Gifts for a 100-year-old woman

Have you read the book about the centenarian? It is admittedly about a man, but above all it is about life not ending just because you turn 100, on the contrary. Today, more and more people are reaching this fantastic age and if you have not celebrated a 100-year-old before, I understand if you are thinking about what could fit as a gift. Here you should get some good tips and if none of them suit you, they may still give you some new ideas and thoughts.

What is a great gift for a 100 year old woman?


Depending on how well you know the 100-year-old woman who turns one, you may have heard her complain that she is freezing. It is very common when you get older and not so strange considering that she can not be as active anymore but stays seated or lying down for long periods of the day.

Hands and feet are sensitive points on the body and a pair of comfortable warm slippers that do not need more than a minute in the microwave to then keep the feet warm for up to two hours. They also give off a faint scent of lavender and that scents make us feel extra good is known.

When we are still on our feet, I want to recommend a wonderful machine that provides foot massage. Massage for the feet is not only nice but also stimulates blood circulation which may be needed for tired and old feet. Zenkuru foot massage has three modes for relaxation, wellness and deep massage.

A nice blanket to put over the legs is the Electric heating blanket Delux which is equipped with a timer and 9 different temperature modes. With a timer, you do not have to worry about her forgetting it if she falls asleep while it is on.


It’s never wrong with a real paper newspaper and I think all older people agree with that. Because it is a pleasure to sit in your favorite armchair and browse between reports and photos. A subscription to a weekly magazine lasts not just a few days but actually a whole year if you want. And now do not think that she only reads the newspaper for a few days, no, it will last a long time. Yes, you have probably seen the piles of newspapers that she does not want to throw away but go back and flip through again and again. That’s what’s so great about weekly magazines.

Film is best in cinemas, they used to say, but over time, cinemas have changed their character and many have closed down. On the other hand, I do not think that a woman who turns 100 is so eager to go out into the cinema darkness, but probably prefers to watch the film at home. For film, she still wants to see and a copy of Mamma Mia on DVD which is also a sing-along edition makes anyone happy. Stay, sing and watch it together and you will have a wonderful day to remember for a long time.

Of course, enjoyment also includes our Swedish coffee, which all ages like. At Smartphoto, you can make a personalized mug with color where the picture of your family, you, the children or maybe it is even grandchildren. Yes, it may even be that you need several mugs to fit all of them so it’s lucky they are not that expensive.

Something that gives well-being is probably still scents. Scents from food and spices in all their glory, but it is just as lovely with a scented candle from Suede Blanc that has a soft and buttery tone of cedar and suede. These scented candles are made mainly of coconut wax and are organic and non-toxic.

Chocolate and coffee are certainly not food or spices, but they smell so good and taste all the more so. In this nice box from the candy box, the chocolate comes in 2 nice tin boxes that can be placed on the table. The great thing about this gift is of course that you order it online and it is delivered directly to the birthday child’s mailbox. Together with the delivery, you can send a personal card with your own photo or motif. A nice alternative to flower delivery.


Have you seen this nice personal necklace Athena silver where you can engrave both on the front and back. It comes in a nice black gift box that really does not need any more wrapping than that. The material is sterling silver and the tray measures 40 x 10 x 1.4 mm.

Sometimes it can be better to let her choose her own gift and then a gift card from Åhléns. The store has a large selection of clothes, furnishings, books and beauty.

A gift card at Coolstuff is something she is guaranteed to like here, there are lots of nice gifts she can choose for herself.


Experiences should be done together, so why not gather the family and invite her on an Archipelago trip with lunch. An archipelago tour is just right for a 100-year-old woman where you can both enjoy the beautiful environment.