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Father’s Day brother

The month of June is known for a few things; the increasingly nice weather outside, the final days of school and summer vacation vastly approaching, and of course, Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is traditionally held on the 3rd Sunday of June. It’s the one day where we honor and celebrate all of the wonderful fathers out there; the ones who taught us how to drive or ride a bike, or the ones who there at all of our games and graduations, not to mention being there every step of the way from when we were just babies taking our first steps to now. If your brother has children, can you celebrate him brother on Father’s Day if you think he is a good father?

Father’s day gift to your brother?

If you have watched your brother not only become a father, but an exceptional father and you think he has earned his recognition for that, then by all means, yes you can celebrate him on Father’s Day because that’s what the holiday is all about, celebrating all great fathers or at least any that you know.

So go ahead, take your brother out for dinner or lunch, or get great seats to a sports game, or hey, maybe even a nice golf outing because why not, right?

The concept of Father’s day

Some people get this misconstrued idea that the concept of Father’s Day is only to celebrate and honor one’s own father; now if that was truly the case, the holiday would be called “Only Your Own Father’s Day”, which just sounds witless. It’s like on Veterans Day, where we take the day to remember and honor all of the brave men and women who have fought for our country even if we didn’t know one or have had one in our family and more recently, Memorial Day, where we remember the brave men and women who have not only fought for our country but have died for our country as well and sadly, aren’t here to enjoy that three day weekend with all of us. Now, why do we celebrate all of these people? why do we have a holiday specifically for mothers, fathers, and our veterans? Well, the answer is simple, because they all deserve it.

Mothers, fathers, and our veterans all have something in common, they have all taken on some of the hardest jobs out there, jobs with no guaranteed paycheck or benefits, no breaks, no sick days or personal days, no fancy bonus check around the holiday season, just a job that you have to get up and do everyday no matter how tired you are, how stressed out or exhausted you are because you have people depending on you and they can’t be let down because their needs come before yours, so it becomes not only a job, but it’s something that’s bigger than oneself. Some of us will presumable never be able to repay our parents for everything they’ve done and continue to do for us because well, it’s a lot, likely a lifetime’s worth.

Father’s Day is a way of telling our fathers to thank you for everything; thank you for your sacrifices, thank you for always being there for me, thank you for being loving when you could and tough when you had to be, and thank you for being the best father to me. For all of the other great fathers that we know that may not be our own father, we could use Father’s Day to say “Listen, I know being a father isn’t easy and oftentimes, you just want to walk away from it all, but I respect and admire how you’ve still always been there for your children and have been the best father that you can be.”

The act of acknowledgment plays a huge factor in the Father’s Day holiday, acknowledging that being a father is not easy whatsoever and acknowledging that there have been many obstacles thrown at great fathers, but also knocked down by great fathers. So it is a perfect time to tell your brother that he is a great dad!

Can you celebrate your brother on Father’s Day if you think he is a good father?

Those attainments are what are worthy of praise and homage. So, to answer the fundamental question of “can you celebrate your brother on Father’s Day if you think he is a good father?” the answer to that is absolute because Father’s Day is a commemoration of all great fathers even if those great fathers aren’t related to you or biologically yours.

If you feel like your brother is a great father and has earned that recognition, then by all means you should celebrate him because he deserves a celebration; nowhere in the fine print do the rules of Father’s Day say that you may only celebrate YOUR father.  Now, if you want to go one further and maybe buy a nice gift for your brother on Father’s Day, here are a few things that you can’t go wrong with: men’s jewelry like watches, a coffee mug that says something like “World’s Best Dad”, a father’s day shirt, or some sweet-smelling cologne. For more ideas, here are links below to great Father’s Day gifts for your brother.

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Father’s Day brother
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