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Creative Ways to Give Away Money?

Gifts vary depending on the nature of a relationship and the occasion. Weddings of dear friends, wedding anniversaries, diplomas, yearly birthdays ‚Äď all of these occasions are made for giving and receiving gifts. If you decided to give money, instead of putting it in an envelope and writing a greeting card, be creative.

A lot of people say that giving money is not a gift, but others disagree. They say that it is better to give money, instead of buying a gift they might not like.

creative ways to give away money
Creative ways to give away money?
  1. Use boxes

Although cardboard boxes seem boring, with a little creativity they can become fabulous presents. Especially if you put money inside of it. One of the examples is making a small pizza box and arranging the money inside as pizza slices. You can use coins to imitate pepperoni.

Another great use of the box is making a pull-out piggy bank and changing the money to 1 dollar bills. This will be a piece of cake if you happen to have an empty Kleenex box. Make sure that the box has a thin opening, wide enough so the bills can out. Use tape to connect the edges of dollar bills, so it forms a large worm. Put a sticker that says ‚ÄúPull here‚ÄĚ on the last dollar bill and place all the cash inside the box, with the sticker peeking out of the opening.

You can put money in small balloons or water balloons and put them into a box. The receiver of the gift will have to pop the balloons to get to the money. Although, be sure that the person you are giving this gift is comfortable with popping balloons.

If you perhaps have a box of chocolates, take out the chocolates from their compartments and replace them with money. You can mix cash and coins. If the chocolates come in a wrapper, you can even wrap the chocolates in dollar bills.

Find a box that has a lid and make a butterfly money box. You will need a string, a little tape, a box, and money. Fold the bills like an accordion, tie the string around the middle, and make a shape of a butterfly. Put a few butterflies on one string then tape it to the lid of the box. After you taped them all to the lid, place them into a box.

  1. Giving Money to Kids

People say that kids should not be given money. If you’re creative enough, the money they receive will not be the main focus. Take, for example, a scavenger hunt. You can plan out a scavenger hunt for kids in which you write hints and clues where they can find money bills and make them search for it. It can be organized in the house or outside.

For kids who like to draw, you can buy crayons and add a little twist. Take the crayons out of the box and wrap individual crayons in money bills. Put them back in the box, if you want, decorate the box as well and give it away as a present.

Practice your origami skills and fold interesting shapes. Here, you can find a tutorial on how to make a shirt with a necktie out of dollar bills. You can also make various animal shapes and objects. Kids are also fascinated with origami, so you can teach them how you made those shapes.

Kids adore coins and piggy banks. If you can find a piggy bank shaped like a pig, it will be a perfect gift. Drop-in some coins and you’re set. You can give them more coins to put in the piggy bank by stacking them up and wrapping them like candy. Remember that kids love candy as well, so make sure that you throw in real candy.

  1. Jewelry and decorations

A similar idea to the money chain is to make a money lei. This gift does not include folding, but you need to tightly tie the bills using ribbons. It is also a great idea to give to a student on graduation day.

You can turn dollar bills into a bracelet, but it will be more challenging. This method involves a lot of folding and connecting the bills, but the result is visually attractive.

Many people found out that one-dollar bills are perfect for folding into rings. This method requires a lot of folding and may seem a bit demanding, but following a step-by-step tutorial will make it easier.

Again, if Christmas is around the corner, you can make a personalized Christmas tree ornament. Find an empty and clear ball in craft stores. You can decorate the ball and put money inside of it. Decorate the ball nicely, even when they take the money out it still serves as a decoration.

Photo frames played a big role in giving money as a gift. People would put dollar bills inside the photo frame with messages like ‚ÄúBreak in case of emergency‚ÄĚ. You can use this method as well. You can even put a real photo and hide it with dollar bills. You can take a few bills and arrange them in intricate patterns and shapes.

  1. Give  money to graduate students

The perfect gifting idea for a graduating student is to make a money chain. It is very easy to make a money chain because you don’t need origami skills. All it takes is simple folding and taping of stapling the money to hold it in place.

Making a money cake is a creative and fun way for giving money. Take the money bills and roll them into little tubes. Place all the bills into a circle and tie them with a ribbon. If you want, you can even make a cake with a few stories.

A great idea found online is to use a photo album. Purchase any simple photo album and instead of photos, put the money in the sockets. In some sockets, you can even throw in a photo of yourself and the person you’re giving the gift to.

You can fold money to make a tie and a bowtie. To make a tie, trace the shape of one on paper and fold the bills to match the shape. You can staple or tape the bills together. When you’re done carefully tie the money as a tie.

To make a bowtie you will need two bills. Fold one to make a thinker line. Fold the second bill like an accordion to create creases. Take the first folded bill and wrap it around the middle of the second bill. Tape the first bill so it holds in place and spread out the second bill to make it look like a bow tie. If you want it to look smoother, don’t fold the second bill and just wrap the first one around the middle.

  1.  Trees and flowers

Money trees and flowers are a beautiful way of shaping money.

If the holidays are nearby, you can make a Christmas tree made out of money. You will need a stick to hold the tree in a vertical position. Fold the dollar bills in half and stick them with the tape on the stick to form a Christmas tree. You can decorate the tree with colored paper, for example, cutting out a star shape and placing it on the top.

Making flowers out of dollar bills doesn’t have to be too challenging. All you need, besides the money, is a straw (or a stick) and a little tape. Take the dollar bills and fold them horizontally, but don’t press on the middle. Connecting the left and right sides will make a teardrop shape which you can tape to the straw.

If you want to add in a little more folding, you can make flowers with more details and merge them into a bouquet. When you fold the bills into flowers, put them on thinner sticks, and use wrapping paper to decorate it. To add on decorations, take the candy and also tape it to the sticks and arrange inside the bouquet. With this method, you can get very creative.

Creative Ways to Give Away Money?
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