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1-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

It’s been one year since you met the love of your life and you want to get her the perfect gift.. the gift that tells her how much she’s grown to mean to you and how much this past year has meant to you. If it also speaks with the hope of your future together, so much the better.

Find the perfect 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

There are just so many options out there. How do you know you’re getting the very best gift available for her? This article lists the top 20 1 year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend, and 1 (if not more) are sure to be perfect for your special someone. No matter what you want to say with the gift, we have the best suggestions to say it with; whether a big romantic gesture or a low-key practical gift that you know she’ll use for years to come, this is the list for you.

20 Lovely 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Preserved Rose with Necklace

This beautiful red rose is preserved in a glass box which contains a hidden box that contains a silver necklace in which “I love you” is engraved in the heart pendant in 100 languages and instructions on how to read those inscriptions on the pendant. She’s sure to treasure this beautiful symbol of your love for years to come.

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A 3D Crystal Photo

Do you have a favorite memory or picture you want to share with your girlfriend? This laser engraved, heart-shaped crystal allows you to memorialize any special days for the two of you whether it’s the first date or a different milestone. Unique and personal, the 3D Crystal Photo is the perfect way to celebrate a year well spent together.

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The Couple’s Bucket List

This is the perfect gift for you and your girlfriend if she enjoys trying new things! It contains 100 new date idea cards, and the point is to try each one at least once. None of them are expensive or too difficult so you can focus on enjoying yourselves and learning something new.

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The Girlfriend Blanket

The blanket may be warm, fuzzy flannel but the message on this blanket will warm your girlfriend even more than the blanket itself. The message states how beautiful your girlfriend is, how much she means to you, and that you’ll always be there for her, no matter what happens. Whenever she wraps herself up in it, she’ll feel your love and commitment to her.

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Leafeal Infinity Heart Pendent Necklace with Birthstone

Leafeal jewelry offers this unique anniversary gift in the form of a pendent on a white gold plated chain. The pendant itself is a heart wrapped in the infinity symbol to signify the nature of your love for your girlfriend. The choice of putting in your girlfriend’s birthstone gives it a personalized touch that other similar gifts just don’t have

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Pendle & Birdie Hand Casting Kit

This gift is perfect for your girlfriend if she’s crafty and not only does it give you a fun activity to do on your anniversary, it provides a lasting reminder of your love for each other. Gloves, plaster, instructions, a color-changing agent, and a black display stand are all included in the kit.

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The Comfy Original

This oversized microfiber and Sherpa wearable blanket fits all and is sure to please all. It’s the perfect thing to cozy up in on a cold day when she’s feeling under the weather or needing a little extra self-care. Available in a wide range of colors, this wearable blanket is your chance to keep your girlfriend warm even when you can’t be there with her.

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Milestone Anniversary Bracelet

This bracelet is the first in a series that celebrates each 1-year milestone you and your girlfriend reach. Gold plated with a centered bead and adjustable band, it’ll go with any outfit or occasion. There is no nickel here so if your girlfriend has a sensitivity to nickel, she can wear it without worrying about irritation or a rash.

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Message in a Bottle

Who wouldn’t want a message in a bottle? The message inside is custom to you, down to font size and style giving you the chance to express your deepest feelings and thoughts in a whimsical, fun manner. The bottle is a crystal with a black cap and comes with the parchment (containing your message) and red silk rose petals.

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Game-Inspired Romantic Love in a Bottle

A small crystal bottle with a wooden cork, a Pokeball inside, and the message around the neck of the bottle reads “you’re my best catch”. This bottle is a fun choice for your Pokemon and Poki-Go loving girlfriend. Even for a casual anime fan, this gift will be sure to make your girlfriend smile.

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Antique Leather Bound Journal

Handmade deckle-edged pages bound in antique leather make this journal a quality long-lasting gift. Whether she is using it to take notes in class, on a project at work, or writing her dreams and wishes down, this journal will hold them now and for years to come.

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Hand Stamped Matching Penny Keychains

Have each penny engraved with you and your girlfriend’s initials (A&W) and the date of your anniversary, give one to her, and keep the other one. Every time one of you looks at it, it’ll be a reminder of your love, past, present, and future. As your life grows together and you acquire keys and other items in common, the pennies will remind you how it all began.

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Creative Explosion Box

With a gift box, you can fill with whatever you know will be her favorite in the center, surrounded by lights and places to place photos, this is the gift that will sure to wow your special lady. Once opened, the box will fall flat, revealing the pictures of the two of you experiencing all the best times of the past year along with the gift in the center.

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Engraved Rock

This rock is engraved with the message “Happy Anniversary! My heart beats for you every second of the clock. I am yours. And you, you’re my rock”. Simple and elegant, it’s the perfect reminder that goes anywhere whether on her desk at her work or the end table near her bed.

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1 Year Scrapbook or Photo Album

What’s a better way to celebrate the past year than document it with the pictures, tickets, and stories that made the first year so memorable? This option allows you to put your personal touch on the gift, preserve the best memories from the past year and start a tradition for all the years to come.

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When I Say I Love You

This stainless steel card can easily fit into a wallet or purse and the message is clear: whatever disagreements, rough days, or issues we have it’s not enough to make me stop loving you. Everyone will have rough times in their relationships, but this card is a promise and reminder all in one that your girlfriend is more important than any of those things and you’ll get through them together.

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Engraved Spoon

Although it may be small, this gift isn’t a small deal. Engraved on the bowl of the spoon is the message “let’s have coffee forever”. Practical and romantic rolled into one, this gift will soon be the favorite spoon your girlfriend owns. It may even turn into the only one she will use for her coffee.

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110 Capsule Messages in a Bottle.  

110 blank pieces of paper in 110 capsules = 110 different ways to tell your girlfriend how and why you love your girlfriend. It all comes in a glass bottle so once you are finished filling out your messages, place them all back in the bottle and present them to her. Whether she wants to read them at once or save one a day, this is a gift that will keep her smiling for a long time.

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Matching Soulmate Coffee Mugs  

Create a new morning ritual with these cute mugs. One depicts the man blowing kisses and the other depicts the girl catching them. What better way to start your morning with the person you love? These mugs are especially fitting if your first date was in a coffee shop or you make coffee dates a regular thing.

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Nice Folded Book Art

The date, flowers, or hearts folded into pages of a book makes a unique piece of art to celebrate your anniversary. A beautiful new way to comment on your story together, this book would be a prized addition to anyone’s bookshelf or mantelpiece.

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A Few Parting Thoughts

Finding the perfect anniversary gift can be difficult, especially in that first year when everything is still so new and a little unknown. This article helps simplify the process by providing suggestions from romantic to practical to humorous. Every gift mentioned in the above list is available with a quick search on Amazon.com. With a gift from this list, you can celebrate a beautiful year together and look forward to many more without worrying about whether your girlfriend will like your gift.

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1-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend
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