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18 Hilarious Golf Gag Gifts to Tee Up the Laughs on the Green

Looking for the perfect way to surprise your golf-loving friend with a laugh? Golf gag gifts are the answer! In this article, we dive straight into the funniest and most unique items that will bring the humor to any golfer’s day. From prank golf balls that poof into dust to quirky mugs that start conversations, these gifts are sure to be a hole-in-one when it comes to giving a memorable present. So, whether you’re looking for a little something something to spice up a round of golf or a playful item for the golf fanatic in your life, get ready to explore the best in golf-themed hilarity.

Key Takeaways

  • Exploding golf balls, farting golf balls, and trick putt gadgets are hilarious prank gifts that add unexpected fun to a round of golf.
  • Golf-themed mugs, glasses, and drinking accessories, like a golf ball beer opener, combine practicality with humor for golfers who like to drink as much as they putt.
  • Funny golf apparel and novelty accessories, featuring cheeky sayings and designs, ensure golfers can wear their humor on their sleeve and keep the laughs coming throughout the game.

Golf Balls Prank

There’s nothing like the surprised expression on your golf buddy’s face when they hit what they think is a regular golf ball, only for it to explode into a puff of dust on the green. Yes, fellow players, welcome to the world of golf ball pranks, where a simple golf ball can turn an ordinary game into a round of laughter.

Some funny golf gifts to infuse laughter into any golf outing are:

  • ‘Farting Golf Balls’ that emit a comical sound upon impact
  • ‘Crappiest Golf Balls Ever’ that turn any shot into a comedy sketch with their erratic flight
  • ‘Eject-a-Putt’ prank, a small gadget that transforms a typical putt into a surprise by ejecting the ball out of the hole.

These gifts are sure to bring some fun to your golf game with your other golfing buddies and buddies, making each one of them a perfect golf buddy and appealing to golf lovers.

And if you prefer a prank that doesn’t interfere with the game but still gets a laugh, the ProActive Bad Day Golf Ball Gag Gift is perfect. It’s a sticker that makes it look like a golf ball smashed through a window, without affecting the actual game.

Golf-themed Mugs and Glasses

Stepping off the green, let’s explore the playful side of the realm of golf mugs and glasses. These golf mugs aren’t just for holding your favorite beverage. They’re a conversation starter, a laugh inducer, and a perfect gift for golf enthusiasts who like a chuckle with their chug.

Whiskey glasses embellished with funny etchings, pint glasses with witty golf-related jokes, and tumblers that poke fun at the game – these are just a few examples of the hilarity that can be found in golf-themed drinkware. Don’t overlook the golfing-themed coffee mugs, ideal for a morning brew before stepping onto the golf course. These items are not just practical; they are a delightful twist on the usual golf accessories, ensuring a laugh even off the course.

Comical Golf Apparel

Transitioning from mugs and glasses, we venture onto the fashion runway of the golf course. Here, humor takes center stage with comical golf apparel. Imagine showing up to the green wearing:

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, the ‘In-Your-Face Birdie Finger Golf Polo’, the Shooter McGavin’s Tee Funny Shirt, or the ‘I Made a Hole in One Read Between the Lines Shirt’ is a sure way to get some laughs on the course. The humor isn’t confined to shirts only. Golf hats like the T*tties Funny Golf Hat, a playful spin on the Titleist brand, or the Golf Turf Hat that mimics the appearance of golf turf, let you add a quirky touch to your outfit. Even golf gloves can express your sense of humor, with options like the Nice Shot ‘The Bird’ Golf Gloves, the You Suck Golf Glove, and the Shhh Bird Flipping Golf Glove.

Novelty Golf Accessories

Transitioning from apparel, we delve into novelty golf accessories. These items are all about adding a touch of humor to a golfer’s gear. Think club covers like the ProActive Sports Golf Club Gopher Headcover or the Poo Emoji Golf Club Cover. They not only keep your golf clubs safe but also bring some humor to your golf bag.

The novelty isn’t limited to club covers. There are also funny ball markers and tees, like the Putter Throwing Champ Ball Marker and the Beer Bottle Golf Tees. They not only serve their purpose but also add a funny twist to the game of golf. You can even personalize some items like the Funny Custom Driver Head Cover with messages like ‘Slice Saver’ or ‘Hook Hider’ to add a personal and comical touch to your gear.

Golf Course Games and Challenges

Moving on from accessories, we delve into golf course games and challenges for fellow golfers and friends who love to play golf. These are not your usual golf games. They are designed to add an extra dose of fun and friendly competition to a day on the green.

Consider the golf gift card game that comes with two decks of cards, each with different golf-related challenges. It can turn a regular golf outing into a long day of fun and laughter. Moreover, the golf course drinking games shouldn’t be overlooked. These can be played while you’re out on the course or even indoors with the tabletop putt putt version.

Toilet Golf Sets

Veering off the course, we find ourselves in the bathroom with toilet golf sets. Yes, you heard that right. These sets allow golf enthusiasts to practice their putting skills while spending time in the bathroom, making them a hilarious gift for any golf enthusiast.

A regular toilet golf set, like the Potty Putter Putting Mat, comes with a fun mat, a couple of balls, a mini putter, and a movable hole for a real putting experience right in your bathroom.

There’s also the Squat and Putt Toilet Golf Game, which not only adds a fun element to your bathroom routine but also helps you align your bowels for smoother bowel movements.

Personalized Golf Gag Gifts

Transitioning from toilet golf sets, we explore personalized golf gag gifts. These gifts add a unique and humorous touch to a golfer’s equipment. Some examples include:

Imagine the surprise and laughter when your friend or family member sees their personalized golf gag gift.

The personalization isn’t limited to golf balls. There are other funny personalized golf gifts like the 8” Personalized Golfer Bobblehead and the Golfer Word Art, which can be customized with words of your choosing to shape the form of a golfer.

Golf-themed Drinking Accessories

Moving on from personalized gifts, we delve into golf-themed drinking accessories. From the Golf Ball Beer Opener made from a real golf ball to the Golf Iron Bottle Opener, these items are sure to be a hit with golfers who enjoy a good drink.

The humor isn’t confined to bottle openers. There’s also the Golf Club Drink Dispenser that pours your favorite drink from a reservoir and looks just like a real golf club for extra fun. You can even sneak your booze onto the golf course with flasks like the Monogram Golf Ball Flask and the Birdie Juice Flask, designed to be discreet and hold your favorite spirits.

Golf-related Books and Movies

Moving away from drinking accessories, we explore golf-related books and movies. These are perfect for golf enthusiasts who enjoy a good laugh off the course. Consider ‘Why You Suck at Golf’, a funny look at why people are so bad at golf.

And for movie night, ‘Happy Gilmore’ is a classic golf movie loved by many, perfect for anyone who likes golf and humor.

Golf Home DĂ©cor and Signs

Transitioning from books and movies, we delve into golf home dĂ©cor and signs. These items can bring the humor of golf into the home. Think funny wall art and decorative items like the ‘Wash Your Balls Here’ Funny Sign, guaranteed to liven up any space.

You can also find golf-themed signs with famous golfer quotes and unique options on Etsy. And if you want to make your own golf-themed decorations, you can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and other online sources.

Office and Desk Golf Gadgets

Moving away from home décor, we explore office and desk golf gadgets. These items can help golfers practice their skills during work breaks while adding a dose of humor to their day. Consider the Mini Golf Mug, a regular mug for coffee that also lets you practice your putting.

There’s also the Indoor Golf Putting Vent Cup, made to fit most standard home vents and can be used safely even when the heat is on. It provides a convenient and discreet way to practice putting indoors.

Golf Cart Accessories and Decorations

Moving on from office gadgets, we delve into golf cart accessories and decorations. These items can add a touch of humor to a golfer’s ride on the course. Consider the ‘This is How I Roll’ funny golf cart car seat covers, which you can find at Groovy Golfer, along with other cool accessories.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can find some awesome ideas on Pinterest, like the ‘GOLF CART DECORATING IDEAS’ from Sandy’s Sweetheart Creative De or the ultimate guide to golf cart decorations for some cool DIY tricks.

Funny Golf Gifts for Women

Transitioning from golf cart accessories, we explore golf gifts specifically designed for women. A funny golf towel is not only practical but also adds a fun element to the game, making it a great gift for lady golfers.

There are hilarious designs in cotton, microfiber waffle-weave, or polyester with funny sayings available at Giggle Golf, Etsy, and Vegas Golf Game for more fun options.

Golf-themed Party Supplies

Moving on from women’s gifts, we delve into golf-themed party supplies. These items can add a fun touch to any golf-related celebration. Consider golf ball-shaped plates and napkins, which you can grab on Amazon.

For more ideas, you can check out Easy DIY Golf-Themed Party Ideas on Pinterest, Par-Tee Time Ideas for a Golf-Themed Party, and Easy DIY Golf-Themed Party Ideas by Sue Eldred. These sources can provide plenty of inspiration for a fun and memorable golf-themed party.

Golf-inspired Kitchen Gadgets

Transitioning from party supplies, we explore golf-inspired kitchen gadgets. These items can bring golf humor into the kitchen. Consider utensils made to look like golf clubs for cooking or grilling, or even for mixing drinks at the bar.

You can also find golf ball-shaped salt and pepper shakers on Etsy and eBay. These items are not only practical but also add a fun twist to your usual kitchen tools.

Golf Gag Gifts for Retirees

Moving on from kitchen gadgets, we delve into golf gag gifts ideal for retirees. These items can add a humorous touch to their retirement while celebrating their love for the game. Consider the Find My Balls Funny Golf Towel, a golf towel that makes a playful jab at retirees who love spending time on the course.

You can also find hilarious retirement-themed golf balls with funny messages like ‘Retirement is Now in Full Swing’ on Amazon and Etsy. These gifts are a hilarious way to celebrate retirement and a love for golf.

Father’s Day Golf Gag Gifts

Transitioning from retirees’ gifts, we explore Father’s Day golf gag gifts. These items can celebrate dad’s love for the game in a humorous way. Consider the ‘Best Dad By Par With Child’s Or Children’s Names’ mug, available on Amazon and Etsy.

The humor isn’t confined to mugs. There are other funny golf gifts like personalized balls, golf gift baskets, and custom golf balls that can bring a laugh to any Father’s Day celebration.


To sum up, golf gag gifts are all about bringing humor to the game of golf. Whether it’s a golf ball prank, a golf-themed mug, or a funny golf towel, these gifts are guaranteed to bring a laugh to any golfer’s face. So next time you’re shopping for a gift for your golf-loving friend or family member, consider a golf gag gift. Because as we all know, laughter is the best way to score a hole-in-one in the game of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes golf ball pranks such a hit among golfers? Golf ball pranks, like exploding golf balls, add a surprising and hilarious twist to a regular golf game, making them a hit among golfers. It’s all about adding fun to the game!

What are some examples of golf-themed mugs and glasses? You could check out whiskey glasses with funny etchings, pint glasses with witty jokes, and golf-themed coffee mugs for some cool golf-themed drinkware. Cheers!

What is a toilet golf set? A toilet golf set is a fun gift for golf lovers, letting them practice putting while in the bathroom. It’s a humorous way to work on your game.

What are some examples of personalized golf gag gifts? You can consider giving personalized golf balls with cartoon images of the recipient or their dog’s face or a Personalized Golfer Bobblehead as humorous and unique gifts for golf enthusiasts. Make it personal and fun!

What are some golf gag gifts perfect for retirees? Consider getting the Find My Balls Funny Golf Towel or retirement-themed golf balls with humorous messages for a retiree who loves golf. These gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face.

18 Hilarious Golf Gag Gifts to Tee Up the Laughs on the Green
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