Viking Wedding Dresses

So you are having a Viking-themed wedding, in order to complete the theme, you will need the perfect Viking wedding dress. You can find plenty of Viking wedding dresses on amazon. Choosing a wedding dress can be daunting, stressful, and a hassle, especially whenever it is a themed wedding. This article will make it a bit easier.

Below is a list of some of the best Viking wedding dresses for you to choose from on your special day. Fortunately, most of these Viking wedding dresses are budget-friendly. Most of these dresses cost less than 100 dollars. It is expected for your wedding dress to cost thousands of dollars, but it does not have to. We’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly, beautiful, and luscious dresses for your most special day.

Viking Wedding dresses
Viking Wedding dresses

Viking Wedding Dress Ideas From Amazon

The age of the Vikings was a simpler time, and a lot of the dresses to choose from may be simple, but they are still very stylish for the time. The good thing about a lot of these dresses on the list is that they will be perfect for not only your wedding but costume parties, Halloween, or even just a day you feel like dressing up like a Viking Queen. Once you have chosen your dress, you should also consider using any of these options as bridesmaid dresses as well. These dresses are wonderful for the occasion of a Viking Wedding for either the bride herself or her best friends as bridesmaids.

Let’s have a look at the Viking wedding dresses!

Medieval Dress

This first dress is a beautiful renaissance dress that would be perfect for a Viking wedding dress. It is cheap, stylish, and beautiful. This elegant gown will flow behind you as you walk down the alter, and will give you that Viking queen vibe you are going for. There are several different colors to choose from. The material is made of polyester, soft velvet, and cotton. You will be very comfortable in this dress, and your guests will be mesmerized by your beauty. You will not regret choosing this dress for your wedding day.

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Renaissance Costume Women Medieval Chemise Dress

As mentioned earlier, the Age of the Vikings was a simpler time. The Viking women did not need an extravagant dress to celebrate their special day, of course, they could if they wanted too but it didn’t have to be that way. This dress is simple, cheap, and could be a great dress for a Viking bride if you don’t want to spend too much money. You can add some nice, simple jewelry to make this dress complete! If this dress is a little too simple, you could also use this dress for your bridesmaids. It would be perfect either way for a bride, or for her bridesmaids.

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Women’s Viking Queencostume

This Viking wedding dress would be perfect for your Viking-themed wedding. The material is 100% made out of polyester. If it has always been a dream of yours to be a Viking Queen for your special day, then this dress is the right dress for you. Order yourself some nice Viking jewelry and a pair of boots to make this dress complete. Fortunately, this is another budget-friendly dress for those who do not want to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on their wedding dress.

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White Women’s Wedding Cloak Coat with Hoods Winter Long Jacket Bridal Wraps Warm Faux Fur Cape

If your Viking wedding is going to be outside in the middle of winter, then this long, comfy dress might be the best choice for you. This dress is even complete with a hood that is large enough to fit over whatever Viking hairstyle you choose for the big day. This dress will flow behind you as you walk down the altar, and your guests will stare in awe. This white, elegant, beautiful dress is a must-have for your winter Viking-themed wedding. It is only 60 dollars, and you can complete it with your choice of makeup, jewelry, and shoes. You will be very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and warm this dress will keep you. Most wedding dresses are tight and uncomfortable, but this soft velvety material will keep you warm and happy the entire night.

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Women’s Medieval Costume

This long, gorgeous, elegant purple dress is a winner for your wedding if you want to awe your guests. Unlike some of the other Viking wedding dresses previously mentioned, this dress can also be washed in the washing machine making cleaning it less of a hassle. You will be pleasantly surprised at the comfortability this dress also provides, and you will be very happy with the pricing as well. This dress would be a great and beautiful choice for a Viking Queen on her special day.

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Renaissance Costume Medieval

This luscious dress is another good choice for your Viking-themed wedding. Your dress will be floor length, which is great for flowing behind you as you walk. This dress is also surprisingly comfortable, and the waist area is made purely of elastic. So you will not have to worry about being uncomfortable during the ceremony and after-party. You can choose between several colors as well. You can then complete this beautiful dress with some extravagant jewelry and shoes.

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Renaissance Dress Velvet

If you are wanting a darkening-themed Viking wedding, then this pure black, long, and hooded dress might be your first dress of choice for your Viking wedding ceremony. This is another warm, soft, and luscious dress to choose from. This dress is also extremely versatile and could be perfect for so many different occasions. This dress will be perfect for a Viking wedding ceremony that is set outside during the winter as well. You won’t be disappointed if you choose this dress for your big, special day. The material is velvet and silk and provides only the best comfort for the wearer.

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Women’s Medieval Dress Renaissance Costumes Dress

This dress would be another great decision for your Viking wedding ceremony. This dress is comfortable and is able to be washed in a machine making clean up quick and easy. This dress would be perfect for your very first dance as a married woman. This dress would be an ideal choice for someone who does not want their dress to be super elegant and extravagant and prefers a more subtle and modest outfit for their special day. The main colors of this dress are white, red, and black. You will be happy with the simplicity of this dress as well as the beauty that comes along with it.

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Gothic Victorian Fancy Dresses

This beautiful, long, and luscious dress is made of 100% polyester. This dress pulls on which makes getting this dress on and off very easy. The dress is made of high-quality material and would be the perfect choice for your Viking-themed wedding. You will be the person everyone can’t stop looking at in this beautiful dress. Live out your lifelong dream of being a Viking Queen on your wedding day with this dress as your wedding dress. You can choose from red, black, and velvet.

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Off Shoulder Dress Set

This dress is a beautiful, long, and sleeveless dress. Since this dress is sleeveless it would be the ideal wedding dress to choose if your Viking wedding ceremony is taking place in the summer months outdoors. This dress would be perfect for your Viking wedding. This dress is comfortable and easy to put on. The material is soft and is very versatile. You won’t regret choosing this dress.

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Dark Viking Dress for Women

This last dress is one of the best choices on the list as it comes with a headband, jewelry, and all the accessories you will need to live out your dream of being a Viking Queen on your wedding day. This dress is long, beautiful, and elegant for the time period it represents. You will be mesmerized by how stunning you look once you have put this dress on and will be very impressed. This dress costs anywhere from 60-100 dollars but it is definitely worth the few extra dollars since it comes with so many accessories.

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These are some of the best choices for you to choose from for your Viking-themed wedding. Your special day will be wonderful and complete with any of these dresses. As mentioned earlier, all of these dresses can be great for costume parties, themed parties, or just lounging as a Viking Queen any day of the week. Whatever your reasoning for dressing up as a Viking Queen these dresses will make the experience wholesome and all worth your while.

You will be thrilled by the beauty these dresses bring to your ceremony, and you will be dying to wear any one of them at any given chance. Once your dress arrives, no matter which one you choose make sure you have Viking accessories such as a sash, shawl, and headband. You will also want to have your makeup specially done for your Viking-themed wedding, if not though that is perfectly fine as well. The Age of the Vikings was a simpler time, and wearing makeup was not a part of daily life for the women of the Age of the Vikings.

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