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Where to Hold a Baby Shower: 20 Best Places

Choosing the right venue for a baby shower is essential, particularly because it provides a lovely time to celebrate the awaiting arrival of your new bundle of joy. Apart from avoiding a cleanup situation, the idea of choosing the right place will help you think about the shower’s concept and how you want to make it unique and memorable.

The good news is, with the various venue options available, baby showers don’t have to be the flashiest and most expensive affairs. Whether you are on a budget or want to throw a small baby shower, several venue options can provide you with the ambiance you deserve.

This article provides you with the 20 best places to hold your baby shower without worry. Let’s begin!

Where to Hold a Baby Shower?
  1. Church Hall

The church hall is another great place to consider when you want to hold a baby shower, especially when the future parents are faithful brethren. Holding a baby shower at the church hall is usually good because they are budget-friendly and are pretty good.

The worship places usually have all the basics you need, such as ample chairs and tables. They also have additional rooms for social events and gatherings such as Christianizing receptions and weddings.

These rooms are perfect for a shower celebration. You will only be responsible for food, drinks, and decoration since a church hall is a community center.  Most of the time, church halls have a full kitchen facility next to the meeting area for ease of serving.

While holding the baby shower, make sure you choose games and activities appropriate for this space not to be offensive since the venue belongs to a religious establishment.

  1. A Tea Room

Do you prefer a bit of whimsy and a little cozier environment for a baby shower celebration? Then an elegant baby shower tea room party might be right for you. Just imagine a cozy afternoon in your local tea room!

Tea rooms often create a sense of intimacy, privacy, and quietness that enable guests to enjoy talks, delicious tea, and treats. Also, holding a baby shower in a tea room is stylish and chic. The entire concept includes fine china and overall elegant deco.

So, the decision is yours if you want to add decoration plus the cake.

Given the ambiance of a tea room, you can even plan some games and activities for guests, such as wish writing for mom, depending on the vibe.

To draw out the tea theme, you can offer a wide variety of tea for sipping. You can drive to a local coffee brewery and pick out several kinds of tea favorable to the expectant mother.

  1. Outdoor Picnics

If you live in areas where green is plenty, you need to take advantage of this and plan for an outdoor picnic.

Apart from outdoor picnics being brilliantly enchanting, these charming parks provide covered areas with lovely views and overlook lakes, water features, or creeks.

Come to think of it, nature is the perfect backdrop for the most charming celebration, and the photos that result from it and baby showers are no exceptions.

  1. A Restaurant Group Rooms

Depending on the baby shower’s guest number, you can book the entire venue or make a reservation for a few tables or one large one. Most restaurants have rooms designated for both smaller and larger groups.

If you book the entire venue, you can decorate it freely and even propose a few games and activities if you want.

However, if you decide to book some tables, the best option is to make dinner invitations for the mom and guests. It is still a nice and intimate moment outside of the home and suits the celebration well.

One thing with the restaurant as a venue is that you can ask the restaurant management to provide you with some table decorations if possible.

Make sure to include requests or foods that the restaurant serves exclusively when setting up the restaurant reservation.

Thereafter you can set up a table for the cake, presents, and mementos of the mom-to-be, such as ultrasound pictures or pictures from her childhood. Isn’t it amazing!

The only challenge with using a restaurant as a baby shower venue is that this is not a private party; therefore, games may be limited.

  1. Bed and Breakfast

You can also try the traditional bed and breakfast vibe for a baby shower celebration. The bed and breakfast area is a sophisticated place for meetings and gatherings; hence locations such as these can provide outstanding baby shower celebration services.

Therefore, ensure you book as soon as possible if you have a bed & breakfast in mind.

  1. A Home Garden

Hosting a baby shower in the garden is one of the easiest and most convenient ideas, especially in the summer.

You can do a lot on a budget in a garden with gazebos, balloon walls, and plenty of homemade snacks and drinks, whether you are hosting the baby shower in your home, a family member’s, or a friend’s garden.

  1. Botanical Garden

Alternatively, you can opt for botanical garden venues. Botanical gardens are usually booked for events, so they have plenty of options for your gathering needs. You can always contact your local gardens to see what great packages they have available.

These venues provide a great location for people to meet and create an experience outside of the baby shower itself.

Botanical gardens are lovely spots for people to meet and experience a baby shower celebration outside of the home. Guests can stroll down trails of gorgeous blooms and busy butterflies.

With a botanical garden, you will enjoy the ambiance of the calm sounds of nature. Also, you will enjoy the water features that provide the perfect soundtrack to a peaceful day for you and your friends.

What else would you wish for when it comes to relaxation, pretty views, and precious walks?

  1. At the Beach

The beach is a gorgeous location to hold a baby shower for any beach lover, especially when the mama-to-be is about to give birth and it is either summer or spring season.

Despite the number of guests, the beach area can accommodate so many people. So, you don’t need to worry about the number of people interested in the event.

Besides the tight security from the beach guards, you will have an opportunity to feel the warmth and the soothing cool breeze emanating from the waters.

To make the beach celebration extraordinary, you can include the beach BBQ, a floral dress code, and lots of feel-good vibes. Oh! Again, it’s no beach-themed baby shower without the obligatory ice cream.

Even as you plan to have the moment of a lifetime at the beach and the time you will head down there, you should keep an eye on the tides.

  1. Terraces

If you are sure that you are hosting the baby shower during sunny and warm weather months, terraces are enchanting- in a good way, of course.

These open-air meeting areas will most often provide a lovely view combined with special food and drinks service. Therefore, if you know of a cool rooftop terrace in your city, call to book immediately. A rooftop terrace is always a cool option.

Even as you plan to book a terrace as a baby shower venue, the only thing you should keep in mind with this venue is that there will be other guests potentially utilizing these areas during peak season.

But, you can also call to check if any private areas are available if you prefer privacy.

  1. Community Centers

Community centers are often affordable for holding a baby shower, particularly for those who don’t prefer either restaurants or church halls. Homeowners associations or local clubs usually run these community centers. 

These spaces always have several rooms available, so you won’t need to worry about the guest count. However, you will be responsible for providing personal services such as decorations, drinks, and food.

Additionally, most community centers are reserved for some hours for plenty of time for fun and games. So, you don’t need to worry about the period of usage.

Sometimes community centers will rent the space to you free of charge, especially if you have a big guest list and if the community space is not in use.

When you opt for any community center, make sure to check the clean-up services as well. Remember, most community centers do offer these. Therefore, you might be needed to give an extra coin besides normal hall charges.

  1. Rental Tent

If you have a set location in mind with the perfect natural views and outdoor setting, you will need some comfort in terms of “roofing” and shade. Renting a tent is a wonderful option in a baby shower party for such an environment.

It gives you plenty of add-ons from the rental company to customize it.

You can get an open tent on the sides, especially if the weather is nicer. However, if it’s cooler out, you can rent a tent with closed or windowed sides and include heating units.

One advantage of renting a tent is that the tent rental companies will also include necessities such as chairs, tables, tablecloths, and much more.

Most tables will accommodate at least 8 persons. So, you can get the number of tables according to the number of the guest list.

All you need to do is to cater for food, drinks, and decorations.

  1. A Park

Regardless of guest counts, baby showers held in outdoor locations such as in a park are always trendy, relaxing, and charming. Like most of the outdoor options, a park is perfect for showers held in summer or spring.

Additionally, even in early fall, it’s always a splendid idea to celebrate a shower in a park or any outdoor area. This is mainly because of the versatility and the endless options for event types. You can choose from various activities, from a picnic to a huge gathering on a long table.

A park is advantageous for two main reasons. First, you won’t have to do any of the work. You only need to sit back and enjoy yourselves with the mom-to-be.

Secondly, if you want to leave decor, food, and drinks to someone else, you can hire an event agency. You can also opt for a rental of a suitable tent, plus chairs and tables. No need to carry them along!

  1. Hotel Room

A hotel room is another perfect place to hold a baby shower, especially if you plan to invite close friends and family members. The hotel will provide you with everything you need including drinks, decorations, and food choices.

Also, a hotel will provide you with several unique experiences. For instance, you can propose a stay-over party, which is something out of the ordinary.

  1. A Club House

Holding a baby shower in a clubhouse is an amazing experience, particularly for baby showers hosted for the couple. It is an amazing way to hold a baby shower celebration away from home and most privately and intimately. This is because clubhouses provide private rooms with excellent deco where you can comfortably host a baby shower.

Also, clubhouses offer food options, snacks, and drinks for events such as these. However, before you can settle for a particular clubhouse, you can contact the clubhouse and ask for a detailed service list to check if this fits your expectations.

  1. At Work

Most colleagues prefer to hold a baby shower at the workplace. This is ideal when friends and relatives want to surprise the mom-to-be.

You can buy gifts and every relevant thing you might need and move to a free room where you can decorate for the sake of the surprise.

  1. Vineyards

Sloping hills with whimsical wrapping vines are quintessentially perfect when it comes to baby shower venues. If you have never thought about vineyards for your baby shower, you have to now.

Vineyards can provide you with glorious views and nature at its peak of ripeness. Even if the mom-to-be is not drinking, there are still many activities and lovely views in this location.

  1. Farm and Barn

Creating a cute themed event in a farm or barn is easy, and they are perfect for photos, especially if you are choosing a cutesy or whimsical theme.

If you hold a baby shower celebration in farms and barns, you can easily create a lovely themed baby shower event. This farm and barn theme will look brilliant in photos. Among all your woodland concepts, this is the perfect venue.

  1. Breweries

Breweries are great places to host a baby shower event. Even if alcohol is not on the agenda, they provide an amazing ambiance because breweries have cool and modern décor. The breweries also provide areas for people to gather and meet.

So, if you were thinking of a private baby shower event, you might be sharing the space with other visitors unless you book the entire brewery for your event.

  1. YMCA Facility

YMCA rentals vary in price by location, but they tend to be a more budget friendly option when it comes to holding certain events such as a baby shower. Like most rental locations they have plenty of options to suit your needs including a small kitchenette area for basic food preparation.

You always contact your local YMCA to see what their facility offers for a baby shower venue.

  1. At Home

Finally, besides all the available venues discussed, you can also choose to go the traditional way. Holding a baby shower at home is the only traditional way to have a baby shower.

Most people prefer to hold the shower either at the host’s home or the future mother’s. This is because baby showers celebrated at home give the celebration a sense of intimacy and comfort and comfort for the guests.

Besides your home’s comfort, holding a baby shower at your home’s comfort will give you no distraction from the people, and it is completely free. However, there is a downside to this as well.

One of the biggest disadvantages of hosting a shower in a home is the inevitable after-the-party mess. Cleaning up the entire space after the celebration can take much time.

Where to Hold a Baby Shower: 20 Best Places
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