16 Best Smartphone Cases for Construction workers

Smartphones receive an excellent share of beating while in construction sites; ask any construction worker who has had a smartphone there. Just a day in the construction site increases the risk of damaging your phone exponentially. As a result, your smartphone requires a good case that can endure the site’s roughness and beating and still retains its functionality.

Your choices for smartphone case a construction worker can range from case metal tank, Ballistic hardcore, G-form, case-mate rugged extreme to otter box defender. You can also choose iThrough waterproof case, WEKSI shockproof case, or Spigen Rugged Armor.

If you are a construction worker, you do not need to worry about your phone getting damaged anymore. All you need is a smartphone casing that receives the beating on behalf of your phone and keeps it protected.

Here are the 16 best smartphone cases for construction workers that will leave you amazed at their ability to safeguard your phone.

1. Case-Mate Tank

When choosing a smartphone case, we all want a rounded, waterproof, and water-resistant case. When looking for such qualities in a smartphone protector, then Case-Mate Tank will never disappoint you.

This case is designed in a way that exceeds the U.S military standards for protection and durability when it comes to taking care of your phone. The outer part of the casing is made of rugged polycarbonate.

The interior is cushioned with silicone, which acts as a shock absorber and protects the phone from dust, rain, wind, dust, and other construction sites.

In addition to these two materials, the case-mate tank has a hip clasp and a retractable screen. The manufacturer claims that the casing is 2.5 stronger than any other casing, and even if run over by a car, it will resist the impact and leave your phone undamaged.

2. Ballistic Hard Core

Ballistic Hard core is probably among the best phone protection cases a person can think of for a construction worker. The cases are made of four layers: the outer layer, silicone shock absorber, and the screen protector.

The outer layer protects your phone against scratches and scuffs on the phone, while the screen protector and the silicone shock layer protect the phone against damage due to impacts and potential cracks.

On average, hardcore cases are thicker than other casing. The availability of four-layer protection on this casing increases the assurance of phone protection to the user.

3. ProCase iPad 10.2 Case

ProCase iPad 10.2 case is a smartphone casing that takes phone protection on another lever. This casing is specifically designed for iPads and iPhones.

The case is made of a patented reactive protection technology that absorbs more than 90% of the impact on your phone. It has an outer polycarbonate shell that can protect the phone well on its own, and it is reinforced with an inner insert for a more shock-absorbing capability.

Due to its feature, the case can withstand phone drop from a height that no other case can withstand without getting your phone damaged. This capability makes it the best case protector for construction workers, especially the ones working on extreme heights.

4. Case-Mate Tough Xtreme

Case-mate Tough Xtreme is a high-quality, rugged casing. The case is designed for various smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy series, Nokia Lumia, iPhone, and iPad device series lines. The casing exterior is made of multilayers and a Snap-On frame that supports the devices on the front and sides.

The multilayers are made of Polypore and Duo flex that provides sufficient cushioning and a firm, comfortable grip. The casing has good protection even for the device’s ports and therefore very essential for people in the construction industry who require extra protection for their phones.

5. Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender is among the most trusted brands of smartphone protection cases. The brand has compartments for all types of smartphones. The quality of their phone cases has stood the test of protecting a phone even when a car runs over it.

The case comprises three layers, including the outer casing, made of durable polycarbonates that protect the phone against scuffs and scratches.

The inner layer is cushioned with silicone for protecting the phone against dust, sand, rain and overall impacts. The otterbox defender has an additional thickness which is a plus advantage for extra phone protection. The casing offers access to all phone functions without the need for a retractable screen.

6. IThrough Waterproof Case

IThrough Waterproof case protects your phone against water and can allow the user to take photos underwater without damaging the phone. The case is designed for all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series.

The rugged tempered glass screen protector on the casing ensures no water leaks into your phone, thus facilitating a smoothing operation underwater.

Since most of the time construction work takes place around water sources, iThrough waterproof cases will go a long way in protecting worker’s phones against water damages.

7. Spigen Rugged Armor

This type of casing is a more stylish version of the smartphone case for construction workers. It offers protection for your phone both inside and outside. The case doesn’t have a more significant thickness, and it is light; therefore, it provides an excellent and comfortable grip to the user.

The casing is hard enough to endure extreme heights falling, thus assuring complete protection of your phone.


When you are up on a roof or a ladder doing construction work and your phone flips, watching it fall, all those feet can be fussing. However, with a ZiZo smartphone casing, you can rest assured that you will collect your phone from the ground without any damages.

In addition to protection against water, dirt, and debris, Zizo offers fall protection for your phone.

The casing is made of a tempered glass screen protector that ensures the phone is covered on all sides. Besides, the case has a 12 feet drop protection which means once it falls, you can come down, pick it and continue with your call like nothing happened

9. The Survivor All-Terrain Rugged Case

The survivor All-Terrain Rugged Case is the most rigid smartphone case any construction worker could think of from Griffin Technology. The casing can survive both a potential fall and water damage and completely protect your phone.

The case is exclusively designed for all kinds of iPad devices and offers comprehensive protection against muds, sun, snow, rain and dust protection, and fall protection.

This case assures your tablet’s security when it drops from an 8 feet height onto a concrete floor without leaving you worried about potential damages. It is among the top-rated phone protection cases in the construction industry.

However, it is essential to know that most rugged terrain cases are water-resistant but not waterproof. It ensures protection against light, wind, rain, and water splashes, and you can rest assured that even if your phone gets submerged in water, you will get it and continue with your daily chores.

10. Anker’s Karapax Touch Case

Like other cases, Anker’s Karapax Touch cases offer protections against your phone damage, but it stands out from others in terms of its prices and functionality. Karapax is slim, fit for full touch screen, ports and camera use, and lightweight, unlike most cases.

 The casing is designed with flexible sides for a better grip and decent drop protection, making the case an excellent deal for protecting your phone against all hazards in the construction industry.

 The buyer needs to be aware that the Karapax casing does not have a screen protector to protect against scratches on our screen. However, it is equipped with a tempered glass screen protector that is water-resistant, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged.

12. Dog and Bone Wetsuit Case

For the construction workers who work near or around water sources, Dog and Bone wetsuit cases are the way to go for your phone. Unlike many water-resistant cases but not waterproof, the wetsuit case offers protection against water, shock, wind, snow, and all kinds of dirt and debris.

In case you drop your phone in a bucket full of water, in a toilet, or even in a septic tank, this case will keep your phone protected until you remove it.

13. WEKSI Shockproof Case

 This is probably the best smartphone case you should think of when working in the construction industry. When your phone falls from a 10 feet height with a WEKSI shockproof Case, you can release your breath and rest assured that it has no damages. The case is equipped with unique features that protect your phone against grease, water debris, dust, shock, and water.

The major advantages are the availability of a shock resistance soft-core that is cushioned with silicone for absorption of all kinds of impacts, availability of lightweight composite protection, and essay accessibility to your phone’s ports and touch screen.

As if these features are not enough, the case is slim and provides a firm grip that increases the grip, hence protecting the phone against frequent falls.

14. Silk Base Grip and Kung Fu Grip Case

With many iPads and iPhones out there, looking for the best casing for your smartphone can prove to be a tricky affair. However, with the silk base and Kung Fu grip all-around protection case, you can be sure that your phone’s protection is taken care of.

The case protects almost all types of phone models and offers comprehensive fall protection. The case has a great lightweight design, provides all-around protection to your phone, including the touchscreen, ports, and camera. An additional advantage is the availability of a tempered glass protector and a lower price than others at amazon.

15. Apple Smart Battery case

If you have an apple phone, you don’t need to look for any other case. Apple Smart Battery case got your phone covered.

This case is excellent in protecting your phone’s battery life as it doubles it and earns its name smart due to its ability to let you charge both the case and the phone through a single port. The case allows the user to exhaust the battery inside the subject before using the handset’s battery.

In addition to the battery feature, the Apple Smart Battery Case has an inside layer of excellent silicone material that provides a decent grip and a nice amount of protection that prevents your phone from damaging when it falls.

Further, the case is equipped with tempered glass protection that ensures your screen is protected from any form of scuffs and scratches, even when the phone falls on a concrete floor.

16. Speck Presidio Pro

Speck Presidio Pro is the ultimate phone protection case with a fantastic grip, less weight, and excellent drop protection. The presidio pro is equipped with silicon cushioning which gives it a soft touch finishing that provides an excellent grip to your phone without sticking too much into your pocket.

Also, it has polycarbonate inner and outer shells that act as shock absorbers, thus providing your phone’s safety. When you work on a 10 feet building and use your phone often, there is a probability that it might slip and fall once in a while.

To avoid damages in such a scenario, the Speck Presidio Pro Case is the ultimate protection for your phone.







16 Best Smartphone Cases for Construction workers
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