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What to Say While Giving or Taking a Gift

Gift-giving and receiving etiquette is an art that one needs to master. Apart from preparing the gift, think about what you are going to say to the recipient. And when receiving it, prepare a response to the giver. What exactly should one say in either scenario?

If you are receiving the gift, always show appreciation. If the gift is not presented in person by the person, consider writing a thank you note saying you are thankful and greatly appreciate it. If you are the giver, inform the person you think it is nice to have the gift and hope they will like it.

What to Say While Giving or Taking a Gift?

What to say may vary depending on the occasion or even the culture. Also, not all phrases apply to all people; it is essential to select the correct word depending on their relationship. Today, I will explore what to say when giving or receiving gifts, even for the expensive ones. Read on to know the appropriate words to write on a card when giving money as a gift.

What to Say While Giving a Gift

There are particular words and tones that one can say when giving gifts, and it ultimately depends on the occasion. When it is a special occasion with close friends and family, the tone tends to be casual and full of humor. The case is different for wedding or work events where you have to maintain a formal and conservative style.

When one plans for the gift-giving process, they will know what to say and how to say it. Even when it is a friend’s occasion, you can be speechless if you fail to prepare for it. Also, it is best to give gifts with a purpose, and the act should be sincere; otherwise, it even gets more challenging when you are providing something for the sake of doing it.

To kick off the gift-giving session, start by giving the background story about the gift. This way, the receiver will have a connection with it. Tell them why you think they should have the gift or why you have meant to give the gift. Also, tell them the meaning of the gift and what it means to provide them to you.

If you were making the item from scratch, let them know the process. Inform the recipient how the process was memorable to you and how you have meant to do it. Go ahead and highlight some of the challenges that occur during the creation process too.

It is also always essential to complement the recipient first. Include sincere words on what the person means to you. It may bring out emotions in the process, but it is one thing the recipient does to show appreciation, and it’s the beauty of gift-giving. Giving is a great experience, especially if it’s the person’s love language. You want to do what makes them happy.

If it’s a birthday, tell them how happy you are for celebrating another year with them, and you can also try to remind the person of how far they have come. Remind them of the previous birthday celebrations they have had but mainly focus on letting the person know what their birthday means to you and its impact on your life.

It is excellent always to be simple when giving gifts, and there is no harm in saying the bare minimum words. To make it easier, it is always essential to accompany the present with a small note. I like writing the person’s name on the gift, then write “I hope you like it.” In some cases, I will indicate why I got the present for them, and in others say graduation, I will hand over the gift and say “Congratulations on your graduation.”

What to Say While Taking a Gift

It is always important to take time to show gratitude to the person who gifts you whether or not you like the gift. Usually, for the person giving the present, they always need to consider the recipient’s feelings. How they react to the present may also impact the kind of response they offer, which may or may not be sincere.

The case is the same when one receives the gift, and one needs to consider the best way to receive it. Etiquette has it that one needs to be mindful and considerate of what the giver will feel once you respond to their gift. I can guarantee you that it is always easy to receive a present, but what to say can take a toll on you.

When you receive the gift, the first thing you should say is a simple thank you to show your appreciation. Ensure you are sincere with your thank you, you can do this by looking the giver in the eye and saying it with a smile. You can follow the thank you with another thank you to insist how much you are happy to receive it. If you did not present the gift in person, say it reached you via mail, you could send a thank you note with comprehensive details of how happy you are to receive it.

To top it up, tell the giver how thoughtful the gift was and express how happy you are to have it in your life. You can also tell them that you have always wanted to get such a gift or precisely what you needed. Also, appreciate how kind the person has been to you and can now go ahead and ask if you can open the gift. Maybe the giver wants to see your reaction when you open the present, but you may want to save this part for later.

Though getting a gift does not mean that you retaliate, this can also be a great time to tell the person you have something for them. If you don’t have one, do not bother telling them that you are sorry for not having one for them. Telling the person, this may intrigue some feelings and will ruin this particular moment.

There are instances where you will receive a gift that you don’t like. I can tell you for sure I have had several presents that do not go well with my personality or don’t like them. You may find yourself struggling to find the correct way to tell the person. But first, ensure that you at least show appreciation to the person.

One reasonable response you can give the person is by telling them that it is the thought that counts. Let the person know that you are grateful for them looking out to you and going out of their way to give you something. Even when you don’t like the gift, you cannot be wrong in praising them for just the thought. You can also tell the person the specific specs you love the present, maybe the color, uniqueness, or the material even when you don’t love the gift itself.

What to Say When Giving Money as a Gift

Giving money as a gift is simple since you need to stash a few dollars in there and offer it to the person. But most work comes in when wondering what to say when giving money as a gift. But to make it easy for you, ensure that you are giving it to the appropriate person and know the exemplary scenario when giving cash. Not everyone will appreciate money as a gift, and one cannot be gifting it on any other occasion, and it is true giving money does not surpass thinking, buying, and wrapping a gift for someone.

There are no specific words to say when giving money as a gift, but one will always find the right words to state depending on the occasion. Like when one is going through some financial hardship, money will come in handy during this time. Let the person know that you understand what they are going through and you think it is right and fair if you give them the money.

If you are giving money during a celebration, you can write a small note and stash it together with the cash congratulating the person for their win and telling them that you are happy for them for their achievements. For example, if it’s a birthday celebration, aside from wishing them a happy birthday, tell them to buy something nice for themselves or do what they feel like doing with the money.

For a wedding, money gifts go a long way for the couple. As you give your money, tell them to enjoy their honeymoon. Moreover, you need to congratulate them on their union and wish them the best. Tell them that you hope that the amount in the envelope will help them.

You may also give money as a gift to someone who did a task for you to show appreciation. You can start by telling the person how grateful you are for what they did, and their gesture was something you hold dearly in your heart. Tell them that you think it is excellent if you give them something small as a token of appreciation. Finish off by thanking them for what they did and tell them to keep up with the same spirit.

Teenagers and children will appreciate money as a gift no matter how minimal it is. If I choose to give cash to them, I always let them know the reason why I am doing so, maybe to congratulate them for passing their exams or when wishing them success in their exams. You can say: “It’s time to concur the exams, all the best!”

When giving teenagers and kids money, you should accompany it with some tips on how to handle it. Try to encourage the person to save more of it since it will help them in the future or give them information on the best way to utilize the money.

The experience of giving money is different for everyone, and what to say may differ from person to person. What to say will be easy if you have a close relationship with the person. The Tone for gift-giving will also vary depending on where the occasion is formal or informal. If you are giving it to your boss, the style needs to be legal and direct to the point.

Another gift-giving etiquette is that one should never imply that the gift will save the person some cash. While giving, you are doing so sincerely and with a clean heart. Please do not make the person feel like you are giving them since they are lacking.

What to Write in a Card When Giving Money to Someone in Need

Money can be an excellent gift for several occasions, such as for a person who is mourning or is going is sick or going through financial constraints. Here, you need to send the money and accompanying it with a card is perfect. So what do you write on that card?

Start by identifying the situation, say the person is mourning. State that you are deeply sorry for what they are going through. Please encourage them to be strong and tell them that you are there for them during this time. Also, highlight that you hope that what you are sending will be of great benefit to them. Finish off telling them you love them, and they will overcome what they are going through.

When the person is having financial issues, indicate on the card that you are aware of their hardships, and you saw it wise to chip in and help them sort out their problems. If you know them personally, you can suggest what they can do with the cash, like clear their rent or debts, and maybe do grocery shopping.

Also, in some scenarios, you may want to indicate in the card that you are giving the money unconditionally and that the recipient needs not to feel obligated to pay you back. Inform the person that you are just trying to help them and that your amount will help them at the moment.

You can give many forms of money to a person, such as offering to clear bills on their behalf. You can indicate in the card, “You don’t need to worry about the bills. I got you covered.” This statement is simple and drives the point home, and in such a case, you do not have to give the person cash. You can ask for the numbers where they pay the bills and clear them.

The bottom line of giving money to a needy person is ensuring that you acknowledge what they are going through and assure them that you are there to help them without expecting anything in return. As usual, always consider the recipient before giving cash to them and examining whether they need it or another form of support.

What to Say When Someone Gives You an Expensive Gift

Well, I can concur that accepting an expensive gift can be tricky, and more often, you will be in a state of confusion. One may wonder whether or not to return or not accept it, or they should go ahead and buy the giver an expensive gift too to cancel things out. While it is normal to feel like this, it is essential to know what to say when you get a costly gift without hurting the giver or making them feel like their action is too much.

First, there is no problem in accepting an expensive gift, and the feelings you have towards it may depend on your relationship with the person. You will feel happy for a person you are close to and most probably accept it immediately, but if you don’t know the person so much, you might want to hesitate a little bit before taking it. However, no matter the scenario, you start by saying thank you to the person.

Well, you don’t have to go heavy on “thank you”; a simple one will do, and there should be no obligation to say anything. You should not turn it down because you feel like you should give the person something in return. If you are not able to, do not beat yourself trying to explain to the person; furthermore, no one should expect anything in return.

Also, what you say may depend on the extent to which you like the gift. If you want, you can tell the person how much you like it and what it means to you. Also, appreciate the person for being thoughtful and creative and going the extra mile to make you smile. You can state that “The gift is perfect, and I have been yearning to get it for long.”

If you don’t like the gift, avoid any words that may hurt the person and show appreciation for the effort. But if you want it, you need not dwell on adding more words to your thank you if you have nothing else to say. However, you can send a thank-you note later after receiving the gift to cement the appreciation.

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What to Say While Giving or Taking a Gift
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