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About us

Are you looking for a fun, different, or loving gift? Good! For us, you will find perfect gifts for all ages, people, and occasions. We want to inspire and have gathered gift ideas in all price ranges, for all interests and all events in life. To provide you with excellent offers, we link directly to products on reputable, safe webshops.

No matter who or what event you should buy, there are many thoughtful gifts in our tips-just choose the right category, and we’ve solved the rest.

Annika Vallgren is my name, who has made this website. I have three own children aged 12-26 years. I think it’s great fun to give away and wrap up nice gifts. This site I started just because I sometimes have very bad imagination when I’m going to buy gifts. I have wished that there is such a site where I can easily find great suggestions for gifts for all occasions. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments!

Really successful gifts

When I bought gifts myself, I have, at some point, managed to find such a good gift that the recipient cried with happiness. It is true, indeed. We were going out on a long trip, and I ran into the toy store before buying a hand-held video game with Pokemon. When I came out and handed the gift, the son cried. I thought I had purchased the wrong gadget, but it was the other way around. I had bought such an enjoyable present that he cried out of happiness.

Terrible gifts

On other occasions, it has gone worse, and the recipient has become angry for the gift. He had wished for a grinding machine, but I had bought the wrong brand. It would be an expensive brand because it would be a good gift. He was disappointed and angry instead.

The hunt for the perfect gift

When I’m going to give away gifts, so I always try to find that perfect gift that makes the recipient so extra happy. But sometimes it can feel hopeless to find any present at all. I would have needed this site many times. So now, I’ve created it to help others find gifts.

Gift Wrapping

I also think it’s great fun to wrap the presents extra nicely. With a fine wrapping paper and beautiful laces, or maybe some decoration of some sort. A fantastic gift should be as lovely on the outside as on the inside. Read more about stylish gift wrapping!

The price of the gift

Then I think it is essential when buying gifts that they do not have to cost much to be a good gift. It is better to find the perfect gift for the right recipient. With this site, I want to help you find an ideal gift for any occasion. 

The tips you’ll find here are a mix of affiliate links, standard linking, and gift ideas for things that can’t be purchased online at all. If you like my tips, please use my links when shopping. Then I get a little paid for every gift you buy, without it costing you anything extra. It helps me to be able to run the site further.

Also read our privacy policy.

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