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What is the 7 Gift Rule?

Sometimes, buying gifts for family and friends can be overwhelming, financially and mentally. First off, you want to make them happy and make the event celebrated memorable by getting them beautiful gifts that they can enjoy. On the other hand, you have to be cautious with your budget, so you don’t drain your account when buying these gifts. Well, what do you think? Simple! Apply the 7 gift rules to make your work easy.

What is the 7 gift rule?

As much as people only apply this rule when buying gifts for kids, I believe it should apply to all, including adults. In simple words, we can say this is the rule whereby you buy a set of 7 gifts for each individual under different categories.

How Does this rule work?

You have to gift each person 7 gifts from different and predetermined categories. You can buy the gifts based on a budget or go all the way as long as the gifts fit the 7 rule( of gifting 7 different presents for each).

Why is the 7 gift rule important?

  • Helps to prevent overspending

The 7 gift rule requires you to have a list of the items you want to buy for kids or family/ friends, which means that; you will only have to purchase the items listed, nothing more, nothing less. In return, especially for people who impulse buy, you get to stick to a budget when buying the gifts.

  • Makes work easy

Buying 7 gifts in different categories requires you to sit down and figure out what to get each person. So, before you head to the gift shop, you will have a list of the items to buy, which makes shopping easy. You need to go to the shelves of the gift and pick what you need and be good to go!

  • Ensures there is enough

Imagine having 5 kids to gift for Christmas festive, and you buy each toy? Of course, they will not be satisfied as kids expect to get loads of gifts for the Christmas celebration. Therefore, by applying this rule, you will be able to buy kids multiple satisfying gifts. You buy 7 gifts with different meanings that fulfill the wants and needs of the kids.

What is the 7 gift rule?

1. A gift of something they want

What have the people around you wished to get for Christmas or special occasion and insisted on getting it? This kind of gift is categorized as a wanted gift because it comes from their wish list. So, it is something your child has wanted for a long time and wishes to get it on that particular day. The reason why we put this category of gift first is that it is pretty essential.

Your kid will open all of the gifts, but when they get to this, they will be delighted as they got what they wanted. It is good to ask your family what they want early on, so you can prepare financially or search for the best places to buy or order for the gift.

2. A gift of something they need

This is a gift categorized in the necessity group. It is something that the person needs to make their work easy and life in general. For example, if your wife’s rice cooker has been having issues and has not been able to buy a new one, getting her this for Christmas would be a dream come true as it is something she needs.

If your kids are required to resume school with new books, and you get them for a Christmas gift, that is a needed gift. As much as kids may not focus on this gift, it teaches them to appreciate getting what they require and be content with it.

3. A gift of what they wear

This gift category is versatile since it can range from shoes, clothes, accessories to many others. You can choose the gift based on what they want or need. For example, if you’re going to buy them something to wear for the winter season, go for warm clothes. If it is summer, get sunglasses, sandals for ladies or shorts and shirts. This rule category includes accessories like scarves, watches, and bracelets, and necklaces.

4. A gift of something to read

Reading is crucial as it nourishes us mentally. When it comes to Christmas gifts, books are timeless as this is something you will use all the time. You can read a book at any time and for different reasons. Reading materials are versatile and depend on who you are giving. For adults, you can buy those novels, magazines, and journals of famous people. For kids, get those animated books, storybooks, and other enticing books they would enjoy reading.

5. A gift of something to do

This is a crucial gift for kids as they need such for holidays. A gift that engages your child will keep them busy when not at school or during the weekends. These could be gifts that encourage kids to be creative such as buying them blocks to build objects, buying art kits they can use to draw, mold or board games, and many others.

6. A gift for me

This is like a treasure, something you gift the person to keep and remember you for. It could be a customized gift such as a necklace bracelet or go all the way to get expensive gifts like video games or PS games. This gift depends on your budget and what you would want to treat the family member with.

7. A gift of something for the family

This is crucial as it is significant to the entire family and brings you together as a family. This is a gift that everyone in the family can be involved in and enjoy. It could be a game that requires you to play together, to large items like a portable swimming pool if you don’t have a pool at home or a trampoline.


There you have it! You need to consider seven gift rules the next time you go shopping for gifts for your family members. The rule helps to save expenses and time, plus your kids will be satisfied as they get enough gifts to use and enjoy.

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What is the 7 Gift Rule?
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