and sky blue.

This leatherback journal has 160 pages, which are good for not only writing but also drawing. Its portable size means there’ll be no problem carrying it around. 

The most remarkable thing about this journal is that it is refillable. You can take out a sheet anywhere to record something and place it back at any time. It’s definitely a perfect goodie bag idea for senior citizens. 

20 Goodie Bag Ideas for Senior Citizens
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