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What To Say In A Birthday Video Message?

Of all the occasions people celebrate, birthdays are probably in the top 3 of the most important ones. It is a celebration of life, a very precious gift indeed.

People usually celebrate birthdays of family members and dear friends and loved ones through giving wonderful and not so wonderful gifts or treating them out to simple eat outs or sometimes even fancy dinners, but one can always show their love and appreciation just by sending them a birthday video greet. It’s fun, heartfelt, and best of all, it’s inexpensive. All you need to set up is a good and well-lighted background, a small microphone, and a camera. You can also play some soft background music for a little bit of drama and you’re ready to go.

There are so many things one can say in a birthday video message. It also depends on how close you are to the ones celebrating that is. If the persons celebrating their birthdays are family members, you can start your video greet by sharing your childhood memories and bonding moments with them. Talk casually about how you remember their goodness and kindness to you.

If it’s your parents, you can say your thank you’s for bringing you into this world and giving you life. Thank them for their unending support and undying and unconditional love since the day you were given to them to take care of and nurture. Also, tell them your promises of always being loyal to them and being good sons or daughters to them for life. Promise them that you will live your lives the way they have always taught you, to be kind and good to everyone at all times.

If the one celebrating is a sibling, you can share fun stories you both have shared when you were small. Share your bonding moments and memories of the good ” old times”. Reminisce on your little fights as kids and misunderstandings as adults. Who were the first ones to cry and scream “MOM“, and who were the first ones to give in? Those memories will surely bring smiles to their faces and help them remember that family is really important.

If it’s your best buddies’ birthday and you want to send them a video message, you can start with how you met each other. If you still remember the exact date and place and the reason why you even reached out to them. Share the craziest things you have experienced together. The fun moments you’ve both shared whether in school (if you’ve attended the same) or at work. The laughter you have shared from the beginning of your friendships when you were young and up until now. All your dirty little secrets and wildest stories, only those you are comfortable to spill out in the open to the public, that is. And everything else in between.

For special persons in your life, let’s say a teacher or a doctor or someone you have learned to cherish, you can include in your video message about the reason why you chose to include them in your lives. Thank them for how they have saved your lives in their own little ways or became an inspiration for you to do better in life.  How you felt encouraged and how you appreciate their unfailing support to you. Tell them how grateful you are for coming into your lives and promise them that you will always be there for them to encourage and support them in any way you can. These words would surely make them cry.

For your partner, a boyfriend/girlfriend or a fiance/fiancee, or a husband or a wife, you can always start your video message with a thank you. Thank them for coming into your lives and for the love they give. Share your memories of how you’ve met, your beautiful love story to the world. The beginning of your blossoming love for each other. How you became friends at first, and then how the courting started, your casual dates, strolls in the parks. Those unending phone calls or phone messages. How they made your hearts flutter and finally the day you became official. The exact words said if you still remember, and the date, place, and time of that special moment. You can also share your struggles and pains as couples and how you managed to overcome those by sticking it out together and being an inspiration to others as well. Tell them that your love and respect and loyalty and trust will remain forever. These words will not only make the celebrants cry but also will melt their hearts away and will make them realize how special they really are to you.

If you are a parent and the ones celebrating their birthdays are your child/children, no matter how young or old they are, you can also say some wonderful words to them on your video message. For younger children, you can start with telling them how proud of you to be chosen to be their parents and that you promise to be great moms and dads to them as they grow each day. Tell them you will be there always with them to help with anything and everything you do is for them and their future. For teens and adult children, you can begin your video message on some of their funny antics when they were little but not too much though because it will just make the mood a bit awkward. Tell them how lucky you are to be their parents and assure them of your unconditional love for them always. Also, say that you’ll always have their backs and will always support them on their life journeys. These kind words will make them feel loved on their special day.

Expressing your love and gratitude to people especially on their birthdays does not always come in a box, neatly wrapped, adorned with ribbons and glitters. Sometimes what counts the most is what’s inside your hearts.

What To Say In A Birthday Video Message?
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